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Best Mattresses for Heavy People

Are you a big and tall sleeper? See the Mattress Nerd's top picks for the best mattresses for heavy sleepers on the market.

By Tyler Moyer

Mattress Nerd consulted Julia LeBlanc, PT/DPT to ensure that this article met our editorial standards

Choosing a mattress is extremely important. After all, sleep allows your mind and body to recover from the day’s work. When this process is interrupted, we don’t function at our best. A variety of factors come into play when finding the perfect mattress. Near the top of that list? Your size.

Larger people, such as tall and plus-sized individuals, have unique needs when it comes to their beds. If you weigh more than 200 pounds and are six feet or taller, it’s likely that you fall into this category. This simply means that you need a mattress that caters to your size in durability, thickness, and firmness.

We’ve researched a variety of mattress brands and options for you. In this guide, we’re sharing the best mattresses for heavy or obese people.

While everyone wants a restful, comfortable night’s sleep, the preferences of plus-sized sleepers vary. Below, we’re sharing our top eight options for heavier sleepers by concern, from price to sleeping position, feel, and weight. 

As always, there’s no right or wrong here. You get the final say when it comes to determining your perfect fit, so we recommend choosing the best mattress based on your needs.

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The Best Mattresses for Heavy People

Helix Plus

Editor's Pick

Buoyant yet supportive, the Helix Plus gives big and tall sleepers the comfort they crave while maintaining a healthy spinal alignment.





Trial period

100 nights

Reason to buy

Extra-supportive and soft hybrid

The beauty of this mattress is in the design of its pocketed coil system. The coils in the center of the mattress are extra tall, which helps them support heavier weights and combat sagging. This is a great feature for plus-sized back or stomach sleepers since they typically prefer a firmer, more supported feel. 

While this bed certainly isn’t uncomfortable, considering it has two top layers of foam and a cover to provide breathability, you’ll want to be sure its firmness level fits your taste. If you like to sink into your mattress rather than sleep on top of it, it might be too firm. But if you’re a back or stomach sleeper who needs the support, we highly recommend it.

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WinkBeds Plus

Best Innerspring Mattress for Heavy People

Heavyweight sleepers will find durability and support on the WinkBeds Plus mattress, which impresses our team with its cooling capabilities and deluxe construction.


Memory Foam



Trial period

120 nights

Reason to buy

Hybrid mattress perfect for back pain and plus-size sleepers

Foam layers, latex and individually wrapped coils make up the construction of the WinkBeds Plus mattress, a bed specifically created with larger folks in mind. Individuals who weigh 300 lbs. or more should feel supported and comfortable on this 13.5” tall mattress. The bed earns high marks in edge support and motion isolation, and the top layer of foam in the bed is designed to reduce body impressions and cradle sensitive joints, making it one of the best mattresses for overweight people. The bed is shipped as a bed-in-a-box mattress, and WinkBeds throws in a 120-night sleep trial and a Lifetime warranty: great for those who want to try out a new bed without making a commitment.

Titan Mattress

Best Memory Foam Mattress for Heavy People

Designed and built by the esteemed Brooklyn Bedding brand, the Titan serves plus-size sleepers comfort and support in equal measure.

Titan Mattress
4.6 / 5.0


Trial period

120 nights


10 year warranty

If cost is a factor in your decision, the Titan by Brooklyn Bedding is a great option. It’s among the most supportive and comfortable mattresses designed for larger sleepers. The mattress’ elements address the needs of the plus-sized, including TitanFlex foam, which adjusts more quickly to one’s movement than memory foam.

It’s also topped with quilted memory foam, which provides cooling comfort for those who sleep hot. At its core are thousands of springs for pressure point relief, and it has a high-density foam base that adds durability. Best of all, it’s less expensive than other options out there and comes with a 10-year warranty. Related: Most affordable mattresses

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Saatva HD

Best Luxury Mattress

As if the Saatva mattress wasn’t already good enough, they just got better. The luxury online mattress brand recently launched a mattress model build specifically for heavy sleepers. Designed at a medium-firm firmness level, the Saatva HD aims to serve plus-size sleepers the comfort they desire and need.

saatva hd mattress
4.7 / 5.0


Trial period

180 nights


20 Years

The original Saatva is on of our top picks for best mattresses for a 300-pound person. The fact that they came out with a mattress designed specifically for plus-sized people is the cherry on the top. The Saatva HD is our recommendation if you weigh 300 to 500 pounds and want the luxury feel of a traditional, innerspring mattress in a larger size. The combination of hile 5-zone Talalay latex and steel coils offers unrivaled support and comfort for larger people. 

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They offer white glove delivery and free setup for all their customers and have a reputation for providing excellent service before and after purchase. If a luxury buying experience is important to you, this is where you’ll find it.

Leesa Hybrid

Best Mattress for Heavy Back Sleepers

The Leesa hybrid mattress uses thick coils and several layers of foam, perfect for keeping the hips and back elevated in heavyweight back sleepers.

Leesa Hybrid Mattress
4.5 / 5.0


Trial period

100 days


10 years

Back sleepers generally need adequate support around the hips and thighs to keep them elevated on their bed. Heavyweight back sleepers need even more support to stay aligned. Because it uses a combination of foam and supportive 14-gauge innerspring coils, the Leesa hybrid is an ideal mattress for heavyweight back sleepers. The bed also has a luxurious-looking white polyester cover and Egyptian cotton stitching. Though heavyweight stomach sleepers might not find quite the support they need in the Leesa hybrid, we love that the bed includes a breathable cover and a perforated comfort layer for airflow.

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GhostBed Luxe

Best Mattress for Heavy People who Sleep Hot

GhostBed Luxe’s “Ghost Ice Layer” and cooling fiber makes it perfect for plus-size sleepers who are looking for a cool night of sleep.

ghostbed lux hero image

Memory Foam



Trial period

101 nights


25 year limited warranty

Plus-size folks who sleep hot need a bed that is supportive, durable and designed with cooling in mind. That’s where the GhostBed Luxe comes into the picture. This foam bed contains cooling fiber in the cover, gel-infused memory foam and even a phase-changing “Ghost Ice Layer” to keep the body’s temperature regulated throughout the night. Our team believes that plus-size side sleepers will get the most from this bed, but plus-size stomach and back sleepers could also find support in the GhostBed Luxe, depending on their individual sleeping preferences. It’s certainly on the pricier end compared to other all-foam mattresses, but this bed-in-a-box comes to the table ready to offer cooling comfort and support.

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Bear Hybrid

Best for Heavy People with Back Pain
The Bear Hybrid mattress captures all the most coveted features in a mattress and jam packs them into this state-of-the-art hybrid. The cooling gel memory foam continuously carries away heat, promising you a cooler, more restful night’s sleep.
bear hybrid mattress




Trial period

100 nights

Reason to buy

Superior support and alignment

The Bear Hybrid mattress combines support and cushioning making it ideal for many types of sleepers. This mattress is particularly attractive to those who live an athletic lifestyle and are interested in optimizing their recovery during sleep. The Bear Hybrid is definitely not the cheapest bed ion the market, but it is a worthwhile investment for the right sleeper.

The Bear Hybrid is really supportive, which makes it great for sleepers with back pain. It is also fairly plush, which makes it very comfortable for a wide variety of people.

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Best Organic Mattress for Heavy People
The Birch mattress is made for those who want a premium, all-natural bed with an affordable price tag. A medium-firm hybrid mattress, the Birch uses Organic cotton, wool and natural latex to create a sleep surface for eco-conscious consumers.
birch mattress




Trial period

100 nights


25 year warranty

The Birch Mattress by Helix is an excellent option if you are an eco-concious consumer. The wool, latex, and organic cotton are sourced from nature. Birch is especially well-liked by back, side sleepers, and combination sleepers due to the responsiveness and ease of movement. This is one of the many properties that make it ideal for heavier sleepers. No matter your size you should never feel “stuck” in this mattress. It is also naturally breathable, giving even the hottest sleepers a cool night’s sleep.

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Purple Hybrid

Best Mattress for Heavy Side Sleepers

The Purple hybrid mattress, which marries the brand’s famed proprietary Purple Grid technology with supportive coils, offers great pressure relief for heavy sleepers who struggle with back and joint pain.

Purple Hybrid Mattress




Trial period

100 nights


10 year warranty

Side sleeping is the second-best sleep position for your overall health. If it’s your position of choice, we recommend the Purple Hybrid mattress.

Memory foam mattresses can create painful pressure points. Instead of memory foam, Purple uses a temperature-neutral, open-grid design with gel polymer that adapts to your body. For heavy or obese side sleepers, this means the mattress cradles your hips and shoulders for pain relief. It’s soft where you want it (hips and shoulders) and firm where you need it (torso). 

Plus, the mattress material keeps its shape over time, is temperature neutral, and can be personalized to your ideal level of comfort. What’s more, the Purple hybrid bed uses metal coils in the lower layer of its construction to support heavier parts of the body like the hips and shoulders. Not just one of the best mattresses for side sleepers and for heavy sleepers, the Purple is also one of our top picks for best bed-in-a-box mattresses.

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Big Fig

Best Mattress for Heavy Stomach Sleepers

Specifically designed for plus size sleepers, the Big Fig delivers on every quality a heavier adult could want (and need) in a mattress.

big fig mattress




Trial period

101 nights


20 year limited warranty

Big Fig specializes in mattresses for larger people, and they deliver. Their hybrid design marries support and comfort, providing the best of both worlds and making this one of the best mattresses for stomach sleepers. The mattresses also address the higher body temperatures of plus-sized sleepers with cooling technology that activates with body heat to create more airflow. 

Not to mention, it’s said to support up to 2,000 pounds. That’s five times the weight of a typical mattress foundation and can support any plus-size person. The Big Fig mattress checks all the boxes for bigger sleepers. It doesn’t sag, combats overheating, maintains its shape over time, and is reasonably priced, earning it best overall for heavy sleepers. The Big Fig comes with a 20-year warranty so you can feel good about investing in this mattress.

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Buyer’s Guide

What makes a mattress great for heavy people? While the main components of a great mattress shouldn’t differ by your size or height, larger individuals must take into account specific design needs in order to get a great night’s sleep at their size.

Here are the things we recommend considering before you make a decision.

Thickness, Durability, and Other Mattress Properties

It should come as no surprise that as a large, strong person you need a large, strong mattress. As such, one of the common themes amongst these characteristics is sturdiness. Supportive, durable, and sturdy are all adjectives you should keep an eye out for when looking for that perfect mattress for a heavier person.

Mattress Thickness

People who weigh less than 200 pounds can typically get by with a thinner mattress, but once this weight threshold is crossed, a thicker mattress is essential for overall support. We recommend narrowing your search to options that are at least 12 inches thick, if not more. The additional weight of large or obese sleepers increases the amount of pressure on the mattress, meaning that traditional mattress thicknesses won’t provide you with the support you require.

Construction and Durability

Did you know that there’s a correlation between sleeper weight and mattress lifespan? In general, higher weights mean that a mattress lasts fewer years.

This is because larger loads result in quicker sagging and deterioration, regardless of the mattress’ brand, price, or quality. Because of this, plus-size mattress shoppers should place extra emphasis on quality construction and durability. Latex mattresses and mattresses with other high-density materials are good to look for when researching the mattress’ makeup.

Cooling Properties

Our body weight and body type affect our temperature, which means that heavier people typically sleep hotter. Many plus-sized sleepers desire temperature regulation, in addition, to support for their weight. If this is you, make sure the mattress can keep you cool.

Ideally, the body should reduce its temperature as you enter deeper stages of sleep. Elements that encourage airflow to aid this natural process include open-cell memory foam, gels, and cooling layers, all of which are discussed in greater detail on our best cooling mattresses list. 

Edge Support

Heavy sleepers require extra support, and a mattress’ edges play a key role in this. This is because heavier sleepers naturally take up more room, especially if two tall or overweight individuals are sharing a bed. You’ll want to be able to sprawl out without feeling like you’re falling off the edges. Look for reinforced foam edge support or similar targeted features.

Weight Limit

Be sure to check the upper weight limit of the mattress. Even in mattresses designed for heavy sleepers, this limit can vary from 250 to 1000 pounds. Mattresses that carry weight their support systems aren’t designed to handle will break down faster. In the long run, this will cost you both money and frustration.

What Type of Mattress is Best for a Heavy Sleeper?


Innerspring mattresses use a system of coils at their base to keep sleepers supported throughout the night. These are an excellent choice for heavier people, because of how supportive they are, and what a great job they do keeping the spine aligned. These mattresses are typically topped with a thin comfort layer, so they are made more comfortable than laying straight on the coils, however, the layer is not thick or usually soft enough to cause any sinkage in the hips of shoulders. Take a peek at our best innerspring mattresses article for more information.


Latex is a great choice for heavy sleepers. These mattresses are bouncy, responsive, supportive, and, as an added bonus, naturally eco-friendly. Good latex mattresses have some cushion, but the main focus of these mattresses is support. Latex typically sleeps cool, so overheating on these mattresses shouldn’t be a concern. One concern with a latex mattress is that if you do sleep with a partner who tends to move around or shift positions a lot, you may feel a lot of motion transfer.

Memory Foam 

Memory Foam varies from very soft to very firm, depending on the density of the foam.  These mattresses have a reputation of trapping body heat in the bed, so if you sleep very hot make sure to look for a great memory foam mattress that is infused with cooling properties so that you do not overheat. If pressure relief is a major concern of yours, this could make memory foam a good option for you. However, I would suggest making sure the mattress you choose does not conform to the body too much. This can make it very difficult to move around on the bed, but you can still find a mattress with a good balance of comfort and support. Make sure you look for mattresses with layers of dense support foam, these can provide better structure than those without.


The best hybrid mattresses typically give sleepers the most options when it comes to the support they need, and the type of comfort they want to feel. For instance, heavy sleepers need a more supportive mattress, so you can find a hybrid bed that has a firm coil base, but is topped with a memory foam that allows contouring. Hybrids were made to provide sleepers with the best of both worlds, and no population benefits from that more than heavy sleepers.

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Mattress Firmness

A soft bed may feel incredible to the touch, but for heavier sleepers, traditionally plush beds may result in too much sinkage into the mattress. If you like a soft feel to your mattress, we recommend a firmer mattress with the addition of a pillowtop for extra comfort. Keep in mind that, the heavier you are, the more sinking you’ll experience, so a firmer mattress will ultimately feel softer to a plus-sized sleeper. 

To measure a mattress’ firmness, we place it on a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being very soft and 10 being very firm. Anything over a 7 is considered firm, which is also right around where you should be looking when considering firmness. For more information, head over to our mattress firmness guide.

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Sleeping Position

While we have found that firm mattresses usually work better for heavier folks, it isn’t always that simple. There are other factors at play here, one of the most significant being sleeping position. While the majority of heavy people will want to shop within the firm range (7-10) on the firmness scale, some will want to shop around 7 while others may need something closer to 10.

Heavyweight Side Sleepers

We always recommend that side sleepers consider a mattress on the softer end of the spectrum. That is because their shoulders and hips need a good deal of cushioning to ensure proper pressure relief. As a heavier person, the amount of cushion you need is less than that of a petite person, but you still might want to keep softness in mind. Think about looking a mattresses with a firmness of around 7/7.5. If your current mattress is firmer than that, something from our list of best mattress toppers for side sleepers may help increase the softness just a bit.

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Heavyweight Back Sleepers

Like side sleepers, back sleepers need a bit of sinkage to allow their hips to be slightly cushioned by the mattress. The amount of pressure on their hips, however, is less than that of side sleepers. For heavy back sleepers, a little bit goes a long way. A mattress firmness around 7.5/8 should do you well.

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Heavyweight Combination Sleepers

Since combination sleepers switch positions often, it is important to identify the position that you favor most when shopping for a mattress. If you don’t favor one single position, then responsiveness will be the most important thing to look our for. A bed with high responsiveness will make it easier to switch out of old positions and settle into new ones, especially for a heavier person.

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Heavyweight Stomach Sleepers

If you sleep on your stomach, firmness is your friend because you’ll want a mattress that props your hips up. We even suggest that small stomach sleepers stick to the firm end of the scale, so as a heavy sleeper you will definitely want to consider this advice. Around 8-10/10 should give you the support you need.

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Popular Sleep Accessories for Heavy People

Mattress Toppers 

If you want really customize your mattress feel, a mattress topper may be a great option for you. Mattress toppers are made in every type of material you can imagine; foam, feather, latex, and cotton to name a few. Toppers are usually anywhere from 2 to 5 inches thick. If you have come to the conclusion that you need a firmer mattress to support you, but like the feel of a softer bed, a topper may be a good solution.

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Adjustable Beds 

Adjustable beds have increased in popularity due to their ability to accommodate such a wide range of sleepers. These are particularly popular with heavy people because they enable you to customize your sleeping position based on where you feel the most pressure and carry the most weight. If you sleep with a partner, whether they are on the lighter or heavier side, a split adjustable bed could be a good investment to ensure each person gets the most out of the mattress and bed every night.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if my partner is petite, or average-sized?

If you sleep with a partner who has a petite or average body type, then you may need to make some compromises. For example, it is possible that they will prefer something on the softer end of the firmness scale. Consider meeting somewhere in the middle.

There are a ton of medium-firm mattresses (5 to 7 on the firmness scale) the still offer that durability and edge support that you will need as a heavy sleeper, like the GhostBed Luxe, for example.

Is sleeping on a firm mattress bad for you?

It is recommended that you use a mattress that is soft enough to allow your shoulders, hips, and other pressure points to sink sufficiently into the surface. The heavier you are, the less soft your mattress has to be to allow for this.

If, however, you do sleep with a partner who is prone to soreness, then they may be a bit more sensitive to a firm surface, or even a medium-firm surface. If this is the case, consider a firm mattress with a plush topper; it will add extra softness to the bed while not compromising the firmness of the bottom layers.

How do sleep trials work?

Every company has a different policy when it comes to trial periods. Some, like WinkBeds and Saatva offer 120 nights for you to make sure that you chose the right mattress. Others, like GhostBed and Big Fig, offer 101-night trials. The good news: every mattress on this list comes with at least a 100-night trial for you to try out your new bed, risk free.

Most companies will either offer free pick-up service if you do decide to return your mattress, or will help you identify local charities where you might donate the used mattress and receive a full refund.


You shouldn’t feel embarrassed about looking for a plus-sized mattress in the market. Today’s retailers offer many selections and even cater to the needs of heavy and tall people. Finding a new mattress that balances support and comfort, helps align your spine, allows you to sleep cool, and is in your price range has never been easier.

Whether you have a goal of improving your sleep or your current mattress simply isn’t serving your needs, it may be time for a change. We recommend taking a look into the mattresses above.

If you want to learn more about how and when to purchase a mattress, check out our Best Mattress Buying Guide. For all of our top picks, read our Best Mattress of 2021 guide.

Recap of the Top Rated Mattresses for Heavy People

Mattress Award Firmness Level 
Helix Plus Editor’s Pick Medium-Firm
WinkBeds Plus Best Innerspring Mattress for Heavy People Firm
Brooklyn Bedding Titan Best Memory Foam Mattress for Heavy People Firm
Saatva HD Best Luxury Mattress Medium-Firm
Leesa Hybrid Best Mattress for Heavy Back Sleepers Firm
GhostBed Luxe Best Mattress for Heavy People who Sleep Hot Medium-Firm
Bear Hybrid Best for Heavy People with Back Pain Medium-Firm
Birch Living Natural Best Organic Mattress for Heavy People
Purple Hybrid Mattress Best Mattress for Heavy Side Sleepers Medium-Firm
Big Fig Best Mattress for Heavy Stomach Sleepers Firm

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