TEMPUR-Breeze Mattress Reviews

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Tempur-Pedic is the godfather, grandfather and king of memory foam mattresses. The company has been manufacturing versions of the original Swedish design, inspired by an early NASA invention, since 1991. In fact, Tempur-Pedic was the first to do it on these shores. You will not find a company more knowledgeable or invested in extolling the virtues of top-rated memory foam mattresses—comfort, support, contouring—than the team at Tempur-Pedic.

TEMPUR-Breeze Mattress Models

Not resting on reputation alone, the company introduced four new models in 2019. All of them attack the most common complaint about foam—that people get too hot while sleeping on it. In this review, we will talk about the differences between the Tempur-Breeze models and discuss which mattress serves which type of sleeper best. Then you can decide if the performance justifies Tempur-Pedic’s hefty prices.


The Tempur-PROBreeze mattress is a cooling choice from this well known mattress brand. This mattress is best for side sleepers, couples, people who sleep hot, and sleepers who love the contour of memory foam. With most Tempur-pedic products, they are known for their memory foam. This mattress is not exception. It is very rare to find a memory foam mattress with good responsiveness and motion isoaltion, but this mattress did it. This mattress also even made our list of the best mattresses for sex!

  • Price Range: Starting at $3,299
  • Mattress Type: Memory foam
  • Best For: Side sleepers and hot sleepers
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TEMPUR-PROBreeze Hybrid

As the name suggests, this whole series focuses on mattresses that regulate temperature and ensure that you are sleeping cool. Hybrid mattresses are normally known for being a bit cooler, so this could give you nights without ever breaking a sweat or kicking the covers off.

This mattress is great for all positions of sleepers because of its support and relief. It can also support heavier sleepers, since it is on the firmer side. Additionally, it is a great option for couples.

  • Price Range: Starting at $3,299
  • Mattress Type: Memory foam & innerspring coils
  • Best For: Back sleepers, stomach sleepers, heavier side sleepers and hot sleepers
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Unlike the hybrdd and original TEMPUR-PROBreeze, this mattress is built a bit softer, for those who are not the biggest lovers of firm mattresses. Since it is softer, it is a better fit for lightweight sleepers, to ensure they get adequate support and alignment. This is also a great choice for couples, like the other models. And once again, this mattress sleeper very cool.

  • Price Range: Starting at $3,999
  • Mattress Type: Memory foam
  • Best For: Side sleepers, hot sleepers, lighter weight sleepers
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As the name suggests, this mattress is firm. A firmer mattress is good for heavyweight sleepers because it provides proper support and alignment of their neck and shoulders. Additionally, a firm mattress is good for those who experience low back pain, as it may indicate using too soft of a mattress.

  • Price Range: Starting at $3,999
  • Mattress Type: Memory foam
  • Best For: Side sleepers, hot sleepers and heavier sleepers
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Which TEMPUR-Breeze Mattress is Best for Me?

You don’t go shopping for a Tempur-Pedic mattress looking for a low-cost option. You go to Tempur-Pedic looking for mattresses built to perform and built to last. The Tempur-Breeze line of memory foam mattresses was specifically designed to keep sleepers cool. If feeling too hot hinders your slumber, and you want to keep your mattress longer than 10 years, the Tempur-Breeze has something for you. For other cooling mattresses, see the best mattress for hot sleepers.

Here’s A Glimpse Into Which Model Suits Which Sleepers Best

All of the TEMPUR-Breeze mattress models are designed and built for hot sleepers and individuals ready to invest in a quality mattress (and those who have the budget to do so).

For more brands similar to the Tempur-Pedic mattresses, check out the best luxury mattresses.

TEMPUR-Breeze Mattress Brand by Sleep Style

Mattresses do not come one-size-fits-all. When you’re shopping for a new one, you have to consider your body type, your weight and your preferred sleeping position. Mattresses will react to bodies differently depending on those factors, as well as the materials (foam, coils, latex, etc.) used to construct them. If you find yourself changing positions throughout the night, check out the best mattress for combination sleepers. Here is a breakdown to help back, stomach and side sleepers decide which Tempur-Breeze mattress might work best for them.

TEMPUR-ProBreezeTEMPUR-ProBreeze HybridTEMPUR-LUXEBreeze SoftTEMPUR-LUXEBreeze Firm
Side Sleeper
Back Sleeper
Stomach Sleeper

Here at Mattress Nerd, we classify lightweight sleepers as weighing < 130 lbs, while average-weight sleepers are between 130-230 lbs. and heavyweight sleepers weigh over 230 lbs.

Side Sleepers

Recommended: Tempur-PROBreeze & Tempur-PROBreeze Hybrid

The most important factors in a mattress for a side sleeper are pressure relief, contouring, firmness, and lower back support. When sleeping on your side, much of your body weight falls on the hips and shoulders. It’s important to sleep on a mattress that contours to these areas and supports the others in between. You don’t want your hips and shoulders to sink into the mattress, nor do you want too much stress placed on your joints. 

Finding the proper balance of comfort and support largely depends on the materials used and the firmness of the mattress. A hybrid mattress or a medium-firm foam mattress are often great options for side sleepers since the foam helps cradle hips and shoulders. Then coils keep these areas from sinking too far into the bed and the back supported.

Back Sleepers

Recommended: Tempur-PROBreeze, Tempur-PROBreeze Hybrid, Tempur-LUXEBreeze Firm

Sleeping on your back is the healthiest way to sleep because the spine rests most naturally in this position. Back sleepers need a mattress that offers proper support for the neck and spine, as well as, contour for the bum and other curvy parts of the body. Medium to firm mattresses are the best choice for back sleepers because they keep the spine from dipping into the middle of the bed, which is bad for the back. Once again, hybrid mattresses make a good mattress for back sleepers as they offer a nice balance between support and contour. The LUXE Breeze Firm model may also suit back sleepers depending on their weight.

Stomach Sleepers

Recommended: Tempur-PROBreeze Hybrid

Sleeping on the stomach can be tough on the body. In fact, it’s the most unnatural position to sleep in. Stomach sleeping puts the most pressure on the chest, hips, and spine so stomach sleepers need to pay close attention to the firmness and materials in their mattresses. Since your hips, chest, and shoulders press into the mattress for most of the night, you’ll want a mattress with an adaptive top layer to cradle these body parts. Still, your mattress shouldn’t be too soft, otherwise your pelvis will sink too far downward and create an arch in the lower back. Hybrid mattresses that offer appropriate contour and a supportive structure are great choices for stomach sleepers. Lighter weight stomach sleepers may find the all-foam PROBreeze model a good choice as well. For a mattress that has the right amount of support and protection, see the best mattress for stomach sleepers.

TEMPUR-Breeze Construction

TEMPUR-PROBreezeMemory FoamMedium: 5/1079 lbs for queen12 inches
TEMPUR-PROBreeze HybridHybridMedium: 5/1096 lbs for queen12 inches
TEMPUR-LUXEBreeze SoftMemory FoamSoft:   4/1079 lbs for queen13 inches
TEMPUR-LUXEBreeze FirmMemory FoamMedium-Firm: 7/1079 lbs for queen13 inches

TEMPUR-PROBreeze Construction

The PROBreeze mattress models are identical through the first four layers. The difference is in the base layer— the PROBreeze Hybrid uses a layer of pocket coils as opposed to high-density foam. For other mattress that incorporate foam comfort layers and supportive coils in the construction, see the best hybrid mattresses.

  • Layer 1: Zip-off, washable, dual-layer cover made of “SmartClimate” materials that should feel cool on contact
  • Layer 2: Phase-change material adapts to body temperature, melting to release heat and freezing to maintain a cool sleep environment
  • Layer 3: Breathable layer that allows heat and humidity to escape during the night
  • Layer 4: Comfort foam layer
  • PROBreeze Base: Consists of a foam transition layer that is twice as thick as the one above it that helps ease into the support layer. The final base layer is the thickest, most dense layer, cut like an egg carton for airflow and support
  • PROBreeze Hybrid Base: Individually wrapped spring coils increase lifespan and firmness and strong edge support.

TEMPUR-LUXEBreeze Construction

The two LUXE models are identical except for their firmness. Offered in a plush option and a firm option. The LUXEBreeze Soft is great for people who like a soft, enveloping feel from their foam mattress. Whereas, The LUXEBreeze Firm is best for people who want a firmer-than-medium feel when they sleep. For other mattresses that keep the sleeper lifted on top of the mattress, see the best firm mattresses.

  • Layer 1: Two layers of “SmartClimate” materials that should feel cool on contact.
  • Layer 2: Phase-change material adapts to body temperature, melting to release heat and freezing to maintain a cool sleep environment
  • Layer 3: Breathable comfort layer that allows heat and humidity to escape during the night
  • Layer 4: Second comfort layer with thin, top-to-bottom holes to enhance airflow
  • Layer 5: Transition layer that is twice as thick as a layer above it
  • Layer 6: Thickest, most dense layer, cut like an egg carton for airflow and support

TEMPUR-Breeze Pricing 

ModelTwin XLFullQueenKingSplit KingCal KingSplit Cal King

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Dimensions & Specs

ModelTwin XLFullQueenKingSplit KingCal KingSplit Cal King
TEMPUR-PROBreeze38″ x 80″53″ x 74″60″ x 80″76″ x 80″38” x 80”72″ x 84″36” x 84”
TEMPUR-LUXEBreeze$38″ x 80″N/A60″ x 80″76″ x 80″38” x 80” 72″ x 84″36” x 84”

TEMPUR-Breeze Mattress Warranty, Shipping, Sleep Trial, & Returns

TEMPUR-Pedic Trial Period

You have 90 nights to try out any TEMPUR-Pedic mattress, starting with the day your mattress is delivered. You will be expected to sleep on the mattress for at least 30 nights before you can initiate a return. It takes most sleepers that long to know if a mattress fits their needs anyway. It’s no hardship. Besides, it also takes people new to break in and adapt to the feel of memory foam. 

Tempur-Pedic returns are not free. They will charge you $175 to return the mattress if you received free shipping when you made the original purchase.

TEMPUR-Pedic Warranty

Tempur-Pedic offers a limited, 10-year full replacement warranty. For 10 years, if any defect occurs, ones that are covered in the warranty, the company will repair or replace the mattress but you are required to pay for the transport of your replacement mattress. Here are some of the conditions to keep in mind:

  • Applies only to the original buyer
  • Does not apply if purchased on Amazon, eBay, etc.
  • Must use as a sleeping surface
  • Must use on a solid base strong enough (no box springs) to support sleeper and mattress
  • Will cover visible sags greater than 3/4 of an inch
  • Splits or cracks in materials not caused by abuse or wear and tear
  • Problems with zippers or seams not caused by abuse or wear and tear

Delivery and Setup 

The Tempur-Breeze mattresses will be delivered 1-2 weeks after you order it and comes with free white-glove service anywhere within the lower 48 states. The delivery team will set it up and take away your old mattress and all of the packing materials. You’ll pay $600 for delivery to Alaska, Hawaii and U.S. Territories.

It’s a good thing they offer the white glove service because these bad boys are heavy! 

TEMPUR-Pedic Financing

You can finance any TempurPedic purchase with the Tempur-Pedic Credit Card at 0% APR for the first 48 months. There is no annual fee and the process can be completed with a real person over the phone or during checkout at a Tempur-Pedic store counter. You can also apply online as you make your purchase.

You can also check to see if you pre-qualify for the credit card before you actually shop. You can do it online via the mattress company website and it will not affect your credit score.

TEMPUR-Pedic Customer Service

Anywhere you can purchase a TEMPUR-Pedic mattress, there is an associate there to answer all of your questions. Additionally, the company’s Sleep Experts are available to help via phone or email. This is the sort of accessibility a company the size of Tempur-Pedic can and should offer its customers. Even though you get free delivery and a trial period, some people still want to see that they’re buying before they buy it. You can do that with Tempur-Pedic.

TEMPUR-Pedic Availability

Tempur-Pedic mattresses are sold via the company website, Amazon and thousands of brick-and-mortar shops throughout the U.S., Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. In total, the Tempur-Breeze mattresses are available at over 6,000 retail locations in the U.S. and online.

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TEMPUR-Breeze Rating and Conclusion

From top to bottom, the Tempur-Breeze mattresses seek to eliminate the biggest problem with memory foam—overheating. They use phase-change material, fabric that wicks moisture, and cut channels into the support layer to enhance airflow and ensure a cool sleep for the user.

The problem becomes if you sleep hot but don’t have a lot in the wallet. These mattresses are breathtakingly expensive. But Tempur-Pedic always delivers quality models that are very durable and very comfortable, so you will get what you paid for. The company knows a lot about memory foam so rest assured you are getting a product designed by some of the best in the industry that offers a significant amount of detail and quality to the design of their product. 

If you can afford the best that the memory foam mattress marketplace has to offer, and specifically want to sleep cooler, these mattresses are for you.

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Compare TEMPUR-Breeze

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TEMPUR-Cloud Breeze Dual Cooling Pillow

TEMPUR-Cloud Breeze Dual Cooling Pillow

The TEMPUR-Pedic TEMPUR-Cloud Breeze Dual Cooling pillow is an excellent cooling pillow option for all kinds of sleepers, especially those who are fond of memory foam.

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TEMPUR-Adapt + Cooling Mattress Topper

TEMPUR-Adapt + Cooling Mattress Topper

This foam topper is made of 3 inches of supportive TEMPUR material. It is designed to enhance or improve the original comfort level of virtually any mattress, no matter how firm or soft.

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TEMPUR-Cloud Adjustable Pillow

TEMPUR-Cloud Adjustable Pillow

This unique Tempur-Pedic pillow comes with an adjustable, shredded memory foam fill that can be added to or removed, to cater to your own personalized loft and feel preferences—meaning it’ll work for all sleeping positions and body types.

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