Memorial Day Mattress Sales 2022

Your Mattress Nerds are here to help you score your dream mattress at an unbeatable price this holiday weekend!

Check out our list of the best mattress sales going on now:

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At Mattress Nerd, we wake up in the morning on a mission to help you find the best mattress for you. We keep your financial and physical health in mind as we test and research mattresses in our sleep lab. We want you to sleep on a mattress that won’t hurt your back—or your budget. And no matter how much we love a brand, we’ll always provide constructive feedback to ensure you get a trusted, balanced account.

Don’t have time to read in-depth reviews? Now, you can watch our mattress videos and instantly feel as if you, yourself, have experienced the bed firsthand. We dive deep into the construction of the mattresses and how they perform for different sleep positions. And you can actually go behind the scenes and view our testing methodologies. So be sure to check out our YouTube channel.

Started by Jack Mitcham, a mattress salesman himself, our site aims to guide you through the mattress-buying experience with as much concrete data as possible—we are Mattress Nerds, after all. We are a very hands-on group. From getting the mattresses into our studio and unboxing them ourselves, to spending hours testing them to gauge their quality, we want to be sure you understand what truly matters when investing in a mattress.

Our team of sleep geeks is ready to educate you on the mattress-buying process with clarity and candor. Whether you’re looking for the best value mattress or the perfect pillow, we Nerds have got you covered!

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