Alarmy (Sleep If You Can)

By Emma Forbes

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Whether you are engaged in polyphasic, biphasic, or monophasic sleep patterns everyone sometimes has a hard time waking up and staying awake. It’s so hard at times to resist that temptation of just slapping the snooze button or turning off the alarm altogether. Relying solely on some kind of internal mechanism to wake up in “10 more minutes” more often than not results in catastrophe.

There are many different methods people can do to wake up and stay that way. Setting multiple alarms in different areas of the house is one way that usually works pretty well until you develop a system for turning all of them off without thinking about it. So what other methods can help you wake up and stay that way?

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Enter the Alarmy (Sleep if you can) app. This brilliant app gives the user the ability to not only set multiple alarms but also gives different options on how to turn them off. You can choose between:

  • Taking a picture: With this option, you take a picture of something in your house, such as the coffee pot or the bathroom sink and set it like the picture you need to take to shut the alarm off. You can adjust the picture sensitivity to make it easier or harder to disable the alarm.

  • Math problems: Pick a number of math problems that you need to solve before the alarm is disabled. You can choose the difficulty level of the problems as well as the number of problems.

  • Shake it: This option makes it so you have to shake your phone a number of times before it turns off. You can choose the number of times the phone must be shaken as well as the sensitivity of the shaking.

  • QR code: Do you have a QR scanner on your phone? Choosing this option to disable the alarm makes the user get out of bed and scan the product.

If you ever have problems waking up from the core phase of your sleep or your naps, give this unique and fun app a try. With loads of different settings and options, you can customize different ways to wake up. Just be careful about setting sensitivities too high or too low, otherwise, you might be tempted to disable the alarm by chucking the phone out of a window.