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Casper vs. Nectar Mattress Comparison

As memory foam mattresses, the Casper mattress and Nectar mattress have much in common. They’re both the flagship models from their respective brands, but how do you know which is best for you? In this Nectar vs. Casper review, we help you decide.

Comparing Casper & Nectar Mattresses 

The Nectar mattress and the Casper mattress are memory foam mattresses that rank among the most popular bed-in-a-box options on the market today.

While these beds are similar in price, construction and features, the Nectar is a bit firmer than the Casper mattress. This makes the Nectar good for average-weight and heavyweight back sleepers, but it might feel too firm for lightweight sleepers. The Casper is ideal for side, back and stomach sleepers who aren’t overweight. Plus-size sleepers might find that the Casper isn’t supportive enough. If your main consideration is finding exceptional policies like a great sleep trial and warranty, Nectar’s Forever Lifetime warranty and 365-day sleep trial can’t be beat.

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  • The Nectar is medium firm, while the Casper is medium
  • They’re best for sleepers in different weight categories, with the exception of average-weight sleepers
  • Their warranty and sleep trial lengths differ
  • The Casper conforms closely to the body whereas the Nectar conforms moderately
  • The Nectar suits back and stomach sleepers who are not lightweight, whereas the Casper is suitable for side, back and stomach sleepers who are not heavyweight


  • Both are all-foam mattresses constructed with foam layers (memory foam and polyfoam)
  • The mattresses have similar price points
  • Both offer excellent motion isolation (minimal motion transfer), making them choices for the best mattress for couples
  • The Casper and Nectar have similar height profiles (12” and 11”, respectively)
  • The mattresses weigh similar amounts

Casper Original

Who Should Buy this Mattress? 

  • Lightweight and average-weight sleepers
  • Couples
  • Those who tend to sleep hot


Trial period

100 nights


10-year warranty



Who is the Casper Original Mattress Best For? 

Best For…

  • Lightweight and average-weight sleepers should find that the bed’s level of softness cradles their pressure points well, a mattress for side sleepers who need balanced contouring around the hips & shoulders
  • The bed’s excellent motion isolation capabilities make it great for couples who toss and turn at night

May Not be Best For…

  • People who like bounce and responsiveness: Casper’s all-foam construction, like many all-foam or memory foam mattresses, tends to stifle motion
  • Heavyweight sleepers who need the support and stabilization of a firmer bed

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Who Should Buy this Mattress? 

  • Average-weight or heavyweight sleepers
  • Those who prefer more support
  • Back and stomach sleepers


Trial period






Who the Nectar Mattress is Best For

Best For…

  • People who are set on purchasing a foam bed, but want to sleep cool: The Nectar’s gel memory foam layer dissipates heat and the cover is breathable
  • Average-weight or heavyweight sleepers who need a bit more support than the Casper can offer, making it a better mattress for stomach sleepers

May Not be Best For…

  • Lightweight sleepers who may find the Nectar’s firmness doesn’t offer enough cradling support for pressure points
  • Sleepers who want a body-hugging, classic memory foam sensation from a foam bed

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Deciding Between Nectar & Casper Mattresses

Firmness / Feel

The Nectar mattress is considered medium-firm, whereas the Casper mattress is considered medium on the firmness scale. The Nectar may feel a little too firm for some sleepers, especially lightweight sleepers and side sleepers who require a softer mattress for better hip and shoulder pressure-point relief and spinal alignment. Since the Nectar is a bit firmer and offers more support, heavyweight sleepers will find that it’s a better fit than the Casper.

Motion Isolation

Motion isolation is essential for couples and those who wake easily in the middle of the night. Both of these beds offer minimal motion transfer and hardly make any noise while bearing weight. That’s thanks to their all-foam constructions: Beds with innersprings or hybrid beds with coils tend to be more likely to transfer motion.

Edge Support

Edge support generally refers to whether a bed sinks when sleepers sit on its edges, and most memory foam mattresses tend to sink a bit. Both the Casper and the Nectar have significant sinkage when seated at the edges, but they do perform a little better than other all-foam mattresses in this category. Edge support is important for couples who want to spread out on the bed and sleep along the edges.

Pressure Relief

Pressure relief refers to a mattress’s ability to conform to areas of the body where pressure, pain or discomfort typically occur in any sleeping position. It’s essential regardless of your weight, height or preferred sleeping style. If you enjoy the sensation of sleeping “in” a mattress, you may enjoy the Casper more. However, both beds offer pressure-relieving conforming, you’ll just notice a deeper hug with the Casper. The Nectar conforms, but the overall feel isn’t as soft. Either mattress can be considered a best mattress for combination sleepers, because of their abilities to accommodate multiple sleeping positions.

Spine Alignment

Spinal alignment is essential for overall health whether you’re a side, stomach, or back sleeper. How well a bed contributes to your spine’s health will vary based on your weight, sleeping position, height and whether the bed is tailored to offer proper support for your body type. Choosing the right mattress for spinal alignment can help alleviate back pain.

The Nectar best supports spinal alignment in back and stomach sleepers who are average-weight or heavyweight. Side sleepers may find proper spinal alignment on the Nectar if they weigh more than 230 pounds, providing relief as a mattress for hip pain. The Casper conforms more closely and is suitable for side, back and stomach sleepers who are lightweight or average weight.


Both beds are relatively new to the market (2014 and 2016), so their maximum longevity is still being determined. You can expect both models to have an average lifespan of about seven years, which is standard for the mattress industry.

Durability is an essential factor to consider in all-foam beds, which are generally less durable than hybrid mattresses and innerspring mattresses because they lack a responsive coil support core. Keep in mind that, with any foam mattress, you may notice body impressions forming over time. We recommend rotating both of these mattresses every six months to avoid this.


All-foam mattresses tend to sleep hotter than innerspring and hybrid beds because of their support foam cores, which aren’t as breathable as pocketed coils. Solid-foam base layers don’t promote as much airflow, but the Nectar and Casper offer relatively good temperature neutrality for all-foam beds, with the Casper sleeping a little cooler than the Nectar.

If you are looking for a mattress that is cool to the touch, see our recommendations on the best mattress for hot sleepers.

Casper vs. Nectar: We compare the Casper mattress (left) to the similar layers of the Nectar mattress (right).

Casper vs. Nectar Mattress Construction

Casper Mattress Construction

Cover 100% Polyester; removable and washable
Comfort Layer  1.5” Polyfoam, 1.5” 4 PCF Memory Foam and 1.5” 2 PCF Polyfoam
Transitional Layer 1.5” 2.5 PCF Polyfoam
Support Layer 7.5” 1.8 PCF High-Density Polyfoam
Mattress Thickness  12”

The Casper mattress is a mixed-foam mattress that’s made with a 100 percent polyester cover and stretchy side panels for easy unzipping and cleaning. It contains three comfort foam layers: one 1.5″ layer of standard polyfoam, a second 1.5″ layer of 4 PCF memory foam and a third 1.5″ layer of 2 PCF polyfoam. Together, the comfort layers give the bed a light bounce and body-contouring pressure relief around pressure points.

The transitional layer contains 1.5″ of 2.5 PCF polyfoam and prevents sleepers from sinking too deeply into the base layer, which contains 7.5″ of 1.8 PCF high-density polyfoam to stabilize the bed. Altogether the Casper measures 12″ thick, with a medium firm feel that is conforming, yet supportive, as it cushions the body.

Nectar Mattress Construction

Cover TENCEL Lyocell and Cotton, Polyester. Removable; spot-cleaning recommended
Comfort Layer  1” 4 PCF Gel Memory Foam, 3” 3.5 PCF Memory Foam
Transitional Layer 1.75” High-Density Memory Foam
Support Layer 5.25” 2.2 PCF High-Density Polyfoam
Mattress Thickness  11”

The Nectar mattress is a mixed-foam mattress that’s made with a breathable TENCEL lyocell and cotton cover that’s removable and machine-washable for easy cleaning. It contains two comfort foam layers including a quilted gel memory foam layer that’s 1″ thick and 3 inches of 3.5 PCF gel memory foam. Together, these layers hug the body but do not sink deeply.

The transitional layer contains 1.75 inches of high-density memory foam and enhances the slight body hug of the top layers. The support core of the Nectar mattress contains 5.25 inches of 2.2 PCF high-density polyfoam that contributes most to the firmer feel of the mattress. Altogether, the Nectar measures 11″ thick, with a medium-firm feel that conforms to the body.

Size & Price Comparisons 

Mattress Size  Casper Price  Nectar  Price 
Twin $595 $499
Twin XL $695 $569
Full $995 $699
Queen $1,095 $799
King $1,295 $999
California King $1,295 $999

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Shipping and Returns for Casper & Nectar

Casper Mattress

Both the Nectar and the Casper ship free to the contiguous U.S., but the Casper also ships free to Canada. The Casper will be delivered to your door in classic bed-in-a-box style.

Casper offers a generous return policy: Shoppers can return the mattress at any point during the 100-night sleep trial period to receive a full refund, including shipping costs. Casper coordinates the pickup for you, and their customer service teams can be reached over the phone or online. Since it typically takes around 30 days to know whether a mattress works for your body, we think this 100-day window is generous. See our Casper Mattress Warranty to understand what is covered and protected in your mattress purchase.

Nectar Mattress

Nectar offers free shipping to the contiguous U.S., but those who live in Alaska or Hawaii should expect to pay an extra fee. White Glove delivery, which costs an additional $149, includes setup of your new mattress and removal of the old one.

During a 365-day sleep trial period—one of the best ones we’ve seen in the mattress space—Nectar will coordinate the pickup of the mattress at no cost to the owner if they want to return it. Returns can be initiated with a call to customer service, and Nectar also offers exchanges as part of their return policy. Moreover, the Nectar Forever warranty—a Lifetime warranty for the original owner of the mattress—offers great assurance of quality and craftsmanship.

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More Nectar Mattresses

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Our Final Take

The Casper and Nectar mattresses are both exceptionally designed and backed by a broad base of customer support. If you’re lightweight and looking for extra cushioning in a mattress, check out the Casper Original. If you’re heavyweight or average-weight and need a bit of extra firmness to help you feel completely comfortable, take a look at the Nectar.

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