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Best Mattresses for Seniors

Seniors have different needs when it comes to sleep. No matter what your life stage and physical needs, there is a perfect mattress for you.

By Katie Terrell Hanna

Purchasing a mattress that will support you, aid in relief, and promote restorative sleep is on everyone’s wish list. However, finding the perfect mattress is particularly crucial for seniors aged 65 and older. As we age, we have different needs when it comes to sleep, and finding the right mattress can make all the difference in how you sleep, and how you wake up. 

According to the 2017 census, approximately 47 million seniors, those 65 and above, live in the United States. In a recent study, it was discovered that 40-70% of these seniors experience chronic sleep problems. Likely related is the fact that this same population experiences chronic pain in their neck, shoulders, back, and hip areas. For seniors with medical conditions, an old, low-quality mattress can worsen their chronic symptoms. It is also estimated that as many as 50% of cases of sleep disturbances go undiagnosed, meaning some seniors may not even realize that their mattress could be contributing to their ailments.

In this article, we will review the best mattresses for seniors, proven to show pain relief and improved sleep. We’ll also discuss the features seniors should look for in a mattress as well as the best mattress types for them. Seniors face some specific issues when it comes to sleep, so we’ve included some tips to remedy those. 

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The Best Mattresses for Seniors

Saatva Classic

Editor's Pick

Complete with all the bells and whistles, the Saatva mattress is made with quality materials that offer premium support.

4.7 / 5.0

Soft, Medium-Firm & Firm

Trial period

120 nights


15 year

The Saatva is a hybrid mattress that comes in three firmness options; soft, medium-firm, and firm. This can be an important consideration for seniors, depending on if you are more concerned about aches and pains or comfort. You can also select the height of your Saatva mattress, another important consideration for older adults who climb in and out of bed frequently.

The mattress is constructed with a top layer of quilted organic cotton foam for pressure relief on the joints, as well as a layer of gel memory foam to regulate body heat. A layer of individually wrapped pocket coils creates the support base for the Saatva. These coils circulate air, reduce motion transfer, and support the spine. It is a great option for seniors of all sleep positions. Saatva mattresses come with complimentary white glove delivery and free removal of your old mattress.

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Best Cooling

The combination of latex and organic wool in the Birch mattress keep air flowing and avoid trapping heat.

4.9 / 5.0


Trial period

100 nights

Reason to buy

Affordable, all natural hybrid

The Birch mattress is an all-natural, organic medium-firm hybrid mattress. Featuring a cushioning layer of organic New Zealand wool on top, the mattress cradles your pressure points, and wicks away moisture to keep heat out. Seniors who tend to sleep hot will find this mattress combines everything they are looking for as far as comfort and support.

The Talalay latex furthers the pressure-relieving qualities, cradling your hips, shoulders, and other pressure points so that you don’t wake up feeling sore. Latex inherently holds less heat than memory foam, and Birch has perforated their latex to keep air moving even more, meaning you can rest well and recover without waking up hot and tossing and turning.

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Best Luxury

A luxury firm hybrid mattress that’s ideal for seniors who sleep on their side and need absorption combined with pressure relief.

4.8 / 5.0


Trial period

365 days



The DreamCloud is a hybrid mattress created with high-quality materials and an exclusive hand-crafted pillow-top for ultimate comfort. It is constructed with memory foam and natural latex in its top comfort layers, while its support core is created with performance micro-coils to distribute weight and support the head, neck, and shoulders. 

It is a luxury firm mattress, ideal for seniors who sleep on their side and need absorption combined with pressure relief. The company truly wants sleepers to feel like they are sleeping on a cloud, and we have to say, that sounds like a pretty luxurious experience to us. 

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Loom & Leaf

Best Memory Foam

Luxury memory foam mattress that offers free in-home setup so seniors don’t have to lift a finger.

4.8 / 5.0

Medium-Firm & Firm

Trial period

120 nights


15 year limited warranty

The Loom & Leaf is a memory foam mattress with the medium-firm and firm options. It is composed of lush comfort layers of gel memory foam and high-density foam to cradle the body without retaining heat. 

The Loom & Leaf is an excellent choice for seniors with medical conditions who suffer from chronic pain and inflammation, and a great mattress for back and side sleepers, due to the superb support it offers. Loom & Leaf mattresses have a 15-year warranty, a 120-night trial period, and complimentary white glove delivery service.

See our full Loom & Leaf mattress review for more details.


Best Eco-Friendly

The ZenHaven is an exceptional option for seniors that need sufficient support in a mattress. Not to mention, it is dual-sided, offering two comfort levels, gentle firm and luxury plush.

4.6 / 5.0


Trial period

120 days


20 year limited warranty

The ZenHaven by Saatva is a star among latex mattresses. It is a dual-sided mattress with one side being plush and the other firm. It is constructed with four layers of Talalay natural latex and a five-zone lumbar support system.

It provides firmer support to the head, back, and leg areas, while offering softer support in the shoulders and hips that need conforming support. The ZenHaven offers excellent spinal alignment, making it a great option for seniors. This mattress is particularly good for side and back sleepers.

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Offering four different firmness levels, soft, luxury firm, firm, and plus, the WinkBed has a comfort and support level for every body type or physical condition a senior might have.

4.7 / 5.0

Offered at 4 firmness levels

Trial period

120 nights


Limited lifetime warranty

The WinkBed mattress has a hybrid design, meaning it is a blend of a traditional innerspring mattress and memory foam. It comes in medium and firm options and is constructed with layers of polyfoam, gel memory foam, triple-tempered support springs, and a lumbar pad. 

All of these elements work together to eliminate muscle tension and align the spine so seniors will have comforted and pain-free sleep. It is an excellent option for all sleep positions. Engineered to provide decompression support for the spine, enhanced ventilation for a cool sleep, and pressure point relief. The WinkBed also has a devoted “Lumbarlayer” for added lower back support. Seniors should find that this mattress evenly distributes their weight to help relieve pressure. The top layer is soft, but it won’t envelop you quite as a memory foam mattress would. 

Read our full WinkBed review to learn more.

Brentwood Home Cedar

Best Latex Hybrid

A hybrid latex mattress that features all-natural materials and offering zoned-support that many older adults need in their senior years.

4.7 / 5.0


Trial period

1 year


25 year limited warranty

The Cedar Mattress by Brentwood Home is a latex hybrid mattress. Its comfort layers are constructed with New Zealand wool, natural organic comfort layers, an organic cotton cover. While it’s support core is built with pocketed coils reinforced by a layer of coconut husks. 

It is a medium-firm mattress perfect for seniors who sleep on their back and proper support to prevent lower back pain. The Cedar has a zoned support system that separates the support levels into three categories, giving you extra support where needed and more give where necessary.  

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Things For Seniors To Consider When Buying A Mattress

  • Pressure Relief: Areas of the body become more sensitive as we age. It is no surprise that seniors may need special support from a mattress so these areas do not become pinched or feel inflamed.  
  • Proper Spine Support: Whether you currently experience back pina, or just simply want to avoid it at all costs, how you sleep and what you sleep on can make a big difference. When shopping for a new mattress, it is important to take inventory of your weight, sleeping position, and other habits. This will help you make an informed decision on a mattress that will promote spinal alignment and help you avoid further exacerbating back ailments. 
  • Exceptional Edge Support: Not only is inadequate edge support just irritating, but it also irritates the body if you sleep on your side, or near the edge of the bed. Edge support becomes increasingly important if you share the bed with a partner who gets up throughout the night, or tosses and turns in their sleep. When you are buying a mattress, you want to be able to use the whole thing, so reinforced edge support is always something to look for. 
  • Mattress Height: This one is less about pain and more about seniors who have limited mobility and may have difficulty getting in and out of bed. You’ll want to pay close attention to this feature to ensure that you don’t have to strain yourself when getting in bed at night or out of it in the morning. 
  • Cost: No matter what your age, you can find a good mattress at just about any price point these days. It will ultimately come down to how much you want to spend, how important extra features are to you, and how long you want the mattress to last. We have included mattresses at several price points in this roundup, so you’re sure to find one that works for you.
  • Breathability: Not only a concern for seniors, but for anyone who has a concern of sleeping hot at night, a breathable mattress is key. Many types of mattresses are now constructed with temperature regulating technology that allows the sleeper’s body heat to be trapped and promotes airflow throughout the night.  

How Firm Should a Mattress For Seniors Be? 

One of the main wants in a senior’s mattress is that it will ease any existing aches and pains, and prevent any new ones from arising. As with every age, how firm a mattress feels to a person will depend on their body type, weight, and sleeping position. If you have typical aches in your joints such as back, hips, and shoulders, a softer mattress will be more comforting to you. Firmer mattresses are great for keeping the spine aligned but may cause you to feel too much pressure on your joints when you sleep. Make sure your mattress isn’t too soft though. You want to make sure you can easily move around on it, and that it has enough support to avoid waking up with new pains.  

What Type of Mattress is Best for Seniors?


Hybrid mattresses are made by placing a foam layer on top of a bed of coils. This results in a mattress that is superb for seniors because they combine the comfort and body-conforming properties of memory foam with the added lower back support of a pocketed coil base. These provide adequate pressure relief, comfort, and support that seniors need. 


Latex mattresses have more elasticity than traditional foam mattresses and are better able to hug and absorb the body without causing you to ‘sink’ into the bed. They also circulate air better than traditional foam. This means added relief of pressure points and increased cooling for hot sleepers.

Memory Foam 

Memory foam mattresses have become some of the most popular mattresses due to the wide range of sleepers they can accommodate. For elderly people, memory foam can provide exceptional pressure relief and motion isolation. These mattresses give close contouring to the body, making memory foam a little more difficult to move around on than other mattresses.


Innerspring mattresses are known for providing great support. They are also very breathable since the coil base promotes excellent airflow throughout the mattress. Innersprings make great mattresses for seniors who struggle with aches and pains and want to prevent sagging in the mattress. 

Conditions That Can Make Sleep Difficult For Seniors


Right at the top of the list, is arthritis. One of the most common issues in seniors. Arthritis is characterized by inflammation in the joints that can cause chronic pain in the limbs. Arthritis sufferers need to be aware to look for a mattress that offers pressure point or joint relief.


Similar to arthritis, fibromyalgia is a musculoskeletal disorder marked by overactive nerves that cause chronic, widespread pain. And again for this condition, it is important to find a mattress that provides pressure relief to avoid further aggravation.

Back Pain

Another common symptom in seniors is back pain. Whether it is caused by arthritis, scoliosis, or osteoporosis, you will need to be sure to choose a mattress that provides spinal alignment and firm support for the lower back.


Dementia is a challenging condition that comes in many forms including Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease. While it is more of a mental ailment then physical, it has been linked to chronic sleep disturbances such as insomnia. So a quality mattress that provides the relaxation needed to induce sleep is critical.

Prostate and Bladder Issues

Whatever the cause, frequent nighttime urination is a common symptom among seniors. For that reason, you need to choose a mattress that is easy to get in and out of in the event of a sudden urge to use the restroom.

Sleep Apnea 

The older you become, the more likely you are to experience sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is a condition in which your breathing randomly starts and stops throughout the night. It can be difficult to get a restful night’s sleep as this condition often startles you awake. 

Sleep Tips for Seniors

  • Keep in mind that a goal of 7-9 hours of sleep is ideal for seniors. 
  • Maintain a routine. Go to sleep at the same time every night to help train the body toward regular sleep cycles.
  • Take a warm bath or shower prior to sleep. When you get out of the bath or shower, the drop in body temperature is likely to induce tiredness. 
  • Schedule unwind time before bed. When you are about an hour away from your desired bedtime, it’s a good idea to turn off the TV and other electronic devices and listen to soothing music or read a bit. This will help relax you.
  • Keep the bedroom for sleep only. When you avoid using your bedroom for other daytime activities, it will train the mind to think of it as a “sleep zone” and may make it easier to fall asleep when the time comes.
  • Avoid daytime naps. Napping during the day will disturb your evening sleep routine.
  • Drink fewer fluids in the evening. This will reduce nighttime trips to the bathroom and the possibility that you may not be able to get back to sleep. And speaking of fluids, be sure to avoid stimulants or alcohol before bed which can also disturb your sleep cycle.

Sleep Accessories for Seniors 

  • Nightlight: This will help to avoid any accidents should you need to get up in the middle of the night.
  • Invest in an adjustable base: An adjustable base can help to move the bed into positions that will not only aid in getting in and out of the bed but also allow you to elevate and lower sections of the body as needed for comfort. Common adjustments include inclining the upper body, as well as inclining both the upper body and lower body independently. Read our guide on the best adjustable beds for our top recommendations.
  • Find a knee pillow: For added support, a knee wedge pillow can allow for further support of the spine to avoid aches and soreness when sleeping. 

Recap: Top Rated Mattresses for Seniors

Mattress Award Firmness
Saatva Editor’s Pick Plush, Luxury-Firm & Firm
Birch Best Cooling Mattress Firm
DreamCloud Best Luxury Medium-firm
Loom & Leaf Best Memory Foam Firm & Relaxed-Firm
ZenHaven Best Eco-Friendly Dual-sided: plush and firm
The WinkBed Best Durability 4 firmness levels
Brentwood Home Cedar Latex Hybrid Medium


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