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Brooklyn Signature Mattress Review

I must say, knowing Brooklyn manufactures their own mattresses does something positive to my opinion of the company.  The amount of quality control you have when you’re doing everything in-house matters and I think that comes through when testing a Brooklyn.  It should cost more, but it doesn’t.

Our Verdict: The Brooklyn Signature Mattress is a hybrid mattress that comes with three customizable firmness settings, making this a great customizable mattress and on of the most affordable mattresses. This hybrid mattress gives you the best of both worlds by combining customizable firmness with top layers of memory foam that contour to your body while you sleep. A high density foam base layer makes this mattress durable and more supportive. If you’re looking for a unique, high-quality hybrid mattress at an affordable price, you may have just met your match!

Who the Brooklyn Signature Mattress is Best For

Best For…

May Not be Best For…

Those who want the most bang for their buck will appreciate the Brooklyn Signature’s affordability and high-quality materials.

Combination sleepers can adjust the mattress’s firmness level, helping to customize their sleep experience

Those who want a little bit of everything would find the Brooklyn Signature handy as its memory foam and coil make-up give you the comfortability and support you desire

Those who prefer an all -foam mattress

❌ Those who prefer more edge support as there is some give when you sit on the side of the mattress


When you run into a mattress company that designs and manufactures its own mattresses in its own factory, you shouldn’t run away. All of those elements are money in the bank for producing quality mattresses.

Brooklyn Bedding fits this personality profile. The people there know mattresses.

Their Brooklyn Signature hybrid mattress is best described as a premium feeling mattress that you can get for, what feels like a steal, i.e. a factory-direct price. Brooklyn Bedding didn’t rest on its reputation even though it first rolled out the Signature model as a foam-only version and originally called it the #BestMattressEver.

Was it really the best? Perhaps not because Brooklyn went back to the drawing board, turned it into a hybrid to improve it, and reintroduced it to the world in January 2018.

The company has been operating since 2008, before the direct-to-consumer mattress sales trend came to life. Because they have experience and because they manufacture their own mattresses, other “mattress in a box” companies actually have Brooklyn Bedding build their mattresses. 

When a competitor trusts you to make their mattresses, you’re doing many things right. We consider the Brooklyn Bedding brand to provide some of the best online mattresses.

The Signature is simply a great example, with a killer price point, of how Brooklyn Bedding attacks the conundrum of sleep. They seek the best materials and make them better. They seek feedback from customers to improve their own offerings.

As a result, the Brooklyn Signature mattress swings for the fences and delivers.

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Here are some features of the Brooklyn Signature mattress:

  • Both top layers are treated with Titanium Gel to keep you cool.
  • Top layer contours like memory foam and responds quickly like latex.
  • 1,024 separately wrapped coils support body and reduce motion transfer.
  • 1-inch high density foam base makes the mattress durable and supports the coils.
  • Has four handles on the mattress that help you muscle it into place.
  • Uses eco-friendly CertiPUR-US certified foams, that are safe for the environment.
  • Brooklyn Bedding owns the manufacturing process from start to finish.
  • Comes in three firmness levels to let you decide the level of support you need.
  • Customizable by firmness—soft, medium or firm.
  • Custom made in the Brooklyn Bedding factory.
  • One of our picks for Best Mattress for the Money
  • Try it for a full 120 nights, longer than most companies give you to road test!

Customizable: With a few different surface options, the Signature aims to please not matter what your desired sleeping position is.

Brooklyn Signature Mattress by Sleeping Positions

Back Stomach Side Combination
✅Maintains spine alignment

✅Medium firmness offers support and contouring 

✅Those who want added lumbar support should go for firm option

✅Medium firm option helps prevent average sleeper’s hips from sinking

✅Heavier sleepers may opt for the firm option for more sturdy support

✅Offers gentle support

✅Foam provides pressure relief

✅Responsiveness makes it easy to shift positions

❌Lacks motion transfer

Back Sleepers

Back sleepers would enjoy either the Brooklyn Signature’s medium firm option or firm option, just depends on how much lumbar support they need. The medium option is a comfortable blend of soft, yet supportive, while the firm provides more sturdy support, making it a great mattress for back sleepers.

Side Sleepers

The soft firmness option would compliment side sleepers well as they typically need a more plush mattress that offers more cushioning and contouring along pressure points. For more gently contouring mattresses with great pressure relief, see our best mattresses for side sleepers.

Stomach Sleepers

Firmer beds are usually the best mattresses for stomach sleepers, because they provide the proper support needed to keep the hips elevated. When it comes to the Brooklyn Signature, either the medium firmness option or the firm would both accommodate stomach sleepers well and prevent any sinkage.

Combination Sleepers

Combination sleepers would appreciate the responsiveness of the foam layers that makes it easy to adjust positions. However, couples should beware of the lack of motion isolation that may cause them to feel their partner’s movements throughout the night. If you toss and turn throughout the night, see our list on the best mattress for combination sleepers.



The Brooklyn Signature is a medium firm, hybrid firm mattress made with both memory foam and pocket coils.


The Signature has not one, but two layers that are infused with some sort of cooling gel that takes heat away from your body. Similarly, the best cooling mattresses usually feature some sort of cooling technology like what’s found in the Brooklyn Signature. 

As a hybrid with an innerspring coil layer, of course it’s going to do a better job at allowing air to flow through the material than a dense memory foam-only mattress.


The mattress would be considered medium firm. And you can customize the firmness of the Brooklyn Signature even further.

Side sleepers should use the soft mattress, specifically if you need more pressure point relief or a gentler support system, or if you like the feel of being cuddled by your mattress.

If you sleep every which way—back, stomach, side—the medium firm level will likely work best for you. You’ll need a balance between contouring and support features and the Signature fits that bill. If you sleep with a partner, the medium will cover a range of needs so you needn’t be totally sleep compatible with your honey to reap the benefits of the Brooklyn Signature.

Choose the firm option if you mainly sleep on your stomach or back and don’t want to sink into the mattress and if you need more support for your lower back. You might also warm to the firm version if you like a smoother sleeping surface.

Edge support

Do you like sitting on the side of the bed while getting ready in the mornings? Do you have to sleep on the edge of your bed because your partner takes up a lot of space? How strongly the edges of the mattress support you is important,

The Brooklyn Signature doesn’t have any special features to strengthen the edge support. There is some dip when you sit on the side, but it does keep you more upright and supported than a memory foam-only version would. Also it feels strong enough to support and contour to your body if you need to sleep on the edge of the mattress.

Motion transfer

If you sleep with a partner, you want to avoid being woken up when they move around at night. How much of their movements transfers over to your side of the bed? Less is more with motion transfer.

Because the Signature is built with both memory foam and a coil system, the bed will move some when your partner shifts or gets out of bed, but not enough to roust you from your slumber. If motion isolation is a top priority for you, see our best mattresses for couples.


The Brooklyn Signature mattress is composed of five layers of materials.

The i-inch quilted, memory foam top is the first of two layers that are treated with a cooling gel to keep you nice and comfortable temperature-wise while you sleep.

There is a 2-inch layer of Brooklyn Bedding’s proprietary, hyper-elastic TITANFLEX™ COMFORT foam. It adapts to your body every time you shift in bed. This is the second layer that is treated with a cooling gel to control your body temp. The gel also repels bacteria.

The third layer is 2 inches of TITANFLEX™ SUPPORT, a high-density foam that both supports your body and helps your body contour to the mattress while keeping the spine in good alignment.

The fourth layer is made up of a 6-inch layer of ASCENSION™ POCKETED COILS, 1,024 coils that are wrapped individually. Those coils contour to your body quickly and effectively and decrease the chance you will disturb your partner when you have to shift position.

At the bottom of the mattress, there is a 1-inch layer of support foam. This bit of foam is super durable and helps the coils and the rest of the bed do their work by supporting everything on top of it.

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Brooklyn Signature Layers: Over 1,024 individually wrapped coils help make the Signature very supportive.


Here is a breakdown of the Signature specifications:

Mattress Size Dimensions Weight Thickness (Profile)
Twin 38″ x 75″ 55 lbs 11.5 inches
Twin XL 39” x 80” 70 lbs 11.5 inches
Full 53” x 75” 90 lbs 11.5 inches
Queen 60” x 80” 105 lbs 11.5 inches
King 76” x 80” 120 lbs 11.5 inches
Cal King 72” x 84” 120 lbs 11.5 inches

Mattress Dimensions are pretty similar across the board, and the different sizes of a mattress only vary about an inch from one another. The Brooklyn Signature mattress is slightly thicker than the standard mattresses, which usually range between 8-11 inches. This means that the Brooklyn Signature is heavier than most mattresses as well; normally, the thicker a mattress, the more heavy it is.

Thickness also relates to layers, so usually when a mattress is thicker, it means it has more layers, thicker layers, or more foam. This helps the mattress support lots of different sleepers by making the bed more supportive and comfortable.. If you’re a plus-size sleeper, it’s a good idea to find a mattress that is on the thicker side (12 inches or more).

The Brooklyn Signature is somewhat heavier than some other bed-in-a-box brands, but with the extra weight comes more layers of comfortable foam. If you purchase a queen size or larger, you may want to consider recruiting some help to unbox and set up the mattress.



The Brooklyn Signature has a trial period of 120 days, which is longer than most companies offer. If you decide to return the Brooklyn Signature within the 120-day trial period, you may call the company to schedule a return.

As long as you’ve also slept in the bed for at least 30 days to give it a proper chance, you will receive a full refund.


The Brooklyn Signature comes with a 10-year limited warranty. If a problem occurs during the warranty period, Brooklyn Bedding will repair or replace the defective product in a “reasonable” amount of time.

Some examples of defects include: Deterioration in the latex or poly foam; defects that result in splits or cracks in the material with normal usage; body depressions of at least 1 inch.

As with other hybrid or memory foam mattresses, the company requires you to use a sturdy foundation—a solid base with little or no give—to maintain the terms of the warranty.

Delivery & Setup

The Brooklyn Signature is delivered compressed and rolled into a box that is 19” x 19” x 45” for a queen. It is delivered in 4-8 business days. Shipping is free in the U.S. except for Hawaii and Alaska. You may expedite your shipping on some orders for an additional fee.

Once it arrives, you take it out of the box, unroll it on your foundation and wait for it to decompress and come to full width. Quick and easy.

The Mattress Factory: Brooklyn puts a lot of emphasis on their craftsmanship.

Customer service

You can reach Brooklyn Bedding by phone or the live chat feature on their website throughout the week and weekend. Or you can email them anytime.

The customer service reps responded quickly on a weekday morning to a question that had nothing to do with their mattresses. Brooklyn Bedding prides itself on being able to make available mattress experts via their customer service portals.


Twin Twin XL Full Queen King Cal King
$599 $699 $849 $999 $1,249 $1,249

The Brooklyn Bedding Signature is one of our top picks for Best Mattresses Under $1,000!

There is so much going on in this mattress from the design to the materials and from the company’s experience to its ability to adapt to customer feedback. The signature should cost more, but it doesn’t.


Our Brooklyn Bedding Signature Final Review

The Brooklyn Signature mattress is fairly new but the Brooklyn Bedding company is not. That combination should fill you with confidence about purchasing this medium firm hybrid mattress. The people at Brooklyn Bedding have tons of experience deconstructing and constructing mattresses to get at the best mix of materials and engineering.

That willingness to go back to the drawing board actually led to the Signature model. Originally introduced with memory foam only, the Signature is now a hybrid packed with high-density foams for comfort and a thick layer of metal coils for support and durability. You can choose the firmness level because the Signature offers three different options.

It’s quite a nice mattress to sleep on if you sleep on your side because it does such a good job at both cradling the body and supporting it. And you’d have three months to figure out if it really is the #BestMattressEver with a 120-day trial period. Controlling design and production in house has its advantages. For you, those mean you can get a quality mattress at an affordable mattress.


Check out our comparison tool to see how it stacks up.

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Do I need to flip my Brooklyn Signature mattress?

Your Brooklyn Signature bed needs to be rotated every 6 to 8 months, but never flipped. Brooklyn Bedding uses higher quality materials that have much more durability than conventional mattresses, which eliminates the type of wear and tear that usually requires you to flip your mattress.

How much weight can the Brooklyn Signature hold?

This bed-in-a-box mattress can support up to 900 lbs for the queen, king, and cal king sizes. A full can hold 700 lbs, and a twin and twin xl can support up to 600 lbs.

How long can I keep my Brooklyn Signature in the box?

Brooklyn Bedding suggests you unbox your mattress no later than 3 weeks after the date of delivery.

See More FAQs at brooklynbedding.com

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