Purple Pillow Review

Learn everything you need to know about the Purple Pillow, and whether it should be where you lay your head!

The Mattress Nerd’s Take: The Purple Pillow is a bold, uniquely-made pillow that uses the material Purple is famous for: the hyper-elastic polymer grid. This heavy, new-age pillow isn’t for those who enjoy a classic down or memory foam pillow feel, but it’ll work great for back and side sleepers looking for a supportive pillow. Stomach sleepers might find that the Purple Pillow is a bit too high for proper spinal alignment. But still, we love this easily-washable pillow for its bold, inventive design.

The chances are pretty good that you have heard of Purple and laid eyes on their hyper-elastic polymer material, whether in person or on a screen. Even if you didn’t know the technical name, you’ve probably seen one of their quirky commercials or even recognize their flagship purple mattress. The point is, they’re one of the major players in the bed-in-a-box mattress world.

The Purple mattress people set out in 2016 to use their proprietary hyper-elastic polymer to make a great pillow. Their Kickstarter campaign went well, and years later we’re still marveling at the 10-pound Purple Pillow that feels nothing like any other pillow. They also make a more traditional-feeling Purple Plush Pillow, but the Purple Pillow is the flagship model.

The Purple Pillow is a safe bet for back and side sleepers. People who sleep in these positions need a pillow that supports the weight of the head without putting too much strain on the neck in the process. The hyper-elastic polymer grid in the Purple Pillow helps support your neck, but the pillow does not collapse under the weight of your head.

We’ve tested a lot of pillows, and this one is not typical. Let’s dive in…

What Makes the Purple Pillow Stand Out


  • Since it’s a plastic, rubbery texture, the Purple Pillow is easily washable: just use warm water and letting it air dry
  • The unique hyper-elastic polymer grid is certified safe by the FDA and CertiPUR-US® certified.
  • All Purple pillows have a 100-night sleep trial


  • The Purple Pillow is heavier than more standard pillows, like down pillows
  • It may be too thin for side sleepers to have enough head and neck support for spinal alignment
  • Purple pillows only come in one size
  • You have to sleep on the Purple Pillow for 30 days before you return it

What is the Purple Pillow Made Of?

The Purple Pillow is a worthy partner for the popular Purple mattresses. Purple put the same hyper-elastic polymer, the material that makes the mattress so versatile, to good use to enhance your sleeping experience.

Hyper-Elastic Polymer

The key design feature is a smart comfort grid of hundreds of tiny triangles that relax in reverse proportion to how much pressure you place on it. That means it will hold up your lighter, curvier neck, while also cradling and supporting your head. The Purple Pillow isn’t ever in need of fluffing because the Purple Grid reverts back to its position easily.
This is great news for anyone who needs extra pressure support or who wakes up with neck pain.

Breeze Mesh Cover

The Purple Pillow’s zippered machine-washable cover is made of a stretch mesh material that will move with the pillow and enhance breathability. The Lyocell material in the cover makes the material soft and stretchy, almost like Spandex. Additional cooling nylon pulls heat from your body and leaves you cool and dry. Though the Purple Pillow doesn’t come with a pillowcase, the company says you can sleep right on the zippered cover if you’d like.

What does the Purple Pillow Feel Like?

The Purple Pillow just isn’t the best pillow If you’re looking for a traditional-feeling plush sleeping surface that reminds you of a hotel room. Its primary material is a hyper-elastic polymer grid that has triangular channels built into it, rather than the fluff that’s inside a traditional pillow. The Purple Pillow is cut into mini-triangular channels that allow air to get in and carry away heat. The pillow probably won’t feel cool to the touch, but it won’t feel like a heat trap either: imagine a breathable, neutral surface. Even the mesh cover keeps your face cool.

If you’re nervous about the unique construction of the Purple Pillow, not to worry — you won’t be putting your head directly on that purple, rubbery surface. The Purple pillow comes with a soft breeze mesh cover that’s moisture-wicking, meaning it keeps moisture away from the skin. It’s thin and stretchy, and it feels like a sporty, breezy material.

The Purple Pillow delivers great pressure relief for both back sleepers and side sleepers. The Purple Polymer grid doesn’t sink too much when you lay your head back down into it, and the adjustable boosters included with each Purple Pillow allow a little bit of extra flexibility: if you have a larger build, you might find yourself including those boosters to elevate your neck even more and achieve proper spinal alignment.

Combination sleepers – those who move around and change positions in their sleep – will appreciate that the Purple Pillow is so responsive. You won’t feel “stuck” in the pillow, but rather that you can turn around and move your head easily.

But the Purple Pillow might not be best for all sleeping positions. Stomach sleepers in search of a thin pillow might not find what they’re looking for in the Purple’s construction, even without the removable booster surfaces. It may elevate the head of stomach sleepers a bit too much to achieve proper spinal alignment.

Purple Pillow Pricing and Specs

Dimensions Price
Purple Pillow 24″ x 16″ x 3″ $109
Purple Pillow Boosters

(for adjustability)

24″ x 16″ x 1″

24″ x 16″ x 1/2″

Included with Purple Pillow purchase

Check out our Purple Coupons page for more information on Purple deals and promotions.

Purple Pillow Policies


Like most bed-in-a-box mattress brands, free shipping is a given at Purple as long as the pillow is being delivered somewhere in the contiguous 48 states. If you’re having the mattress shipped to Alaska or Hawaii, you might be on the hook for shipping costs. You can buy the Purple Pillow on the company website, Amazon, Mattress Firm and other third-party retailers.

Sleep Trial

You have a 100-night trial period to test any Purple pillow, but you have to sleep on it for at least 30 days before you can return it. That way, Purple reasons, you have enough time for your body to truly adjust to the pillow. If you end up wishing to return the product, contact Purple by phone or email. They’ll send you a return label to ship it back (clean and undamaged). Then they’ll issue a full refund.

Warranty Coverage

Each Purple pillow purchase (say that five times fast!) comes with a 1-year warranty. The warranty that Purple offers covers manufacturing defects, but only for the original buyer. That means you can’t buy a used Purple pillow from a friend or neighbor and keep the warranty benefits. You call Purple to initiate a refund.

Purple Pillow FAQs

How long does it take to get used to the Purple Pillow?

Sleeping on the Purple Pillow may take some getting used to. It feels different to sleep on a slab of what feels a bit more like rubber, as opposed to traditional pillow stuffing. You may need some time to get used to this unique pillow, which was designed to support and cradle sleepers in the exact amount you need.

How should you wash the Purple Pillow?

The Purple Pillow can be washed with water and gentle soap in a sink or bathtub. Then it should be air-dried.

Why is “Purple” the brand name rather than any other color?

The founders of the company chose “Purple” partly because it’s seen as the color of royalty. They intend to treat all their customers like royalty, hence the name.

See purple.com for more FAQs.

The Bottom Line

Take it from us: the Purple Pillow is one of the most unique pillows on the market today. A cult favorite, it’s great for back and side sleepers because it’s responsive and not too soft.
Stomach sleepers, on the other hand, might find that the Purple Pillow doesn’t “give” enough when they lay their head down on it. It might be best for stomach sleepers to look for a thinner pillow that allows their head to lay down flatter for proper spinal alignment.

Still, with Purple’s phenomenal customer service and 100-night sleep trial, we think the Purple Pillow is absolutely worth a try. Even if you don’t like it, at least you can tell your friends you slept on this unique pillow.

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