Neuro: on Sleep Mask Review

By Emma Forbes

The Neuroon is a smart sleep mask that provides a function to wake up with the sunrise, regardless of the time of day. This is the most natural and easiest way to wake up. It has a variety of other features designed for optimizing sleep. It was originally launched as a Kickstarter project, but after many revisions, it has been finalized and released.

The mask looks very trendy and is quite comfortable to wear. It is very good at blocking out the light completely. Front of the mask has a circuit board with EEG electrodes which record the sleep patterns. The Neuroon app lets the user know how long they have slept, how much time they spent in each sleep phase, the number of times they woke up, their heart rate and sleep score. The user is woken up with a vibrating alarm which is a much gentler way to wake up when compared to a regular alarm clock.

Neuroon is designed to combat jet lag in a convenient way using light therapy. Users can choose from a number of pre-programmed naps that will help them recover their energy and align their circadian rhythm with their schedules.

For anyone who has a segmented sleep schedule, particularly shift workers and those who travel a lot, Neuroon can be an invaluable tool to optimize their sleep. Find out more about neuron on their website.