Sleep Guides and Resources

Your mattress is only step one to getting better sleep. See our sleep resources to learn more about your sleep—how it impacts your health and what you can do to get more of it.

By The Mattress Nerd

At Mattress Nerd, we geek out over far more than just mattresses. We’re also big nerds when it comes to sleep. Your mattress is just the beginning. What we are really after, is making sure our readers get the best sleep possible. Fining the right bed is only one piece of the pie. To learn more about sleep health, sleep tips, sleep disorders, and sleep remedies, check out our sleep guides and resources page.

Sleep Tips & Basics

We have a variety of great articles to help you get better sleep.  While we think mattresses are a good place to start, when searching for some more ZZZ’s, there are many other things you can consider to improve the quality of sleep.

Sleep Health

You can think of sleep as the glue that holds us together. That’s because sleep has an impact on every aspect of our health and wellness. On Mattress Nerd, we cover a variety of sleep health topics, ranging from sleep disorders to sleeping during pregnancy.

Sleep Disorders


Sleep Schedules

Accessories to Optimize Your Sleep

Additional Sleep Resources

Still looking for more information on sleep? Check out the following external resources (both online and offline) to learn even more about sleep.

Online Sleep Resources
Books About Sleep

No, these aren’t books that are so boring they’ll put you to sleep!  While that is an effective practice for many people, these books actually have great, actionable information about getting better sleep.

  • The Harvard Medical School Guide to a Good Night’s Sleep: This book is from one of the most esteemed medical schools in the world. It has advice on getting a better night’s sleep as well as detailing the consequences of not sleeping well.
  • The Promise of Sleep: A New York Times bestseller by Dr. William Dement, a world-renowned sleep-researcher.
  • Why We Sleep: By Michael Walker, Ph.D., Why We Sleep, discusses how sleep is just as important to survival as food, water, and the air we breathe.