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Tempurpedic Mattress Alternatives

By The Mattress Nerd

Tempurpedic is one of the biggest and most recognizable brands in the mattress industry. They were the company that invented the memory foam mattress in the early 90s, and they remain a large player in the industry still. In this article, I will give some alternatives to various Tempurpedic models that will feel similar to their Tempurpedic counterparts but at a much lower price.

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Tempurpedics virtually never go on sale (and when they do, it’s generally something like $100 off of the foundation), so it’s difficult to get a good deal on them.  In this article, I will give some alternatives to various Tempurpedic models that will feel similar to their Tempurpedic counterparts but at a much lower price.  I explain my reasoning and some additional alternatives below the chart.  They just feel similar and have similar features and construction.

All of the comparison models have free trials, so if you don’t like it, you can always switch to the Tempurpedic later. Also, if you absolutely fell in love with a Tempurpedic in a store and you have enough money that you won’t notice the difference in your bank account, I’d recommend just buying the Tempurpedic. You can find links to each model in the chart.  It’s a solid brand that gets great customer reviews. However, if the price of the Tempurpedic will sting, consider trying the alternative first.

Tempurpedic model
(links go to Amazon or US Mattress
where you can buy them)
Less expensive alternative
Tempur-Cloud PrimaNectar
Tempur-Flex PrimaTomorrow Sleep Hybrid
Tempur-Contour SupremeLoom and Leaf Firm
Tempur-Cloud SupremeAlexander Signature Medium
Tempur-Flex SupremeBrooklyn Signature
*New* Tempur-AdaptLeesa
*New* Tempur-Adapt HybridBrooklyn Signature
Tempur-Contour EliteAlexander Signature Medium
Tempur-Cloud EliteLeesa
Tempur-Flex EliteDreamCloud
*New* Tempur-ProAdaptAlexander Signature
*New* Tempur-ProAdapt HybridSapira
Tempur-Cloud LuxeAlexander Signature Soft with a topper
Tempur-Contour Rhapsody LuxeSapira
The Grand BedNone

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Notes about the chart

  • The chart is sorted from least expensive to most expensive.
  • I left out the Tempurpedic Breeze models because they feel quite similar to the non-breeze versions. The comparisons focus more on the firmness levels rather than how “cool” it sleeps. Most of the “alternative” models have features which keep the mattress from getting too warm.
  • Again, these won’t be exact matches. They’re just my best attempt to pair how each alternative feels against the most similar Tempurpedic model.
  • The Tempurpedic links go to US Mattress or Amazon. They both have free delivery options. Additionally, US Mattress usually offers some kind of free gift(Like a Visa gift card) with Tempurpedic purchases and have free financing. Since Tempurpedic is sold at the same price everywhere, that’s one way to save a few hundred dollars on the purchase.
  • If you’re considering one of the alternatives, there may be an exclusive discount by clicking on my links or check my coupon page to see if there is any coupon for that model.

Cloud Prima vs Love & Sleep

The Cloud Prima is the entry level model for Tempurpedic. It uses a thin softer layer of foam on top and then firmer foams underneath. Because of this, it is overall a very firm mattress. The Love & Sleep mattress by Nest Bedding also uses a fairly thin comfort layer over the support layers. There are two models of Love & Sleep, and which will be most similar to the Cloud Prima depends on your body type. If you’re lighter, and the Cloud Prima felt soft to you, I’d recommend the Love & Sleep Medium. If you’re heavier, and thus went right through the thin soft layer on the Cloud Prima, I’d recommend the Firm version of the Love & Sleep.

Tempur-Flex Prima vs Tomorrow Sleep Hybrid Medium Firm

The Tempur-Flex lineup is made up of hybrid mattresses, meaning they use coils as the base layer rather than foam. Tomorrow Sleep uses the same style. It’s a slower reaction memory foam on top with coils underneath. And it’s backed by Serta Simmons Bedding, which is a large reputable manufacturer.

Tempur-Contour Supreme vs Alexander Signature Firm

The Contour Supreme is one of the firmest memory foam mattresses out there. It’s certainly the firmest in the Tempurpedic lineup. The firm version Alexander Signature by Nest Bedding is also very firm. If you liked how the Contour Supreme felt, you’re very likely to like the Alexander Signature.

Another alternative would be the Loom and Leaf Firm. The foams used may feel even a little firmer than the Alexander Signature, but they use more comfort foam overall, so I’d say the L&L is a better match, spec-wise, to the Contour Elite.

Tempur-Cloud Supreme vs Alexander Signature Medium

The Cloud Supreme is on the softer end. It’s a mid-range model in the Cloud lineup, which uses a softer memory foam on top of the support layers. The Alexander Medium feels quite similar to me. The specific layers of foam are a little different, but the overall result is very close, and the Alexander is better than half the price.

Tempur-Flex Supreme vs Alexander Hybrid

The Flex Supreme is another hybrid mattress, but this one has more of the soft Tempurpedic foam in the top layer, which makes it feel softer overall. The Alexander Hybrid by Nest Bedding is on the softer side as well, and is a pretty good match for the Tempur-Flex. The feeling is not identical, however. The Tempurpedic foam has a bit of a slower reaction time than the foam the Alexander uses. This could be a good or bad thing depending on how much you like that particular feature of Tempurpedic foam.

Tempur-Contour Elite vs Loom and Leaf Firm

The Contour Elite is very firm, but still uses a rather thick layer of comfort foam. In Tempurpedic terms, it’s firm with a high “Tempur-Adapt level.” The Loom and Leaf firm uses a similar design philosophy. It uses a lot of layers of firm foam above the support layer, and gives a fairly similar feel to the Contour Elite.

Tempur-Cloud Elite vs Alexander Soft

The Cloud Elite will be a little softer than the Cloud Supreme. Likewise, the Alexander Soft will be a little softer than the Alexander Medium by roughly the same degree.

Tempur-Flex Elite

This is less of a direct comparison as the other Tomorrow Sleep Hybrid on my chart. The Tomorrow Sleep Medium Soft will have a similar firmness to the Tempur-Flex Elite, but the Tempurpedic is just thicker in this case. Both are hybrid mattresses with coils underneath and softer foams up top, but you might need to add a mattress topper to the Tomorrow Hybrid mattress to mimic the feel of the Tempur-Flex Elite.

Tempur-Contour Rhapsody Luxe vs Loom and Leaf Relaxed Firm

This comparison has the biggest price difference between the Tempurpedic model and the alternative on the chart. The Rhapsody Luxe is a very popular model because it is firm without being exceedingly hard, and it also uses a lot of comfort foam to contour around most people. The Relaxed Firm version of the Loom and Leaf feels very similar in firmness and overall feel (e.g. response time of the foam) and it’s about $2500 less than the Rhapsody Luxe. It won’t feel identical, but it’ll be close enough for most people.

Most of the other “alternatives” on this chart have a little bit quicker of a response time than their Tempurpedic counterpart. One complaint about Tempurpedic is that the foam takes a few seconds to adjust when you switch positions. Other people love how the Tempurpedic responds. Whereas the other “alternative” brands try to make the foam more responsive to compete with Tempurpedic, Loom and Leaf takes the more direct approach and copies how the Tempurpedic feels more closely.

Tempur-Cloud Luxe

This is another one for which there is no direct comparison. The Cloud Luxe is similar to the Cloud Elite, but it uses even more soft foam in the top layers allowing you to sink even further into the mattress. None of the “alternatives” on the chart can quite compete in thickness, so the closest I can suggest is getting an Alexander Signature Soft and using a mattress topper to make up the difference.

The Grand Bed

The last one on the chart just has no comparison at all. I may recommend the Rhapsody Luxe as a comparable model for half the price (and similarly the Loom and Leaf Relaxed Firm), but presumably if you’ve tried the Grand Bed, you’ve also tried the Rhapsody Luxe, and if you came here searching for the Grand Bed, the Rhapsody Luxe was not close enough for you.

So, if you fell in love with the Grand Bed, and even the other high-end Tempurpedics couldn’t compare (and you have $7,500 that you’re not relying on), you should buy the Grand Bed.

I have two tips to possibly save you money on the Grand Bed:

  1. If you’re buying it in a retail chain with commissioned salesmen, the salesmen usually won’t be shy about throwing in a lot of accessories to get a Grand Bed sale.
  2. If you buy online, US Mattress won’t collect sales tax (though you may be required to report it on your own, check your state laws), so that can save you hundreds on the purchase.

Thanks for reading, and I hope this helps. If you got an alternative mattress, let me know how it worked out for you in the comments below.

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Comments (10)

  1. Disappointed to see Alexander Signature no longer has a soft option. What else is there? I’m petite and I like a very plush mattress. I’m very sensitive. Most feel like rocks to me.

  2. Actually there’s no one review out there where they talk about the new Alexander. They all tallk about different layers etc. Getting this bed blind. Hopefully I’m lucky

  3. Hi thanks for the article! I noticed that the article is almost a year old. I just ordered an Alexander Signature Firm. For my understanding this matress has been completely uosated. Do you think is best than the prior one, and how it compares with the tempurpedic?

    • This article was written just after the update, I believe. I just double-checked, and it looks like it’s still applicable.

  4. Ok so I tried the grand today and it was BY FARy favorite of every mattress foam or not in the store. He’s willing to give me the floor model for $2800…no warranty…is it worth it????

    (I realize this has nothing to do with your site but since you didn’t offer me a comparison, this one’s really on you.) :)

    • Yes, I’d say it’s worth it.

      ALSO, you might still have a warranty. When I worked on a sales floor, the STORE wouldn’t service the warranty, but Tempurpedic still warrantied their floor models from the date of manufacture printed on the law tag. As long as you have the law tag still attached, you might still have a warranty. (You should unless Tempurpedic’s policy on that has changed in the few years since I stopped working in a retail store)

      So yes, go for it.

  5. Thank you for your chart, very helpful! We are trying to decide between the loom and leaf relaxed firm versus firm. When we went to the Tempur-pedic store, we compared the contour elite versus the rhapsody luxe and we liked the rhapsody luxe because it felt more firm/felt like we sunk in less ( even though the charting indicated it was less firm then the contour elite.) That’s why we are confused as far as which loom and leaf to purchase. Based on your chart it looks like I should go with the relaxed firm since we overall like the rhapsody luxe feel? We don’t like the sensation of sinking into much which is why I wonder if we should get the loom and leaf firm?

    • Even the relaxed firm is pretty firm. You won’t sink in that much. (Or at least I didn’t, and I’m even heavier than average.)

      On the other hand, if there’s no risk at all of the mattress being too firm, you could always get the firm instead.

      The nice thing about Loom and Leaf is they have a free exchange policy. I think you just need to pay the delivery charge (if even that, I’m not certain).

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