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Tempur-Pedic Mattress Review

Offering some of the best mattresses on the market, Tempur-Pedic is known for its luxurious memory foam mattresses with a large price tag to match. Before you buy, learn about Tempur-Pedic’s five models and which is best for you.

Our Verdict: Luxury, support and motion isolation make the Tempur-Pedic Mattress excellent for shoppers looking to spend a little more and invest in a mattress that offers great pressure relief and spinal support. Couples and co-sleepers would find this mattress enjoyable thanks to its motion isolating and noise reduction properties. Sleepers who crave the traditional sinking sand feel of memory foam also love this mattress and its thick comfort layers that create a close-conforming feel. Those who sleep hot or are on a budget may not find this mattress as suitable. For more of the top mattress brands, see the best luxury mattresses.

Who the Tempur-Pedic Mattress Is Best For:

Best For…

May Not be Best For…

✅Sleepers who love the traditional sinking sand feel of memory foam beds

Those with pressure points and aches

Shoppers with a large budget

✅Couples and co-sleepers who in need of motion isolation

✅Shoppers looking for a luxury buying experience

❌Hot Sleepers

❌Sleepers who want a responsive mattress

❌Shoppers with a tight budget

❌Shoppers who want free returns


Tempur-Pedic Mattress Review

Tempur-Pedic was started in 1992 by Tempur-Sealy, and the brand has become almost synonymous with the words “memory foam mattress.” The brand specializes in luxury memory foam mattresses and their products are available both online and in stores nationwide.

Most Tempur-Pedic shoppers will select a model from the brand’s Tempur line, unless they’re shopping for an older model. The Tempur line includes the Tempur-Adapt, which is the most affordable and has broad appeal. Next up is the Tempur-ProAdapt, which comes in more firmness options and is the most popular Tempur mattress, according to Tempur-Pedic. 

The third bed is the Tempur-LuxeAdapt, which is designed to be the most advanced bed and has a few changes over the Pro-Adapt. Lastly, Tempur’s line of all-foam beds includes the Tempur-Breeze products, the Tempur-ProBreeze and the Tempur-LuxeBreeze, which are upgraded cooling mattresses.

Tempur-Pedic mattresses are among the most expensive memory foam models on the market, making it essential that shoppers looking for a new mattress evaluate whether a Tempur-Pedic investment is right for them and ensure that they select the model that’s best suited for their sleeping style, preferences, and body type (body weight and height). There are many Tempur-Pedic alternatives on the market that provide comparable quality at a more affordable price.

In this Tempur-Pedic mattress review, we’re shedding light on everything you need to know about the Tempur-Pedic shopping experience and Tempur-Pedic mattresses, and sharing tips for choosing the right Tempur-Pedic model if you decide this is the best mattress brand for you.

Tempur-Pedic Highlights

Here’s an overview of what sets Tempur-Pedic apart from other mattress brands on the market.

  • Five luxury all-foam mattress models featuring high-quality materials
  • Free White Glove delivery and mattress removal in the contiguous U.S.
  • Wide range of styles and firmness options for all sleeper types
  • Proprietary memory foams provide pressure relief, excellent cradling, and spinal support
  • All beds offer the deep, cradling memory foam feel that many sleepers love
  • A- rating from the Better Business Bureau
  • Excellent motion isolation and noise reduction, making them a great mattress for couples and co-sleepers 
  • Thick comfort layers that provide a plush, close-conforming feel
  • Mattress models that suit specific sleeper needs with features like cooling covers

Tempur-Pedic by Sleeping Positions

The five Tempur-Pedic models vary in firmness level and features, which is what we’ve taken into consideration to make recommendations for each sleeping position. 

Side Sleepers

The Tempur-ProAdapt, Tempur-LuxeAdapt, and Tempur-LuxeBreeze in the Soft options are Tempur-Pedic’s best mattresses for side sleepers. While the Medium options could work for average weight and heavyweight side sleepers, we don’t recommend the Medium firmness options of these beds for petite side sleepers.

Back Sleepers 

Back sleepers who need a firmer surface to ensure their hips and shoulders don’t sink, which would throw the spine out of alignment, should opt for Tempur-Pedic models that come in the Medium-Firm or Firm levels. These include the Adapt, ProAdapt, and ProBreeze (Medium-Firm) and the ProAdapt, LuxeAdapt, and LuxeBreeze (Firm). If you’re a strict back sleeper and don’t change sleep positions throughout the night, we recommend the Firm Tempur-Pedic models. For other supportive mattresses, see the best mattress for back sleepers.

Stomach Sleepers 

Similar to back sleepers, the best mattresses for stomach sleepers should be firm enough to prevent the hips from sinking, as sinking can create lower back pain. Look for Firm Tempur-Pedic mattress options, which include the Tempur-ProAdapt, Tempur-LuxeAdapt, and Tempur-LuxeBreeze.

Pros & Cons of Tempur-Pedic Mattresses


  • Signature close-conforming memory foam feel
  • Very durable when compared to other all-foam beds
  • Various price points, though all are above average
  • Reduce motion transfer and noise
  • Hybrid options available in some models
  • A variety of firmness options available
  • Backed by a 10-year warranty
  • 90 day sleep trial period
  • White Glove delivery comes with purchase
  • Available online and in stores nationwide


  • Beds sleep warm, with the exception of the Tempur-Breeze models
  • Poor edge support in all models
  • All mattresses produce off-gassing odors
  • Returns are not free
  • Very expensive when compared to other all-foam models

Tempur-Pedic Sizing and Specs

Tempur-Pedic Mattress Dimensions

Note that mattress height varies by model.

  • Twin—38” x 74”
  • Twin XL (Twin Long)—38” x 80”
  • Full (Double)—53” x 74”
  • Queen—60” x 80”
  • King—76” x 80″
  • California King—72” x 84”

Price by Tempur-Pedic Model and Size

Tempur-Adapt Tempur-ProAdapt Tempur-
Tempur-ProBreeze Tempur-Luxe
Twin $1,699 $2,499
Twin XL $1,699 $2,499 $3,199 $3,499 $4,199
Full $2,049 $2,849 $3,849
Queen $2,199 $2,999 $3,699 $3,999 $4,699
King $2,899 $3,699 $4,399 $4,699 $5,399
California King $2,899 $3,699 $4,399 $4,699 $5,399
Split King $3,398 $4,998 $6,398 $6,998 $8,398
Split California King $3,398 $4,998 $6,398 $6,998 $8,398

Tempur-Pedic Firmness

Tempur-Pedic mattresses come in a variety of firmness levels that range from soft to firm. The LuxeBreeze, LuxeAdapt, and ProAdapt are available in Soft firmness levels, which are ideal for petite sleepers and strict side sleepers who want even more cradling than is already offered in these all-foam models.

Medium firmness is available in the Adapt, ProBreeze, and ProAdapt. This firmness level works well for combination sleepers and most average weight sleepers in any sleeping position. It’s a balanced firmness level that should feel conforming from the memory foam layers while providing enough support to prevent sinking in the hips, shoulders, feet, and back.

If you’re looking for Tempur-Pedic’s best firm mattresses, the ProAdapt, LuxeAdapt, and LuxeBreeze are offered in Firm. These are best for heavyweight sleepers who would sink too deeply in the softer models and for sleepers who prefer a firm feel to their mattress but still want some contouring and comfort from the top foam layers.

Tempur-Pedic Construction

Tempur-Pedic has earned a reputation in the mattress industry for creating comfortable mattresses that use high-quality materials and last longer than other all-foam beds. Here’s how each Tempur-Pedic mattress is constructed. 

We’ve also noted which of the Tempur-Pedic beds are available in a hybrid version. Please keep in mind that Tempur-Pedic does not disclose certain details, like the height or exact composition, of some mattress materials.


The Tempur-Adapt comes in all-foam and hybrid versions, but this section breaks down what’s inside the all-foam option. This 11-inch-thick mattress has a Medium firmness level and features a simple construction with a memory foam comfort layer and a high-density polyfoam support core.

It features a knit cover that’s treated to protect against common allergens. While the Tempur-Adapt is expensive when compared to other bed-in-a-box foam mattresses, it’s Tempur-Pedic’s most affordable model.


The Tempur-ProAdapt comes in soft, medium and firm firmness levels and is 12” thick. It’s also available in a hybrid version with a Medium firmness level. The three all-foam firmness options feature two memory foam comfort layers, a transition layer, and a high-density polyfoam core, but the Soft and Medium versions feature a convoluted polyfoam support layer as well.

The foam layers are encased in a zip-off SmartClimate cover that’s machine washable and incorporates special cooling technology. This is Tempur-Pedic’s most popular mattress, according to TempurPedic.com. 


The Tempur-LuxeAdapt is a 13-inch mattress that comes in Soft and Firm firmness levels. Both versions feature a zip-off SmartClimate dual cover system that’s treated to protect against common allergens. The Soft version features Tempur-Es in the comfort layer, which has tighter cell structure and a softer feel for more conforming, while the Firm version features Tempur-Pedic’s original comfort foam. 

Both versions have the Tempur-Apr+ support layer, which is the brand’s high-density polyfoam and convoluted polyfoam support core. TempurPedic claims that the LuxeAdapt is 30% more conforming for sleepers who want a little extra something in the comfort layers, but the extra comfort equates to nearly a $1,000 jump in price. The Tempur-LuxeAdapt is not available in a hybrid version. 


The Tempur-Breeze line is very similar to the Tempur-ProAdapt but has upgrades and special features to enhance breathability and cooling. Both feature a SmartClimate Dual Cover System that zips off for easy washing. The Tempur-ProBreeze features a layer of PureCool+ Phase Change Material under the cover to promote cooling. 

It has a layer of Tempur-CM+ Comfort foam, which is a strip of gel-infused foam, followed by two comfort memory foam layers, a transitional layer of polyfoam, and a support core.

The LuxeBreeze has a similar construction but is advertised to sleep eight degrees cooler than average, while the ProBreeze is advertised to sleep three degrees cooler than average. The LuxeBreeze is 13” tall while the ProBreeze is 12” tall. The Tempur-ProBreeze is also available in a hybrid version with a Medium firmness level.


The Tempur-Cloud is a classic memory foam feel and a bit firmer. We recommend it for back and stomach sleepers. Read our full Tempur-Cloud mattress review for more details.

Which Tempur-Pedic Mattress is Best for Me?

All five mattresses offered by Tempur-Pedic share similar characteristics but vary in the details of their construction, which dramatically impact price point. Here’s an overview of who we recommend each of Tempur-Pedic’s mattresses for.



  • Shoppers who want the most affordable Tempur-Pedic option
  • Sleepers in the lightweight and average weight groups
  • Back and side sleepers
tempur pedic tempur pro adapt medium mattress 4 1


  • Shoppers who want to choose from Soft, Medium, and Firm firmness levels
  • Every sleeping style (side, back, stomach, combination)
  • Sleepers in the lightweight, average weight, and heavyweight groups
  • Sufferers of back pain or chronic pain
tempur luxe adapt 3


  • Sleepers who want extra conforming
  • Shoppers who want to choose from Soft and Firm firmness levels
  • Shoppers with a higher budget
  • Every sleeping style (side, back, stomach, combination)
pro breeze


  • Sleepers in any weight category
  • Shoppers who want to sleep cool
  • Shoppers with a higher budget
Luxe soft


  • Sleepers in any weight category
  • Shoppers who want to sleep exceptionally cool
  • Shoppers with a very high budget

Tempur-Pedic Buying Experience

When purchasing a bed that’s priced much higher than other models on the market, shoppers expect a high-quality, luxury buying experience that’s tailored to meet their needs and make the process seamless from checkout to delivery to, potentially, return. Here’s what you can expect from Tempur-Pedic when you purchase one of their memory foam or hybrid mattresses.

Shipping, Delivery & Returns

When you buy a Tempur-Pedic mattress online, you’ll get free shipping and White Glove delivery if you live in the contiguous U.S. This means that Tempur-Pedic will bring it to your home, set it up, and remove your old mattress for free, regardless of whether you live in a single story home, an apartment, or another type of living space. 

If you live outside of the contiguous U.S. (Hawaii, Alaska, and select U.S. territories) a flat rate of $600 is charged for your mattress delivery. Most deliveries occur within two weeks from the date the order is placed.

Trial Period

Tempur-Pedic offers a 90-night trial period (three months) with mattress purchase, giving you plenty of time to decide whether the bed is right for you. If you do decide to return the Tempur-Pedic bed, returns aren’t 100% free.

If you buy the bed directly from Tempur-Pedic, you may be subject to a return fee that accounts for return shipping. If you bought your Tempur-Pedic mattress from a third party retailer, your Tempur-Pedic mattress may be subject to that retailer’s return and exchange policies.


All Tempur-Pedic mattresses are backed by a 10-year non-prorated warranty. Like most mattress brands, Tempur-Pedic offers coverage for sagging, body impressions, and physical flaws that cause cracking and deterioration of the foams. The warranty doesn’t cover repair or replacement costs due to physical damages caused by the owner. Many of the best online mattress brands have similar policies.


Tempur-Pedic mattresses are available for purchase at TempurPedic.com, and some models are available on Amazon.com. Tempur-Pedic mattresses are also sold at thousands of brick-and-mortar retail locations across the United States.

Tempur-Pedic Rating and Conclusion

Other than the high price points and the lack of free returns, it’s hard to find something not to like about Tempur-Pedic mattresses. We’ve given this mattress brand a 4.8/5 Mattress Nerd score, which only knocks points for the cost of the products and the fact that customers are asked to pay a fee if they choose to return the mattress.

Tempur-Pedic mattresses are best for shoppers who have a tall budget and don’t mind spending money to get one of the best memory foam mattresses in the industry, but don’t forget that there are many Tempur-Pedic alternatives out there that are more affordable. They’re ideal for shoppers who love nothing but the cradling, close conforming feel of traditional memory foam beds when they lay down for a good night’s sleep and have the money to spend to get the best of the best all-foam mattress.

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