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By now you know, at Mattress Nerd, we totally geek out over all things sleep, especially mattresses. The purpose of our Mattress Guides page is to direct you to the most informative content to help you in your mattress buying journey.

We break down our mattress guides into three primary categories—our Best Mattress Buying Guides, Mattress Shopping Tips, and Mattress Care and Maintenence. Our buying guides highlight the best mattress brands by sleeping position, age, body type, and preferred material. Our shopping tips help customers navigate the mattress buying experience, whether online or in-store. Finally, our mattress care guides give tips for both prolonging the life of your mattress and learning when its time for a replacement.

Best Mattress Buying Guides

Whether you are young, old, parents, or single, the best mattress is out there for you. We’ve created a number of buying guides for all walks of life, body types, and sleeping preferences. On top of that, we have created the ULTIMATE buying guide that highlights the best mattresses on the internet in 2019.

Best Mattresses by Age and Lifestyle

As we age and enter new stages of life, our sleep, and what we need to get that sleep, changes. Our bodies change, our lifestyle shifts, and ultimately, our needs in a mattress are altered to accommodate those changes. To find the best mattress for your age and lifestyle, see the following guides.

Best Mattresses by Sleeping Position

Did you know you should consider you sleep position when shopping for a mattress? You should. Bodyweight is distributed differently depending on whether you sleep on your back, stomach, or side. Additionally, the pressure placed on the joints differs based on body position. That’s why we want to help you find the best mattress based on your sleeping position.

Best Mattresses by Type

Some sleepers prefer a specific type of mattress based on its overall feel. Whether you like the contour of memory foam or the bounce of springs, there is a mattress out there to meet your comfort preferences.

Mattress Shopping Tips

With the introduction of the bed-in-a-box industry to the internet, the way consumers shop for mattresses has been flipped on its head. Now that consumers have the option to buy beds online and try them in the comfort of their own home they no longer have to face the pesky mattress salesman breathing down their neck. But shopping in a brick-and-mortar store is familiar to most people. We don’t want where or how you find your mattress to hinder you from finding the best mattress for you. That’s why we have created the following guides—to help you navigate your mattress search whether you shop in person or from the comfort of your own home.

Mattress Care and Maintenance

You may already own a mattress you love. If you are looking for tips to clean your mattress or prolong its lifespan, see our mattress care and maintenance guides. You may also wonder when you should replace your mattress and how to go about disposing of it. You are in the right place. We cover that too.

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