Layla Hybrid Mattress Review

The Layla Hybrid maintains the company’s signature flippable firmness but incorporates coils to improve support and minimize motion transfer.

Nerd Score 4.8/5

Our Verdict: The Layla Hybrid is a great mattress for couples, hot sleepers, heavy sleepers, and everyone in-between looking for a softer mattress. The Layla Hybrid includes cooling properties, two firmness options, improved edge support, motion isolation, and responsiveness. If you like the contouring feel of an all-foam mattress, but need one that will not overheat, the Layla Hybrid is a great option.

Who the Layla Hybrid is Best For

Best For…

May Not be Best For…

Combination, side, and back sleepers

✅Sleepers who enjoy the contouring, sinking feel of memory foam

✅Those who want the option of two firmness levels 

✅Individuals who sleep hot

✅ Couples

Sleepers who want a springy, very responsive feel in their mattress

❌Stomach sleepers

❌Sleepers who prefer very firm beds 

Layla Hybrid Mattress In-Depth Review 

The Layla Hybrid is Layla Sleep’s latest addition to its mattress lineup. Layla Sleep is a USA-based mattress company that was established in 2016. Like it’s flagship memory foam mattress, the Layla, the Layla Hybrid includes copper-infused memory foam, is similar in feel, and has a double-sided construction with different firmness options on each. However, while they share a few similarities, the Layla Hybrid also differs from the original Layla mattress in several areas, which I’ll dive into in detail below.

In this Layla Hybrid mattress review, we’ll take a peek under the cover at the new hybrid’s construction, share details about pricing, performance, highlights, and product policies and determine whether the Layla Hybrid is the best mattress for you! 

Layla Hybrid Highlights

  • Flippable design provides two firmness levels to choose from (medium-soft and medium-firm)
  • 6” supportive coils make the Layla Hybrid suitable for people of all shapes and sizes, including heavyweight individuals
  • Pocketed coils increase the responsiveness of the mattress, making changing sleeping positions relatively easy
  • The mattress cover is zippable and removable for easy washing
  • Breathable mattress cover, copper-infused foams, and pocketed coils help the mattress sleep cool
  • Motion transfer and edge support are excellent, making it a good choice for couples
  • One of our picks for the best firm mattress
  • Made in the USA

Layla Hybrid by Sleeping Positions

Side Sleepers

I think most side sleepers in the market for a new mattress will enjoy the soft side of the Layla for its pressure relief, which allows sleepers to sink into the mattress in all the right places, most notably at the pressure points like the shoulders and hips. You won’t get that crunching, jammed feeling in the shoulders and hips as a side sleeper on the soft side of this mattress. The firmer side of the Layla Hybrid is an option for side sleepers as well. You’ll still get some pressure relief and sinking into the top comfort layers but less so than the soft side thanks to a firmer transitional support foam layer and closer impact with the pocketed coils. The firm side of the Layla Hybrid may be most appropriate for side sleepers in the heavyweight category, or those who simply enjoy a firmer feel. See: Best Mattresses for Side Sleepers 

Back Sleepers

Back sleepers can make either side of the Layla Hybrid can work for them. The soft side of the Layla offers sinking and contouring into the top layers of the mattress while maintaining spinal alignment thanks to the innerspring support core. On the firm side, back sleepers will experience a moderate amount of sinkage into the top layers, but still with enough pressure relief and support around the low back and shoulders to maintain proper spinal alignment. See: Best Mattress for Back Sleepers 

Stomach Sleepers

In my opinion, most stomach sleepers will fare better on the firmer side of the mattress. At roughly a 4/10 on the firmness scale, the soft side of this mattress is simply too soft for strict stomach sleepers. On this side, stomach sleepers may find that the mattress creates aches and pains in their lower back because the hips sink deeper into the mattress’ top layers. If you’re going to sleep on your stomach on the Layla Hybrid, we recommend the firmer side. Even still, we don’t think the Layla Hybrid is the best choice for strict stomach sleepers because of the amount of sinking that occurs from the memory foam top layers on both the firm and soft sides of the mattress. See: Best Mattresses for Stomach Sleepers 

Pros & Cons of the Layla Hybrid 


  • This mattress sleeps cool, thanks to the breathable cover, copper-infused memory foam, and pocketed coils
  • The memory foam dissipates movement very well on both sides, making it a great motion isolating bed for couples or those who sleep with a pet
  • Has a contouring memory foam feel but with a little added bounce so that sleepers don’t feel stuck when switching sleeping positions
  • The Layla Hybrid is adjustable-base-compatible
  • Works for a wide range of sleeping positions and bodyweights, with the exception of stomach sleepers


  • The Layla Hybrid is roughly $500 more expensive in all sizes than the Layla Original mattress
  • The Layla Hybrid comes with a 10-year warranty, whereas the Layla Original comes with a lifetime warranty
  • The durability of this mattress is questionable; as a newer product to the market, it hasn’t been out long enough to determine its longevity

Layla Hybrid Sizing and Pricing 

Twin 38″ x 75″ x 13″ $999 70 lbs.
Twin XL 38″ x 80″ x 13″ $1,099 72 lbs.
Full 54″ x 75″ x 13″ $1,299 95 lbs.
Queen 60″ x 80″ x 13” $1,399 115 lbs.
King 76” x 80” x 13” $1,599 145 lbs.
Cal King 72” x 84” x 13” $1,599 143 lbs.

Layla Hybrid Firmness

One of the Layla Hybrid’s standout features is its dual-sided construction, which features a soft side and a more firm side so that sleepers can choose the firmness level that works best for them. The soft side is roughly a 4/10 on the firmness scale and the firm side is roughly a 7/10 on the firmness scale. The bed has handles on the sides for easy flipping.

As mentioned, the soft side of the Layla Hybrid is 4/10, making it appropriate for side sleepers who enjoy the sinking, contouring feel of memory foam. It’s also supportive enough for back sleepers who like a softer feel.

The firm side of the Layla Hybrid is marketed as a 7/10, but I think it feels closer to 6/10. The memory foam top layers give it more of a sinking feeling and, while less contouring than the soft side of the mattress, there’s still enough sinkage to get some hug from the top layers. In fact, there’s so much hug that we don’t recommend the firm or soft sides of the mattress for stomach sleepers. The firm side can work well for side sleepers who enjoy a firmer feel, back sleepers, and combination sleepers.

Layla Hybrid Construction

The Layla Hybrid is a hybrid mattress that features five layers that include memory foam, polyfoam, pocketed coils, and a cover. Both sides of the Layla Hybrid feature the same types of foams but only in different thicknesses, which accounts for their varying firmness levels.

  • The cover is removable, zippable and features a combination of polyester, viscose, and lycra and incorporates a cooling agent to make it super breathable. It has a soft feel to the touch and helps the mattress sleep cool.
  • The soft side of the Layla Hybrid features a 2.5” layer of copper-infused memory foam, which helps draw heat away from the body and provides a slow-response, contouring feeling around the body. Below this copper layer is a zoned polyfoam transitional layer that’s a bit firmer in order to provide support around the hips and softness around the shoulders.
  • The firm side of the Layla Hybrid features 1.5” of the same copper-infused memory foam featured on the soft side followed by the same transitional layer, but only slightly thinner.
  • Underneath both the soft and firm sides of the mattress is a pocketed coil support system, which provides the bounce and support in the mattress. The coils are individually wrapped, meaning they move independently and help improve motion isolation.

Layla Buying Experience

Shipping, Delivery & Returns

The Layla Hybrid comes with free shipping in the contiguous United States. If you live in Alaska, Canada, or Hawaii, you will encounter shipping charges at checkout. The Layla Hybrid ships as a bed in a box, which simply means it’s rolled and compressed for shipping and will arrive at your doorstep as such. See: Best Bed in a Box

After unboxing, it’s recommended that you allow the Layla Hybrid to expand for at least two hours, which allows it to return to its original shape. If you live somewhere cold, you may need a complete 24 hours for the Layla Hybrid to return to its original size.

The Layla Hybrid also comes with a generous return policy. Free returns are offered if you decide you don’t like the mattress during the trial period, which we’ll explore more below. If you’re not a fan of the bed, simply contact Layla’s customer service department and they will arrange to have the bed removed from your home for a full refund.

Layla Hybrid Trial Period

The Layla Hybrid comes with a 120-night trial period during which you’ll have the opportunity to “test out” the bed to determine if it’s a good fit for you. The trial period begins on the day the mattress is delivered, so you’ll have a full four months to decide whether or not you want to keep the mattress.


The Layla Hybrid comes with a 10-year warranty which, while shorter than the lifetime warranty offered with the Layla Original mattress, is a standard length for hybrids in the online mattress industry. The warranty covers you from defects in materials and workmanship that may compromise sleep quality. It’s non-transferable, meaning that if you sell the bed at any point in time during ownership, the warranty is not applicable to the new buyer.

Be sure to read the fine print about what can void the warranty after purchase. Things like leaving the Layla Hybrid in the box more than two weeks after it’s been delivered, using a foundation not manufactured by Layla, or using a metal bed frame that doesn’t have a center bar support are some examples of cases that void the warranty. 


The Layla Hybrid is available on Layla’s website. The Layla Original and many of Layla’s bedding accessory products are also sold on, so I anticipate that the Layla Hybrid will be available there soon as well. Layla doesn’t operate any brick-and-mortar locations at this time. 

Layla Hybrid Rating and Conclusion

After a careful review, I’m giving the Layla Hybrid a Nerd Score of 4.8/5. It checks all the boxes that the Layla Original does, including temperature neutrality, comfort, dual-firmness, and more, all while improving on edge support, motion isolation, and responsiveness. If you’re in the market for a new mattress and like the hugging, soft feel of an all-foam bed, but find yourself needing the breathability and support that’s found in hybrids, you’ll enjoy the Layla Hybrid.

As I outlined above, the only downside of the Layla Hybrid is that some sleepers may find it too soft on either side to be appropriate for their sleeping position. Namely, stomach sleepers may not find the support they need in this mattress, and sleepers who enjoy a firmer feel overall or don’t like the hug of memory foam probably won’t find what they’re looking for in the Layla Hybrid. 

Check out our Layla Original Mattress Review to learn more about Layla’s flagship model. 

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