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Best Luxury Mattresses - Buyer's Guide and Coupons

See our favorite top-of-the-line mattress models and brands that come complete with all the bells and whistles a mattress can offer.

By Katie Terrell Hanna

Not all beds are created equal in the mattress worlds. In most cases, the higher the quality of materials, the higher the cost. There are a number of quality mattresses on the market at price points all budgets can afford, but then there are true high-end mattresses, such as the ones we will review in this guide. The following brands are the cream of the crop when it comes to luxury beds, a select few made with the very best materials, from the most trusted brands, with the latest and greatest in innovative sleep technology. 

Are you looking for a premium memory foam mattress or a hybrid that combines the pocketed coil system of an innerspring mattress with gel-infused memory foam? Do you want a luxury firm bed or perhaps a bed that can adjust firmness levels at the press of a button? We have options that will blow you away by offering a custom sleep experience you can’t get anywhere else.

Maybe you have an extra penny to spend and you’ve decided a luxury mattress will be the object of your splurge.  Or perhaps, you have some serious sleep issues, like insomnia or chronic pain, that must be resolved and a top-of-line mattress is a piece of the solution. Whatever the case, it’s worth noting your options and these products featured in this guide are great choices.

If you are wondering why you should invest in a luxury mattress in the first place, we’ll tell you later on in the post. But for now, let’s get to it.

The Best Luxury Mattresses


Editors Pick

“Saatva brings the look, feel, and experience of luxury, but you don’t have to break the bank.”

  • 3 different options so you can find just the right firmness
  • Free White-Glove delivery
  • 120 night trial and 15-year warranty
Customer Rating
5 / 5

Plush, luxury firm, and firm available


120 Nights

Reason To Buy

Luxury Feel at a Reasonable Price


Best Cooling

The recently launch TEMPUR-Breeze collection by TEMPUR-Pedic offers the coolest sleeping experience on the market with a cool-to-the-touch SmartCover and memory foam layers infused with a phase-change material that transfers heat away from the body.

Customer Rating
4.5 / 5

Offered in soft, medium and firm


90 nights

Reason to Buy

Superior cooling technology infused in premium memory foam layers

Reason to Buy

Launched in 2019, the TEMPUR-Breeze mattress collection by TEMPUR-Pedic consists of four premium cooling memory foam mattresses available in multiple firmness options. All of them attack the most common complaint about foam—that people get too hot while sleeping on it. The TEMPUR-Breeze models are constructed with a SmartClimate cover and a layer of phase-change material that absorbs heat and transfers it away. All mattress models in this collection are cool to the touch and offer the ultimate in cooling, luxurious sleep experience. 

TEMPUR develops and manufactures all of their own materials in-house so you can be sure you are getting a high-quality, hand-crafted mattress. Aside from keeping you from overheating and helping you sleep cool through the night, the TEMPUR-Breeze is also exceptionally quiet and durable. You can be sure that for a premium mattress, it will last well beyond a traditional memory foam mattress. Regardless of your sleeping position, you will recover nicely with this mattress that relieves pressure points and keeps you exceptionally comfortable all night.



Best Memory Foam

This premium memory foam mattress collection by TEMPUR-Pedic offers a total of eight models, including a few hybrids. They are built in-house with the most advanced TEMPUR-Pedic foam and great for all sleeping positions.

Customer Rating
4.5 / 5

Offered in soft, medium and firm


90 nights

Reason to Buy

Made with TEMPUR-Pedic's newest, most advanced memory foam.

Reason to Buy

The TEMPER-Adapt mattress collection by TEMPUR-Pedic consists of three lines of mattresses: The TEMPUR-Adapt, the TEMPUR-PROAdapt, and the TEMPUR-LUXEAdapt. What sets each apart? Their premium layers. All TEMPUR-Adapt mattress models are offered at multiple firmness levels and even come in hybrid options

The TEMPUR-Adapt is made of TEMPUR-Pedic’s original memory foam. The PROAdapt models use the new Tempur-APR foam and are the best-selling models. The LUXEAdapt offers the most advanced technology, but are also the most expensive.

Again, it should be noted that TEMPUR develops and manufactures all of their own materials for the ultimate in hand-crafted quality. The TEMPUR-Adapt mattresses come with a cool-to-the-touch cover and advanced adaptability for truly personalized support. Because of this, the Adapt is a great option for all sleeping positions.  

TEMPUR-Pedic has been around so long for a reason. Keep that in mind while trying to decide if the quality is worth the price.


Beautyrest Black Collection

Best Hybrid

A collection of 26 mattresses that fall into one of five classes—the Top-of-the-Line K-Class, the Mid-Range C-Class, the Entry-Level L-Class, Memory Foam Class and the Hybrid Class. The Black collection is best known for its top of the line cooling features to keep you comfortable throughout the night.

Customer Rating
5 / 5

Various models and firmness


120 night trial

Reason to Buy

Superior hybrid mattress collection

Reason to Buy

Simmons Beautyrest Black is a collection of premium mattresses that offer numerous options to choose the perfect mattress for you—26 options, to be exact. The Black Collection is divided into five classes:

  • K-Class: 3 mattresses (top of the line)
  • C-Class: 4 mattresses (mid-range)
  • L-Class: 5 mattresses (entry-level)
  • Memory foam: 5 mattresses
  • Hybrid: 6 mattresses

While the options will vary from mattress to mattress, the materials used are high-end and made in house and that’s what we’ll review here.  The hybrid mattresses in the Black lineup include triple-braided T3 Pocketed Coil technology to absorb energy, reduce motion, and provide exceptional resilience. Their four-factor cooling technology works overtime to keep you cool and resting soundly all night long. Finally, the Technoluxe memory foam is the ultimate luxury foam to reduce pain and relieve pressure in the shoulders, hips, and back. 

The Beautyrest Black line is Simmons’ high-end Beautyrest Series. These mattresses are the ultimate in luxury mattresses. From their proprietary coil technology to their premium memory foam, the mattress models found is this collection is a great solution for anyone who wants the best and isn’t willing to compromise on quality.  


Sleep Number C2

Best Smart Bed

A high-tech, highly-customizable air bed that allows you to adjust your desired firmness level at the touch of a button.

Customer Rating
4.7 / 5

Custom firmness


100 nights

Reason to Buy

Custom comfort and firmness available with a touch of a button

Reason to Buy

Every Sleep Number bed is fully adjustable air bed. But not your mom’s camping air mattress quality. These high-quality, high-tech air beds come with a remote so you can adjust the amount of air in the air chamber, and therefore, adjust the firmness and comfort level of the bed at the touch of a button. In this way, they advertise that every person has their own unique “Sleep Number.” As if the high customizability wasn’t enough, the C2 360 Smart Bed also has a comfort layer of infused cooling gel so you’re not only supported, but you stay cool all night. In addition, all Sleep Number beds are adjustable on both sides so if you and your partner differ in preferences, you can each have your own unique setting. You’ll never have to worry about compromising again. Sleep Number mattresses come with home delivery and setup, a 25-year warranty, and a 100-night sleep trial. 


Brentwood Home Cedar Natural Luxe

Best All-Natural

The Cedar by Brentwood is a hybrid featuring Dunlop latex and natural materials such as coconut, cotton, wool, and flaxseed. While offering a generally soft feel, it also has a zoned pocketed coil system that provides pressure relief to the spine and lower back.

Customer Rating
4.5 / 5

Medium: 6/10


365 nights

Reason to Buy
Reason to Buy

The Brentwood Home Cedar Natural Luxe is a latex hybrid mattress. It is constructed with comfort layers of organic New Zealand wool, an organic cotton cover, and a support core built with pocketed coils reinforced by a layer of coconut husks. It is a medium-firm, making it a good mattress for back and side sleepers. The Cedar Natural Luxe mattress is the perfect example of eco-conscious green mattress design,  using only the best natural and organically certified materials while simultaneously offering premium 5 zone innerspring support. 

We love this bed for two reasons, and both are due to its construction. The Cedar’s second layer of Dunlop latex has grooved, sculpted edges in three zones for your shoulders, back, and legs, giving the mattress a plush feel when compared with other latex options.

These same grooves have a second benefit in that they allow for added airflow and breathability throughout the night. The 8-inch coils also aid in the mattress’ cooling properties. If you find most latex mattresses a little too firm or if you sleep hot, we think this would be the option for you.

Brentwood Home mattresses come with free shipping and returns, a 365-night sleep trial, and a 25 year warranty.

Benefits of Owning a Premium Mattress Brand

Look, we get it. Picking out a mattress when there are a ton of options vying for your attention (and your money) is tough. Particularly when you are making a significant investment, as is the case if you’re looking for a luxury mattress. If you’re still on the fence, here are some of the incredible benefits of choosing one of our luxury recommendations.

Better Sleep

The first and most obvious benefit is better sleep. If you choose a quality mattress built with premium materials custom-tailored to your needs, you’ll be more relaxed, comforted and pain-free. Therefore, sleeping throughout the night with fewer disturbances and more dreams.

Less Chronic Pain

This benefit has two parts. First, for those of you sleeping on an old, outdated mattress, it’s very likely you’ve exacerbated existing musculoskeletal ailments or even created new ones because of the mattress. Investing in a quality mattress will eventually reverse these issues and leave you feeling less achy and sore throughout the day.

Second, for those of you whose pain comes from a proven medical condition and has nothing to do with the mattress, you can be sure that your mattress is absolutely still an important component to your health. We all need to recover at night. That’s what sleep is for! If you have medical conditions, it’s all the more reason to get proper recovery at night. We can’t promise your mattress will be the end-all solution to your pain, but it will certainly help you get the rest you need to combat it and help you avoid making it worse!

Improved Health

Think of your mattress as the performance tool needed to get your best night’s sleep. As humans, we all need to get proper rest so our body can process memories and emotions, repair cells and tissues, and get the recovery it needs. If you’re not sleeping well, waking frequently, or hurting while you sleep, you can bet you will start to see a decline in your overall health and immunity. Our sleep is positively critical to our health, and frankly, a quality mattress that will improve your sleep is the best investment you can make toward your health. 

Longer Lasting

A premium mattress made with quality materials will be far more durable than a cheaply made product. In addition, the support qualities of the bed will remain effective much longer than that of a cheaper counterpart. 

Strong Customizability

One of the strongest selling points of a luxury mattress are the customizations. With the touch of a button, you can adjust the position of a bed with an adjustable base, change the firmness setting and even the temperature in some models.

Quality Materials

With most luxury mattresses, harmful toxins like VOC emissions and toxic flame retardants are not an issue. These manufacturers have spent the extra capital on quality materials and made the effort to receive organic and environmentally safe certifications.

More Substantial Warranties &  Customer Service

One of the best ways to test out a mattresses claims is to look at the warranty and sleep trial period. These companies aren’t afraid to put their money where their mouth is because they know it’s very unlikely that you’ll be returning the mattress or needing a replacement. As the dollar amount you spend increases, so does the service offered to you. Most of these companies will deliver, set up and remove your old mattress for free.

Types of High-End Beds

In general, 100% organic latex beds and hybrid mattresses are most likely to have the highest quality and price tag. However, there are luxury innerspring and memory foam mattresses on the market; however, they tend to be more cost-effective.


A hybrid mattress combines elements of a traditional innerspring mattress and memory foam to create a mattress that is both comfortable and supportive. These are your “best of both worlds” mattresses. Often hybrids are great options for stomach sleepers who need proper support to keep the spine aligned but find that innerspring mattresses are too firm. They also have better edge support than memory foam mattresses. 


In recent years, mattress manufacturers have developed natural latex-based foams. Latex mattresses provide the contour of memory foam without causing a “sinking” feeling. They tend to have better edge support than traditional memory foam and are often buoyant. Latex is naturally hypoallergenic and breathable, circulating air better than most traditional foams. One-hundred percent of organic latex mattresses also are made with essentially now VOCs, flame retardants and other harsh chemicals. 

Memory Foam

Modern memory foam mattresses combine multiple types of foam to create the same comfort and support feel that you would get from a hybrid without having to incorporate springs. Often you will find softer, plusher foams in the top layer that contain gel infusions to relieve pressure points and cradle the body while further in you will find high-density, firmer foams to create the stability needed to help to align the spine.  


Innerspring mattresses have been around the longest and are made with metal springs or coils. They can come tied together or be wrapped individually. They provide good stability and support and offer the most durable fabric, by far, but they tend to be a bit uncomfortable. This is why we have seen such a rise in the popularity of hybrid mattresses which offer both the comfort layer and the support core. 

Important Considerations for Owning a Luxury Mattress

A luxury mattress is a significant financial investment. 

While we think it’s one of the most important investments you can make for yourself, the end decision is yours. If the price points listed above are out of the question for you, there are many other high-quality mattresses at lower price points that we have reviewed. Check them out.

An adjustment period might be necessary.

Often times, luxury beds come with additional premium features you may not be used to such as an adjustable base and firmness setting. It may take some time to familiarize yourself with these options and find your happy place. Once you get the hang of it though, we know you’re going to love the benefits!

Who a Luxury Mattress is Best For?

  • Someone who has the budget or credit to finance a premium mattress.
  • Someone who suffers from chronic pain or medical conditions and truly needs a state of the art mattress to combat their symptoms
  • Someone with chronic sleep issues who need a high-quality mattress to combat disturbances.
  • Someone who needs customizability. If you have a partner who has starkly different needs than you or you frequently need to change your sleep position, temperature, or firmness setting and require a bed that can adapt\

We hope you’ve found this article informative. By now you should be well on your way to selecting a luxury mattress that best fits your needs. Furthermore, you now know the benefits of a high-end mattress as well as the types of high-end mattresses available and the considerations to make before you buy one. Whether you need a luxury mattress for the customizability, to combat chronic sleep or medical conditions, or you just have the budget and want the best there is, we hope we’ve brought you closer to making a well-informed decision and that you’re on your way to a great night’s sleep.

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