Rituals for Success: Power of the Morning Routine

By Abby Wood


The terms structure and stability carry with them certain connotations. One might think “security” or “monotony.” Someone might even associate these words with “boredom.” However, for people who are among the most successful in their chosen field, these words mean “sanity.” Successful people share certain characteristics. One of these being that they all have rituals or a morning routine that they perform every single day. While the activities of these rituals may vary, the act of performing these activities every day can act as an anchor to your sanity when the ebb and flow of life gets too intense.

Morning Routine

How does your day typically start?  Maybe you shower. Depending on how long you have before you leave for work, you might eat something that resembles breakfast. Then, you throw some clothes on (whatever is clean) and leave for the day. If this sounds familiar

man brushing teeththen you know how rushed and hectic a morning like this could be.

However, a few small changes can make a world of difference when it comes to starting the day off in a better way. Instead of feeling stressed in the morning what if you used some extra time to do something extra for yourself?

Just doing a few things habitually in the morning can help you keep your stress levels down and help set the tone for the day.

A Few Small Tasks

Forming a habit can be a hard thing to do. That is why it is good to start small and just try to do 3-4 things during your morning. It doesn’t sound like much but the payoff is amazing.

These are some things that successful people include in their morning routine. Maybe there is room for some of these habits in yours:

  1.  Wake up earlier: Ugh. I know. Sounds horrible. Many people struggle with this (myself included). Honestly though, once you are up and start moving around a bit it’s not so bad. Plus, the earlier you wake up the more time you have to accomplish things you might otherwise put off during the day.
  2. Exercise: A noble goal. A few things turn people off about exercising in the morning. They feel like it will make them too tired for the rest of the day. Also, people not like the idea of working out with an empty stomach. These two misconceptions will be put to rest once you actually try it. Exercise in the morning can help with energy levels throughout the day. As for whether or not to eat breakfast before exercise, unless you are diabetic or suffer from other illnesses an orange is really all you need to ward off hunger and give your body some fuel.
  3. Chug Water: Our bodies are about 72% water. It’s important to stay hydrated. During the night we go for a long period of time without water. Having a glass immediately upon waking will help you kick up your metabolism and face the day head-on.
  4. Be Selfish: Some people have that hobby that they wish they could do, but for one reason or another, don’t. This could be writing, painting, exercising, riding a bike, the list goes on and on. With the craziness that life sometimes is, we often put some of our passions on the back burner to focus on the needs of others. Use this new-found time in your day for yourself!
  5. Or Don’t Be: Individuals that work away from home for long periods of time often find themselves missing out on moments with their family. The balance between work and family life is a hard thing to accomplish. Often times, this is because we think we have to do something complicated and expensive with our families in order for it to be quality time. In reality, you can make any moment of quality time. Whether it’s making your kids’ lunch or just talking to them in the morning, children are appreciative of any attention you can give and will remember these times.
  6. Dress for Success: Take time and put some effort into your appearance. No matter what your job is, dressing the part and appearing professional can go a long way in helping you succeed at your current job. Even if it’s one you hate.

These are just a few examples. The possibilities are literally endless if you take this extra time in the mornings and make it yours.

Set in Stone

Forming Habits

While it can be hard to form habits, it is even harder to break them. It has been shown that if you can perform a behavior every day for 30 days, you can make a habit out of it. After this period, the activity becomes second nature and you don’t have to try so hard to do it. You can accomplish these tasks without much forethought.

I urge you to give this a try if you feel stressed in the mornings or feel like there’s something you are missing in life.