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Casper Wave Hybrid Mattress Review

Materials: Memory foam, polyfoam, latex, and innerspring coils

Firmness: 5/10

Trial Period: 100 nights

Price Range: $1,495–$2,995

Nerd’s Score: 4.5/5

The Mattress Nerd’s Take: The Casper Wave Hybrid is a luxury mattress with generous foam layers and pocketed coil support. With ergonomic zones, expect excellent pressure relief and even support along the body. The Wave Hybrid supports every sleeping position, and even though it hugs the body, it doesn’t sleep as hot as many mattresses with foam layers do.

Is the Casper Wave Hybrid Mattress for You?

Who’s Going to Love It

  • People who like to be hugged by their mattress
  • Elderly folks with joint or back pain
  • Couples and those who co-sleep
  • Hot sleepers who like soft beds

Who Should Steer Clear

  • Shoppers on a budget
  • Firm mattress fans
  • People who like the bouncy feel of innerspring mattresses
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How Does the Casper Wave Hybrid Mattress Feel?


The Casper Wave Hybrid has a medium firmness, falling at a 5 on the 1-10 firmness scale where 1 is the softest and 10 the firmest. Most sleepers prefer a firmer medium-firm feel, but because the Wave Hybrid boasts extra support at heavier areas of the body, it’s just as supportive as most medium-firm beds while delivering superior pressure relief

The Wave Hybrid’s softer-than-average feel and impressive support mean that it works well for sleepers of every sleeping position who prefer a plush sleeping surface. However, heavier folks that don’t sleep on their sides may find the surface a bit too enveloping for ease of movement. 

Does the Casper Wave Hybrid Sleep Hot?

One of the top complaints that we hear about mattresses with thick foam layers is that they cause people to wake up feeling hot and sticky. If you have a hot room or are someone who runs warmer than average, it’s important to find a bed that incorporates cooling innovations to help you sleep comfortably and wake up clean and dry. 

Casper includes many cooling innovations in the Wave Hybrid in an attempt to keep hot sleepers cool. The cover is made from a breathable wool-blend fabric that wicks away moisture rather than absorbing it. Directly underneath is a thin layer of cooling gel atop the perforated comfort foam system. Thousands of holes found throughout the foams work with the coil layer to support ample breathability, sweeping away body heat and moisture. 

Combined, this system of cooling technologies does an excellent job keeping sleepers cooler than most hybrid beds with conforming foam layers. However, heavier people sink in more deeply than lighter folks on the Casper Wave, which increases the likelihood of sleeping hot. For this reason, heavier hot sleepers may be better off choosing one of the beds that made our best cooling mattresses rundown.   


The Casper Wave Hybrid is one of the most supportive medium firmness mattresses. While Casper incorporates generous comfort foam layers for excellent pressure relief, it utilizes ergonomic support zones to keep the body from sinking in too far. People who weigh less than 230 pounds experience outstanding support and cushion in every sleeping position. However, heavier people who sleep on their stomachs or backs typically prefer a firmer feel. If you’re a heavier sleeper, see the best mattresses for plus size sleepers. 

Another feature to pay attention to for optimal support is edge support. Sturdy edges make it easier to get into and out of bed. Additionally, reliable edges help couples carve out a few extra inches of sleeping space, and they allow you to sit along them without having to balance. The Casper Wave Hybrid has average edge support, which is good enough for most people. However, heavier people may find the edges a bit too soft to sit along comfortably. 

The Casper Wave Hybrid performs slightly above average when it comes to durability, likely lasting around seven to ten years. The latex foam, extra support along heavier body zones and pocketed coils help to boost mattress longevity. However, thick foam layers with a soft feel are likely to slowly soften or form indentations with time, which is why we don’t expect the Wave Hybrid to last much longer than 10 years. 

Back Sleepers

The best mattresses for back sleepers support the body while contouring to curves to maintain proper spinal alignment. The Casper Wave Hybrid pairs two layers of ergonomically zoned foam with pocketed coils for a supportive yet conforming surface that does a superb job keeping most back sleepers comfortable all night long. 

Because the Wave Hybrid is softer than your average bed, heavyweight back sleepers may find their body sinking in a bit too much. However, the Zoned Support makes this one of the best beds for average-weight and lightweight back sleepers who like a softer feel.  

Side Sleepers

The Casper Wave Hybrid is one of the best mattresses for side sleepers of every body weight. The medium feel and plush top layer are soft enough to cushion lightweight side sleeperspressure points. And thanks to Casper’s Zoned Support Max support system, average-weight, and heavyweight folks experience give at their shoulders without excess sinkage along the body’s heavier trunk when side sleeping.   

Stomach Sleepers

Stomach sleeping is the hardest position to both feel comfortable and experience proper spinal alignment. A mattress needs to have a soft enough sleeping surface to cushion the chest, pelvis, and knees while being supportive enough to keep the lower back and hips from dipping too far into the surface. The Casper Wave has a soft sleeping surface with ergonomic support zones that mean extra firmness along the hips and lumbar spine. 

Because lightweight stomach sleepers don’t exert as much pressure on a bed, this balanced feel works well for stomach sleepers who weigh less than 130 pounds. However, the surface is a touch too soft for some average-weight and most heavyweight stomach sleepers. We recommend that heavier folks consider one of the firmer mattresses found on our best mattresses for stomach sleepers list.   

Combination Sleepers

The Casper Wave Hybrid has everything we look for in a mattress for lightweight and average-weight combination sleepers. First, it supports every sleeping position so you’ll feel comfortable no matter how you choose to sleep each night. Next, it has a relatively responsive surface, which means lighter people can switch positions seamlessly. 

However, heavyweight combo sleepers are better served by a firmer mattress. The softness of the Wave’s comfort layers means heavier people will sink in fairly deeply, which makes it hard to move around. Additionally, this soft feel doesn’t provide the right support for proper body alignment for people who weigh over 230 pounds, especially if you spend much time stomach sleeping. Heavyweight combo sleepers should head over to our compilation of the best mattresses for combination sleepers to find something better.   

NERD RATING: Will this bed work for you? 

Lightweight (< 130 lbs):  5 4 5
Average weight (130 – 230 lbs): 4 3 5
Heavyweight (> 230 lbs):  3 2 4

1 = Very poor, 2 = Not good, 3 = Fair, 4 = Good, 5 = Excellent

Does It Fit Your Lifestyle?

Back Pain

Casper invested years of research into creating the Wave Hybrid, concentrating on ergonomic support. The Wave Hybrid contains two zoned foam layers that are designed to provide even support that responds to the various zones of the body. For instance, shoulders and feet are best supported with extra cushioning, while the spine requires added firmness for proper alignment. 

Casper’s innovations mean you’ll find a mattress designed to minimize pressure buildup while keeping the spine supported, an amazing combination for people with back pain. Because the Wave Hybrid is softer than your average mattress, it provides the best body alignment for people who weigh less than 230 pounds. Heavier people—especially those who sleep on their stomachs—may find the surface too enveloping, which can exacerbate back pain

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The Casper Wave is a luxury mattress with a fitting price point. While its high-quality construction and ergonomic design make it worth the money for those who want to spend it, there are many other great beds at a more affordable price. Head over to our best cheap mattresses page for beds that come in at a fraction of the Wave’s cost. 


Couples tend to have a harder time getting a good night’s sleep than solo sleepers. When you share the bed, you must find a mattress that properly supports both of your bodies and comfort preferences. Next, you need a bed that dampens motion transfer so you don’t both wake up to one another’s every move. 

The Casper Wave Hybrid’s ergonomic support means that it does an exceptional job at keeping side, back, stomach, and combo sleepers comfortable—particularly for folks who weigh less than 230 pounds. And with extra-thick comfort foam layers and coils that move independently from one another, you won’t feel much movement when your sleeping partner tosses and turns or gets into or out of bed. 

However, keep in mind that the Wave Hybrid’s medium firmness level is softer than the average medium-firm mattress. It hugs the body deeply, a feeling that some people love and others hate. So, the Casper Wave Hybrid is best for couples who both prefer beds that fall on the softer end of the firmness scale


The Casper Wave Hybrid is a good mattress for hot sleepers who like a softer-than-average feel. The top three foam layers are perforated, working in concert with the innerspring coil base to facilitate airflow and keep sleepers cool and dry. Additionally, the cool gel along the mattress surface and layer of latex foam support optimal temperature regulation

For a mattress this soft and conforming, the Wave Hybrid sleeps cool. However, a firmer bed with thinner comfort layers is typically going to sleep a touch cooler. 

0218 CASPER 2020 MATTRESSES SideCompression R2 1 Wave Hybrid With Springs

Construction: What’s Inside the Casper Wave Hybrid Mattress? 

The Casper Wave Hybrid is a 13” mattress made from six layers of foam and coils. The top two foam layers are soft and responsive, delivering a body cradling feel that doesn’t make you feel stuck. The next two foam layers are zoned, with variable firmnesses providing ergonomic support. Finally, individually-encased coils bring a slight bouncy and balanced support and pressure relief along the entire mattress surface. This bed has a medium firmness and works for every sleeping position

Layer #1: Cooling Mattress Cover: An attractive paneled cover with each panel made from different materials. The top panel is a blend of wool, rayon, and polyester that’s ultra-breathable and moisture-wicking for a cool sleeping experience. 

Layer #2: Airscape Foam (1”): A soft top polyfoam layer hugs the body, while perforations support airflow to keep you cool and dry. 

Layer #3: Airscape Latex Foam (1.5”): Latex foam brings responsiveness so you can switch positions without feeling stuck. This layer is also perforated to keep the mattress cool. 

Layer #4: Zoned Support Memory Foam (1.5”): Memory foam with three ergonomic zones provides cushion to the shoulders and support at the trunk for even weight distribution and pressure relief

Layer #5: Zoned High Resiliency Foam (1.5”): Another ergonomically zoned layer, this polyfoam is firmer and more responsive than the layer above to keep the body from sinking in too low. This layer features Casper’s gel pods that add extra support along the waist and lower back to support spinal alignment and melt pressure from the shoulders. 

Layer #6: Pocketed Coil Support System (6”): Individually encased coils move independently, supporting the spine while cushioning the shoulders. These coils bring a slight bounce that helps you move around without feeling stuck, and they’re also durable and breathable. A high-density polyfoam encasement creates sturdy edge support

Layer #7: High-Density Foam Base (1”)

A thin layer of dense polyurethane foam adds a final layer of support to increase mattress longevity. 

How Much Does the Casper Wave Hybrid Cost?

Mattress Size Price Dimensions Height Weight
Twin $1,495 38” x 75” 13” 70 lbs. 
Twin XL $1,695 38” x 80” 13” 76 lbs. 
Full $2,395 53” x 75” 13” 100 lbs. 
Queen $2,595 60” x 80” 13” 111 lbs. 
King $2,995 76” x 80” 13” 145 lbs. 
California King $2,995 72” x 84” 13” 143 lbs. 

For the best price on a new mattress, see our  Casper mattress coupons.

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How Do the Policies Measure Up?

Shipping & Unboxing

The Casper Wave Hybrid ships for free to customers in the contiguous United States and parts of Canada, with fees for shipping to those in Alaska or Hawaii. Currently, Casper offers free White Glove Delivery, which includes new mattress setup and old mattress removal, for Casper Wave Hybrid king-size and California king-size beds. Other mattresses arrive at your doorstep in a box

Whether you set up the bed yourself or buy a mattress with free in-home setup, expect it to take a day or two after unboxing before your bed is fully inflated and free of odors. Bed-ina-box mattresses like the Casper Wave Hybrid release a mild scent known as off-gassing for a short time after being unboxed. Leave sheets and blankets off of the mattress and crack a window to help the odor fade quickly.  


Casper mattresses come with a 10-year limited warranty, the most common warranty that you’ll find. The warranty covers defects in materials or workmanship, but only for the original owner. Any issue that’s due to a defect may be covered, from indentations greater than 1” to cracks in the foam.  

For your mattress to be covered under the Casper warranty, you must keep it on a strong and sturdy base. Casper doesn’t recommend a box spring, but you can use an adjustable frame, platform base, flat foundation, or slatted base with slats less than 4” apart. For more details, see our Casper mattress warranty breakdown.

Trial Period & Returns

The Casper Wave Hybrid has a risk-free 100-night sleep trial. We recommend that you spend some time, around 30 days, getting used to your new bed before deciding if it works for you. If you decide to return the Casper Wave during the trial period, Casper sends someone to pick it up and take it to a local charity or donation center. After that process is complete, Casper issues a full refund to your original form of payment.   

Learn More: Casper Mattress Return Policy Breakdown

If you like the Casper brand, be sure to read our Casper mattress comparison and compare each model the brand offers.

Casper Wave Hybrid Mattress FAQs

Is the Casper Wave Hybrid worth it?

The Casper Wave Hybrid has a higher price point than most online mattresses. But with cutting-edge technologies designed to bring ergonomic support to people who love softer beds, it’s an excellent luxury mattress for pressure relief and healthy spinal alignment. Plus, it has a distinctly high-end feel. 

Does the Casper Wave sleep hot?

The Casper Wave sleeps cooler than most other mattresses that deeply hug the body for soft, cloud-like comfort. Most sleepers find the Wave Hybrid sufficiently cool and comfortable throughout the night, but extra-hot sleepers may do better on a firmer bed with thinner comfort layers that store less body heat.  

What is the best hybrid mattress?

There is no single mattress that’s perfect for everyone. Instead, you should consider your individual needs. Softer hybrid beds suit side sleepers and lightweight people, while firmer, more supportive hybrids are better for heavier folks. Then there are budget-friendly hybrids or luxury hybrids for people looking for an opulent feel.

Comparing the Casper Wave Hybrid Mattress

Casper Wave Hybrid vs. Casper Original Mattress

The Casper Original is a memory foam mattress. Both the Wave Hybrid and the Original all-foam mattress have zoned memory foam that encourages balanced support in every sleeping position. However, the Wave Hybrid has another layer of Zoned Support foam and pocketed coils for a bed that’s even better for back and joint pain relief. 

The Wave Hybrid is softer than the Original with more conforming foam layers. This added softness makes the Wave better for most side sleepers and anyone who enjoys being hugged by their bed. The Original’s firmer feel may be preferred by some back and stomach sleepers, and it comes at a lower price point than the Wave.

Casper Original

The original mattress that made the brand famous, the Casper is known for its design that suits all sleep positions. Casper's Zoned Support feature is engineered to support the hips, shoulders and back to keep the spine aligned. At an affordable price point, too, this mattress is hard to beat.
Casper Original Mattress

Read our full Casper Original mattress review to learn more.

Casper Wave Hybrid vs. Casper Nova Hybrid Mattress

The Casper Nova Hybrid is Casper’s softest mattress, a great pick for people who like extra-soft sleeping experiences. While both the Wave and the Nova offer a soft cradling feel, the Wave is more supportive and therefore better for stomach sleepers and heavier people. 

Both mattresses have the motion isolation that couples need, but the Wave is a touch cooler than the Nova and better for hot sleepers. The Nova is more affordable, so lightweight people and side sleepers may want to consider the Nova over the Wave.

Casper Nova Hybrid

Extra plush foam makes this Casper's softest hybrid mattress yet. With seven zones of specialized support, this mattress is not too plush, and your spine should stay aligned all night. The cradling comfort foam combines with two layers of perforated cooling foam that promotes air flow and prevents heat trapping.
nova hybrid plain room xl 1

Check out our full Casper Nova mattress review to learn more.

Casper Wave Hybrid vs. Casper Hybrid Mattress

The Casper hybrid is the most affordable hybrid mattress made by Casper. Both the Wave Hybrid and the Casper hybrid have pocketed coils and zoned memory foam that makes them work well for every sleeping position

The Wave has thicker foam layers, an added layer of zoned foam, and a softer feel, providing even better pressure relief than the Casper hybrid. The Casper hybrid is a bit bouncier and more affordable than the Wave.

Casper Hybrid

Striking the perfect balance between the contour of memory foam and the bounce of pocket-coils, the Casper Hybrid offers the best of both worlds when it comes to superior comfort and support.
Casper Original Hybrid Mattress

Casper Wave Hybrid vs. Purple Hybrid Premier Mattress

The Purple Hybrid Premier and Casper Wave Hybrid are both luxury mattresses with a medium firmness level. What sets them apart is a major difference in construction. Purple utilizes a unique material called the Purple Grid along its top layer. This gel grid buckles at areas of high pressure while staying supportive at lighter zones, creating even weight distribution and a feeling that many people describe as “floating.”

In comparison, the Casper Wave Hybrid has a more traditional build with multiple layers of foam making up the comfort system. With a soft foam top layer paired with Zoned Support foams, the Casper Wave hugs the body in a cloud-like embrace without sinking too far at heavier areas. Both beds minimize pressure and deliver balanced support. The Purple sleeps cooler while the Casper absorbs motion better so couples can sleep more deeply. 

Purple Hybrid Premier

The Purple Hybrid Premier, like the Purple Hybrid, features a transitional layer and a support core of pocketed coils that sit atop a thin polyfoam base layer. This mattress was previously marketed as the New Purple, which included what is now the Purple Hybrid (formerly the Purple 2) and the Purple Hybrid Premier (formerly the Purple 3 and Purple 4).
Purple Hybrid Premier Mattress

See our full Purple Hybrid Premier Mattress Review to learn more. 

Casper Wave Hybrid vs. Tempur-Pedic Mattress

Tempur-Pedic is known for its luxury memory foam mattresses that have a traditional slow-response cradling feel. They carry both all-foam and memory foam hybrid mattresses with firmnesses ranging from plush to medium-firm. 

Tempur-Pedic mattresses have more of a doughy feel while the Casper Wave Hybrid is more cloud-like and responsive. Both provide exceptional cushion at pressure points that suits lightweight people and side sleepers. The Casper Wave is cooler than Tempur-Pedic beds and offers a bit more support at the hips, which is good for stomach sleepers.


With decades of expertise making memory foam beds, it’s hard to not love TEMPUR-Pedic. The TEMPUR-Adapt is one of our favorite luxury memory foam mattress models and is sure to deliver a return on your investment.
Tempur Adapt Mattress

See our full Tempur-Pedic Mattress Review to learn more. 

Casper Wave Hybrid vs. Saatva Classic Mattress

The Saatva Classic pairs two layers of innerspring coils with thin foam layers for a bouncy and cool sleeping experience. It comes in three firmness levels, with the softest model having a similar firmness as the Casper Wave. 

Both mattresses have ergonomic support zones and offer great spinal alignment in every sleeping position. However, the Casper Wave’s thicker foam layers mean greater pressure relief, better for side sleepers. The Saatva Classic’s two firmer models are better for firm mattress fans, and it comes at a lower price point than the Casper Wave.

Saatva Classic

Saatva is one of the first direct-to-consumer online mattress companies. The Saatva mattress is not a “bed-in-a-box” company, because it doesn’t come in a box at all. It’s a regular innerspring mattress delivered to your door by delivery professionals.
Saatva Classic Mattress

See our full Saatva Classic Mattress Review to learn more.



  • Supports Healthy Spine Alignment: The Casper Wave marries pocketed coils with their dual-layer Zoned Support Max system for ergonomic support. This technology supports a healthy spine in every sleeping position and may help ease back pain
  • Soft, Enveloping Feel: Do you like to be hugged by your mattress? If you do, the Wave Hybrid’s cloud-like surface offers the right type of plush comfort. 
  • Minimizes Pressure: With softer foam at the shoulders, the Wave Hybrid melts away pressure at one of the toughest areas for side sleepers of every body weight.
  • Sleeps Cool: Mattresses that hug the body tend to hold onto excess body heat. But with cooling innovations that include a layer of cooling gel, three layers of perforated foam, and breathable innerspring coils, this is one of the best cooling mattresses for people who prefer a softer feel.  


  • Heavy People May Sink in Too Far: The Casper Wave Hybrid has a softer-than-average surface that hugs the body. For people who weigh over 230 pounds, the sink may be a bit too much, making it hard to move around. 
  • Not a Springy Hybrid: Because the Wave has thick foam layers atop the coil support system, it doesn’t have the same bouncy feel as some hybrid beds. 
  • Not for Budget Shoppers: The Casper Wave Hybrid is a luxury bed that costs over twice that of the average hybrid mattress. It’s not the best option for shoppers who are on a tight budget. 

What’s the Bottom Line?

The Casper Wave Hybrid is one of the best mattresses for people with back pain or body aches thanks to multiple layers designed for ergonomic support. Its medium firmness is softer than the average bed, with a cloud-like top layer that deeply hugs the body for top-notch pressure relief

The Wave is one of the best hybrids for soft mattress fans, side sleepers, and lightweight people, and it works well for all people who weigh less than 230 pounds, no matter their preferred sleeping position. It sleeps cooler than most plush beds, and it’s a great bed for people who sleep with a partner, pet, or child. 

The Nerd’s Scores for the Casper Wave Hybrid Mattress

Performance Factor Out of 5
Motion Isolation 5
Pressure Relief 5
Ease of Movement 4.5
Edge Support 4
Temperature Control  4.5
Durability 4.5

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