Leesa Mattress Review

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Is the Leesa Mattress for You?

Who’s Going to Love the Leesa Mattress

  • Back sleepers
  • Combination sleepers
  • Budget shoppers

Who Should Steer Clear of the Leesa Mattress

This mattress is no longer available for purchase. To help you find your next mattress, check out our list of the best mattresses available on the market now.

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Leesa Mattress Firmness and Feel 

Leesa Mattress Firmness

Our Mattress Nerd firmness scale ranges from 1–10, where 10 is floorboard firm. The Leesa is considered a true medium mattress at 5.5/10. Leesa strives to appeal to most sleepers, regardless of how they sleep, and the Leesa mattress’ firmness level is a good middle ground—not too soft and not too firm. The Leesa’s firmness and all-foam construction are best for those under 230 lbs.

What Does the Leesa Mattress Feel Like?

The Leesa mattress has a balanced feel that’s a cross between the conforming feel of memory foam and the bouncy feel of latex. Old-school foam mattresses earned a bad rap for swallowing sleepers. You’d sink in, get stuck, and they’d have to send in a search party after you.

However, the foam in the top layer of the Leesa has a lot of bounce to it. It responds quickly to your movements, so you’re able to move around without too much effort. It’s soft to the touch at first, but you don’t sink too much. It was comfortably hugging and contouring.

What Sleeping Position Is the Leesa Mattress Best For?

Lightweight (< 130 lbs): 544
Average-weight (130–230 lbs):533
Heavyweight (> 230 lbs): 212

1 = Very poor, 2 = Not good, 3 = Fair, 4 = Good, 5 = Excellent

Back Sleepers

If you’re a back sleeper, you need proper support for your spine and neck. The Leesa mattress more than delivers on this quality. With a medium firmness level, this bed excels at supporting and maintaining spine alignment for lightweight and average-weight sleepers. As a universal firmness memory foam bed, you get that sweet spot of just enough cushioning combined with durable support. 

The Leesa might work for some heavyweight back sleepers, but a firmer mattress ensures heavy sleepers get the support they need. These folks can find better options in our best mattress for back sleepers and best mattress for heavy people roundups.

Stomach Sleepers

Stomach sleepers require a mattress that supports and elevates their hips in order to prevent any sinkage that could cause the spine to curve out of alignment. They also need a bed that keeps pressure off of their chest and shoulders. 

For lightweight to average-weight sleepers, this memory foam bed provides enough support to keep the spine aligned, while contouring comfortably to your curves. Heavyweight stomach sleepers need a firmer mattress so their hips stay elevated. Check out the best mattress for stomach sleepers for the most supportive mattresses on the market.

Side Sleepers

Pressure relief and contouring are key features side sleepers should look for in a mattress. Because they sleep on their sides, their hips and shoulders tend to take the majority of their weight. The Leesa mattress features a comfort layer of contouring memory foam that works to cradle the body for lightweight to average-weight sleepers. However, we did see pressure issues in the shoulder area.

For heavyweight sleepers, the all-foam construction can lead to sinking too deeply. A hybrid mattress will provide better pressure relief and support for heavier folks. For other options, check out the best mattress for side sleepers.

Combination Sleepers

Most lightweight to average-weight combination sleepers will enjoy the Leesa mattress. The memory foam layers work to prevent motion transfer, and the top layer does an excellent job of responding to your movements. For heavyweight combination sleepers, a firmer mattress might be needed to ensure ease of movement as you change positions in the night. For better options, see our list of best mattresses for combination sleepers.

Leesa Mattress Performance

Is The Leesa Mattress Cooling? 

Old school memory foam mattresses retained a lot of body heat, but better cooling technology counters that tendency. For example, the top layer of the Leesa is perforated with holes, which helps increase airflow under your body.

The Leesa is still a foam mattress, so it won’t sleep as cool as one with coils or more advanced cooling features. When I tested it, there was no cooling sensation, but I didn’t feel heat building up. Find more options for hot sleepers in our best cooling mattresses roundup.

Edge Support 

Good edge support not only contributes to this mattress’s durability, but also makes it easier to (1) sit on the edge of the mattress without slipping off and (2) sleep near the edge without fear of falling out of bed. 

The foam used in the Leesa will sink down low when you sit on the edge of the mattress, but you won’t slip off. The foam compresses and you don’t feel super stable. However, the base layer of foam does a great job keeping its structure. Check out our edge support article for more info. 


Despite being an all-foam bed with a memory foam layer, we were impressed with how quickly the Leesa responded to our changes in position on the mattress surface. It should keep lightweight and average-weight sleepers from feeling stuck in one place, but heavyweight folks will want to look for a mattress with springy coil support layers.

Motion Isolation: Is it good for those who share a bed?

The way the layers of foam all provide either structure or contouring means the Leesa does an average job at isolating motion. In other words, if your partner gets out of bed to use the bathroom in the middle of the night, you might feel a slight jiggle, but you probably won’t wake up.


We didn’t notice any noise coming from the Leesa mattress, even when moving around for our responsiveness test.

Pain Relief

One of a mattress’s best features is pressure relief. The contouring layer of memory foam in Leesa should help prevent pain in key pressure points like hips and low back, particularly for lightweight to average-weight side sleepers. There’s enough give in the foam to cradle the body, so you avoid feeling like you’re pressing down on your back, thighs, and hips. Less pressure equals less pain, which equals better sleep.

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On the other hand, if you have shoulder pain, Leesa may not be the best mattress for you. When we used our pressure map, it indicated a buildup of pressure in the shoulders of side sleepers of every size. If this sounds like you, check out the best mattresses for shoulder pain.


The Leesa doesn’t make our list of the best mattresses for sex, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a worthy contender. Why? It scored above average in the two performance categories most relevant to sex: noise and responsiveness. Be aware that there may be some heat buildup.


The Leesa has a very pungent off-gassing smell, being an all-foam mattress. The Leesa is CertiPUR-US certified, meaning it is made with materials that are safe for you to sleep on, and all their mattresses are made to order in the USA. With Leesa, you’ll be getting a high-quality mattress for your money.


The Leesa is your average bed-in-a-box foam mattress, so it’ll last you about seven years.

Leesa Mattress Construction: What’s it made of?

The Leesa is an all-foam mattress that excels in support, cooling, and pressure relief. It’s made with three layers of foam.

Mattress Cover: A soft twill fabric cover encases the layers of foam that make up the mattress. The Leesa cover is seamless, making a smooth surface for you to sleep on.

Foam Comfort Layer (2″): A layer of breathable, convoluted foam keeps sleepers cool and responds quickly to their movements. Leesa calls this their “LSA200 foam,” and it’s designed to mimic the responsive feel of latex. 

Memory Foam Recovery Layer (2″): The second foam layer is made up of contouring memory foam, which cradles the body and provides significant pressure relief.

High-Density Foam Support Layer (6″): This polyfoam layer makes up the core support of the mattress. It’s dense enough to withstand years of everyday use.

How Much Does the Leesa Mattress Cost?

Mattress SizePriceDimensionsHeightWeight
Twin$39″ x 75″10”45 lbs
Twin XL$39” x 80”10”48 lbs
Full$53” x 75”10”56 lbs
Queen$60” x 80”10”71 lbs
King$76” x 80”10”90 lbs
California King$72” x 84”10”90 lbs

Make sure you get the best deal on your mattress with our exclusive Leesa mattress coupons. On a stricter budget? See our Best Mattresses Under $1,000 and Best Mattresses for the Money.

How Do the Policies Measure Up? 

Shipping & Unboxing

The Leesa mattress comes compressed and rolled into, you guessed it, a box! Set up is easy, and took us under two minutes. Simply remove the mattress from the box, unroll it on your bed frame, cut away the plastic wrapping, and let it expand. It took us just over a minute to unbox Leesa, and it was lighter than expected.

Once you order your mattress, it should arrive within two weeks. Shipping is free to all 50 U.S. states. You can also pay for white glove delivery, which costs $150. A two-person team will bring the mattress and set it up for you, as well as remove your old mattress and any packaging.


Leesa covers this mattress with a 10-year full replacement limited warranty. For 10 years, if the mattress shows a defect, unrelated to wear and tear, Leesa will repair or replace it. There’s no fee for that.

Trial Period & Returns

You have roughly three months to road test the Leesa foam mattress. You need to sleep on the mattress for at least 30 nights of the 100-night trial period before you can return it. It takes time for people to get used to a new mattress and for the mattress to break in. Thirty days goes fast. The best online mattress companies have similar policies.

If you do return it, you’ll get a full refund, and Leesa will coordinate the pickup for your mattress. One note: people living in Alaskaand Hawaii will have to pay $100 to return their mattress. 

Leesa is a certified B Company, which gives out its certification only to the most socially responsible companies. If you return the mattress, Leesa will donate it to a local charity that needs it. Coming and going, you accept very little risk to try the Leesa mattress.

Addressing Leesa Mattress Complaints

Too Soft

Some reviewers complained that the Leesa mattress was too soft for their liking and that it lacked support for their hips. While we had a positive experience on the Leesa, we did notice that it’s too soft to support the hips of heavier stomach sleepers. If you sleep on your stomach and weigh over 230 lbs, we recommend looking for a firmer mattress.

Causes Back Pain

Some people developed back or neck pain after sleeping on the Leesa. Keep in mind that it can take up to 30 days for your body to fully adjust to a new sleeping surface. If your old mattress lacked support or pressure relief, your muscles and joints may need some time adapting to a healthier sleeping surface.

With that said, we don’t recommend the Leesa to heavier stomach sleepers, who could develop lower back pain if their hips sink too far into the foam. If you notice an uptick in muscle aches after a month of sleeping on the Leesa, remember that you can return it during the trial period. You can also add a topper to adjust the firmness and feel of the mattress.

Strong Odor

A handful of Leesa customers were frustrated by an off-gassing odor coming from their new mattress. There’s a chance that your new mattress will have an odor fresh out of the box. This is similar to a new car smell. It should dissipate after a few days. To expedite this process, keep your bedroom well ventilated and don’t add sheets to the mattress until the smell is gone.

If it’s still lingering after several days, massaging the foam layers can help release the odor more quickly. If you’re especially sensitive to smells, an innerspring or latex mattress may be your best bet, since they typically don’t off gas.

Comparing Different Leesa Mattresses

Leesa Original vs. Leesa Sapira Hybrid

Leesa Original Mattress is Best For:Leesa Sapira Mattress is Best For:
All Sleeping PositionsSide Sleepers
Lightweight & Average-Weight SleepersHot Sleepers
CouplesThose Who Want Extra Pressure Relief

The Leesa Sapira Hybrid is the luxurious cousin of the original Leesa Mattress. Instead of an all-foam construction like the original, the Sapira features both foam layers and a layer of 1000+ active response pocket springs. 

Springs make this mattress a little firmer than the original, so it’s easier to move around on and significantly reduces motion transfer. A mix of foam and coils also promotes more airflow in the mattress, helping to cool hot sleepers throughout the night. However, the Sapira is more expensive than the original, so it’s not a great option for budget shoppers.

See our full Leesa Sapira Hybrid Mattress Review.

Leesa Original vs. Leesa Legend

Leesa Original Mattress is Best For:Leesa Legend Mattress is Best For:
Back & Side SleepersShoppers Who Have Joint Pain
Lightweight to Average-Weight SleepersSide, Back, & Combination Sleepers
CouplesSleepers Looking For A Soft, Supportive Mattress

The Leesa Legend is a hybrid mattress with foam, pocketed coils, and micro-coils designed to provide excellent support. That targeted support makes the Leesa Legend a great option for side sleepers, back sleepers, and combination sleepers. Folks who experience joint pain or arthritis may also benefit from the Leesa Legend’s supportive but soft construction.

The Legend is the most expensive and luxurious mattress from the Leesa brand, so for budget shoppers, the original is a better choice. For some, the extra money might make the Leesa Legend worthwhile, but we think the original works just as well for lightweight and average-weight side or back sleepers

See our full Leesa Legend Mattress Review to learn more.

Leesa Original vs. Studio by Leesa

Leesa Original Mattress is Best For:Studio by Leesa Mattress is Best For:
All Sleeping PositionsBack Sleepers
Light to Average-Weight SleepersCouples On A Tight Budget
CouplesMemory Foam Lovers

The Studio by Leesa is the least expensive mattress the brand offers. It’s an all-foam mattress that’s an inch thinner than the original Leesa. Both mattresses are medium-firm and show good motion isolation. However, our team felt that the Studio was somewhat lacking in pressure relief

For budget shoppers, you can’t beat the price of the Studio. Its lower price also makes it a great option for kids or young couples. Heavyweight sleepers should probably find a mattress firmer than either the Studio or original Leesa mattress, as they may sink in too deeply to sleep comfortably.

See our full Studio by Leesa Mattress Review to learn more.

Comparing Leesa to the Competition

Leesa Original vs. Casper Original

Leesa Original Mattress is Best For:Casper Original Mattress is Best For:
Back & Side SleepersSide & Back Sleepers
Light to Average-Weight SleepersSleepers with Back Pain

The Casper Original mattress and Leesa Original mattress are very similar: they’re both medium-firm, all-foam mattresses that excel at motion isolation and pressure relief. Both have 100-night sleep trials, 10-year limited warranties, and offer white glove delivery for an additional cost.

The main difference is temperature control. Instead of convoluted foam like the Leesa, the Casper features perforations in the top layer of foam to promote airflow. Our team felt that the Leesa stayed a fraction cooler than the Casper. Also, the Leesa is more affordable by a couple hundred dollars.

See our full Leesa vs. Casper Mattress Comparison to learn more.

Leesa Original vs. Purple Original

Leesa Original Mattress is Best For:Purple Mattress is Best For:
Back & Side Sleepers Under 230 lbsCombination Sleepers
Budget-Conscious ShoppersHot Sleepers
CouplesBack Sleepers Under 230 lbs

The Purple is also a foam mattress, but it differs from the Leesa because of its unique Hyper-Elastic Polymer top layer. This layer has a grid shape and creates a feel that many have described as floating on top of the mattress.

For hot sleepers, the Purple is a great choice because the grid layer allows so much airflowThe Purple and Leesa mattresses are in a similar price range, but the Leesa is slightly less expensive, so budget-conscious shoppers may want to take that into consideration.

See our full Leesa vs. Purple Mattress Comparison to learn more.

Leesa Original vs. Tuft & Needle Original

Leesa Original Mattress is Best For:Tuft & Needle Mattress is Best For:
Back & Side SleepersCombination Sleepers
Lightweight to Average-Weight SleepersLightweight to Average-Weight Sleepers
CouplesBack  Sleepers

The Tuft & Needle is another all-foam, medium-firm mattress. Instead of three foam layers, like the Leesa, the T&N has two foam layers: one for comfort and one for support. Generally, the Leesa scored higher than the T&N across the board, but we still highly recommend the T&N to back sleepers, combination sleepers, and those on a tight budget.  

For an in-depth comparison of these two mattress, see our full Leesa vs. Tuft & Needle Mattress Comparison.

Leesa Mattress FAQs

Is the Leesa mattress worth it?

The Leesa is an excellent medium-firm mattress at an affordable, mid-range price point. With an all foam construction that supports your body as you sleep, the Leesa works well for any sleeping position. Plus, trying the Leesa is risk free with a 100-night sleep trial.

How long does a Leesa mattress last?

We expect your Leesa mattress to last around seven years before showing signs of wear and tear. To get as many years of use as possible, it’s important to care for your mattress—keeping it clean and setting it up on a supportive base or bed frame.

Can I try the Leesa in person before purchasing?

If you buy your mattress on Leesa’s online store or from an online retailer like Amazon, you’ll have 100 nights to test your mattress and return it if you don’t like it. But if you’d rather not buy it sight unseen, Leesa has a few showrooms. Leesa has two “Dream Gallery” locations: the Virginia Beach Dream Gallery in Virginia and the Soho Dream Gallery in New York. Both are showrooms where you can test and purchase mattresses. If those locations are out of your reach, you can also test out Leesa mattresses at the brick-and-mortar stores of West Elm and Pottery Barn.

The Nerd’s Take: What’s the Bottom Line?

The Leesa Original Mattress is one of our favorite all-foam, reasonably priced mattresses. It scores above average across the board and works for just about any sleeper under 230 lbs. We particularly liked the universal firmness, pressure relief, and ease of movement that it offers.

The Nerd’s Scores for the Leesa Mattress

Performance Factor Out of 5
Motion Isolation3
Pressure Relief3
Ease of Movement5
Edge Support2
Temperature Control3

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Leesa Premium Foam Pillow

Leesa Premium Foam Pillow

The Leesa Pillow is made with a solid piece of memory foam that’s ideal for anyone who likes their pillow to closely conform to their head and neck. At 5″ thick, it’s best suited to back and side sleepers, but is probably too lofty for most stomach sleepers. The foam is ventilated with tiny channels that improve breathability, so the pillow stays temperature neutral, which is a big bonus for hot sleepers.

Mattress Nerd Score
4.40 / 5 starstarstarstarstar
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Accessories Details


Memory foam

Trial Period
Trial Period

30 nights


1-year warranty


Not Available

Shipping Method
Shipping Method

Free shipping

Return Policy
Return Policy

Free returns

Leesa Bed Frame

Leesa Bed Frame
Mattress Nerd Score
4.20 / 5 starstarstarstarstar
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Accessories Details

Trial Period
Trial Period

30 nights


3-year warranty



Shipping Method
Shipping Method

Free shipping

Return Policy
Return Policy

Free returns

Leesa Hybrid Pillow

Leesa Hybrid Pillow
Mattress Nerd Score
3.90 / 5 starstarstarstarstar
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Accessories Details


Microfiber, Polyester

Trial Period
Trial Period

100 nights


3 year



Shipping Method
Shipping Method

Free shipping

Return Policy
Return Policy

Free returns