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Avocado Green Mattress Review

Check out our deep dive into the Avocado Green mattress where we review buying tips, pricing and specs, and who this mattress suits best.

Nerd Score: 4.7/5

⭐ Top-Rated Latex Mattress⭐


Our Verdict: If you are on the hunt for a luxury, all-natural mattress, the Avocado Green is best in class. Made with all-natural, organic latex and cotton, this bed provides cooling, support, reinforced edges, motion isolation, and so much more. It really has everything you could ever want in a mattress. It is not a great option for those on a tight budget, but if you are ready to invest in your sleep the Avocado Green is an excellent choice. 

Who the Avocado Mattress is Best For

Best For…

May Not be Best For…

Hot Sleepers

People who shop organic

Plus size sleepers

Back and stomach sleepers

Side sleepers when used with the plush pillow top

Anyone who likes a firmer mattress with the firm pillow top

 Light sleepers, may be too firm for those who shift at night

❌ Side sleepers without a pillow top could feel too firm against pressure points

❌ People who like a soft mattress

Avocado Green In-Depth Mattress Review 

The people behind the Avocado Green mattress don’t waste time explaining the company mission to customers. You go to the website and it’s the first thing you see … Go Natural. 

Avocado aims to use as many organic materials as possible to deliver a mattress that is environmentally friendly and allows people to reduce their carbon footprint on the earth without paying through the nose to do it. It’s a tall order considering the Avocado Green mattress, a hybrid of latex and pocket coils is made of some impressive materials, none of which are cheap. 

The Avocado Green uses GOLS-approved organic latex and GOTS-certified organic wool and cotton in lieu of polyurethane foams, memory foams, chemical flame retardants or flammable adhesives to construct their mattresses.  The metal coils used in the mattress interior are made of recycled metal. Even the sheep Avocado sources their wool from are being treated in a humane way.

The folks at Avocado have listened to customers who care for the earth and its resources. Today we are looking at the Avocado Green hybrid mattress model here, but know that the company also makes a vegan-certified and PETA-approved mattress that avoids using wool altogether.

Avocado Green Highlights

The Nerd team was reassured right away to see so many desirable qualities in the Avocado Green mattress. Here are several that stood out to us:

  • Best in class motion transfer technology 
  • Upcycled steel coils for reinforced edge support 
  • Uses sustainable materials and ecologically safe manufacturing practices
  • Foams made without polyurethane to deliver low emissions
  • Global Organic Latex Standard-certified Dunlop Latex is naturally sourced
  • Global Organic Textile Standard certified organic cotton in the quilted cover
  • GREENGUARD Gold Certified by UL Environment for low emissions
  • Natural latex rubber offers durability and temperature control
  • Wool fibers regulate temperature, trapping heat when you’re hot and releasing it when you’re cool
  • The organic cotton and wool used in the mattress cover are naturally breathable. 
  • Natural wool wicks away moisture and resists dust mites
  • Wool and cotton feel dry to the touch, making it unfriendly to bacteria that grow in moist places.
  • Innerspring coil mattresses also promote airflow for good breathability. 

Avocado Green Mattress by Sleeping Positions

Back Stomach Side
✅Coil system keeps the spine aligned 

✅Cradles curves and supports the lower back 


✅With the pillow-top sleeper’s stomachs will have some contour 

✅If you like a firm mattress feel, this bed will keep your spine and neck aligned   

✅Adding the pillow-top will give a proper cradling 

❌Without the pillowtop, you may feel too much pressure on shoulders and hips 

 Back Sleepers

The Avocado Green should feel good to back sleepers. The pocket coil system in the middle of the mattress evenly distributes body weight and has some give to cradle your bum yet keep the spine aligned, so there should not be any back pain when you wake up! See: Best Mattresses for Back Sleepers

Side Sleepers

Side sleepers should lean towards adding the plush pillow-top, which will contour better around their hips and shoulders to avoid excess pressure on the joints (too much pressure causes soreness and makes you want to shift, and disturb your own sleep, at night.) The regular 11-inch version without the plush topper may be too firm of a mattress for side sleepers.

Stomach Sleepers

The Avocado Green is also a decent option for stomach sleepers if used with a pillow top. That provides some contouring at the top for tummy and hips but is still firm enough in the middle layers to hold you up. See: Best Mattresses for Side Sleepers 

Pros and Cons of Avocado Green 

Pros Cons
Relatively affordable for an all-natural mattress Hard to haul around due to weight, especially with plush or firm pillow top
Naturally Cooling
Thick 13-inch profile w/plush or firm pillow top
Made by hand in California

Avocado Mattress Sizing and Specs

Size Price Price w/ Pillow Top Dimension Weight Weight w/ Pillow Top
Twin $959 $1,199 38” x 74”  59 lbs 80 lbs
Twin XL $999 $1,299 38” x 80”  63 lbs 87 lbs
Full $1,199 $1,499 54” x 74”  82 lbs 111 lbs
Queen $1,399 $1,799 60” x 80” 97 lbs 132 lbs
King $1,699 $2,199 76” x 80”  123 lbs 167 lbs
Cal King $1,699 $2,199 72” x 84” 122 lbs 166 lbs


Avocado Green Firmness

The Avocado Green is considered medium-firm, around a 7 on the firmness scale. The firmer the mattress is, the less able it is to adapt to the curves of the body or respond and settle quickly for sleepers who need to shift at night. Remember, though, that a mattress will feel firmer or softer to people depending on their body weight. 

Avocado Green Construction

The Avocado Green is constructed of two layers of natural latex, surrounded by an organic cotton top and wool ticking for comfort. Then there is a coil support layer in the middle. The base mattress is 11 inches thick on its own and 13 inches with an optional plush or firm pillow-top option. See: Best Pillow Top Mattresses

  • The top layer is made of 2 inches of natural and hypoallergenic Dunlop latex for a cleaner cocoon. Latex contours to the body, pushing against lighter body parts and accepting heavier ones to keep your spine aligned.
  • The middle layer is 8 inches of pocket coils that vary in thickness across three zones to adapt to the body’s curves. The middle zone will be stronger to properly support the curve of your heavier hips and a little forgiving for lighter shoulders and thighs.
  • The bottom layer is another 1-inch slab of the Dunlop latex, a firmer layer that supports the top two layers and provides a durable base.
  • If you do add the plush or firm pillow-top, it will add more of the organic cotton ticking and natural wool of the cover for 2 more inches of height and comfort. The plush pillow top is a better choice for side sleepers who need a more forgiving feel at the top to cradle their shoulders, hips, and thighs. This layer also uses natural hydrated silica instead of chemical flame retardants to keep you safe.

Avocado Buying Experience

Avocado Mattress Sleep Trial

You have 100 nights to try out the Avocado Green mattress. You may initiate a return right up to day 99 during your trial period. You don’t have to pay for the return. Avocado will recycle or donate the mattress. You will be given a full refund.

Just know you should always try out a new mattress for at least 30 days before making a decision to keep it or send it back. It takes that long for your body to adjust to a new surface and for you to know if you feel comfortable on that surface.

Avocado Mattress Warranty

The Avocado Green has a 25-year warranty for the person who actually bought the mattress, i.e. the original buyer. You must open the box it comes in within two weeks. You should use the mattress to sleep on, i.e. use it as intended. There are other fun terms written into the warranty that you should acquaint yourself with. See: Best-Bed-in-a-Box

For the mattress to be eligible for a replacement or repair in the first 10 years, the mattress must show a sag of at least 1 inch from regular wear, a crack in the latex from regular use or any sort of manufacturing defect (fabric tears, bad stitching, etc.) After 10 years, the repair or replacement is prorated. In other words, you’ll be charged some portion of the original price to replace it based on how old it is.

Avocado Delivery & Setup 

The Avocado Green mattress is shipped for free to all 50 states (Hawaii and Alaska rejoice!). The mattress is made to order over 5-7 days and then takes up to another 7 days to ship. That means it will arrive within 2 weeks.

For an additional $199, Avocado will set up the new mattress and remove the old one for you with in-home delivery. WARNING: If you’re ordering a king mattress with either the plush or firm pillow top, it adds weight and bulk. So Avocado says you have to pay for the in-home delivery no matter what.

The Avocado Green comes compressed and rolled into a box for shipment. Setting it up is as simple as taking it out of the box, unrolling it onto your foundation, removing it from its plastic wrapping and letting it reinflate. 

Avocado says you can use the mattress without a foundation. A box spring or slatted base will work just fine if that’s what you have on hand. Just make sure your foundation supports both mattress and sleeper. If it’s not strong enough and that damages the mattress, it may void your warranty.

Avocado Customer Service

Avocado is eco-savvy and shows that in all facets of what they do. For example, part of their customer service comes in the way it supports environmental causes. Avocado attacks climate change and food insecurity by specifically planting one fruit tree for each mattress sold. 

They will also retrieve, for free, any mattress customers don’t want and will either recycle them or donate them to charity. Another cool thing about Avocado, —again their mission is to go as green as possible—is that most of the components of the mattress are recyclable.

You can reach out to customer service via chat, email or phone call. There are no brick-and-mortar Avocado stores, but that’s not uncommon for mattress companies nowadays.

Other Avocado Models

Avocado Vegan Mattress: The Avocado Vegan Mattress is a certified organic mattress that is made of GOLS latex and GOTS organic cotton. It has a base layer of support coils, giving the bed a nice bounce and is topped with a luxury pillow-top for a comfortable night’s sleep every night.

Avocado Green Rating and Conclusion

From top to bottom, the Avocado Green mattress is made with the best natural materials the company could find. Every process, from which type of latex to use, to how the sheep providing the wool are treated, to making the mattress flame retardant without using chemicals, was viewed through eco-conscious glasses. We give is a 4.7/5 on the Nerd Scale. 

You will pay a prettier penny for the Avocado Green mattress, but rest assured you are getting a good mattress for most types of sleepers regardless of how much they weigh and the position they sleep in. All of that attention to eco-details costs money. But if you’re seeking a good, clean sleep, and if using natural resources and acting with care for air quality and sustainability is important to you, you would be hard-pressed to find a better choice.

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