Polyphasic Sleep

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It’s probably no surprise that we nerd out over all things sleep.  In our constant search for ways to get better sleep one topic we have continued to come across is the idea of “Polyphasic Sleep.”  Ever heard of it?

My guess is that time and time again, you’ve heard that you should try and get 8 hours of sleep per night.  It’s pretty much common knowledge these days.  What is talked about less is how and when you go about getting those 8 hours. Enter Polyphasic Sleep.

Polyphasic Sleep is the practice of dividing that sleep up over multiple smaller segments throughout a 24 hours period.  Some argue that if done correctly, there are many benefits to this.  But this is just the tip of the iceberg and we’re about to dive in…


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Schedule Design

Meta-Learning Skills

Sleep Nutrition

General Adaptation Syndrome

Sleep and the HPT Axis


Evolution and Sleep

Primitive Sleeping Habits

Basic Rest & Activity Cycles

Circadian Rhythms 

Capturing Creativity

Learning to Nap 

Learning Lucid Dreaming 

Sleep Hygiene

Polyphasic Sleep & Excercise 

Average Sleep

Thermoregulation and Sleep

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