Polyphasic Sleep

Neuro: on Sleep Mask Review

By Dm1001

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  1. I own it and can say it isn’t nearly as good as Zeo. Functionality: 2/10. For polypasic sleep, 20m nap it is worthless – very disappointed as they originally marketed it as a polyphasic sleep mask, which it is not.

  2. Every comment and review I can find for this product praises the light therapy aspect and the masks effective blackout ability. Which would make a great $40 mask. The rest of the product either seems to irritate people (lousy battery life, irritating red light sensor on all the time, hot to wear, etc) or do nothing (app information that’s wrong, or app information that has no functional use for the user, etc) – and its those extras that give it a $299 price tag.

    Looking forward to the $40 knock-off – no doubt coming to a Chinese ebay store soon!

  3. Wow, that sounds awesome if it works as described. Sucks that the estimated delivery time is 10 weeks though

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