Alec Trembath

Polyphasic Sleep

Natural Sleep Aids

Whether you have a restless mind, noisy environment, or you just can’t get comfortable, sometimes it is just difficult to fall asleep. It’s annoying enough when it just happens every once in awhile.

Polyphasic Sleep

Alarmy (Sleep If You Can)

Whether you are engaged in polyphasic, biphasic, or monophasic sleep patterns everyone sometimes has a hard time waking up and staying awake. It’s so hard at times to resist that temptation of just slapping the snooze button or turning off the alarm altogether.

Polyphasic Sleep

The Allostatic Load: Overfilling the Cup

The human body is indisputably a remarkable thing. We have only scratched the surface of what our bodies are capable of doing. Among the many processes our bodies go through, homeostasis is one of the most important. Homeostasis is our bodies ability to find balance and regulate itself to continue functioning.

Polyphasic Sleep

Binaural Beats: Sleep and Meditation

Meditation is a great way to relieve stress and anxiety. Extensive studies have shown that regular practitioners of meditation can alter their brain waves and trigger the restorative properties of the parasympathetic nervous system. This has been shown to reduce recovery times from traumatic injuries.

Polyphasic Sleep

Brain Waves and What They Mean to You

Throughout the day, our moods and focus shift depending on what we are doing. This shift in attention is reflected in our brain waves. Brain waves are talked about a lot in mainstream science and media but not a lot of people really know what they are or where they come from.

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