Nine to Fivers

By Emma Forbes

This is a compilation of example schedules for people who have a nine to five job and are only able to sleep in their own hours, and one quick nap in their lunch break. If you cannot sleep at lunchtime, you should likely look at segmented sleep until you can control your lifestyle enough to be able to sleep in the middle of the day.


Dual Core 1 Schedule

9.30pm-1.00am core
5.00am-6.30am core
12.30 pm nap

Everyman 3 Schedules

6.00pm-9.30pm core – good
1.30 am nap
5.30 am nap
12pm nap

8.30pm-12.00am core – good
3.30 am nap
7.00 am nap
12.30 pm nap

11.30pm-3.00am core – ok
6.30 am nap
12.30 pm nap
6.30 pm nap

Dual Core 2 Schedules

7.30pm-10.00am core – good
2.00am-3.30 nap
6.30 am nap
12.30 pm nap

12.00pm-2.30am core – good
4.30 am-6.30 nap
12.30 pm nap
6.30 pm nap

Everyman 4 Schedules

6.30-9.00pm core – good
12.00 am nap
3.00 am nap
6.30 am nap
12.30 pm nap

10.00-12.30am core – ok
3.30 am nap
6.30am nap
12.30 pm nap
5.00 pm nap

2.30 am-4 am core – not so good
7.30 am nap
12.30 pm nap
5.30 pm nap
10.30 pm nap

Dual Core 3 Schedules

The advantage of these is that you can sometimes skip one core for social events without destroying your whole schedule. The drawback is that you may have a less restful sleep in each of your core sleeps, as continuous core sleep is more restful than dual 1.5h.

6.30-8 pm core – good
11.00-12.30am core
3.30 am
7.00 am
12.30 pm

9.00-10.30pm core – ok
1.30-3 am core
7 am nap
12pm nap
5 pm nap

2.00-3.30am core – not so good
6.30-8 am core
12pm nap
6 pm nap
10 pm nap