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Re-Timer Glasses Review: Optimizing Your Sleep With Green Light Therapy

By Dm1001

How do Re-Timer glasses work?

Re-Timer glasses work by adjusting the circadian rhythm through suppressing body’s production of melatonin. Melatonin is a hormone that anticipates the daily onset of darkness. These glasses can be used to help change wake up times and adjust to shift work, travel and time zone changes as well as treat Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). The glasses were developed based on 25 years of research by sleep psychologist Prof. Leon Lack and Dr. Helen Wright. They use green blue-light which has been proven to be the most effective wavelength for improving circadian rhythm and sleep time.

The glasses are very lightweight and easy to wear. They have an adjustable nose piece to help adjust the location of the green-blue light. There are two brightness options. Even at full brightness there is no discomfort from the light. Re-timer glasses can be used to adjust the circadian rhythm to allow one to wake up earlier or later with ease. After 3 days of using them it was so much easier to wake up early in the morning then what I am normally used to, particularly during the winter months when waking up hours ahead of sunrise.

Re-Timer website offers a sleep timing calculator, jet lag calculator as well as a Fitbit app for measuring your results. It is easy to figure out at what times and for how long you need to wear the Re-Timer glasses to wake up at the desired time.

Another huge advantage is that you can do whatever you like wearing these glasses around the house. You can walk around freely, read, cook or watch the news. It is not recommended to wear these glasses while driving, but they could be worn when flying or taking the train.

Overall, Re-Timer is a really useful tool for anyone looking to optimize their sleep, escape jet lag or the winter blues. Particularly, Re-Timer is great for students and shift workers who have varying schedules and constantly have to adjust. It is a really effective way to adjust your circadian rhythm to help you wake up with ease at whichever time you like.

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