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Addressing Common Amerisleep Mattress Complaints

Find out which complaints are blown out of proportion, and which ones you really should worry about.

By Megan Griffith

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Amerisleep makes their products entirely in the USA, hence the name. They have a few brick and mortar stores, but they are primarily a bed-in-a-box brand. The company specializes in providing mattresses across a wide range of firmness levels. Its Amerisleep AS1 mattress is very firm, perfect for stomach sleepers, while its Amerisleep AS5 is extra plush, with ideal pressure relief for side sleepers. The variety and quality make them a great choice when shopping for a new mattress.

However, no mattress or mattress company is perfect, and Amerisleep does have a few common complaints. In this article, we will explore these complaints to determine if they have merit. If they do, we’re happy to recommend some alternative choices for you. We’ve written often about the Amerisleep line of mattresses: Here are some of our most recent articles about this popular line.

In this article, we’ll tackle the following four common complaints about the Amerisleep mattress line: 

  1. Sleeps hot
  2. Off-gassing smell
  3. Too firm
  4. Foam breaks down quickly

Top Amerisleep Mattress Complaints

Sleeps Hot

Every Amerisleep mattress is made with proprietary Bio-Pur memory foam––which has an open-cell structure to allow for better airflow—and a Celliant cover, which reduces body heat buildup. However, despite these materials, many customers report that Amerisleep mattresses sleep hot. This is a common complaint with many memory foam mattresses because the foam is dense and is designed to “hug” the body, which doesn’t make it the most breathable material.

Because Amerisleep mattresses have an all-foam construction, it’s hard for heat to escape, even with the open-cell memory foam and the Celliant mattress cover. The heat simply gets absorbed by the high-density Bio-Core foam that makes up the base layer of each mattress. Then the additional warmth reflects back to the top comfort layer and to the sleeper.

  • Despite their attempts to make a cool memory foam mattress, Amerisleep beds sleep warmer than other options on the market. If you don’t tend to get hot at night, it probably won’t bother you, but if you are a hot sleeper, it could be a problem.
  • If you really want to try the Amerisleep brand, but you’re worried about heat retention, try one of their hybrid mattresses. Instead of Bio-Core support foam at the base, these mattresses have individually wrapped coils that allow for better breathability. If you want a mattress that sleeps extra cool, try some of the alternatives listed below.

Mattresses That Sleep Cooler


If you’re looking for another eco-friendly mattress option that will keep you cool all night, no matter the season, we recommend the Avocado Green mattress. Made from all-natural latex, it is incredibly breathable and cool, and all of its materials are organic and responsibly sourced.

Read our full Avocado mattress review to learn more.

Tuft and Needle Mint

If you prefer the feel of memory foam, but you need more cooling properties than the Amerisleep models, then try the Tuft & Needle Mint. It is an affordable, all-foam mattress with a medium feel that works well for most sleeping positions.

Read our full Tuft & Needle Mint mattress review to learn more.

Off-gassing Odor

One of the common complaints about memory foam mattresses is that they have an odor upon opening them. Off-gassing odors come from the breakdown of VOCs, or “Volatile Organic Compounds.” However, a new mattress can also have a general “new” smell not attributable to potentially harmful chemicals.

When we open memory foam mattresses in our Sleep Lab to review them, we often encounter an initial odor after taking off the plastic wrap. However, as the mattress airs out during the review process, the smell quickly subsides.

Amerisleep cites a less than 5 percent odor complaint rate compared to other leading brands. This is backed by Amazon reviewers who report favorably “no smelly off-gassing odor” and “no off-gassing smell from unpacking it.”

The company diminishes odors by using plant-based oils in its memory foam, rather than synthetic chemicals. Another bonus: Amerisleep’s foam is CertiPUR-US certified, which means it is independently tested for harmful VOCs, phthalates, heavy metals and formaldehyde, among other chemicals. Only beds with very low VOCs receive this certification.

  • You may encounter an odor upon opening an Amerisleep mattress. However, this odor will subside, and we don’t think it’s enough of an issue to avoid buying a mattress from Amerisleep. Compared to the other Amerisleep complaints of firmness issues, foam breakdown and sleeping too hot, off-gassing odors are the least of the concerns.
  • Should you encounter an odor when opening your Amerisleep mattress, allow the bed to air out for three to seven days in a well-ventilated room or garage. Also, turning on an overhead fan or adding a portable fan helps air out the room faster. If possible, you can also open the windows to let in some fresh air, while also allowing any gases to escape, thus expediting the process.

Too Firm

Amerisleep offers a wide range of firmness levels in their different mattresses. The AS1 and AS2 styles are designed to be extra firm to provide proper support for stomach sleepers, whereas the AS4 and AS5 mattresses are supposed to be extra soft to provide the ideal cushion for side sleepers

However, many customers have left reviews saying that the mattresses that are supposed to be medium soft are more like medium firm, which is much firmer than they’d like. Whether someone prefers a soft mattress or a firm mattress largely comes down to personal preference, but sleep position plays a large role as well.

Stomach sleepers need a firm mattress to keep their lower back from sinking into the mattress, while side sleepers need a softer mattress to prevent excess pressure from building up in their pressure points, like the hips and shoulders. Back sleepers are unique because this sleeping position can be comfortable with both firm and soft mattresses; it just depends on the person.

Whatever you prefer, it’s important that a mattress accurately reflects its firmness description, and it seems that while the AS1 and AS2 mattresses are living up to their firm expectations, the AS4 and AS5 mattresses are too firm for some people’s liking.

  • The Amerisleep AS4 and AS5 appear to be firmer than they are described, despite several foam layers that are meant to provide extra cushioning and contouring
  • Because all Amerisleep mattresses come with a 100-night sleep trial period, we recommend trying out the mattress and deciding for yourself if it’s too firm. However, if you don’t want to deal with the hassle of returning it should you not like it, then we recommend checking out a few alternatives, which we’ve provided below.

Mattresses that are softer

Brooklyn Bedding Aurora

The Brooklyn Aurora comes in three firmness levels, and if you’re looking for a properly soft mattress, the soft option is exactly that. It’s made with a base layer of support foam, individual coils and three types of soft, high-quality foam. This mattress is also very good at motion isolation, so it’s a great choice for couples who want to prevent motion transfer from one side of the bed to the other.

Read our full Brooklyn Bedding Aurora mattress review to learn more.

Saatva Classic

If you are used to an innerspring mattress feel and you’re also being mindful of back pain, then we recommend the Saatva mattress. It’s a coil-on-coil hybrid with a traditional innerspring base, topped with a layer of memory foam and a layer of individual coils and a pillow topper.

Read our full Saatva mattress review to learn more.

Fast Foam Breakdown

If you enjoy the feel of memory foam, you want your mattress to maintain that “hugging” feeling the whole time you own the mattress–or at least long enough to feel you got your money’s worth. A mattress made from foam that breaks down quickly is not worth the money, and that’s what some customers have claimed about Amerisleep mattresses. Folks who enjoy the firmness of the mattress were disappointed when, less than a year later, the foam became much softer.

Foam breakdown is certainly a red flag for would-be mattress consumers. Still, Amerisleep mattresses are backed by a 20-year warranty. If the foam is breaking down, it will leave indentations, and any body indentation greater than 0.75” is covered by the Amerisleep warranty. Simply file a claim and they will repair or replace your mattress. A repair or a replacement is free for the first 10 years, and you can get a new mattress for 50 percent off the original price for the second 10 years.

  • Amerisleep mattresses are solid and are unlikely to fall apart, but if they do, you are protected by the warranty. Overall, this complaint is probably not a big problem, and we wouldn’t let it stop us from getting an Amerisleep mattress.
  • If you’re worried about the foam deteriorating, just make sure you keep your original receipt and use a proper bed frame so you can file a warranty claim if necessary. The best mattress foundation for Amerisleep mattresses is a solid base foundation or a slatted foundation with slats no farther apart than 3 inches. Amerisleep does not recommend using a box spring with their mattresses unless you place a 0.75” piece of moisture resistant plywood on top of the box spring.

What’s Great About the Amerisleep Mattress?

Most mattresses garner their fair share of complaints, and Amerisleep is no exception. Still, the company consistently gets good marks on several key mattress components. 

First, Amerisleep mattresses have great edge support, which might seem like a minor selling point. But no one wants to change position in the middle of the night, roll too close to the edge of the bed and feel like they’re about to slide off because the edge is collapsing. The polyfoam support layer keeps all Amerisleep mattresses secure and stable, despite the soft top layers. This is not common for memory foam mattresses, making it a great mattress for couples who still want memory foam. 

Another reason people buy Amerisleep mattresses is because they are better for the environment. All Amerisleep mattresses are made with Bio-Pur foam, which is memory foam created from plant-based oils instead of harsh synthetic chemicals.

Finally, most Amerisleep mattresses rank high in the “responsiveness” category, meaning they have some bounce and they’re easy to move around on. This is especially important for combination sleepers who tend to toss and turn. Of note, the AS3 is less responsive than the other models, so it’s better for those who tend to remain in one or two positions throughout the night.


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The Bottom Line

Amerisleep mattresses feature many benefits, but it’s still important to keep your eye out for any potential issues. In this case, we think the most serious problem is the heat retention. As to issues of the foam breaking down or the mattress being too firm, Amerisleep provides a 100-day sleep trial and a 20-year warranty. If you’re a hot sleeper, you may have better luck with the Avocado Green mattress or the Tuft & Needle Mint.

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