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Purple vs. Saatva Mattress Comparison

Purple and Saatva are two of the most well-known mattress brands in the industry. We put their original models head to head in this Purple vs. Saatva mattress comparison.

Comparing Saatva Mattress & Purple Mattress

The Saatva Classic is a luxury innerspring mattress with a euro pillow top and two layers of coils. The mattress is available in three firmness levels and two heights, so nearly every sleeper type can find an option that works for them. The Purple is an all-foam bed with a unique Hyper-Elastic Polymer Grid that gives the sleeper a floating sensation. It comes in one firmness level and has a medium-firm feel (7/10). 

The Purple is unlike any other foam mattress, which makes this innerspring vs. all-foam mattress comparison a little more interesting. Though it contains no coils, the Purple offers some of the qualities of an innerspring or hybrid mattress, like cooling. It also has plenty of responsiveness, a popular feature among the best mattresses for combination sleepers. Wondering about how it might stack up to an authentic innerspring bed like the Saatva? Keep reading to learn their differences, similarities, constructions, price points and tips for choosing the best new mattress for your home.

Key Differences

  • Each mattress model from Purple offers a firm, gel-like and floating sensation, while the Saatva allows light bounce, some initial plushness on top and solid overall support.
  • The Purple measures only 9.5” tall (which is shorter than average), and the Saatva is available in 11.5” and 14.5” models.
  • The Saatva offers noticeably better edge support for people who sit on the edges of their mattress and couples who want to spread out.

Key Similarities

  • Both mattresses sleep much cooler than average: The Saatva does so thanks to its coil-on-coil design, and the Purple encourages airflow with the columns in the grid comfort layer.
  • Both mattresses have above-average durability thanks to sturdy base materials and resilient comfort layers.
  • Both mattresses use a combination of mattress materials. Saatva has a coil-on-coil design and luxury details that elevate it above the average old-school hotel innerspring bed. The Purple sleeps exceptionally cool and offers a floating sensation unlike any other memory foam bed on the market.

Saatva Classic

Who Should Buy this Mattress? 

  • People who like sleeping “on” their mattress rather than “in” it
  • Hot sleepers
  • Value shoppers
Saatva mattressnerd


Trial period

180 nights


15 year



Who the Saatva Mattress is Best For 

Best For…

  • People who like sleeping “on” their mattress: The coil-on-coil design and relatively thin comfort system create a lifted sensation on the Saatva, which you’ll enjoy if you don’t like sinking too deeply into your mattress.
  • Hot sleepers: The coil layers allow strong airflow throughout the mattress, keeping the surface cool for hot sleepers.
  • Value shoppers: The Saatva’s sophisticated design, high-quality materials and strong performance across the board come at a reasonable price point. The brand also offers free white glove delivery to elevate the shopping experience.

May Not be Best For…

  • Memory foam lovers: If you like the feel of memory foam, you’ll want to rule this mattress out. It doesn’t offer the same pressure-relieving cradle as models with thicker memory foam comfort layers.
  • Couples who prioritize motion isolation: Although Saatva does offer excellent edge-to-edge support, its high rate of motion transfer can be problematic for couples who awaken easily to one another’s movements.

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Purple Mattress

Who Should Buy this Mattress?

  • People who sleep hot on all-foam beds
  • Shoppers interested in a mattress with a “floating” feel
  • Lightweight and average-weight sleepers


Trial period

100 nights


10 year limited warranty



Who the Purple Mattress is Best For 

Best For…

  • People who sleep hot on all-foam beds: The Purple Grid promotes steady airflow to keep the mattress cool, especially compared to other models made primarily with foam.
  • Shoppers interested in a mattress with a “floating” feel: The Purple feels simultaneously squishy and firm, almost like gel. The Purple Grid will buckle where pressure is applied and stay upright elsewhere, creating a “floating” sensation and great pressure relief for sensitive joints.
  • Lightweight and average-weight back and stomach sleepers: The Purple provides plenty of support and a touch of pressure relief for these body types in these positions.
  • Plus-size side sleepers: Larger side sleepers should be able to apply enough pressure to activate the collapsing nature of the Purple Grid around the hips and shoulders.

May Not be Best For…

  • People who like a traditional memory foam feel or sleeping “in” their mattress: If you prefer traditional mattresses or want a true foam feel, you’re not going to get that with the Purple.
  • Plus-size back and stomach sleepers: Most larger sleepers in these positions will sink too deeply into the grid to achieve healthy spinal alignment. The hips will sink below the shoulders in the stomach sleeping position and have issues staying elevated in the back sleeping position.
  • Lightweight and average-weight side sleepers: We’ve heard some complaints that sleepers in these weight categories can’t apply enough pressure to activate the Purple Grid at the hips and shoulders in this position, creating tension at the neck and lower back.

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Deciding Between Saatva & Purple

Firmness / Feel

The Purple is available in one firmness setting that’s medium-firm, or 7/10 on our 1-10 firmness scale. The Saatva Classic is offered in three firmness settings: plush soft (4/10), luxury firm (6/10) and firm (7.5/10).

Lying on the Purple, you’ll experience a sensation that’s almost like lying on gel. It’s squishy yet dense, and the grid system will buckle based on where your weight is most heavily distributed. Overall, the feel is firm and “floaty.” Regardless of which firmness setting you choose, on the Saatva, your entire body will sink lightly into the pillow top comfort portion, but the initial feel of the mattress is dense and supportive.

Saatva Performance By Sleeping Position:
Lightweight (< 130 lbs.): 5 5 3
Average weight (130 – 230 lbs.): 5 5 4
Heavyweight (> 230 lbs.): 4 3 4
Purple Performance By Sleeping Position:
Lightweight (< 130 lbs):  5 5 4
Average weight (130 – 230 lbs): 4 4 4
Heavyweight (> 230 lbs):  4 2 2

1 = Very poor, 2 = Not good, 3 = Fair, 4 = Good, 5 = Excellent

Motion Isolation

The Saatva’s bouncy nature from the coil-on-coil support system and its responsive surface don’t offer much motion isolation. That’s problematic, because the best mattresses for couples tend to have great motion isolation. The Purple is an excellent choice for couples because, although the Purple Grid is somewhat responsive, it isolates motion very well and doesn’t produce any noise: making it a great mattress for sex.

Edge Support

The Purple is on par with most all-foam beds in that it bows down around the edges when pressure is applied. Its firmness level and the responsive nature of the grid may allow it to sink less than competing foam models.

The Saatva has excellent edge support thanks to its thick coil-on-coil system, which reinforces the perimeter to prevent sinkage. If you’re sleeping with a partner who pushes you to the edge of even a Queen or King size mattress, proper edge support is a huge consideration. 

Pressure Relief 

The Purple Grid is pressure-relieving yet firm at the same time, but its ability to provide pressure relief for you will depend largely on your sleeping position. The grid buckles where the most pressure is applied. For example, average-weight back sleepers should experience light cushioning at the shoulders and in the lumbar spine. How well it relieves pressure will also depend on your bodyweight. Lightweight sleepers may not be able to apply as much pressure, therefore failing to activate the Purple Grid so that it buckles and creates contour.

The softest version of the Saatva (plush soft) offers the most pressure relief, while the firmest version offers the least. All three versions are designed to provide some pressure relief when you first lie down on the mattress, but they don’t offer the same relief as a slow-moving memory foam bed. Though quite soft at first, the layers of coils beneath give the bed a firmer feel overall, so it may not be the best choice for people with painful pressure points.

Spine Alignment 

Spinal alignment on any mattress depends heavily upon your body weight and primary sleeping position. The best mattresses for stomach sleepers tend to be firmer mattresses, so we recommend the Saatva luxury firm or firm to prevent the hips from sinking. Average-weight stomach sleepers may find the support they need on the Purple as well. 

Side sleepers will find that their shoulders “hunch” on the Purple unless they are plus-size, but the plush soft version of the Saatva could offer enough contouring around the hips and shoulders to keep the spine in healthy alignment. The best mattresses for side sleepers should allow the hips to sink down far enough into the mattress to achieve proper alignment. 

Back sleepers can do fine on either mattress, as both offer enough lift to keep the hips in line with the shoulders and enough support to evenly distribute body weight across the mattress.


The Hyper-Elastic Polymer Grid is said to be much more durable than traditional foams (for instance, polyfoam, memory foam and even latex), so the Purple should be a long-lasting mattress. The Saatva’s materials and construction make it a durable mattress, as the two sets of coils add bounce, support and responsiveness to prevent sagging and indentations.


The Saatva’s design has a great deal of room for airflow throughout the mattress. The organic pillow top cover is also very breathable, preventing the foam layers from trapping too much heat. The Purple’s ability to regulate temperature relative to other all-foam mattresses is one of its standout features. The gel grid and breathable cover allow room for airflow when compared to beds with memory foam or polyfoam comfort layers.

Saatva Mattress Construction

Cover Organic cotton euro-top cover

1.25-1.5” polyfoam

.75” dacron fibers

Comfort Layer  1” memory foam
Transitional Layer Individually wrapped coils
Support Layer Steel coils

Perimeter foam

Mattress Thickness  11.5” or 14.5”

The Saatva has euro-top cover, which serves as the bed’s primary comfort system. The cover has a thin layer of polyfoam sewn in, so you’ll notice some hug when you lie down, but you won’t sink in. Beneath the euro-top is a thin layer of memory foam. This adds some gentle contouring but doesn’t drastically alter the mattress’s feel.

The transition layer of the Saatva is a 4″ layer of 14.5 gauge pocketed coils. These have a mid-level thickness that give the bed some responsiveness but don’t make it as bouncy or springy as a traditional innerspring mattress. The pocketed nature of these coils helps them distill some motion transfer and provide more conforming than other coil styles, which should encourage spinal alignment. Most Saatva mattresses include a coil base system: see our Saatva mattresses comparison article for a detailed overview. 

The support core of Saatva is 4” to 7” of recycled steel Bonnell coils (their height depends on the mattress height you choose). They sit directly below the transition layer of coils, giving the bed its signature “coil-on-coil” construction. This layering adds extra support and durability, and it also allows for above-average airflow, even for an innerspring or hybrid mattress. The edges of the bed are reinforced by a high-density perimeter foam, which helps prevent sinkage at the perimeter when sitting or lying down.

Purple Mattress Construction

Screen Shot 2020 08 27 at 10.04.45 AM
Cover Polyester blend cover with slip-guard bottom
Comfort Layer  2” Purple Grid comfort layer
Transitional Layer 3.5” high-density polyfoam
Support Layer 4” high-density polyfoam
Mattress Thickness  9.5”

The Purple’s three foam layers are encased in a soft, stretchy knit cover of polyester, viscose and Lycra spandex. It features a slip-guard bottom, and Purple recommends spot cleaning the cover with detergent if stains occur.

The comfort layer of the mattress is Purple’s proprietary Hyper-Elastic Polymer Grid. This material is completely unique to Purple mattresses and buckles where pressure is applied without compressing across the rest of the surface. Purple shapes the polymer into a column or grid-like pattern, or open-grid design, which promotes steady airflow throughout the top portion of the mattress, helping the Purple Original sleep cooler than almost any other foam bed on the market.

The transition layer is 3.5” high-density polyfoam, which simply acts as a buffer between your body and the dense support core. It’s thicker than transitional layers found in other all-foam beds, which may contribute to the bed’s medium-firm (7/10) feel.

The support core, or base layer, of the Purple is 4” high-density polyfoam (higher density than the transition layer). This base material stabilizes the bed so that it provides lift and encourages spinal alignment. Altogether, the layers measure 9.5” tall, with the support and transition layers constituting 7.5” of the bed’s total height for a supportive, dense feel.

Sizing & Price Comparisons 

Mattress Size  Saatva Classic Price Purple Price 
Twin $849 $599
Twin XL $1,049 $799
Full $1,399 $999
Queen $1,499 $1,149
King $1,899 $1,449
Cal King $1,899 $1,449
Split King $2,098 $1,598
Split Cal King N/A N/A

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Shipping and Returns for Saatva & Purple

Saatva Mattress

One of the perks of purchasing a Saatva mattress is that it comes with free white glove delivery if you live in the contiguous U.S. This means that a team will set up the mattress in your home and remove your old mattress and foundation upon request. Saatva does not currently ship directly to Alaska or Hawaii, but you may be able to request delivery through a freight forwarder. That’s the case for every Saatva model, from the luxurious Saatva HD to the Saatva Youth mattress

Once the Saatva Classic arrives, you’ll have a 180-night sleep trial to try it out at home. If you decide it isn’t right for you, you can return or exchange it at any point during the trial. Returns and exchanges aren’t free, and you’ll be charged a $99 transportation fee and any difference between mattress costs (for exchanges).

If you keep the Saatva, it’s protected by a 15-year warranty. The warranty policy states that Saatva will replace a Saatva Classic that’s deemed defective at no cost to you during the first two years of ownership. During years three to 15, Saatva will repair and re-cover the mattress for a flat fee of $198, which accounts for a $99 shipping fee both ways. To read more about the Saatva warranty or return policies, check out our Saatva Mattress warranty policy breakdown or Saatva Mattress return policy breakdown

Purple Mattress

The Purple Original ships free to the contiguous U.S. as a bed in a box. Customers in Alaska, Hawaii and Canada are charged a shipping fee at checkout. The mattress arrives rolled and compressed in a cardboard box, so you’ll need to remove it from the box and plastic wrap, unroll it and allow it to expand on a flat surface for 24-48 hours after delivery.

Purple offers a 100-night sleep trial for the Purple Original, which begins the day the mattress is delivered to your doorstep. Purple requests that customers spend 21 nights, or three weeks, on the mattress before initiating a return, stating that it allows time for your body to adjust to the bed’s support level. If you decide you don’t want the mattress, you can contact Purple customer service, and they’ll arrange pickup and issue a full refund.

If you keep the Purple mattress, it’s covered by a limited 10-year warranty, which begins on the date of purchase. Purple will repair or replace a mattress with defects as long as the mattress is used on a firm, flat, solid surface. The warranty covers indentations deeper than 1” and splitting and cracking in the mattress materials. The mattress cover is not protected under warranty.

More Saatva Mattresses

Saatva Classic

A hybrid model designed especially for plus-size sleepers, the Saatva HD is similar to the Classic but contains zoned latex, high-density memory foam and even thicker Bonnell coils. The price point, however, is almost double the Saatva Classic’s.

Saatva mattressnerd

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Loom & Leaf

The Loom & Leaf is Saatva’s luxury memory foam mattress. It has a high-density foam base and two layers of close-conforming memory foam in the comfort portion. It’s ideal for those who have aches and pains, enjoy sleeping “in” their mattress and don’t sleep hot.

Loom Leaf Relaxed mattressnerd

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More Purple Mattresses

Purple Hybrid

The Purple Hybrid also contains Purple’s proprietary grid, but it has a supportive layer of pocketed coils. It has almost identical comfort layers as the original Purple, but it offers better airflow, stability and edge support. It’s also more expensive.

Purple Hybrid Mattress

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Purple Hybrid Premier

The Purple Hybrid Premier is almost identical to the Purple Hybrid but has a thicker comfort layer grid (3” or 4” thick). The 3” model conforms closely yet offers even support. The 4” model conforms very closely and has a medium-soft feel. 


Purple Hybrid Premier Mattress

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Our Final Take

The Purple and Saatva are popular and share a few qualities in common, so which is right for you? If you want a unique, firm-yet-squishy gel-like feel, go with the Purple. If you want a traditional innerspring feel with a bit of softness, go with the Saatva

Heavyweight sleepers are more likely to find the support they need on the firmest version of the Saatva, and lightweight sleepers are better off on the plush soft version of the Saatva, which will allow them to sink in comfortably. The Purple hits a sweet spot for average-weight sleepers who like foam beds, sleep hot and want to try a mattress with a unique “floating” sensation.