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Hybrid Mattress Reviews

If you’re a fan of more traditional mattress experience, then you’ll love a hybrid mattress.  These entail a combination of springs and foams that often produce a much more substantial and supportive mattress but at a steeper price tag.

Don’t know what hybrids are?  Check out my article here: Hybrid Mattresses.  Hybrid mattressses is a big category by our definition.  This includes more traditional innerspring mattresses, as well as the newer innovations on the spring and foam combinations.  Hybrid mattresses typically have more layers than many of the memory foam options.  Because of the extra materials, they all tend to be more higher-end and expensive.

Below we share some of our favorite hybrid mattresses.


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AllswellAllswell LuxeHybrid6100 Nights10 Years$Check PriceFull Review
AvocadoAvocadoHybrid7-May100 Nights25 Years$$$Check PriceFull Review
Big FigBig FigHybrid6120 Nights20 Years$$$Check PriceFull Review
Brooklyn BeddingAuroraHybrid3/5/07120 Nights10 Years$$$Check PriceFull Review
Brooklyn BeddingSignatureHybrid3/5/07120 Nights10 Years$$Check PriceFull Review
CasperCasper HybridHybrid5100 Nights10 Years$$$Check PriceFull Review
CasperWave HybridHybrid4100 Nights10 Years$$$$Check PriceFull Review
DreamCloudDreamCloudHybrid6365 NightsLifetime$$$Check PriceFull Review
GhostbedFlexHybrid6101 Nights20 Years$$Check PriceFull Review
HelixDawnHybrid7100 Nights10 Years$$Check PriceFull Review
HelixDualHybrid7-Mar100 Nights10 Years$$Check PriceFull Review
HelixDuskHybrid5100 Nights10 Years$$Check PriceFull Review
HelixLuxe HybridHybridVaries100 Nights10 Years$$$Check PriceFull Review
HelixMidnightHybrid5100 Nights10 Years$$Check PriceFull Review
HelixMoonlightHybrid3100 Nights10 Years$$Check PriceFull Review
HelixNightfallHybrid6100 Nights10 Years$$Check PriceFull Review
HelixSunsetHybrid3100 Nights10 Years$$Check PriceFull Review
HelixTwilightHybrid7100 Nights10 Years$$Check PriceFull Review
JoybedLXHybrid7100 Nights10 Years$Check PriceFull Review
JoybedLXCHybrid6100 Nights10 Years$$Check PriceFull Review
JoybedLXPHybrid4100 Nights10 Years$$$Check PriceFull Review
KeetsaPillow PlusHybrid590 Nights12 Year$$Check PriceFull Review
KeetsaPlusHybrid790 Nights12 Year$Check PriceFull Review
KeetsaTea Leaf ClassicHybrid690 Nights12 Year$$$Check PriceFull Review
KeetsaTea Leaf DreamHybrid490 Nights12 Year$$$$Check PriceFull Review
LeesaLeesa HybridHybrid6100 Nights10 Years$$$Check PriceFull Review
NestAlexander HybridHybrid3/5/07LifetimeLifetime$$$Check PriceFull Review
NestLatex HybridHybrid7-MayLifetimeLifetime$$$$Check PriceFull Review
PurplePurpleHybrid4/5/06100 Nights10 Years$$$Check PriceFull Review
SaatvaSaatvaHybrid4/6/07120 Nights20 Years$$$Check PriceFull Review
SaatvaSaatva HDHybrid7120 Nights20 Years$$$$Check PriceFull Review
Tomorrow SleepTomorrow Sleep HybridHybrid6-Apr365 Nights10 Years$$Check PriceFull Review

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