Best Cooling Blankets

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The last decade has seen a cascade of wearable devices from companies like Apple and Fitbit, who design these products with the goal of improving our lives in mind. From steps taken and calories burned to calendar alerts and the daily forecast, practically anything can be made available to you via the technology in these devices. Recently, a new area has been subject to experimentation from trackers and health-related apps: sleep.

Tracking your sleeping habits allows you to collect valuable data that can be examined for trends that reveal how to achieve better sleep. But which sleep tracking device or app is best in terms of functionality, data, accuracy, and usability? Keep reading to see our top 10 picks for the best sleep trackers of 2024, followed by a guide to finding the best sleep tech for you.

Disclosure: By clicking on the product links in this article, Mattress Nerd may receive a commission fee at no cost to you, the reader. Read full disclosure statement.

Best Cooling Blankets


DOWNLITE Down Blanket with Satin Trim

This cambric cotton blanket encases hypoallergenic 550 fill power white duck down in a sewn-through construction that eliminates fill shifting. A one-inch satin trim adds detail and elegance to the two classic colors, white and ivory. Reason to Buy: Our Editor’s Pick for the best cooling blanket of 2024 goes to the down blanket with satin trim made by DOWNLITE. The unique construction eliminates fill shifting for a consistent, even distribution, helping prevent the corner bulking that tends to occur in blankets with larger squares. It works perfectly on its own in summer or can be layered in winter for a warmer feel without too much bulk. This blanket comes in two colors, white and ivory, and is both machine washable and dryable. A queen size costs $105.


Target Threshold Blanket

This 100% cotton blanket from Target’s in-house brand, Threshold™, is mid-weight and slightly textured. It measures 90” x 66” and comes in three neutral colors. Reason to Buy: This lightweight gauze blanket is just $30 and has an average of 4.8 out of 5 stars from 305 ratings, making it our top recommendation for an affordable cooling blanket. 95% of reviewers would recommend this blanket, with many mentioning its breathability. One reviewer wrote that it’s “the perfect lightweight blanket for those of us in sweltering summer climates.” You can use this blanket as a coverlet, thin sheet, or summertime layer. Unfortunately, this blanket is only available in twin size.


Hay Crinkle Gauze Blanket

This soft cotton blanket features a crinkled, tactile texture and tasseled ends. It measures 106.5” by 106.5” and is 100% cotton. Reason to Buy: This luxury blanket from Hay has a nice heft, providing more weight than other options without much added heat. While it comes in only one size (roughly a king), it will drape nicely on queen and twin size beds. This option comes in three earthy colors, including black, cream, and gray, and the fringed edges give is a classy yet casual look. Each color costs $195 on Hay’s website.


Parachute Home Quilt

This modern take on the classic quilt has a boxed pattern, a medium weight, and comes in six colors and two sizes. The front is 100% linen and the back is 100% percale.  Reason to Buy: This Parachute quilt combines the subtle texture of linen with percale’s lived-in feel for a piece that’s perfectly balanced in both feel and aesthetic. The earthy color options will complement any bedroom, and the blanket provides the perfect amount of warmth when layered or can be used alone for breathability. One reviewer writes that the quilt is so versatile that it’s able to keep her warm and cozy while keeping her partner, a hot sleeper, perfectly temperature controlled. While considered a luxury piece at $249 for a queen, this lightweight quilt is well worth the cost if you plan to use it year-round.


Sofia’s Linen Pure Flax Linen Blanket

This 100% flax linen blanket is made from materials imported from Europe and has a double-sided weave to promote breathability. It comes in four colors and is Amazon’s Choice for “linen bedspread.”  Reason to Buy: The linen used in this throw is sourced from Belarus and can be used in the summer nights alone or in the winter as an added layer. This is our recommended cooling blanket for shoppers who are looking for an option for spring and summer, as the versatile weight is naturally thermo-regulating. One very warm summer nights, you’ll feel cool, and on spring nights with a slight chill, you’ll feel warm. It’s machine-washable and gets softer with time. Sofia’s Linen flax linen blanket is available on for $109 in all colors.


Cosy House All Season Blanket

This plush, soft blanket is made from 100% microfiber polyester and is available in sizes twin through california king as well as a throw size. Designed to be lightweight and portable, it feels like fleece to the touch but is cool enough to use in the spring and summer. Reason to Buy: This is our top choice for sleepers who want a cooling blanket but are allergen-sensitive. This Cosy House blanket, which comes in nine colors and costs less than $30 in all sizes, can be used on our bed, as a spare blanket, or for the sofa. Reviewers write that it is “so soft,” “doesn’t shed,” and is “perfect alone in the summer or under a comforter in the winter.”


L.L. Bean Maine-Made Cotton Twill Blanket

L.L. Bean crafted this blanket from cotton twill, giving it a beautiful drape and comfortable texture. Made in Brunswick, Maine, this 100% cotton blanket comes in three sizes and six colors. Reason to Buy: L.L. bean is a crowd favorite for preppy, high quality New England aesthetic products, and this blanket is no exception. Reviewers note that it doesn’t pill or lose its shape in the wash, and it can be used on its own atop sheets in the summer or layered with a duvet or additional blanket in the colder months. A queen size Maine-Made Cotton Twill blanket retails for just $129 in the Sea Salt color.


Boll & Branch Waffle Bed Blanket

Made from GOTS Certified Organic Cotton that’s OEKO-TEX certified, this Boll & Branch blanket comes in three sizes and four colors. The waffle, or honeycomb, weave makes it absorbent and breathable. Reason to Buy: Waffle woven fabrics are named for their texture, which resembles a waffle you’d find in your kitchen. Not only does the waffle weave add texture to the product, but it makes it more absorbent and the snag-resistant weave becomes springier after each wash. Most importantly, this blanket can be used year-round: it works well over a sheet in the summer and can be layered under a quilt or duvet in the winter months. All three sizes are available for $200 or less.

How to Pick the Right Cooling Blanket for You

Choosing the best cooling blanket for your bedroom or home will depend on a variety of factors that range from your budget and material preferences to the climate you live in and whether you sleep with a partner. With such a large selection of cooling blankets available on the market, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed with choices.

This buying guide will help usher you toward the best cooling blanket for your needs. Below, you’ll find an overview of the types of cooling blankets available, things to consider before you buy, the pros and cons of cooling blankets, and more. 

Types of Cooling Blankets

Lightweight, breathable blankets are typically categorized by their fabric (linen, cotton, etc.), but there are other types to be aware of, including:

  • Outlast technology—Initially developed by NASA, blankets with this material have special lining that regulate its temperature, absorbing or releasing heat as it interacts with your skin.
  • Cooling weighted blankets—These blankets have beads, pellets, or chains, creating a heavier feel on the sleeper’s body that may help with mental health. Bamboo, cotton, and linen weighted blankets deliver weight without too much heat.
  • Air conditioned cooling blankets—These cooling blankets come with an electric device that acts as a mini air conditioner.

Considerations for Buying

These are the key considerations to keep in mind when buying a cooling blanket.

  • Raw materials—Materials are the main determinant of whether a blanket will feel cool. Cotton, linen, silk, and down are commonly used in cooling blankets for their airy textures, moisture wicking properties, and lightweight feels. Each has its own set of pros and cons, so educate yourself prior to purchase.
  • Design, weave, and knit—Perhaps only second to the raw material, the weave greatly impacts a blanket’s temperature. The pattern and tightness of the weave will dictate how well it ventilates.
  • Temperature regulating technology—Look for fabrics with temperature regulation or moisture wicking technology, both of which employ different methods to absorb and disperse heat. 
  • Price and buying experience—Cooling blankets can cost less than $30 or as much as $400. Luxury models made with high-quality materials may last longer and come with a warranty, whereas affordable options, like those from Target and Amazon, are more wallet-friendly but may deteriorate faster.

Benefits of Cooling Blankets

  •  Keep you comfortably covered at night without added warmth.
  •  Available at a variety of price points and in many colors, sizes, and styles.
  •  Provide the happy medium of coziness without perspiration or discomfort.
  •  Year-round and seasonal models available.
  • Can be layered on top of or under sheets, duvets, and comforters.

Cons of Cooling Blankets

  •  May sleep hot if not chosen correctly for your climate or current bedding setup.
  •  May require frequent washing if used to combat night sweating.
  •  Some varieties are susceptible to shrinking, shedding, and pilling. 
  •  An added expense on top of your mattress and existing bedding.

If you are looking for a cozy, warm blanket, check out our picks for Best Wool Blankets.

Who a Cooling Blanket is Best For?

If one or several of the below bullet points describe you, a cooling blanket is a good idea for your bedroom.

  • You live in a climate with notably warm springs and summers.
  • You live in a climate with warm year-round temperatures.
  • You tend to sleep hot, regardless of the weather. 
  • You or your partner perspire throughout the night.
  • You like the weight and comfort of sleeping under a blanket but feel too hot under your current setup.


While sleepwear, temperature regulated mattress pads, effective air conditioning systems, and other factors can help prevent you from sleeping uncomfortably hot, a cooling blanket is a simple, affordable solution for your nighttime woes. We recommend first narrowing down your selection based on whether you need an all-season cooling blanket or something just for the warm summer months. From there, there’s freedom to choose the material, size, features, and color that suits your needs best.