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Casper Pillow Review

By Tyler Moyer

If you dream of sleeping better, a new pillow is a smart place to start. Casper, a mattress-in-a-box company that’s become a big player in the industry, expanded its offerings by launching the Casper Pillow. Nothing emphasizes the importance of a great pillow-like attempting to sleep on a bad one, so how does Casper’s first pillow really feel and perform? The company advertises the pillow as appropriate for all sleepers, but is this true?

In this review, I’m sharing details about what’s inside the Casper Pillow, product information, pros and cons, and whether or not I’d recommend the pillow to a friend. Read on for my detailed, honest review of the Casper Pillow.

A Look Inside

Casper sells two pillows: Down Pillows and Original Casper Pillows. The Original Casper Pillow is what we’re reviewing in this guide. You may be familiar with Casper’s foam mattresses, but the company’s designers took a new approach with the Capser Pillow. 

The most distinct characteristic of the Original pillow is its unique pillow-on-pillow design. It consists of an outer pillow that completely encases a smaller internal pillow. This dual-pillow construction was created with even pressure relief in mind. 

The outer pillow cover, which is made of 100% pima cotton in a percale weave, has a polyester inner lining, and gussets that are 2” wide. While gussets are usually an overlooked detail in pillow construction, Casper notes that these gussets are the backbone of the pillow’s functionality, allowing the fill to be evenly distributed throughout. 

The internal pillow is cushioned with microfibers that are crimped to strengthen neck and head support, and the external pillow is padded with fibers that are longer, softer, and smoother. The inner pillow also has the same lining as the outer pillow layer, and it can be removed from the outer pillow cover via a simple zipper on the outer cover for washing. As such, the two pillows can be completely separated, but Casper designed these pillows to be used together. The inner pillow provides support, while the outer pillow provides a soft, fluffy place for your head and neck.

Why I Love It

The Casper Original Pillow has a medium-soft feel that will tend to suit most sleepers, myself included, and the outer pillow provides just enough softness and cushioning. While the firmness of the Casper Pillow isn’t adjustable, sleepers who want a firmer feel can simply remove the inner pillow and sleep directly on it, if they want. However, this is, like we’ve said, not recommended by Casper. 

The outer cover does just what it’s designed to do, conforming closely to the head and neck areas thanks to the long polyester fibers inside that easily slide around as you lift your head or switch sleeping positions. It isn’t so soft that you sink too much, though. The inner pillow provides ample support that’s surprisingly even throughout the width and length of the pillow. The 2” gussets on each side of the pillow assist in evenly distributing the microfiber fill. 

Like many microfibers pillows, the Casper Pillow will hold its shape even if you sleep on it nightly, but you may need to fluff it. Casper recommends fluffing the Original Pillow daily, if possible, to keep it looking and feeling fresh. 

In terms of care, both the inner and outer pillow pillows are easy to clean. They’re machine-washable and dryer-friendly. In fact, drying the Casper can help it retain its shape. Cleaning your Casper Pillow is as simple as unzipping the outer pillow, removing the inner pillow, rezipping the outer pillow, and placing both in the washing machine on a cold setting. It’s recommended that you tumble dry them on low with dryer balls to aid in fluffing and reshaping.

As a huge fan of percale, I found myself doting on the pillow’s cover material, which feels cool and soft to the touch. The breathable cover and the pillow-in-pillow design allows for quite a bit of airflow, which will prevent those who sleep hot from feeling warm in the middle of the night.

I’m a combination sleeper, so I tend to start off my night’s sleep on my back and transition to my side, eventually making my way to my stomach by the morning. I think the pillow accommodates all these sleeping positions, but it suits the side sleeping and back sleeping best. In terms of comfort, overall quality, and loft, I’d compare the pillow to what you might find in your room at a 4-star hotel.

Product Information

The Casper Pillow is available in two sizes: standard and king. The standard pillow model is 18” by 26”, and it weighs roughly 2-3 pounds. The king size pillow is 18” by 34”. For both sizes, the loft is medium, allowing the pillow to rest about five or six inches above the mattress. The standard pillow costs $65, and the king pillow costs $85. 

While the Original Casper is priced a few shades above the average synthetic down pillow,  Casper also offers a 100-night sleep trial. If you don’t love your Casper Original, you can send it back for a full refund. You’ll also receive free shipping in the U.S. and Canada with your Casper order, and you can follow the status of your delivery online. Most Casper orders are shipped within two business days once you’ve placed your order.

The pillow does come with a warranty, but it was reduced from a 3-year warranty to a 1-year limited warranty in July of 2019.  The warranty is not transferable and covers defects but not normal wear and tear, or owner-inflicted damage. 

The Casper Original Pillow can be purchased directly from Casper’s website, but it’s also available from third-party retailers like and Target (online and in-store). As we mentioned, shipping and returns from Casper are free, but the Casper Original Pillow is Amazon prime eligible, and Target offers pick-up and free 2-day shipping, so the best route to purchase is simply your preferred method. 

Sleep Experience

Having never slept on a pillow like this one, with its pillow-in-a-pillow design, I was intrigued. Like I mentioned, I’m a combination sleeper who prefers back sleeping, so the fact that the Casper Original Pillow is designed to suit the majority of sleeping styles and is weight- and size-agnostic worked well for me. 

On my back, I feel supported by the inner pillow, but the outer pillow is soft to the touch and conforms around my head. On my side, I felt the same way, although I did feel slightly strained by the five-inch loft even in this position. On my stomach, it felt okay, but I wouldn’t recommend this pillow for stomach sleeping purists, as the loft elevates the head too much and increases strain and pressure on the neck. 

Pros & Cons Casper Pillow

Here’s what I liked about the Casper Original Pillow:

  • Unique—The pillow-on-pillow design provides plushness and comfort while supporting the head and neck.
  • Cooling—Percale weave in the material covering the outer and inner pillows is breathable, soft, and sleeps cool.
  • Accomodating—The medium-soft firmness level will suit people at a variety of weights who prefer different sleeping positions.
  • Machine-Washable—Pillows should be regularly cleaned to prevent the dust mite, mold, and dirt buildup, and Casper makes that easy. 

Here are some drawbacks: 

  • Cost—More expensive than most microfiber pillows.
  • Lack of Options—The pillow comes in one firmness option and the loft is not adjustable.
  • Stomach Sleeping—Because of the loft, some stomach sleepers, especially those on the petite side, may find this pillow too high for their tastes.


While ultimately, there’s no best pillow for everyone, as personal preference plays a large role in determining the pillow you’ll love, the Casper Original Pillow is a nice, middle-of-the-road option. The medium-soft feel makes it a safe choice for sleepers of all positions, but I’d strongly recommend this pillow for back and side sleepers. Stomach sleepers might find that the 5” loft is a little too straining on the neck. 

While it feels especially cozy and plush to the touch, the supportive inner pillow will be felt just enough after a few seconds of laying on it. Casper is a trusted brand, with an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, and their free shipping, warranty, and lengthy trial period policies make purchasing a Casper Original Pillow that much more appealing.

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