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Tempur-Pedic vs. Amerisleep Mattress Comparison

In this side-by-side mattress comparison, we share the differences and similarities between the Amerisleep AS3 and the Tempur-Pedic TEMPUR-Adapt to help you understand which could be right for you.

Comparing Amerisleep & Tempur-Pedic Mattresses

The Amerisleep mattress is a memory foam mattress that’s available as an all-foam or hybrid bed. It features a memory foam layer on top for a feel that’s more responsive than average. It conforms to the body, yet it’s not too soft. The TEMPUR-Adapt is one of the most affordable Tempur-Pedic mattresses. But it’s still a luxury mattress with a traditional, viscous, memory foam feel available as a hybrid or a memory foam mattress.

While these mattresses have similar specs, including firmness setting, style and materials, the differences between the two boil down to price, feel and cooling. While both memory foam mattresses can support a variety of sleepers, the Tempur-Pedic will provide a sinking memory foam feel and be the best mattress for side sleepers, whereas the Amerisleep will hold the sleeper above the comfort layer of the mattress. If you have the budget for a luxury mattress, prefer memory foam or sleep hot, go with the Tempur-Pedic TEMPUR-Adapt. If you’re on a budget and like memory foam but don’t want to sink too deeply into your bed’s top layers, go with the Amerisleep AS3.


  • Memory Foam Feel—Tempur-Pedic beds have a deep, viscous, traditional memory foam feel, which means you’ll sink in fast. Amerisleep beds feature a more responsive memory foam, which contours but snaps into shape more quickly when pressure is applied.
  • Price—The Amerisleep AS3 is significantly more affordable than a Tempur-Pedic bed (see our price chart below for details).
  • Cover Material—The Amerisleep features Celliant in the cover, which is a material that can help with sleep, recovery times and circulation.
  • Cooling Cover—The Tempur-Pedic SmartClimate dual-layer cover is cool to the touch and will help you sleep cooler at night. This, combined with the coils (in the hybrid option), will be a better solution for hot sleepers than the all-foam Amerisleep AS3.
  • Cover Cleaning—The cover on both beds is removable, but the Amerisleep cover can be laundered, while the TEMPUR-Adapt cover can only be spot-cleaned by hand.


  • Multiple Firmness Levels—While this review covers the Amerisleep AS3 and the Tempur-Pedic TEMPUR-Adapt, both companies offer beds in a range of firmness settings. Amerisleep offers AS1 through AS5, and Tempur-Pedic makes five different models (such as the Tempur-Pedic Adapt, ProAdapt and LuxeAdapt) that come in several firmness levels.
  • Memory Foam—Both beds feature memory foam in the top comfort layers for pressure relief. However, neither may be the best mattress for combination sleepers, who need responsive and bouncy comfort layer to facilitate movement.
  • Hybrid Options—The TEMPUR-Adapt and the AS3 are available in hybrid options, which can suit heavyweight and hot sleepers better than the foam versions.

Amerisleep AS3

Who Should Buy this Mattress? 

  • Budget shoppers
  • Side sleepers
  • Combination sleepers


Trial period

100 days


20 years



Who the Amerisleep Mattress is Best For 

Best For…

  • People who like memory foam with a more responsive feel
  • Memory foam mattress shoppers on a budget
  • Lightweight and average-weight sleepers
  • People who want a mattress that’s easy to clean 

Not Best For: 

  • Sleepers who want a very plush or very firm mattress
  • Heavyweight sleepers

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Who Should Buy this Mattress?

  • Memory foam lovers
  • Hot sleepers
  • Side sleepers
Tempur Adapt Mattress


Trial period



10 year warranty



Who the Tempur-Pedic Mattress is Best For

Best For…

  • Those who love a viscous, traditional memory foam feel
  • Shoppers with a large budget
  • Lightweight and average-weight sleepers
  • People who sleep hot

Not Best For: 

  • Sleepers who want very deep conforming or a very firm sleeping surface
  • Heavyweight sleepers
  • Shoppers who want completely free returns

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Deciding Between Amerisleep & Tempur-Pedic

Firmness / Feel

The Amerisleep AS3 and Tempur-Pedic TEMPUR-Adapt come in medium-firmness levels (5.5/10 and 5/10 on the firmness scale, respectively) in the hybrid and foam models. The Amerisleep AS3 may feel medium-firm if you’re a petite or lightweight sleeper. While Tempur-Pedic makes beds with multiple firmness options; the TEMPUR-Adapt is only available in a single setting.

Mattress companies rate their firmness levels on a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being the softest and 10 being the firmest. Most beds fall somewhere between 4 and 7 on the firmness scale. The right firmness setting for you depends on a range of factors, mainly your personal preferences, body weight and sleeping position.

For example, consider an average-weight side sleeper who prefers a mattress that is neither too soft nor too firm to the touch. Sleepers in this weight category tend to experience mattresses “as so,” meaning a firm mattress will feel firm and a soft mattress will feel soft. Most side sleepers require pressure relief at the hips and shoulders, which can be achieved through thicker top comfort layers that conform to the body and may give the bed a plusher feel. Average-weight sleepers will probably do well with a firmness setting that’s medium-soft or medium, which will provide the body with the support and contouring it needs while satisfying the sleeper’s personal firmness preferences. However, larger stomach sleepers need additional support from a firmer mattress; see our pick for the best mattress for heavy stomach sleepers for better choices.

Motion Isolation

Motion isolation refers to how much motion transfer occurs when someone gets in and out of bed or changes positions on the mattress. This performance quality is key if you sleep with a partner, pet, or child and wake easily to movement throughout the night.

The all-foam versions of the AS3 and the TEMPUR-Adapt perform exceptionally well when it comes to distilling motion, with the TEMPUR-Adapt having a slight edge on the foam AS3 because of its ultra-viscous memory foam layer- a key component in the best mattress for couples.

The hybrid versions of the AS3 and the TEMPUR-Adapt will not isolate motion as well, which is to be expected because of their responsive pocketed coil cores.

Edge Support

All beds are subject to sagging and indentations over time, but the rate at which this occurs is important to consider if you find it hard to get in and out of bed, or sleep with a partner and like to spread out (sleep close to the edges of the bed). Edge support can be achieved in a variety of ways, ranging from foam edge reinforcements to pocketed coils.

The hybrid TEMPUR-Adapt offers the best edge support, thanks to a reinforced foam layer along the edges of the pocketed coils. The TEMPUR-Adapt foam, AS3 foam and AS3 hybrid will not encourage edge support, because none of these models have materials or construction features to mitigate sinking along the edges.

Pressure Relief

All sleeper types are prone to develop pressure points in areas where the body comes into close contact with the top layers of the mattress. Side sleepers, for example, experience pressure points at the hips and shoulders. Pressure points aren’t a problem unless they begin to cause or worsen aches and pains.

All-foam beds tend to offer the best pressure relief, as their low-density, plush top layers provide cushioning around the sleeper’s body as it sinks into the mattress, which equates to contouring  areas where it’s needed the most. Firmer mattresses, as well as innerspring beds and some hybrid beds, don’t tend to offer much pressure relief.

The AS3 and TEMPUR-Adapt both offer above-average pressure relief, thanks to memory foam and proprietary foam layers  designed to sink beneath the sleeper’s body for targeted pain and pressure relief. We think the TEMPUR-Adapt beats the AS3 just barely in this category, because its top comfort foam is more viscous and contouring than the AS3’s slightly more responsive comfort foam.

Spine Alignment 

A bed’s ability to achieve proper spinal alignment is judged by how well a sleeper’s spine can maintain its natural “S” curve in their sleeping position of choice. The ability to achieve spinal alignment on any mattress depends on the mattress’s firmness and top comfort layers, as well as your own body weight and sleeping positions.

As a rule, firm mattresses are some of the best mattresses for back sleepers and stomach sleepers, because they distribute weight evenly and prevent the hips and shoulders from sinking for proper spinal alignment. Side sleepers tend to fare better on more plush mattresses, which allow the hips and shoulders to sink so that the spine can rest in a straight line laterally. If your mattress doesn’t help you achieve proper spinal alignment, you may experience back pain and aches in other areas of the body.


Most mattresses last from seven to 10 years. Foam mattresses are more prone to sagging, indentations and faster breakdown because of their materials. Innerspring and hybrid mattresses tend to last the longest. We don’t think the Amerisleep or Tempur-Pedic mattresses will have issues when it comes to durability; both brands’ products have average or above-average lifespans for all-foam and hybrid mattresses. If you experience trouble or notice a defect within the time of ownership, Amerisleep has a 20-year warranty, and Tempur-Pedic has a 10-year warranty.


A mattress’s ability to stay cool or maintain a neutral temperature is essential for sleepers who get hot at night. Cooling can be achieved through a variety of measures ranging from construction, proprietary cooling foams and covers. Hybrid mattresses and innerspring beds sleep cooler than foam beds, with many of them featured on our list of the best mattress for back hot sleepers.

The AS3’s Celliant cover should provide some level of temperature neutrality throughout the night, but it won’t sleep cool. If you’re on a budget and sleep hot, we recommend the AS3 hybrid, with a pocketed coil core that allows more airflow throughout the night. 

The TEMPUR-Adapt features the brand’s SmartClimate cover in both the hybrid and the all-foam versions, which feels cool to the touch. While the Adapt won’t sleep as cool as Tempur-Pedic’s specialty cooling models, the LUXEbreeze and the PRObreeze, we recommend the Adapt for people who want the most affordable Tempur-Pedic model and enjoy sleeping on a bed that’s going to be a few degrees cooler than competing models.

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Amerisleep AS3 Construction

Amerisleep AS3 (Foam) Amerisleep AS3 (Hybrid)
Cover Polyester, Celliant Fabric, Spandex Polyester, Celliant Fabric, Spandex
Comfort Layer  Memory Foam Memory Foam
Transitional Layer 2” polyfoam N/A
Support Layer 7” high-density polyfoam Zoned pocketed coils

Foundational foam

Mattress Thickness  12” 12”

The AS3 by Amerisleep is a memory foam mattress that’s available as an all-foam bed or as a hybrid bed. Both models have a 3” top layer that gives the bed its medium-firmness setting and allows for close conforming. However, this top foam layer, known as Bio-Pur® comfort foam, isn’t quite as viscous as memory foam, which makes the Amerisleep AS3 more responsive overall. The Bio-Pur foam also has an open-cell structure, which makes it more breathable than traditional memory foam.

The foam version of the AS3 has a transition layer of Amerisleep Affinity Foam, which is like polyfoam because it quickly responds to pressure and helps prevent the sleeper from sinking into the firm-support core beneath it. The hybrid version of the AS3 does not have a transition layer.

The core of the foam AS3 is 7 inches of Bio-Core foam. This is a high-density polyfoam that is sturdy and supportive, helping to encourage overall durability for the mattress and provide support for most body types. The core of the hybrid AS3 is a layer of pocketed coils, which are zoned to provide support for different areas of the body and grounded by a thin layer of foundational foam.

Both versions of the Amerisleep AS3 have a medium-firm firmness setting (5.5/10) and measure 12” tall.

Tempur-Pedic TEMPUR-Adapt Construction

TEMPUR-Adapt (Foam) TEMPUR-Adapt (Hybrid)
Cover SmartClimate Cover SmartClimate Cover
Comfort Layer  Memory Foam Memory Foam
Transitional Layer Transitional polyfoam Transitional polyfoam
Support Layer High-density polyfoam Pocketed coils

High-density foam encasement

Mattress Thickness  11” 11”

The TEMPUR-Adapt is a memory foam mattress that’s also available in all-foam and hybrid versions. Both models feature a cool-to-the-touch SmartClimate cover that helps the mattress sleep cool. This is followed by a layer of TEMPUR-ES memory foam in both models, which contours closely to the body and gives the mattresses their signature Tempur-Pedic feel.

The all-foam version of the TEMPUR-Adapt features a second layer of high-density polyfoam, or TEMPUR Support foam, which provides a firmer foundation for sleepers. The hybrid version of the TEMPUR-Adapt comes with pocketed coils at its core, which encourage greater airflow and breathability for the bed as a whole. Plus, the coils are wrapped in a high-density foam for better edge support.

Both versions of the TEMPUR-Adapt have a medium firmness setting (5/10) and measure 11” tall.

Sizing & Price Comparisons 

Mattress Size  Amerisleep AS3 (Foam) Amerisleep AS3 (Hybrid) TEMPUR-Adapt (Foam) TEMPUR-Adapt (Hybrid)
Twin $1,099 $1,299 $1,699 $1,699
Twin XL $1,149 $1,349 $1,699 $1,699
Full $1,249 $1,449 $2,049 $2,049
Queen $1,399 $1,599 $2,199 $2,199
King $1,699 $1,899 $2,899 $2,899
California King $1,699 $1,899 $2,899 $2,899
Split King $2,098 N/A $3,398 $3,398
Split California King N/A N/A $3,398 $3,398

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Shipping and Returns for Amerisleep & Tempur-Pedic

Tempur-Pedic Mattress

The TEMPUR-Adapt mattress ships free in a full-size box and comes with White Glove delivery, which means the delivery team will set up the mattress for you. As for returns, Tempur-Pedic’s policy is a little vague. The company will try anything to make you happy, but return fees do apply if you decide to return the bed. Keep in mind that shipping and return policies may vary if you purchase this bed from Amazon or another third-party retailer. Once the bed is at your home, you’ll get a 90-night sleep trial with the TEMPUR-Adapt. The company also backs its mattresses with a 10-Year Limited Warranty.

Amerisleep Mattress

The Amerisleep AS3 ships free as a bed-in-a-box, and you might need to give it two or three days to fully expand after unboxing. Once the mattress arrives to your home, you’ll get a 100-night sleep trial. This gives you around three months to decide whether the mattress is right for you. If you don’t like your Amerisleep, it comes with 100 percent free returns, so you’ll get your money back if you return the mattress inside the test window.  (The company does ask that you give the mattress at least 30 days to properly gauge whether it works for you.) Amerisleep can also arrange a time for a courier to pick up and recycle your returned mattress. In addition, the Amerisleep warranty protects mattresses for 20 years. The warranty is broken into two halves: The first 10 years is a full replacement warranty. The second 10 years is a prorated warranty.

More Amerisleep Mattresses

Amerisleep AS1

The firmest of Amerisleep's five mattress models, the AS1 offers gentle but firm support. It is a high-quality foam mattress with great edge support and temperature regulation. Most stomach sleepers and back sleepers will likely find it very comfortable.
Amerisleep AS1 Mattress

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Amerisleep AS2

The best mattress from Amerisleep for stomach and back sleepers who like a medium-firm firmness level. This mattress is made to appeal to a wide range of sleepers and comes with a reasonable price point.
amerisleep as2

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Amerisleep AS4

The Amerisleep AS4 mattress is perfect for side sleepers who want some support combined with plenty of plush cushioning for the joints. The soft foam layers of the AS4 will help you feel cradled and comforted without allowing your hips and shoulders to sink too far into the bed. Amerisleep's 100-night trial and 20-year warranty can give consumers some extra confidence in purchasing this luxurious bed.

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Amerisleep AS5

Called the "Most Luxurious" by Amerisleep, the AS5 is the most expensive offering from the brand. It's a whopping 14" high and perfect for side sleepers looking for an ultra-plush bed that conforms to the body. Stomach sleepers and back sleepers won't find the support they need from this bed, but those looking for a soft, hotel-like feel will love the AS5.
AS5 mattress

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More Tempur-Pedic Mattresses


The TEMPUR-ProAdapt lives up to its name: It adapts to every sleeping position (side, back and stomach sleepers), offers three firmness levels (soft, medium and firm) and works for all weight groups (light, average-weight and heavyweight sleepers).
tempur-pedic bed in a bedroom

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The TEMPUR-breeze mattress is lab-engineered to manage the climate between your mattress and your bedding to provide a cooler, deeper sleep. Plus, it comes in three different firmness options to satisfy all.
TEMPUR-Breeze Mattress

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Our Final Take

At the end of the day, these are both memory foam beds, and they’re made by two of the most trustworthy mattress brands on the market. Which is the best mattress for you? We recommend the Amerisleep if you like a more responsive memory foam feel and need the most affordable option. Go with Tempur-Pedic if you want a traditional memory foam feel, need exceptional cooling, or already love the Tempur-Pedic brand and believe its mattresses are worth the price. Want to learn more information about each bed before deciding which is the right new mattress for you? Check out our individual mattress reviews.