Polyphasic Sleep

Some Waking Up Tips

By Polyphasic Society

Mug of Coffee

Get up immediately! Make sure to use an alarm clock that you can put somewhere you have to stand up to reach. Some people literally jump out of bed!

Avoid going straight back to bed. “Another 5 minutes” will easily become another 5 hours while you are sleep deprived. If you are cold either do some Cold Thermogenesis or some exercise until you are warm.

Eat something small immediately on waking. Something non-carb and munchy like almonds or macadamias, it’s easy to keep a jar of them within reach. Even try chewing gum!

Tip from one of our polysleepers: “During my early morning naps, I had trouble for a while with turning off my alarms and going back to bed. I tried getting food out to prepare upon waking, which would theoretically make me more inclined to stay awake, but I’d never remember it in my half-asleep state. Finally, I started to half-prepare small meals and then place my alarm in the (turned off) oven with the food or on the plate next to it so that I actually SAW the food. You have to sleep relatively near the kitchen for this, but I haven’t gone back to sleep once when doing this.”

Create a waking up routine. Same idea as the falling asleep routine – it may not be as effective at first, but it will get better with time.

If you wake up and are still tired, go for a quick walk. Fresh air + being out in the world will help promote alertness. You can also try light therapy.