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DreamCloud Mattress Review

Materials: memory foam and coils

Firmness: 6.5

Warranty: Lifetime Warranty

Trial Period: 365 Nights

Price Range: $899–$1,399

The Mattress Nerd’s Take: The DreamCloud is a relative newcomer to the highly competitive bed-in-a-box market. Introduced in 2018, it immediately got our attention here at Mattress Nerd because of its luxury hybrid construction and affordable price. Typically, a posh mattress with a luxury-hotel feel can run you $1,500 to $2,000. But The DreamCloud ranges from $799 to $1,200 and may be one of the best luxury mattresses.

What do we mean by “luxury”? The DreamCloud contains high-quality materials such as a cashmere blend cover, gel-infused memory foam and individually wrapped coils. You can also select White Glove delivery service, and if you have questions, you can consult with your DreamCloud Sleep Concierge.

Designed at a generous 15” thick, The DreamCloud balances comfort and support through the combination of multiple memory foam layers and an inner-coil support system. Its gel-infused memory foam and breathable construction should appeal to hot sleepers, and its individually wrapped coils should afford back sleepers the higher firmness level they need. While the DreamCloud does have memory foam in its construction, the overall feel of this mattress is more responsive and bouncy, making it a great mattress for combination sleepers and those who prefer a more classic, innerspring sleep experience. 

Who Is The DreamCloud Best For? 

Lightweight (< 130 lbs):  5 5 4
Average weight (130 – 230 lbs): 5 4 4
Heavyweight (> 230 lbs):  4 3 3

1 = Very poor, 2 = Not good, 3 = Fair, 4 = Good, 5 = Excellent

Back Sleepers

This mattress scored a 6.5 on our firmness scale of 1–10, with 10 being the firmest. Typically, this score means that it’s a good mattress for back sleepers. In order to keep their spines supported in a healthy “S” curve, back sleepers need a medium-firm bed like The DreamCloud. One of our expert mattress testers is a lightweight, strict back sleeper, and she loves this mattress. Another average-weight tester on our team also felt great back support, thanks to The DreamCloud’s sturdy inner-coil support system. We also think this bed will be great for plus-size back sleepers as well, especially because it stands at a thick 15” tall and is built with supportive coils. 

Stomach Sleepers

A certain level of firmness is especially important for stomach sleepers. If the mattress is too soft, then the pelvis will sink too far down into the mattress, causing the back to bow out of alignment. In our sleep lab, our lightweight tester still had good pressure relief while lying on her stomach. However, our average-weight tester registered a bit too much pressure in his chest. While we read several reviews of heavier sleepers (more than 200 lbs.) giving this mattress positive marks, plus-size sleepers typically require a firmer mattress with a classic innerspring system to get the kind of support they require. See our recommendations on the best mattress for heavy stomach sleepers if you find yourself looking for more support.

Side Sleepers

The DreamCloud also scored high for quality side sleeping for lightweight to average-weight sleepers. To get good marks, the mattress must keep the spine of the side sleeper in lateral alignment, meaning the bed has to be soft enough for the shoulders and hips to cushion into the mattress. Our lightweight tester exhibited very good alignment, and the average-weight tester also felt pressure relief on his shoulders and hips. This result is due to the softer comfort and transitional memory foam layers described below in our handy construction section. For heavyweight side sleepers (more than 230 lbs.), this mattress might not offer enough support, as they will quickly sink through the softer top layers and find themselves pressing into the firmer support layers. Check out our complete list of recommendations on the best mattress for side sleepers. 

Combination Sleepers

Do you move from your back, to your side, to your stomach in your sleep? This makes you a combination sleeper. This group of sleepers requires a responsive mattress that’s easy to move around in. Since The DreamCloud is a hybrid inner-coil mattress with some bouncy natural latex in its construction, lightweight to average-weight combination sleepers should comfortably roll around all night. Like with the other sleeping positions, heavyweight sleepers may sink too far into the upper memory foam layers to change positions easily. If you change positions frequently, you may want to consider a latex mattress or innerspring mattress, both constructions making movement easier.

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How Does The DreamCloud Mattress Feel? 

Responsiveness, Bounce and Ease of Movement 

The DreamCloud does not feel like a spongy memory foam mattress with a slow-moving quality. It has more of a traditional innerspring bounciness, making it great for combination sleepers. Think of a high-profile, thick hotel mattress that gives you a lot of bounce and responsiveness, making it easy to switch positions throughout the night and get out of bed in the morning. Considering the bed-in-a-box industry, we’ll be honest: It’s hard to find a bed as thick, traditional and luxurious as this one in the current market. 

How Firm Is This Mattress?

We give this bed an average 6.5 on our firmness scale, with 1 being the softest and 10 the firmest. However, this number can change depending on your size. For example, this mattress will feel a bit softer for lightweight sleepers who lie atop the softer foam layers, so more like a 5.5 firmness. For heavyweight sleepers, it might feel more like a firmer 7.5, because they will sink in deeper to the mattress, down to its firmer support layers. For beds that keep you on top of the surface, see the best firm mattresses. 

Does It Sleep Hot? 

DreamCloud worked hard to incorporate many temperature-regulating features into this mattress, from the breathable cashmere cover, through the cooling, gel-infused memory foam, down to the individually wrapped coil support system. It all adds up to a cooler mattress than traditional memory foam beds, especially because of the breathable coils in the bottom layer of the construction. 

Is The DreamCloud Mattress Good For Couples? 

We’ve all been there: Your partner decides to take a midnight snack run, causing the entire bed to shake and wake you up. If this is a main concern for you when looking for a new bed, traditional memory foam affords the best motion isolation for couples. The DreamCloud is a hybrid inner-coil mattress with some natural latex in its construction, both of which equal more bounce. Thus, motion transfers across this mattress more than with all-foam varieties. 

Our “wine test” confirmed what we already knew on paper about the bed’s motion isolation: When we placed a glass of wine on one side, with a tester moving on the other side, the wine nearly tipped over. For couples that need motion isolated, check our our pick for the best mattress for couples.

How’s the Edge Support? 

Our team of dedicated mattress testers ranked The DreamCloud high on edge support. This means that lightweight or average-weight individuals can sit or lie on the edge of the mattress without feeling unstable or like they’re going to slip off. However, heavyweight sleepers (more than 230 lbs.) may find that the edge support is weaker, and they may not feel as comfortable lying near the edge.

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Construction: What’s Under the Surface?

The DreamCloud website claims that the construction of this mattress will have you waking up “like you don’t need your dark roast.” At Mattress Nerd, we love our java, and we wouldn’t go quite that far. However, this mattress is chock full of high-quality materials (15 inches worth!) that place it squarely in the luxury hybrid category. An advanced individually wrapped coil system will support those back and stomach sleepers. And hot sleepers, side sleepers and memory foam purists will appreciate the gel-infused foam that both cools and softly cradles the body.

Layer #1: Soft-to-the-Touch Cover: Run your hand along this luxurious, quilted foam cover, and you might think, “Wow, this feels like cashmere.” And you would be right! It’s cool to the touch and feels silky and smooth. We also love the velvety, midnight blue material on the sides, which also have handles for easy rotation. You’ve probably had guests who help with laundry at the end of their visit and strip down the guest bed to the mattress; the luxury look and feel of The DreamCloud will definitely impress them.

Layer #2: Pressure-Relief Comfort Layer: Those who sleep too hot can say “ahhh” thanks to this gel-infused memory foam layer. In addition to its cooling qualities, this layer also contours to the shape of the body, providing a soft memory foam feel. Overall, given the individually wrapped coil system defined below, this mattress will have a soft, yet firm, supported feeling.

Layer #3: Sink-in-Just-Right Layer: This transitional layer of foam adds an extra buffer between the pressure-relief comfort layer and the individually wrapped coils. It’s important because if the foam layer is too thin above the coils, when you sit on the mattress, you can actually feel the impression of the coils underneath—and that is not too comfortable. (Fun fact: In the mattress industry, that’s called “bottoming out.”) Unlike a traditional all-foam mattress, this coil-filled hybrid version allows the sleeper to enjoy that popular sink-in memory foam effect without feeling as if they’re being enveloped in quicksand.

Layer #4: Targeted Support Coil: All-foam bed-in-a-box models without individually wrapped coils tend to be very soft, with edges that collapse when you sit on the edge of the mattress to tie your shoes. An individually wrapped coil support system is essential for those who sleep on their backs and stomachs and require a higher level of support. The coils also provide extra edge support for those who sleep along the edge of the mattress.

Layer #5: Essential Base Layer: This support level is the foundation of the mattress and ensures that all of the materials above perform as they are intended: to provide the sleeper with a medium-firm level of support while also exhibiting a soft, contouring feel around the body.

How Much Does The DreamCloud Cost?

Mattress Size Price Dimensions Height Weight
Twin $899 38” x 75” x 14” 15” 45 lbs.
Twin XL $999 38” x 80” x 14” 15” 48 lbs.
Full $1,099 54” x 75” x 14” 15” 68 lbs.
Queen $1,199 60” x 80” x 14” 15” 74 lbs.
King $1,399 76” x 80” x 14” 15” 89 lbs.
California King $1,399 72” x 84” x 14” 15” 89 lbs.

If the DreamCloud is out of your budget, check our the Best Mattresses of 2021 or our picks for the Best Mattress under $1,000.

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How Do the Policies Measure Up? 

Shipping & Unboxing

DreamCloud mattresses are heavy: 45–89 lbs. So you should enlist a friend to help you unbox it. However, once we got the mattress on the base, we easily cut open the plastic wrap, and it inflated in less than two minutes. Given its heft, in good news, you’ll get free shipping and returns on every order in the contiguous U.S. However, the company currently only ships to the United States.


DreamCloud’s Lifetime Warranty means that if your mattress becomes damaged from normal wear anytime during your ownership, the company will replace the mattress at no charge (note that you must be the original owner). DreamCloud defines “normal wear” as forms and impressions that are 1.5” deep or more.

Trial Period & Returns

A lot of the best online mattress brands offer a 100-night trial period. DreamCloud triples that time with a 365-night trial period. Note that this whopper of a trial period begins 30 days after the delivery of the mattress, which is the standard amount of time it takes for the body to adjust to a new bed. Let’s say your new mattress still doesn’t work for any reason during the 365 days: Then you can work with your own DreamCloud Sleep Concierge to donate it to charity or to dispose of it properly.



Check out our comparison tool to see how it stacks up.

Compare Mattresses

Comparing The DreamCloud Mattress

DreamCloud vs. Casper Wave Hybrid

Both The DreamCloud and the Casper Wave Hybrid are marketed as luxury mattresses. They both contain high-quality materials such as supportive gel pods in the Casper and a cashmere blend cover on The DreamCloud. And both boast cooling memory foam layers up top, as well as an inner coil support system.

The DreamCloud scores more posh points with its 15 inches of height, compared to the Casper’s 13 inches (tip: you may want to invest in The DreamCloud sheets, which perfectly fit this extra-thick mattress). But the Casper wins at being good for most all sizes and sleep positions. It also comes with one of the heftiest price tags on the market at $2,595 for a Queen size.

Casper Wave Hybrid

The Casper Wave Hybrid strikes a balance with a middle-of-the-road firmness level and features that make it appropriate for sleepers of all shapes and sizes. It’s an excellent choice for those who enjoy the Original Casper’s balance of conforming support but want more bounce.

Read our full Casper Wave Hybrid mattress review to learn more.

DreamCloud vs. Saatva

For side sleepers who like the idea of The DreamCloud but prefer a softer mattress, you may want to check out the Saatva, one of The DreamCloud’s biggest competitors. The Saatva has a plusher pillow top feel than The DreamCloud, so it will provide more pressure relief to the hips and shoulders.

Another key difference: construction. The Saatva features two sets of inner coils (microcoils and support coils), compared to The DreamCloud’s one set of individually wrapped inner coils. So the Saatva has a more substantial, durable quality—it also comes with a higher price. Those on a budget will appreciate that The DreamCloud is several hundred dollars less than the Saatva.

Saatva Classic

Saatva is one of the first direct-to-consumer online mattress companies. The Saatva mattress is not a “bed-in-a-box” company, because it doesn’t come in a box at all. It’s a regular innerspring mattress delivered to your door by delivery professionals.
Saatva mattressnerd

See our full Saatva Mattress Review to learn more.

DreamCloud vs. Purple Hybrid

It’s almost unfair to compare the Purple Hybrid to any other mattress, because of Purple’s unique grid system that so far is unlike anything on the market. It’s constructed of Purple’s Hyper-Elastic Polymer that can compress and spring back when pressure is applied (think of a giant purple waffle). Given this grid, the Purple Hybrid has more of a responsive, bouncy feel like The DreamCloud, rather than the traditional memory foam “hug.”

However, the Purple Hybrid may sleep cooler than The DreamCloud, thanks to the breathable quality of the grid. But it is similar to The DreamCloud because it also has an inner coil core combined with memory foam layers. This gives both the mattresses a similar firmness, like a 6.5 out of 10 on the firmness scale. Both are also best for sleepers who weigh less than 230 lbs.

Purple Hybrid

The Purple Hybrid features the Original Purple mattress’s comfort grid but adds responsive support coils at the core for improved airflow, responsiveness and durability.
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See our full Purple Hybrid Mattress Review to learn more.

DreamCloud FAQs 

Does The DreamCloud sleep hot?
Since this mattress features a breathable, individually wrapped coil support system and gel-infused memory foam, it will not sleep as hot as traditional memory foam mattresses. Additional cooling technology includes a heat-treated cotton pad that regulates temperature throughout the night. 

If I return my DreamCloud within the 365-night trial can I get my White Glove Service refunded?

The company provides free shipping and returns to your doorstep. However, the $149 White Glove Service fees are non-refundable once the warehouse receives your order for processing and delivery. Still, DreamCloud offers a full 365-night trial so you can return your mattress up to a full year.

Can I fold up The DreamCloud for transport?

No, it can’t be re-folded once expanded. Why? This mattress is vacuum-compressed using over 10,000 lbs. of pressure per square foot. This process can only be done by machine, so if you try to fold it, you could compromise the integrity of the mattress and potentially void the warranty.

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What’s the Bottom Line?

The DreamCloud is a good quality mattress that lives up to its luxury hybrid status, only at a more attainable price. We recommend it for lightweight and average-weight back sleepers, hot sleepers and those who prefer a little bounce in their bed. However, side sleepers may find this mattress a tad too firm, and memory foam purists won’t get that classic, slow-moving feel that they love. Finally, heavyweight sleepers (230 lbs. plus) who require more support may be more comfortable on a traditional innerspring mattress.