Addressing Common WinkBeds Mattress Complaints

If you’re in the market for a WinkBeds mattress, here’s our take on its most common customer complaints.

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WinkBeds started in 2014 with the mission to create high-quality, handmade mattresses (that’s right! handmade!) with American-sourced materials. Like many online mattress brands, WinkBeds sells its products almost exclusively online, eliminating retail markups in order to deliver savings to customers. Since the company has just six brick-and-mortar locations, every mattress comes with a 120-night sleep trial period so that you can test it in the comfort of your home.

WinkBeds currently sells three mattresses: the WinkBed (with a Plus version for those who weigh greater than 300 lbs.), the MemoryLux and the EcoCloud. The WinkBed is the flagship hybrid model and comes in four firmness options, so it appeals to a wide range of sleepers (for instance, back sleepers and stomach sleepers). The MemoryLux is a premium memory foam mattress for light- to average-weight side sleepers and combination sleepers. And the EcoCloud is a latex hybrid designed for eco-conscious shoppers. Each mattress can be shipped as a bed-in-a-box model, and the beds come in different firmness levels, such as medium firm (which the brand calls “luxury firm”) and a “firmer” setting. 

The brand particularly advertises beds that are good for cradling pressure points, providing great edge support and supporting the lower back to prevent back pain. Another selling point for this luxury mattress? The original WinkBed mattress includes a support system that the brand says is designed to reduce sagging

Every mattress company has its pros and cons, so it’s important to take a look at both positive and negative feedback when deciding whether to purchase a new mattress. In this article, we share the most common complaints about WinkBeds mattresses, explain whether we think each complaint is valid, and suggest alternatives and solutions.

If you’re interested in reading more about WinkBeds mattresses, we’ve covered a few models extensively in our mattress reviews:

For this article, we’ve compiled four common complaints about WinkBeds brand mattresses. 

  1.  Poor Motion Isolation
  2.  Strong Off-Gassing Smell
  3.  Expensive
  4.  Sleeps Warm Despite Cooling Features

Top WinkBeds Mattress Complaints

Poor Motion Isolation

Motion transfer refers to the amount of movement that can be felt throughout the mattress when pressure is applied (for instance, when a partner tosses and turns or gets in and out of bed). It’s an especially important quality for sensitive sleepers who share the bed with a pet, child or partner. Poor motion isolation is the most common complaint we found about the WinkBed original mattress.

Even reviewers who are happy with their purchase overall mention high levels of motion transfer as the bed’s only negative quality. One reviewer on gave the mattress four out of five stars and wrote, “Overall, the bed is super comfortable . . . The only negative is that I feel [my spouse’s] motion as she tosses and turns . . . It can be a problem when I’m trying to fall asleep.” 

  • The WinkBed has a thick core of bouncy coils, making it highly responsive and sensitive to motion. Its foam layers allow it to isolate motion better than other hybrid and innerspring mattresses, but these layers don’t completely eliminate movement. You may not feel small disturbances, like when your partner turns on their side, but big movements are easy to detect.
  • If you’re a sensitive sleeper looking for a bed that absorbs motion, consider a mattress with less bounce. Memory foam beds tend to have the best motion isolation.

Beds the Nerd Scores High for Motion Isolation 

Brooklyn Bedding Aurora

The Aurora hybrid is Brooklyn Bedding's most popular mattress. It comes in three firmness levels and features both innerspring coils and cooling copper-infused gel foam, meaning it suits those who sleep hot, as well as a wide range of sleep preferences.

This hybrid mattress has up to 2,000 individually pocketed coils, and their individual encasements allow the bed to offer much better motion isolation than most connected innerspring designs.

Read our full Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Mattress Review to learn more.

Helix Sunset

The Helix Sunset features a plush memory foam layer with a soft, contouring feel that's especially good for side sleepers. Memory foam purists will love its classic "sinking" effect that cradles the body as if you're sleeping "in" the mattress.

The plushest hybrid mattress in the Helix line, the Sunset is a softer-than-average hybrid with thick memory foam layers that offer deep pressure relief and dissipate movement to a great extent. It’s best for lightweight sleepers and side sleepers.

Read our full Helix Sunset Mattress Review to learn more.

Strong Off-Gassing Smell

Almost all mattresses that contain foam layers release a smell when they’re first opened. This smell, which reminds our team of a “new car” smell, is called off-gassing. Some new beds have a smell that lasts one week or more after the bed is unboxed, but most mattresses do not release an odor for more than 72 hours. In some WinkBeds reviews, shoppers complain about lingering off-gassing smells after the mattress is unboxed. 

  • WinkBeds mattresses are CertiPUR-US certified, so there aren’t any harmful chemicals used in their construction. The company claims that its beds have no off-gassing odors, but shoppers who are sensitive to smells may notice a faint aroma that lasts for several days after their mattress arrives. It’s never a bad idea to open some windows and keep a fan whirring when you open a new mattress after you’ve placed it on a bed frame
  • Most WinkBeds mattress reviews don’t mention off-gassing smells, and some reviewers even note their surprise at the absence of them. If you’re very sensitive to odors, consider allowing your new WinkBed to expand for two or three days after it arrives and before you spend a night lying on it.
  • If the WinkBeds EcoCloud mattress is a good fit for your budget and body type, its all-natural construction may have even less odor potential than the original WinkBed and the MemoryLux.


There’s no one-size-fits-all price tag for a high-quality, durable mattress. The WinkBed original starts at $1,049 for a Twin size and costs as much as $1,849 for a California King size. The MemoryLux mattress is priced similarly, and the EcoCloud is the most expensive of WinkBeds’ three offerings, with an MSRP of $2,199 for a California King size. We’d consider all three WinkBeds mattresses to be high-end picks. 

All three beds have generally positive reviews, but some one-, two- and three-star reviewers write that they’re disappointed with the quality of their mattress in light of its cost. (The typical price range for a hybrid mattress varies wildly: It’s anywhere from $1,000–$3,000.) While most shoppers are happy with the quality of their WinkBeds mattress and the policies that come with it, a small percentage of customers feel that the brand’s mattresses are overpriced.

  • Reviewers who find the bed too expensive almost always mention that it’s well-made before launching into their complaint, and their complaints are almost always related to comfort (for instance, the bed is too firm, too soft or too warm for their taste).
  • We can confidently say that the quality of WinkBeds’ mattresses is reasonable for the price point, and it seems that sleepers who are unhappy with how the bed feels should exchange the WinkBeds mattress for one that fits their sleep style and body type. It’s certainly not the best mattress for those on a strict budget, but others may consider it a lasting investment in a great night’s sleep
  • WinkBeds offers financing options for shoppers who find the bed too expensive to buy outright, including low monthly payment plans with 6-, 12- and 24-month terms and 0% APR financing.
  • If all WinkBeds options are out of your price range, not to worry: Consider a mattress from our list of the best affordable mattresses.
  • Before you invest, make sure the WinkBeds mattress you’re considering is right for your body type and sleeping position by reading our guide. After all, a firmer mattress might not work as well for a side sleeper who needs a plush top layer in their bed, but a firm mattress might provide adequate back support for a stomach sleeper

Similar to WinkBeds Mattresses, With a Lower Price

DreamCloud Mattress

This hybrid mattress mixes memory foam and individually pocketed innerspring coils to deliver pressure-relieving support, especially for back and stomach sleepers. At a generous 15 inches tall with a quilted foam and cashmere cover, the DreamCloud exudes a plush, luxury hotel feel.

The DreamCloud is also a luxury hybrid mattress but costs significantly less than the WinkBed. A Queen-size DreamCloud retails for roughly $1,099.

Read our full DreamCloud Mattress Review to learn more.

Saatva Classic

Saatva is one of the first direct-to-consumer online mattress companies. The Saatva mattress is not a “bed-in-a-box” company, because it doesn’t come in a box at all. It’s a regular innerspring mattress delivered to your door by delivery professionals.

One of the best value luxury innerspring mattresses on the market, the Saatva is a high-quality mattress that comes in three firmness options and two heights. You can find the perfect combination for your body type, and a Queen-size bed costs less than $1,400 when coupons and discounts are applied.

Read our full Saatva Mattress Review to learn more.

Sleeps Warm Despite Cooling Features

Hybrid and innerspring mattresses are known for their ability to encourage airflow and keep sleepers cool throughout the night. Their support cores have an open construction that discourages hot air and body heat from getting trapped. The WinkBed’s hybrid construction and other cooling features, like the gel in the Europillow top, should encourage the bed to sleep noticeably cool, but some reviewers write that it sleeps hotter than other hybrids they’ve tried.

  • There isn’t any clear reason why sleepers would experience heat trapping on the WinkBed original, as its hybrid construction, cooling gel foams and breathable Tencel cover all promote airflow. This may be a problem unique to people who sleep exceptionally hot or who sleep with warming bedding accessories, like flannel sheets.
  • If you’re a hot sleeper, make sure to outfit your WinkBeds mattress with cooling sheets and bedding accessories. 
  • Help prevent excessive heat buildup in your sleeping environment by using blinds to keep the sunlight out during the daytime, taking a cold shower before bed, and wearing lightweight pajamas.

What’s Great About the WinkBeds Mattress?

The WinkBed mattress is popular for its high-quality design, which features four layers of contouring foam, pocketed coils and microcoils. It has a bouncy, responsive feel, making it a great choice for combination sleepers and other sleeper types who enjoy responsive surfaces. Customers can also choose from a range of firmness levels, so you can choose a bed that works well with your sleeping position and weight.

Most of its materials are also eco-friendly, which appeals to mattress shoppers who love natural products or who have allergies that are aggravated by synthetic materials. In general, people who love a classic innerspring feel, combination sleepers who want to easily change positions, and those who tend to sleep hot will enjoy the WinkBed. It’s not the best fit for side sleepers, those who want significant contouring, and people who are sensitive to movement.


Check out our comparison tool to see how it stacks up.

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The Bottom Line

There’s a lot that makes WinkBeds’ mattresses stand out in the crowded luxury hybrid mattress space, and we don’t think these common WinkBeds complaints are significant enough to give most shoppers pause. Like always, we recommend that you thoroughly consider whether the WinkBeds mattress style, firmness setting and features fit your body type, sleeping preferences and sleeping position

We will mention that there are similar luxury hybrids that also come in more than one firmness setting and have better price points. If you like what you’ve read about the WinkBed but are on a strict budget, you might want to consider the Saatva or the DreamCloud mattresses.

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