Regulating Your Sleep Temperature with the BedJet System - Does it Work?

By Abby Wood

My boyfriend and I can sometimes be polar opposites when it comes to body temperature. And there have been occasions where we switch the thermostat from warm to cool several times throughout a single day. This can cause some friction when it’s time to go to bed, too! He likes it toasty and I like it a little on the cool side. I’m sure you can imagine how silly it is to change the temperature of the entire house just to adjust how hot or cool it is in our bedroom while we’re sleeping. It’s a massive waste of energy, and it doesn’t make sense. We have recently been testing out the BedJet climate comfort system to see if it could help us achieve better sleep.


What is BedJet?

When we received the BedJet, I honestly wasn’t sure what to think of it. It looks like a futuristic, sleek white vacuum cleaner that attaches to the side of your bed. However, once we slipped the nozzle under the sheets and turned it on, I was totally hooked. The BedJet creates a steady and quiet flow that changes the temperature of the air between your sheets and your mattress. Turned onto its maximum airflow, the sheets actually rise up and create an air pocket cocoon of comfort around your body! While that is fun at first, and it freaks out our cat, we usually only use the lower settings. Even at the more gentle settings, the BedJet manages to quickly change the temperature of our queen-sized bed. You can also cool or heat your bed with a temperature adjusted comforter — more on that later.

BedJet Cooling System

How Can I Regulate Temperature to Get Better Quality Sleep?

At this point, we’ve tried both the ‘cool’ and ‘heat’ options. I have to say that on chilly nights there is no nicer luxury than slipping into warm sheets. As someone who always has cold feet, this feels especially nice and comforting! And because you’re only warming the bed, you also don’t overheat. It keeps the warmth localized to your body, which is where you need it, while allowing the rest of your bedroom to be a more neutral temperature. The cool setting has the same benefits. If it’s a little too warm that night, or you tend to get night sweats, you don’t have to crank the AC up. Just click the cool setting on your BedJet! I can only imagine how much money this is going to save us for heating and cooling.

Our BedJet also came with a unique blanket called the AirComforter. If you hook the nozzle of the BedJet into the end of the AirComforter it inflates to look like a duvet, but with warm or cool air inside! There’s a neat variation on the BedJet + AirComforter system specifically for couples. If you choose the “dual-zone” sleep technology system, you receive two BedJets and partitioned AirComforter. Each half of the bed can have its own separately regulated temperature, which is really innovative considering that most couples do struggle with the “some like it hot some like it cold” debate.

Surprisingly, I have noticed in the week that we’ve been using the BedJet that I’ve been sleeping more deeply and falling asleep in less time. I also wake up feeling less groggy … I assume that’s because I’m just sleeping better in general! I never really realized how much temperature played a part in getting a night of good solid sleep.

The BedJet App

There is also an app that you can download to pair with your BedJet. It did take us a few attempts to get the app to pair with the machine’s blue tooth. The instructions on the app could probably be improved, otherwise, you may get frustrated installing it. However, after you can get it working it’s totally worth the setup. The app has the same controls as the remote that comes with the BedJet (which is handy if you want a controller for either side of the bed). But the app also has unique sleep cycle settings. These sleep cycle patterns are meant to complement your body’s natural circadian rhythm. As you are falling asleep, the machine gently transitions from warm to cool air. This is meant to mimic your internal body temperature and lull your physical body into a deeper sleep quickly. The reason this works is that as you fall asleep, your internal temperature slowly drops. So while you may want your feet to be super toasty as you’re drifting to sleep, being too warm throughout the night may interfere with staying asleep because it’s preventing your body from reaching its natural cooler state. If you want total customization, the bio-rhythm sleep technology allows you to pre-program custom sleep temperatures for each hour of the night before you go to bed!

I really enjoy the sleep cycle option. I did notice that it helps me fall asleep more promptly. And I’m the sort of person who takes 20 minutes or more to drift off to sleep. I’ve always been envious that my boyfriend will be snoring within three minutes of his head touching the pillow. If I can fall asleep before he starts snoring, that’s already a big plus for me getting better quality sleep!