Layla Hybrid Mattress Review

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Is the Layla Hybrid Mattress for You?

Who’s Going to Love the Layla Hybrid Mattress

  • Couples
  • Combination sleepers
  • Hot sleepers
  • Sleepers with back pain

Who Should Steer Clear of the Layla Hybrid Mattress

Video Review

Want to see us test the Layla Hybrid IRL? Join our editor, Adrianne, as she walks you through our review process of the Layla Hybrid and offers her expert recommendations.

Layla Hybrid Mattress Firmness and Feel 

Layla Hybrid Mattress Firmness

The Layla Hybrid is a flippable mattress, meaning that it has two firmnesses, depending on which side of the mattress you sleep on. By buying just one mattress, you have two different firmness options!

We Nerds love numbers, so we rate all our mattresses on a scale of 1–10 for firmness, with one being the softest and 10 being the firmest. We rated the soft side of the mattress at 4/10, which accurately falls in the “soft” category. The firm side we rated at 6.5/10, which is more like medium-firm in our book. So if you want a truly firm mattress, the Layla Hybrid probably isn’t for you. See our ranking of best firm mattresses for more options.

Between these two firmness levels, the Layla Hybrid can accommodate many different body types and sleeping positions.

What Does The Layla Hybrid Feel Like?

The mattress’s hybrid construction makes it very supportive, but the comfort layers have the soft, contouring feel of memory foam. Particularly on the soft side, you can sink down deep and feel the hug of the foam. The firm side also closely contours to your body, but you don’t sink as far into the memory foam.

What Sleeping Position Is The Layla Hybrid Mattress Best For?

Lightweight (< 130 lbs):  5 4 5
Average-weight (130–230 lbs): 5 3 5
Heavyweight (> 230 lbs):  5 2 5

1 = Very poor, 2 = Not good, 3 = Fair, 4 = Good, 5 = Excellent

Back Sleepers

Back sleepers, the Layla Hybrid has your back! You need enough support to keep your spine aligned while you sleep and the Layla Hybrid delivers just that. This mattress should work great for lightweight, average-weight, and heavyweight back sleepers. 

We think you’ll probably prefer the firmer side, especially larger folks, because you might experience some sinkage on the soft side. But the great thing about the Layla Hybrid is that switching between firm and soft is as easy as flipping a mattress…which maybe isn’t always the easiest task, but is definitely easier than buying a new mattress.

To see all our best recommendations, check out our ranking of best mattresses for back sleepers.

Side Sleepers

Side sleepers, you’re the softies of the sleep world. You need a mattress that is soft enough to cradle your body and conform around those pesky pressure points like your hips and shoulders. The Layla Hybrid’s soft side should work well for lightweight, average-weight, and heavyweight side sleepers. And again, the flippable design allows you to switch over to the firmer side if the softer side is just a little too soft for you.

See more of our picks for side sleepers in our best mattresses for side sleepers list.

Stomach Sleepers

Finding the right mattress for stomach sleepers can be tricky—you need a firm mattress to make sure your hips are elevated properly to prevent lower back pain. For lightweight and some average-weight stomach sleepers, the firm side of the Layla Hybrid might work. But for heavyweight stomach sleepers, you’ll probably need a firmer mattress. 

To see more options, check out our ranking of best mattresses for stomach sleepers.

Combination Sleepers

A key feature for combination sleepers to look for in a mattress is responsiveness. Basically, can you toss and turn in the night with ease or do you feel like you’re getting an ab workout trying to switch between positions?

The Layla Hybrid is a very responsive mattress, so combo sleepers should have no problem moving around on it. We think it’ll work well for lightweight, average-weight, and heavyweight combination sleepers—just pick the firmness that fits with your body size and favorite sleeping positions to switch between.

For more options, see our best mattresses for combination sleepers.

Layla Hybrid Mattress Performance

Is The Layla Hybrid Mattress Cooling? 

While we might normally think of being warm as a good thing, that isn’t the case when it comes to sleeping. Hot sleepers are what we in the mattress business call folks who generate a lot of body heat while sleeping—sadly, no, it’s not the name of a mattress-testing boy band.

Layla has included several features in this hybrid bed to help keep you cool at night. First and foremost, a hybrid mattress generally sleeps much cooler than an all-foam mattress, because the coils allow for more air circulation within the mattress than any foam can. However, Layla has taken steps to make sure their foam is cooling as well. The copper-gel infused memory foam used in the Layla Hybrid helps to transfer heat away from you. And the support foam is Layla’s Max Airflow foam, which has air channels in it to keep air moving.

Customer reviews offer some high praise for the Layla Hybrid’s temperature regulation too, so we’re not the only ones who think this mattress is pretty cool! If you’re a hot sleeper, be sure to check out our other recommendations of the best cooling mattresses.

Edge Support 

The Layla Hybrid has double the coils along the edge of the mattress, which makes it a winner in our book when it comes to edge support. Having good edge support makes it easier to use the entire surface of your bed while sleeping because you won’t feel like you’re about to fall into the abyss if you are sleeping along the edge. Good edge support also lets you sit along the edge of your bed to read or tie your shoes, and makes getting in and out of the bed easier. Not to mention that it increases the durability of your mattress.


The Layla Hybrid earned high scores for responsiveness, meaning it quickly adapts to your changes in sleeping position. Both sides are topped with memory foam, but the coil support layer keeps the mattress buoyant.

Motion Isolation: Is it good for those who share a bed?

Sleeping with your partner should be restful, not stressful. So it’s important to pick a mattress that will work for both partners and that will allow two people to sleep comfortably together. One of the biggest features couples should look for is motion isolation, which means that the mattress isolates motion at the source. Otherwise, every time your partner gets up or moves around, you’ll feel that motion transfer to you, which will likely result in you being rudely awoken. The Layla Hybrid has excellent motion isolation, especially for a hybrid mattress.

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The Layla Hybrid is quiet mattress. We didn’t notice any sounds when we moved around on the mattress surface.

Pain Relief

No one likes waking up with back pain, and if that’s something you struggle with, you’ll want to pick a mattress that works to prevent your back pain, not make it worse. 

Your mattress’s performance will depend on your sleeping style and size, but overall the Layla Hybrid mattress should be a good mattress for people with back pain. If you sleep on your side, you’ll get the pressure-relieving effect you need from the foam layers on the top, as well as contouring to keep your spine aligned. If you sleep on your back, the coils should provide enough support to keep your back in alignment.

For more information, be sure to read our best mattresses for back pain list.


Responsiveness is a big factor for couples, as you want to be able to move around freely on the mattress.With a bouncy coil base layer—plus a cooling construction—we consider the Layla to be a good mattress for sex.


The Layla may have a slight new mattress smell when you first remove it from the box, but it should be gone within 24 hours in a well-ventilated room.


As a high-quality mattress with a durable hybrid construction, we expect the Layla Hybrid to last at least seven years before showing signs of wear.


Layla Hybrid Construction: What’s It Made Of?

The Layla Hybrid is constructed with two kinds of foam and individually wrapped innerspring coils. The Layla Hybrid’s flippable design makes it possible to have two firmnesses in one: all you have to do is flip the mattress over. And fortunately, flipping it is easy because there are convenient handles along the side of the mattress. Shoutout to Layla for thinking ahead on that one.

Layer #1—Cover (Soft Side):

The “top” is the soft side of the Layla. If you decide to sleep on the firm side of the mattress, this layer will become the bottom. It has a cooling and breathable cover, with handles along the side. This cover is also removable, making it easy to clean. 

Layer #2—Copper-Gel Memory Foam:

This comfort layer is made of 2.5” of copper-gel infused foam. The copper’s purpose is to act as a cooling agent, as well as having some antimicrobial properties to help keep your mattress clean. This layer has a softer, plush feel.

Layer #3—Max Airflow Support Foam:

This transition layer is made with 2” of support foam that is designed to dissipate heat. The foam has air channels throughout to make the mattress more breathable. 

Layer #4—Infinity Edge Individually Wrapped Coils System:

Coils make up this 6” support layer. Individually wrapped coils promote airflow, in addition to providing support. Along the edge is a double coil perimeter, which reinforces the edge support.

Layer #5—Max Airflow Support Foam:

This layer is the same as Layer #3, but it’s only 1.5” inches.

Layer #6—Copper-Gel Memory Foam:

This layer is the same as Layer #2, but it’s only 1”.

Layer #7—Cover (Firm Side):

This layer is the same as Layer #1. If you flip the mattress to sleep on the firm side, this will be the top layer.

How Much Does the Layla Hybrid Cost?

Mattress Size Price Dimensions Height Weight
Twin $1299.00 38" x 75" 13” 67 lbs
Twin XL $1399.00 38" x 80" 13” 78 lbs
Full $1599.00 54" x 75" 13” 88 lbs
Queen $1699.00 60" x 80" 13” 104 lbs
King $1899.00 76" x 80" 13” 128 lbs
California King $1899.00 72" x 84" 13” 127 lbs

Be sure to get the best price on your mattress with our Layla mattress coupons. For more wallet-friendly options, see our best mattress for the money list.


How Do the Policies Measure Up?

Shipping & Unboxing

As you might have guessed, the Layla Hybrid is shipped in a box to your door. The mattress is compressed and rolled into a box and all you have to do to unbox it is open the box, take out the mattress, remove the packaging, and set it on your desired base. Layla does say to wait about two hours for the mattress to fully expand, but then it should be ready to use!

If you experience any unpleasant off-gassing smells, don’t worry, they should dissipate within a few hours.

You can buy the Layla Hybrid on Amazon or the Layla Sleep website. Layla ships within the continental U.S. for free, but there may be fees to deliver to Hawaii, Alaska, or Canada. Your Layla Hybrid mattress will be made-to-order, so you can expect manufacture and packaging to take about three to five days, and then shipping will take an additional three to five days.

Unfortunately, Layla does not offer white glove delivery services at this time. If you need help setting up your Layla Hybrid, grab a friend—these mattresses can be pretty heavy!


“Warranty” might seem like a legal mumbo-jumbo, read-the-fine-print kind of term, but knowing your mattress’s warranty can be super helpful in the long run. Some brands offer a warranty for a certain number of years, while others offer Lifetime warranties, and different warranties cover a variety of things.

Layla’s mattresses come with a 10-year warranty that covers defects in materials and workmanship. That warranty is only applicable to the original purchaser, so if you give away or resell your mattress, the warranty is voided. The warranty covers indentations of greater than one inch, loss of mattress height or shape, seams that are coming apart, splitting or cracking of the foam, and issues that result from a manufacturing problem. Layla mattress warranty doesn’t cover changes in firmness level, improper flipping that causes tears, poor edge support, or personal discomfort. 

The Layla Mattress Warranty can be voided by the following:

  • Leaving your new mattress in its box for more than two weeks after receipt.
  • Using an old, unsupportive box spring or a bed frame or foundation without center support.
  • Commercial use of the Layla mattress, such as in an Airbnb rental.
  • Mattresses that have been damaged, including burns, stains, or tears.
  • Mattresses with mold, bed bugs, or other infestations.
  • Sale or gifting to anyone other than the original owner.

Trial Period & Returns

Don’t worry about having buyer’s remorse when shopping for a mattress online—most bed-in-a-box companies offer a sleep trial period where you can test out the mattress at home since you can’t test it out in a store. And often a sleep trial is better than just rolling around on mattresses in a store because you get to see how the mattress works in your day-to-day, or night-to-night, life.

Layla offers a 120-night sleep trial, which means you have 120 nights to decide if you like your Layla Hybrid. If you decide against it, you’ll be able to return your mattress for free. Layla will coordinate to have your mattress removed from your home and donated to a local charity, at no cost to you. All you have to do is sleep on the mattress for at least two weeks, to be sure you’ve broken the mattress in and gotten used to sleeping on it.

If you decide to return your Layla Hybrid, just email your order number and reason for return to Layla at

Addressing Layla Hybrid Mattress Complaints

Too Soft or Too Firm

Some customers complained that the soft side of the Layla Hybrid was too firm, while others complained that the firm side was too soft. Even though Layla titles each side as soft or firm, we think they’re closer to medium-soft or medium-firm.

If you’re looking for a decidedly soft or firm mattress, the Layla Hybrid probably won’t give you what you want. You can always return the mattress for free and receive a full refund during the trial period. You could also add a mattress topper to give the bed the right firmness for you.

Too Heavy

A few customers said they had a difficult time flipping the mattress from the soft side to the firm side or vice versa. The Layla Hybrid is a pretty heavy mattress, with a Queen size weighing in at just over 100 lbs. It’s best to recruit the help of a friend or significant other when flipping the mattress, and make sure to move away anything fragile in the near vicinity.

Could Feel the Coils

A small number of customers mentioned being able to feel the coils beneath the foam, especially on the soft side of the mattress. We didn’t have this experience during testing, but heavyweight or plus size folks may sink through the foam layers to the coils.

That’s why we don’t recommend the Layla Hybrid for individuals over 300 lbs. If you can feel the coil layer, we suggest returning the mattress during the trial period or adding a mattress topper if your trial is over.

Comparing Different Layla Mattresses

Layla Hybrid Mattress vs. Layla Memory Foam Mattress

Layla Hybrid Mattress is Best For:Layla Original Memory Foam is Best For:
Hot SleepersThose looking for a more affordable Layla Mattress
Combination SleepersBack Sleepers
Those who experience Back PainMemory Foam Lovers

The Layla Memory Foam mattress is the original Layla bed. Like the Layla Hybrid, it also has two sides with different firmnesses, so you can flip the mattress to whichever firmness you prefer. The mattress has four memory foam layers, with a layer of copper-gel foam for cooling on each side.

The Layla Memory Foam mattress is considerably less expensive than the Layla Hybrid, but it’s not going to be the best for heavyweight sleepers or most stomach sleepers. It’s a pretty soft mattress, even on the “firm” side, which we thought was more medium-firm.

See our full Layla Mattress Review to learn more.

Comparing Layla to the Competition

Layla Hybrid Mattress vs. Purple Hybrid Mattress

Layla Hybrid Mattress is Best For:Purple Hybrid Mattress is Best For:
Sleepers who tend to overheat at nightHot Sleepers
Side SleepersPeople with Back Pain
Those looking for a less expensive Hybrid MattressStomach Sleepers

The Purple mattress is famous for its hyper-elastic polymer grid layer, and the Purple Hybrid combines that original design with a pocketed coil support system. The grid gives a unique sensation of floating, as well as helping to keep you cool throughout the night. 

The Purple Hybrid is a great mattress for hot sleepers, people with back pain, and for combination, back, and stomach sleepers. For side sleepers, the Layla Hybrid is probably a better choice. The two mattresses are pretty close in price, but the Purple Hybrid is a little pricier.

See our full Purple Hybrid Mattress Review to learn more.

Layla Hybrid Mattress vs. Nectar Mattress

Layla Hybrid Mattress is Best For:Nectar Mattress is Best For:
Combination SleepersThose looking for an all foam bed
Side SleepersHot Sleepers
Those looking for a bit more support from their mattressAverage-weight back and side sleepers

The Nectar mattress is a foam bed, so it differs from the Layla Hybrid quite a bit in construction. It has a traditional memory foam feel, but is made with gel foam, which helps to reduce the amount of heat trapped by the foam. We think the Nectar is a great mattress for average-weight back and side sleepers. It’s also a good choice for couples because of its top-notch motion isolation.

For anyone who loves foam mattresses, the Nectar is a great value for the money. However, for sleepers who need more support, the Layla Hybrid is going to be a better choice than the Nectar.

See our full Nectar Mattress Review to learn more.

Layla Hybrid Mattress vs. Casper Hybrid Mattress

Layla Hybrid Mattress is Best For:Casper Hybrid Mattress is Best For:
Co Sleepers, or those who share a bedThose looking for a slightly firmer mattress
Combination SleepersHot Sleepers
Hot SleepersShoppers looking for a more affordable hybrid mattress

The Casper Hybrid is the follow up to the popular original foam Casper mattress. The Casper Hybrid is constructed with an Airscape foam comfort layer, a zoned support memory foam layer, and pocketed coils with polyfoam edge support.

The Casper Hybrid is a little firmer than the Layla Hybrid—we rated it as a 7/10 firmness. It’s very responsive and has good temperature regulation, but not the strongest motion isolation, which is an important consideration for couples. Additionally, the Casper Hybrid is a bit less expensive than the Layla.

See our full Casper Hybrid Mattress Review to learn more.

FAQs about the Layla Hybrid Mattress

Is the Layla Hybrid a good mattress?

As always, it depends on your needs, but overall, yes! We think the Layla Hybrid is a good mattress. It can accommodate a good variety of sleepers, while also addressing some issues like temperature control and motion isolation. Also, the flippable design makes it very versatile.

Where are Layla Hybrid mattresses made?

Layla’s mattresses are all made in the USA. The springs, foam, and cover fabric are sourced from the United States, while the zippers, nylon belt, and handles are imported from Asia. Additionally, all of the foams in the Layla Hybrid are CertiPUR-US certified.

Does Layla take your old mattress?

No, Layla doesn’t have a service to remove your old mattress. If you need to get rid of your old mattress, we recommend taking it to a recycling center. Be sure to check your local regulations to find the right place.

Does the Layla Hybrid need a box spring?

Nope! You don’t need a box spring with your Layla Hybrid mattress, just something supportive like a slatted base or platform bed. If you want to be sure your base will work, Layla sells bases, including a mattress foundation, bed frame, platform bed, adjustable base, and metal platform base.

The Nerd’s Take: What’s the Bottom Line?

The Layla Hybrid is a great mattress that will work well for a wide range of people. Its flippable design gives you two firmness options in one mattress, and it excels in almost every category we scored it on. While it is a more expensive mattress, it’s very durable and made with high-quality materials, so you know it will last a long time.

The Nerd’s Scores for the Layla Hybrid Mattress

Performance Factor Out of 5 (Firm Side) Out of 5 (Soft Side)
Motion Isolation 5 5
Pressure Relief 4 4.5
Ease of Movement 4.5 4
Edge Support 5 5
Temperature Control  4.5 4.5
Durability 4 4

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