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Best Pillows for Stomach Sleepers

A guide to the Best Pillows for Stomach Sleepers, the pros and cons, who they’re good for, and what to consider when shopping for them.

By Tyler Moyer

If you are a stomach sleeper, who has been sleeping without a pillow specific to your needs, you may be all too familiar with the strain it can put on your neck, spine, and shoulders every night. Picking the right pillow can make all the difference in your posture, relieve pressure on fragile joints and give you a blissful night’s sleep that actually leaves you feeling well-rested. For more ways that will help you optimize your stomach sleeping, check out our guides on the best mattresses for stomach sleepers, as well as how to properly sleep on your stomach.

In this guide we are diving into some of our top pillow picks for people who sleep on their stomachs, and taking a closer look at what special considerations need to be made for these sleeper’s pillows.

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Best Pillows for Stomach Sleepers

bellysleeppillow 1

Belly Sleep Gel Infused Memory Foam

Editor’s Pick

Nothing is worse than waking up with neck pain, expect waking up with neck pain in a puddle of sweat. This gel-infused memory foam pillow aims to never let that happen to you again! With its moisture-wicking design and low loft, it is perfect for those of us who tend to sleep hot, and primarily on our stomachs. 

Reason to Buy  – This pillow gives stomach sleepers the balance they crave with a design focused on all aspects of the sleeper’s comfort. Memory foam can get hot, so they infused it with a cooling gel to ensure you (and your pillow) stay as cool as possible. This pillow is soft enough to be a comfortable place to rest your head but firm enough to keep your neck in a safe, neutral position. The Belly Sleep pillow also comes with a removable cover, making it extremely easy to keep clean.


Elite Rest Ultra Slim Sleeper 

The title of this pillow is no joke. When they say ultra-slim it really is just that; ultra-slim! That is what makes this memory foam choice a stomach sleeper’s dream. The design allows sleepers to stay close to the mattress, keeping your neck and spine alignment in place, minimizing aches and pains. 

Reason to Buy – Measuring at a height of 2.5 inches, you won’t find a memory foam pillow this thin in many instances. Historically, you may have thought the fluffier the pillow the better. However, if you’re a long-time stomach sleeper, you know the thinner the better, and you don’t get much thinner than this! In addition to the comfort it provides to those who snooze on their bellies, this memory foam pillow is hypoallergenic, anti-microbial, anti-dust mite, and bed bug resistant. 

bluewave superslim pillow

Bluewave Bedding Super Slim Gel Memory Foam Pillow

If you tend to sleep in a lot of different positions, this super slim option from Bluewave may be the perfect choice for you. Using high-quality memory foam products, this pillow is specifically designed so that your neck, back, and shoulders stay in proper alignment throughout the night.

Reason to Buy- Are you dealing with orthopedic issues? Do you spend hours tossing and turning before you can fall asleep? Do you have a partner that complains about your snoring at night? (Or all of the above?) The design of the Bluewave may work to remedy those issues. This pillow was designed with a dual inner and outer cover, making it hypoallergenic, dust mite resistant, mold and mildew resistant, very durable and moisture-wicking. This pillow does it all!

jollyvogue pillows

Jollyvogue Pillows 

This pillow takes customizable to a new level. The 100% cotton case is made to be stuffed (or unstuffed) with its premium polyester filling by the customer, depending on their preferred sleep position and pillow feel. 

Reason to Buy – This two-pack of pillows come stuffed at a medium-firm level, but a filling bag is included with your purchase to add more stuffing, or to easily store the excess. For a belly sleeper, it is ideal to be as close to the mattress as possible to prevent neck and back pain. The Jollyvogue pillows are covered by a 3-layer quilted cotton design to protect against dust mites, mold, and mildew. If you have had trouble in the past finding the perfect balance of comfort and support, this gives stomach, back and side sleepers total control! 

cosium pillow

Coisum Stomach Sleeping Pillow 

The Coisum pillow was designed with a specific sleeper in mind. If you like to sleep on your belly with your arms wrapped around a pillow under your head and neck you may find comfort in this “huggable” design. 

Reason to Buy – Coisum acknowledges that sleeping on your stomach has gotten somewhat of a bad wrap over the years, but they suggest that maybe the position isn’t the problem, but the pillows we use while on our bellies are to blame. This pillow may take a little longer to get used to, but the results are promised to be extremely comfortable. It includes cutouts for your arms to nestle into as they wrap around the body of the pillow and is made of slow rebound foam to give the perfect balance of soft and firm. The cover of the pillow is removable and washable, making it easy to prolong the life of the pillow. 

Why Should You Use a Pillow For Stomach Sleepers? 

Stomach sleepers can put their neck, spine, and shoulders in a compromised position very easily. Many people think of pillows as a “one-size-fits-all” product and that is simply not the case. If you want to optimize your comfort level while you sleep, and wake up feeling refreshed without aches and pains, then picking a pillow specific to your needs is crucial! 

Types of  Pillows for Stomach Sleepers

Pillows for stomach sleepers come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and types. Among the most popular choices are super thin pillows, memory foam pillows, shredded foam pillows, and gel-infused options.

When it comes to staying comfortable, the name of the game is keeping your neck in alignment while you sleep. If you can accomplish that, you will solve a lot of your sleeping issues. You do not want a pillow that is too thin or too thick, so you may have to try a few before you find the perfect one. Also, keep in mind how soft or firm your mattress is because that will dictate how much you sink down and change the alignment of your neck and back as well.

Considerations for Buying


Most pillows for stomach sleepers want your head and neck to be elevated as little as possible while also giving you needed support. The thin nature of many of these pillows should relieve pains, but you’ll want to make sure there is enough pillow there to give your neck the support it needs. 


Stomach sleeper pillow models come in a variety of materials. Among the most popular are memory foam, shredded foam, cotton and polyester fibers. The type of material that is best for you depends on how you sleep with the pillow. 


Most picks in our guide are around $50 or less. There are several options on the market that cost more and some that cost less. It is always a good idea to read the customer reviews on both ends of the spectrum to see if a more expensive option is really worth it, or to find out if a cheaper pillow can still provide you with a great night’s sleep. 


The National Sleep Foundation recommends switching out your pillows every 1 to 2 years, but some will start to wear down quicker than that. Customer reviews and company warranty can be a good indicator of how long you should expect your new pillow to last.  

Tips for buying a Pillow for Stomach Sleepers

Return Policy 

Like we say when buying a new mattress, and other sleep-related items, it can take your body some time to become acclimated to a new product. For stomach sleepers, it is normal for your neck and back to need a few days to adjust so it is important to make sure whatever pillow you order gives you some time to make sure it is the right one for you! 


If you are a stomach sleeper and have never paid close attention to what pillow you use, I hope you have recognized the impact it can make in your sleep moving forward. If you are consistently waking up with aches and pains, investing in a pillow made for your sleeping style may be the perfect place to start.