Polyphasic Sleep


By The Botany Of Solis

SPAMAYL (Sleep Polyphasically As Much As You Like) is a fancy way of saying free-running sleep, or simply “take a 20-minute nap whenever you feel tired.” The adaptation for this is almost identical to Uberman (except one can take more naps), but afterward, the schedule is more flexible than traditional Uberman.

During adaptation, it is imperative that the nap times are kept rigid (using either the 3 or 4-hour rhythm) – the common mistake with SPAMAYL is that people think it is flexible during the adaptation. It is not. One can do an adaptation to kickstart a SPAMAYL adaptation, but like Uberman there are ~2 weeks of impaired cognitive function while one gets used to the schedule.

The longest recorded SPAMAYL adaptee was Rasmus at Trypolyphasic who stayed with the schedule for over a year [Help Elijah!]