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Casper vs. Loom & Leaf Mattress Comparison

Casper and Loom & Leaf are two of the most popular all-foam beds on the market. Deciding between the two? Learn the pros and cons of each in this mattress comparison.

Comparing Casper & Loom and Leaf Mattresses

The Casper Original, Casper’s popular flagship mattress, has a soft, neutral-foam feel, is affordable, and provides a balance of contouring and support. The Loom & Leaf by Saatva is a memory foam mattress that’s available in two firmness options, cradles pressure points, and sleeps cooler than most foam beds. If you’re after a balanced feel that you won’t sink into, the Casper’s your best option. It’s also our choice for people on a budget, with a price tag that’s about $500 cheaper than the Loom & Leaf in all sizes (and that’s before discount codes). 

If you love the sinking feel of memory foam, we’d recommend the Loom & Leaf. It’s one of the best memory foam mattresses for side sleepers because it sleeps cooler than the competition, thanks to the bed’s contouring memory foam layers and the cooling strip of gel that sits just beneath them. Buying a new mattress online can be confusing and intimidating, and there’s a lot to consider when deciding which one to pick. Keep reading to learn the main things you should keep in mind when weighing Casper against Loom & Leaf.


  • Feel—The Loom & Leaf has a true memory foam mattress feel. The Casper has a neutral, accommodating foam feel. 
  • Pricing— Compared to the higher price point of the Loom & Leaf mattress, the Casper Original has the clear edge. Still, both Casper and Loom & Leaf offer discounts throughout the year.
  • Edge Support—The Casper has better edge support than the Loom & Leaf. If you tend to sleep near the edge of the bed or have trouble getting in and out of bed, the Casper would be a better choice. 
  • Firmness Options—The Casper is offered in a medium firmness (5/10), but the Loom & Leaf is offered in two firmness options (5.5/10 and 8/10).
  • Temperature Regulation—If you sleep hot, the Loom & Leaf has a layer in the center third that will actively cool you down. The Casper sleeps temperature neutral, but it doesn’t have that extra cooling measure like the Loom & Leaf.
  • Support—The Loom & Leaf’s high-quality foams and thoughtful construction make it a good option for heavyweight individuals who normally need hybrid or innerspring mattresses to feel supported.


  • Type—The Casper and Loom & Leaf mattresses are both all-foam beds. The responsive foams in each mattress make them suitable for multiple sleeping positions, recommending the Casper or the Loom & Leaf as the best mattress for combination sleepers.
  • Policies—Both beds come with free shipping, generous sleep trials and great warranty coverage.
  • Natural Materials— Both the Casper and the Loom & Leaf mattresses are made with the planet in mind. Casper’s outer covering is made with upcycled cotton, and Loom & Leaf uses natural thistle and foams made partly of soy and corn oil.

Casper Original

Who Should Buy This Mattress?

  • Back sleepers
  • Combination sleepers
  • Shoppers on a budget



original plain room xl 1


Trial period

100 nights


10 year warranty



Who the Casper Mattress is Best For 

Best For…

  • Back sleepers who like a neutral foam feel and enough support to evenly distribute their weight
  • Combination sleepers looking for a balance of pressure relief and support, without getting stuck into the mattress
  • Lightweight and average weight sleepers
  • Shoppers on a budget and looking for a mattress that is well constructed and worth the investment

May Not be Best For…

  • Heavyweight sleepers who may sink too deeply into the foam layers of the mattress without enough support
  • Those who sleep hot on foam and may consider an innerspring or hybrid mattress

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Loom & Leaf

Who Should Buy This Mattress?

  • Memory foam lovers
  • Couples
  • Side sleepers


Loom Leaf Relaxed mattressnerd


Trial period

120 nights


15 year limited warranty



Who the Loom and Leaf Mattress is Best For 

Best For…

  • Sleepers who like a memory foam feel- slowly sinking into the mattress layers
  • Couples looking for motion isolation and a quiet mattress
  • Side sleepers that need pressure point relief around their hips and shoulders through the memory foam

May Not be Best For…

  • Combination sleepers that may feel stuck in the sinking memory foam or unable to change positions easily
  • Sleepers who like a responsive mattress

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Deciding Between Casper & Loom and Leaf

Firmness / Feel

A mattress’ firmness rating and feel are related, but they’re not one in the same. The Casper and the Loom & Leaf provide the perfect example for this because the Casper and the Loom & Leaf in its softer firmness level setting share a similar firmness scale rating (6/10 and 5.5/10, respectively). Even so, the Casper has a neutral foam feel, which simply means it’s comfortable but you won’t sink deeply like memory foam. The Loom & Leaf has a slow-sinking feel like the best memory foam mattresses that will wrap around your body and take a little while to rebound when you get up.

If feel isn’t a huge issue for you, you can turn to firmness to decide which bed is right for your body type and sleeping style. We recommend the soft Loom & Leaf for side sleepers because the top layers of low density foam will cradle the body nicely, providing contouring for the hips and shoulders. The firmer Loom & Leaf is a great option for back and stomach sleepers who need support but don’t want their bed to feel too flat, and the Casper is a great option for all sleeping positions and for those who like a balance of comfort and support in their mattress. Heavier sleepers should see our recommendation on the best mattress for back sleepers, including hybrid and innerspring mattresses that provide more support under the hips and back.

Motion Isolation

Beds that absorb motion well tend to be appealing for couples who wake one another up throughout the night. All-foam beds minimize motion transfer better than bouncy, responsive innerspring, hybrid and latex mattresses, and the Loom & Leaf and Casper are no different. The Loom & Leaf has the slight edge on Casper in this category. Its thicker, conforming memory foam layers will absorb a bit more motion than the Casper’s top layer of polyfoam. Both mattresses will keep couples undisturbed and lack of motion makes them some of the best mattresses for sex.

Edge Support

If you sleep on a smaller sized bed like a Full, have limited space or sleep with a partner who takes up a lot of room, you want to be able to access the full area of the bed. A mattress with poor edge support can leave you feeling like you might roll off the bed, which can be frustrating. Casper has relatively good edge support for an all-foam bed, but the Loom & Leaf may leave you wanting in this category. Its memory foam top layer collapses at the edges and isn’t dense enough to support the body as well as the Casper while you’re sleeping on the edges or getting in and out of bed. 

Pressure Relief 

Depending on your weight and preferred sleeping position, painful pressure points can build up in certain areas of the body throughout the night. For example, stomach sleepers are more likely to experience pressure in the torso and neck, while side sleepers experience pressure in the hips and shoulders. Both the Casper and the Loom & Leaf provide good pressure relief by contouring to the sleeper’s body, particularly lightweight and average weight sleepers.

Spine Alignment 

Spinal alignment is achieved through a combination of close conforming and support, which will keep the spine in its natural ‘S’ curve throughout the night. The firmness setting and mattress type required to help you achieve spinal alignment will depend on your weight and sleeping position. If you’re heavyweight, the Loom & Leaf will do a much better job at supporting your body weight and, therefore, will have a better chance of aligning the spine. Lightweight and average weight sleepers should choose between the two mattresses based on their sleeping position and the feel (balanced, firm, plush, etc.) they enjoy in a mattress.


Mattress longevity is about seven years on average, but some models can last ten years or more without issues. All-foam beds tend to have a lifespan of about seven years, and the Casper’s strong support system puts it on par with this average. The Loom & Leaf is expected to last a year or so longer than the Casper simply due to the quality of its foams and its firmer, more supportive structure.


The best cooling mattresses create temperature neutral or cool products through a number of methods. In general, hybrid and innerspring mattresses sleep cooler than foam beds because their coil cores allow for higher airflow. Foam mattress brands can achieve cooling by adding materials that actively cool the body throughout the night or at least keep sleepers temperature neutral. If you’re looking for a cooling bed, we recommend the Loom & Leaf.

It has a layer of cooling gel in the center third of the mattress that helps it actively dissipate body heat. The Casper’s moderately dense foams will help the bed avoid heat retention throughout the night, but it stops a bit short of active cooling measures, only sleeping temperature neutral.

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Casper vs. Loom & Leaf: We compare the construction of the Casper (left) to that of the Loom & Leaf (right).

Casper Mattress Construction 

Cover Polyester blend
Comfort Layer  1.5” Polyfoam
Transition Layer 2” Memory Foam
Support Layer 7” High-Density Polyfoam
Mattress Thickness  11”

The Casper is an all-foam, three layer mattress that’s 11” tall and has a medium firmness setting (5/10). 

The cover is made from a polyester blend and has a slightly stretchy feel. It’s not removable, so spot cleaning is recommended. The top layer of the Casper is 1.5” of standard polyfoam, which gives the Casper a light bounce. The second layer is a comfort layer of 2” of memory foam, which provides zoned support to different parts of the body. Together, these two foam layers give the Casper its signature feel, which balances contouring, pressure relief, and support and is well-liked by most sleeping positions and body types.

The Casper’s support core is 7” of high-density polyfoam, which stabilizes the bed and helps prevent some sagging around the edges. It’s also thicker than average, which gives the Casper mattress strong support overall for most body types. The best mattress for stomach sleepers must have a dense foam or coil base to prevent the hips from sagging to cause lower back pain.

Loom & Leaf Mattress Construction

Cover Organic cotton
Comfort Layer  2” Convoluted Gel Memory Foam
Transition Layer 2.5” Memory Foam
Support Layer 2” 1.6 PCF Polyfoam

5.5” 1.8 PCF Polyfoam

Mattress Thickness  12”

The Loom & Leaf is an all-foam mattress with layers of memory foam and a polyfoam base. It measures 12” tall and is available in two firmness settings.

The quilted cover of the mattress is made from organic cotton, which helps keep the sleeping surface cool. It’s coated with an antimicrobial treatment, features a natural thistle flame retardant, and is quilted for a bit of added cushioning.

The Loom & Leaf’s two firmness options (Relaxed Firm and Firm) both come with two memory foam layers in the comfort section that give the bed a true cushioning, hugging memory foam feel. The first is 2” of memory foam that’s laminated with a cooling gel in the center third of the mattress, which helps the bed sleep cool. The second layer is 2.5” of memory foam.

The support foam includes 2” of denser polyfoam and a second 5.5” layer of softer polyfoam, both of which are high-density and help the Loom & Leaf achieve its firmer settings while providing adequate support for most body types.

Sizing & Price Comparisons 

Mattress Size  Casper Original Price  Loom & Leaf Price
Twin $595 $899
Twin XL $695 $1,199
Full $995 $1,699
Queen $1,095 $1,799
King $1,295 $2,099
Split King N/A $2,398
California King $1,295 $2,099
Split Cal King N/A $2,476

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Shipping and Returns for Casper & Loom and Leaf

If you’ve never purchased a bed online, here’s a primer: most mattress companies now offer free shipping, give you some sort of in-home trial period so you can test out the mattress for yourself, and cover their products with a lengthy warranty. The Casper and Loom & Leaf meet all of these standards, but the specifics vary a little.

Loom & Leaf

The Loom & Leaf comes with free White Glove delivery to the contiguous USA, which means a crew will set the bed up in your home and include old mattress removal on request. You’ll have 120 nights to decide whether to keep the mattress. If you do return it, there’s a $99 fee. If you keep it, the Loom & Leaf is backed by a 15-year, non-prorated warranty.


The Casper ships free as a bed-in-a-box to anywhere in the contiguous U.S. You’ll have a 100-night sleep trial to test out the Casper, and returns are completely free. If you decide to keep the mattress, it’s backed by the Casper warranty of 10 years.

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Our Casper vs. Loom & Leaf Final Review

There are four main considerations that differentiate the Casper and the Loom & Leaf: feel, price, cooling and edge support. We recommend choosing your new mattress based on these key differences. If you like a soft and neutral foam feel, are trying to stick to a budget, or need an all-foam mattress with above-average edge support, the Casper is a safe pick. If you like a memory foam feel, want to choose between two firmness options, or want a luxury-level foam bed that sleeps cool, go with the Loom & Leaf.