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Best Cooling Mattresses for Hot Sleepers

Tired of waking up with a bad case of the night sweats? Sleep cool and dry on these 10 great mattresses for hot sleepers.

By Katie Terrell Hanna

Mattress Nerd consulted Dr. Alaina Rajagopal to ensure that this article met our editorial standards

It’s one of the main questions we see from prospective mattress shoppers: “Will this mattress sleep hot?” If you are a hot sleeper, getting a good night’s sleep can be difficult, and you probably know the uncomfortable feeling of waking up with night sweats. Thankfully, today’s mattress market is filled with plenty of options for hot sleepers.

Getting a good night’s sleep is vital to a healthy lifestyle. And for hot sleepers, it’s imperative to find a mattress that provides temperature regulation, comfort and support.

In this review, we’ll walk you through our top 10 picks for the best cooling mattresses on the market, so you can quickly and easily find which high-quality mattress is the best for you. We’ll also walk you through all the factors hot sleepers should consider when shopping for a mattress, with bonus tips on the best bedding products for hot sleepers.

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The Best Cooling Mattresses

Editor’s Pick – Cocoon by Sealy

Cocoon by Sealy

Editor's Pick

The Cocoon Chill by Sealy offers luxury cooling features and construction at an amazing price point. If you’re a hot sleeper on a budget, the Cocoon is a great bed to check out.

Cocoon by Sealy mattress review1 e1569523082555
4.4 / 5.0


Trial period

100 days

Reason to buy

Top of the line cooling technology

If staying cool at night is one of your main concerns, why not get a mattress that was specifically designed to do just that? The Cocoon is Sealy’s take on a bed-in-a-box mattress, and it’s the perfect budget option for hot sleepers who like the feel of a memory foam mattress. Our editor’s pick on this list, the Cocoon accommodates all sleeping positions, and offers cushioning for the body as you move throughout the night. Best of all, the Cocoon Chill comes in a variety of firmness levels, so those who prefer a softer mattress or a firmer mattress should find a great match.

Loren, our wonderful editor and certified sleep science coach, says, “This bed is great for people who tend to sleep warm because there are a lot of breathable layers that allow airflow, so your body heat has somewhere to escape.” Watch Loren’s full review of our editor’s pick below.

See our full Cocoon Chill Mattress Review for more details. 

Best Mattress for Hot Side Sleepers – Helix Midnight Luxe

Helix Midnight Luxe

Best for Hot Side Sleepers

The Helix Midnight is our pick for hot side sleepers seeking pressure relief and cooling comfort.

Helix Midnight Luxe Mattress
4.8 / 5.0


Trial period

100 nights

Reason to buy

Luxury zoned support made for side sleepers

The Helix Midnight Luxe is a great option if you want a mattress that combines the “hugging” comfort of foam with the support and airflow of individually wrapped coils. In the Helix Midnight Luxe, memory foam is coupled with coils that keep air moving through the mattress at night. The result? Heat is whisked away from the body and hot sleepers stay cool thanks to the extra air circulation.

The Helix Sleep brand sells 14 different mattress models made specifically for different sleep positions. The Helix Midnight Luxe is specifically designed for side sleepers. It features memory foam that provides targeted support for the hips, shoulders and neck to keep the spine aligned and prevent stiffness.

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Best Mattress for Back Pain – Saatva Classic

Saatva Classic

Best for Back Pain

Often referred to as “affordable luxury,” the Saatva Classic mattress creates a luxurious hotel-bed feel and delivers it straight to your doorstep.

Saatva mattressnerd
4.7 / 5.0

Plush Soft, Luxury Firm, Firm

Trial period

180 nights

Reason to buy

High quality and custom firmness options

The Saatva Mattress is one of our favorite beds here at Mattress Nerd. The robust support core of individually wrapped coils promotes airflow through the entire bed, and Saatva also uses eco-friendly organic cotton in its topper, which is known for its cooling properties and for furthering the airflow to the sleeper’s body.

This hybrid mattress combines the coil base of a traditional innerspring mattress with a euro-pillow top sewn into the top of the mattress, which offers best in class comfort and back support for those with lumbar problems. The Saatva Classic is also a great option for couples, especially because of the reinforced edge support and decent motion isolation. You will definitely have room to spread out and use the entire surface of the bed, but if you have a partner who moves a lot throughout the night you may feel a little bounce now and then.

See our full Saatva Classic Mattress Review to learn more about this mattress.

Best Organic Cooling Mattress – Birch


Best Organic Cooling Mattress
The Birch mattress is made for those who want a premium, all-natural bed with an affordable price tag. A medium-firm hybrid mattress, the Birch uses Organic cotton, wool and natural latex to create a sleep surface for eco-conscious consumers.
birch mattress
4.9 / 5.0


Trial period

100 nights

Reason to buy

Affordable, all natural hybrid

Some hot sleepers want to help save the planet and get a great night’s sleep, which is where the Birch Living mattress comes into the picture. This medium-firm mattress comes in at around a 6.5 out of 10 on our firmness scale, which will help keep your body elevated and avoid that swampy, sinking feeling that can make you feel overheated.

Together, the bed’s use of individually wrapped coils and Talalay latex provides a cool sleep experience that also leaves a minimal impact on the environment. The cotton used in the cover is organic, and the bed uses wool for extra contouring.

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Best Value Cooling Mattress – Nectar Premier

Nectar Premier

Best Value Cooling
This 13" memory foam mattress has five layers that are branded as "life-changing comfort." Featuring dual-action cooling and premier support elements, the Nectar Premier could be the right choice for you. It is a good option for hot sleepers, couples and strict side sleepers.
Nectar Premier Hero Image
4.8 / 5.0


Trial period

365 Nights

Reason to buy

A lot of mattress for the money

The Nectar Premier mattress is best suited for side sleepers and sleepers who love the hug of memory foam. This medium-firm mattress combines cradling for pressure relief with support for back sleepers, all at a competitive price. The Nectar Premier is an all-foam mattress, so it excels in pressure relief and minimizing motion transfer, which makes it an excellent option for couples.

Still, if you are a heavier sleeper, a stomach sleeper, or both, the Nectar Premier will likely be too soft for you. It simply doesn’t include the supportive coils that help keep the body elevated in stomach sleepers. The Nectar Premier comes with a Lifetime warranty and a 365-day trial period: two very attractive policies for hesitant shoppers.

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Best Mattress for Heavy Hot Sleepers – Leesa


Best Mattress for Heavy Hot Sleepers
The Leesa mattress adapts to all sleep positions and most body types. With its cooling foam and additional layers that both hug and support you, it's no wonder customers love sleeping on their Leesa.
leesa hero image
4.9 / 5.0


Trial period

100 days

Reason to buy

Great for most everyone! Excellent all-around mattress.

Handcrafted and made-to-order in the U.S., the Leesa Hybrid is a medium-firm luxury mattress. It includes three layers of dense memory foam that make this bed ideal for back, stomach and side sleepers. The foam layers provide added support and spinal alignment, and when combined with the innerspring coils, the Leesa can adapt to all sleeping styles and body types—even heavy sleepers who tend to sleep hot.

As to the feel of this mattress, the Leesa Hybrid features premium foam that’s bouncier than traditional memory foam. This new material lends a balanced foam feel, unlike slow-moving, classic memory foam, which tends to sleep hot and make sleepers feel “trapped” in their mattress. The Leesa’s premium foam and 6” layer of breathable innerspring coils combine to chill the mattress down for a cool night’s sleep.

See our full Leesa Hybrid Mattress Review for more details.

Best Cooling Mattress for Couples – GhostBed Luxe

GhostBed Luxe

Best Cooling Mattress for Couples
Considered one of the best cooling memory foam mattresses on the market, the GhostBed Luxe is a great option for sleepers who love the feel of memory foam but tend to sleep hot.
ghostbed lux hero image
4.7 / 5.0


Trial period

101 nights

Reason to buy

Top-of-the-line cooling technology

You and your sleep partner in the market for a new mattress that will keep you cool all night long? The GhostBed Luxe would be our top choice for you. This bed is constructed of four foam layers, the top two of which contribute to its compatibility with couples and hot sleepers.

While the top Ghost Ice Layer ensures that little heat gets trapped in the foam, the Ghost Memory Foam layer provides the motion isolation that will keep you from feeling all of your partner’s little movements throughout the night. Another bonus for couples is the Luxe’s firmness level: it comes in at a 5/10, meaning it is halfway between soft and firm on the mattress firmness scale. Medium-firmness tends to be well-suited for just about any sleeper, so all parties involved should be satisfied.

See our full GhostBed Luxe Review for more details.

Best Memory Foam Mattress with Cooling Gel – Bear Hybrid

Bear Hybrid

Best Memory Foam with Cooling Gel

The Bear Hybrid mattress captures all the most coveted features in a mattress and jam packs them into this state-of-the-art hybrid. The cooling gel memory foam continuously carries away heat, promising a cooler, more restful night of sleep.

bear hybrid mattress
4.7 / 5.0


Trial period

100 nights

Reason to buy

Superior support and alignment

The Bear Hybrid’s premium foam and individually wrapped coils provide sleepers with support and pressure-point relief while adapting to the body’s unique shape. The hyper-soft cooling gel foam is also a major plus for hot sleepers, as gel-infused memory foam is one of the best ways to help foster a cool night of sleep. Bear also uses certified eco-friendly materials and a water-based bonding solution to ensure minimal impact on the environment.

This mattress comes in at a 6 on our firmness scale of 1 to 10. This medium-firm feel makes it ideal for side and back sleepers who prefer a mattress that will provide optimal spinal alignment. Its five support layers work to address each of the pressure points that normally plague these types of sleepers, and the individually wrapped coils promote breathability and airflow. The Bear Hybrid is also a good option for couples because of this pocketed coil system, which reduces motion transfer and provides excellent edge support.

See our full Bear Hybrid Mattress Review to learn more. 

Best Cooling Memory Foam Mattress – Layla


Best Cooling Memory Foam
The original Layla memory foam mattress features two sides with different firmness options: one soft and one firm. Its copper-infused foam helps to cool the mattress and increase recovery times.
layla mattress banner1
4.7 / 5.0

Soft side and firm side

Trial period

120 days

Reason to buy

Dual-sided design.

The Layla is a memory foam mattress that is—wait for it—completely flippable. Each side of the mattress has a different firmness level, with the “soft” side being a medium-soft level and the “firm” side being medium-firm. The two different firmness levels mean that the mattress will work for a wide variety of sleep positions and body types. Because the original memory foam Layla mattress has a foam support core, it may not be best for heavyweight sleepers. But lightweight and average-weight sleepers should enjoy the feel and versatility of the Layla.

As far as construction goes, Layla uses a thick base layer of foam as the support core of the mattress. A transition layer is positioned on the soft side of the mattress, shielding the body a bit more from the base layer below. And both sides of the mattress include a comfort layer of foam that includes copper gel infusions: perfect for keeping hot sleepers cool. The cover of the Layla can be completely unzipped and removed. What’s more, it includes ThermoGel technology that allows the mattress to feel cool to the touch.

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Best Cooling Hybrid Mattress – Brooklyn Bedding Aurora

Brooklyn Bedding Aurora

Best Cooling Hybrid

The Brooklyn Aurora is a luxury hybrid mattress that helps regulate temperature and keep you cool all night long.

brooklyn bedding aurora mattressnerd
4.8 / 5.0


Trial period

120 days

Reason to buy

Cooling features and overall comfort

The Brooklyn Aurora mattress, from the online mattress company Brooklyn Bedding, helps keep hot sleepers comfortable with its TitanCool™ technology. TitanCool is a phase change material that helps moderate body temperature, using gel beads that react as your body heat rises to cool you down.

Because it’s offered at three firmness levels, the Brooklyn Aurora has a hybrid option for most types of sleepers. Side sleepers will like the soft option, which provides pressure point relief and support for the body’s contours. Back and stomach sleepers should choose the firm option for lumbar support and a flatter surface. Combination sleepers are best suited for the medium option, which offers a fantastic balance between contouring and support. Medium firmness is also a great option for couples who have different sleeping preferences.

Learn more in our full Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Mattress Review

Types of Cooling Mattresses

Construction is everything when it comes to picking a great new mattress. Not all beds are created equal when it comes to cooling, and when the bed is constructed with the right materials, you’ll be set up for success. Below we’ve listed a few of our favorite mattress materials that enhance cooling and keep you comfortable.


Latex is one of the best materials available for keeping hot sleepers cool. It is naturally breathable and allows air to circulate far better than other types of materials, like memory foam. Because of its open-cell construction, latex allows for proper ventilation and wicks away heat and moisture.

The best latex mattresses incorporate innerspring coils and a thick comfort layer of latex for a breathable, responsive feel.

Memory Foam 

While once considered a nightmare for hot sleepers because of how it tends to trap heat, memory foam has come a long way as far as cooling technology goes. While you are still more likely to get a cooler night’s sleep on another mattress type, if you are set on a memory foam bed, you can still find a great cooling bed. Several mattress companies have started infusing their foams with copper, using open-cell technology and using gel-infusion to offer a great deal of temperature regulation, in addition to cloud-like comfort.


If cool sleeping is your primary concern, you can’t go wrong with an innerspring mattress. With innerspring mattresses, air moves freely between the coils, and there is far more room for airflow than with a foam mattress.


Hybrid mattresses give hot sleepers the airflow of a traditional innerspring, combined with the comfort of a memory foam layer. Since hybrids are known as good options for hot sleepers, many of the memory foam comfort layers include cooling technology like gel or charcoal infusions to increase temperature regulation.

How Effective are Cooling Mattresses?

Mattresses can certainly make a difference to those who sleep hot, but not all mattresses do this job equally. It’s simple: If the material in a mattress does not allow air to circulate away from the body, hot air will stay trapped inside and cool air will stay out. Air must be able to flow freely within the mattress to regulate temperature.

One way to help ensure you are getting a breathable mattress is to read about its construction. What are the layers made of? What type of foam is used? How is cooling technology incorporated in the cover? Any mattress company can claim that they manufacture a breathable memory foam mattress, but if the inside is just a solid block of foam, it’s probably not going to effectively cool the body.

Shoppers set on a temperature-neutral bed should look for “open cell” and “gel-infused” memory foam when shopping. You should also be sure to always read the reviews to see how other hot sleepers experienced the mattress. That way, you’ll be as well-equipped as possible to find a mattress that truly keeps you cool.

Materials in Cooling Mattresses

Speaking of cooling technology, most of the leading mattress companies (certainly all the ones we’ve mentioned in this post) have incorporated cooling technology into their mattress designs. Many have even made new editions to previous models as they create new scientific advances in the cooling ability of their mattress.

Individually Wrapped Coils

What’s so special about individually wrapped coils? As opposed to Bonnell coils and hourglass coils, which are interlaced across the mattress, each individually wrapped coil in a mattress stands alone, wrapped in a fabric pocket. This pocketed coil structure lends greater breathability to the mattress. Pocketed coils are also more reactive to individual body movements, changing position as the body changes position.

Charcoal-Infused Foam

While we personally don’t feel that charcoal-infused foam is quite as effective as gel-infused memory foam, it’s a popular additive to memory foam that some sleepers swear by. Activated charcoal, combined with breathable open-cell foam, can add breathability and cooling to the mattress.

Graphite-Infused Foam

While graphite might make you simply think of pencils, this mineral agent is known to help wick away body heat and keep hot sleepers from feeling stifled. All Tuft & Needle mattresses, including the Original, Mint and Tuft & Needle Hybrid mattress, use graphite-infused foam to cool the body. The Bear Original mattress also includes Graphite-Gel memory foam.

Gel-Infused Foam

Mattresses advertised to have cooling properties will often use gel-infused memory foam in the construction to aid in heat absorption and temperature regulation. Whether in gel beads or infused throughout the mattress, gel-infused foam often feels cool to the touch. It’s one of the best ways that mattress manufacturers can counteract the overheating tendency of memory foam. Mattresses like the Brooklyn Bedding Sedona and the DreamCloud Premier include gel-infused foam.

Many people are skeptical of the effectiveness of gel infusions, after all, it does sound a bit too good to be true. So, does gel-infused memory foam actually work? The short answer is yes, but if you’d like to learn more you can head over to our full article on gel-infused memory foam.


Celliant is a synthetic fiber often incorporated in premium mattress fabrics. It reacts to heat produced by the body to create increased airflow and breathability, which is important for those who produce more body heat when they sleep. The Bear Original mattress uses Celliant fiber in its construction for better cooling.


Lycra is a stretchy, elastic synthetic fabric also known as spandex. In the mattress space, a lycra cover offers breathability. It might not feel cool to the touch, but it will certainly allow for ample airflow. In contrast, a soft cotton cover will feel less breathable and stretchy.


Tencel is an environmentally friendly fabric originally made from wood. Included in many clothing and sleep products, Tencel helps absorb moisture to keep the skin cool. In a mattress, a tencel cover is a great eco-friendly cooling option that wicks away sweat.

Creating a Cooling Sleep Experience

There’s no point in buying a state-of-the-art stereo system if you’re just going to hook it up to outdated or blown speakers. We can say the same for investing in a quality mattress. You don’t want to spend time researching and then spend your hard-earned money, only to top your new mattress with bedding made from materials that will work against its cooling properties. As far as sleep accessories, here’s what you want to look for.


When choosing sheets, both dryness and comfort should be top priorities for hot sleepers. Look for sheets that are ultra-soft and made with moisture-wicking materials that carry heat away. Several good materials to keep in mind are:

  • Supima, Egyptian or another lightweight cotton
  • Polyester microfiber
  • Linen
  • Bamboo

Mattress Pads

Whether you are budget-conscious and aren’t ready to make the investment, you have a premium mattress and want additional cooling, or you live in an area where a cold mattress isn’t ideal all year long, mattress covers, pads and toppers are a great alternative that cuts down on costs. If you are in the market for a mattress cover or topper, keep in mind the same keywords we discussed in the previous sections.


There are many cooling pillows available today, but they aren’t all equal in quality. Generally, pillows with a shredded latex filling or those that have a gel construction are best. One other popular option is a bamboo pillow. Bamboo pillows contain natural fibers designed to keep you cool and comfortable all night long.

Recap of the Best Rated Cooling Mattresses of 2021

Mattress Award
Cocoon Chill Editor’s Pick
Helix Midnight Luxe Best Mattress for Hot Side Sleepers
Saatva Best for Back Pain
Birch Best Organic Cooling Mattress
Nectar Premier Best Value Cooling Mattress
Leesa Hybrid Best Mattress for Heavy Hot Sleepers
GhostBed Luxe Best Cooling Mattress for Couples
Bear Hybrid Best Memory Foam Mattress with Cooling Gel
Layla Best Cooling Memory Foam Mattress
Brooklyn Aurora Best Cooling Hybrid Mattress

Dr. Alaina Rajagopal is part of our panel of medical expert contributors on the subject of sleep health. They provide important perspectives on the topics we discuss to help make our content as accurate and dependable as possible. They do not personally endorse any products, nor are they associated with any brands featured in our review content.