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Brooklyn Signature Mattress Review

Materials: Foam and coils

Firmness: 6/10

Trial Period: 120 nights

Price Range: $599–$1,374

Nerd’s Score: 3.8/5

The Mattress Nerd’s Take: The Best Value Hybrid Mattress of 2021?

We love the Brooklyn Signature mattress because it’s quite affordable and it comes in three firmness options. We tested the “medium” firmness level in our sleep lab and found that it worked well for back sleepers and some stomach sleepers. Dive into our mattress review to learn more!

Is the Brooklyn Bedding Signature Mattress for You?

Who’s Going to Love It

  • Those who want the most bang for their buck will appreciate the Brooklyn Signature’s affordability and high-quality materials.
  • Combination sleepers will find that it’s easy to move around upon the responsive bed, thanks to the individually wrapped coils in the support core.
  • Hot sleepers who don’t want to feel trapped in their mattress should sleep cooler thanks to the bed’s breathable coils and gel memory foam.

Who Should Steer Clear

  • Memory foam mattress purists may not appreciate hybrid construction of the Brooklyn Signature. 
  • People who sit on the edge of their bed often might not find adequate edge support from this mattress.
  • Side sleepers with sensitive joints will likely experience pressure buildup on the medium-firm Brooklyn Signature.

Brooklyn Bedding Signature

The Signature Hybrid mattress comes in three firmness options and is made with a slew of proprietary materials. Brooklyn Bedding know their mattresses.
Brooklyn Bedding Signature

Brooklyn Bedding Signature Video Review

The Brooklyn Bedding Signature mattress is the brand’s flagship and most popular model. This hybrid mattress, made with a mixture of foam and coils, is especially cooling for those who tend to overheat during the night. We tested the “medium” firmness level in our sleep lab so watch to see how it performed!

How Does the Brooklyn Bedding Signature Mattress Feel?

Brooklyn Signature Firmness

Here at Mattress Nerd, we rate mattress firmness on a scale of one to 10, with 10 being a rock-solid mattress and a score of one being the softest mattress you can imagine. The medium version of the Brooklyn Signature, which is the mattress we tested in our nerd sleep lab, is a 6/10 on the firmness scale. This means that the medium Signature mattress is a medium-firm mattress that offers a mix of comfort and support. 

The medium feel will likely offer great support for back sleepers and side sleepers who are average-weight or heavyweight. If you sleep with a partner, the medium firmness will offer a good “middle ground” that can suit multiple sleep positions. 

If you’re looking for something a little different, the Brooklyn Signature can also be purchased in a “soft” or “firm” version, depending on the firmness level you prefer. Side sleepers should use the soft mattress, specifically if you need more pressure point relief or a gentler support system, or if you like the feel of being cuddled by your mattress. Choose the firm option if you mainly sleep on your stomach or if you need more support for your lower back. 

Is the Brooklyn Bedding Signature Mattress Cooling?

The Brooklyn Bedding Signature mattress was originally designed as an all-foam mattress. But in 2018 the brand rolled out the all-new hybrid version of the Signature, complete with innerspring coils. What does that mean for hot sleepers? Turns out, quite a bit. 

The best cooling mattresses for hot sleepers are typically breathable mattresses that include innerspring coils. Coils, like the ones in the Brooklyn Signature, enhance airflow and allow a sleeper’s body heat to dissipate through the entire mattress instead of remaining trapped near the body. At the very least, we expect that hot sleepers should sleep temperature-neutral on the Signature. And if you’re looking for even more cooling features than breathable coils, keep in mind that the Signature uses a gel foam layer and a cooling cover for extra temperature control. 

Support & Pressure Relief

“Support” can mean several different things in the context of mattress shopping. But overall, we’d say the Brooklyn Bedding mattress is a relatively supportive bed. We think it’ll be generally durable and last for quite a few years, so we gave it a score of 3.75 out of 5 in durability.

But when it came to edge support—the amount of support a mattress offers around its perimeter—we were a little less impressed with the Signature. Our testing team expected the individually wrapped coils in the mattress to keep us supported on the edge, but it turns out that we sank right down to the bed frame when we attempted a sitting-on-the-edge maneuver. 

But perhaps the most important aspect of “support” is how well a mattress supports your body in different sleep positions. We dive into that answer below!

Back Sleepers

Back sleepers need a good mix of balance and support in order to keep them comfortable and cradled on their mattress. If you’re a heavyweight back sleeper or someone who prefers an  ultra-firm mattress, the “firm” version of the Signature could work for you. Lightweight and average-weight back sleepers will likely get the support they need on the “medium” firmness version of the Brooklyn Bedding Signature mattress. The medium option is a comfortable blend of soft, yet supportive, while the firm provides more sturdy support, making it a great mattress for back sleepers.

Side Sleepers

The best mattresses for side sleepers tend to be softer and more plush, offering pressure relief for the hips and shoulders. For that reason, the “soft” version of the Brooklyn Bedding Signature should be good for side sleepers, especially for lightweight side sleepers. Average-weight and heavyweight side sleepers will likely find adequate pressure relief and spinal alignment in the medium firmness of the Signature. For more gently contouring mattresses with great pressure relief, see our best mattresses for side sleepers.

Stomach Sleepers

Firmer beds are usually the best mattresses for stomach sleepers, because they provide the proper support stomach sleepers need to keep the hips elevated and keep their spines aligned.  Heavyweight stomach sleepers might not find the support they need in the 6/10 “medium” Brooklyn Signature mattress, but they might find proper support in the firm version of the bed. Many lightweight and average-weight stomach sleepers should find proper support in the medium version of the Brooklyn Signature. 

Combination Sleepers

In the mattress world, the best mattresses for combination sleepers are responsive and accommodate a range of sleeping positions. Lightweight, average-weight, and heavyweight combination sleepers will likely be able to change positions easily on the medium version of the Brooklyn Signature mattress. 

And because the Brooklyn Signature works well for both back and side sleepers, it will please combination sleepers who sleep in primarily those two positions. What’s more, the mattress limits motion transfer, allowing couples to shift positions without disturbing their partner. If you toss and turn throughout the night, see our list on the best mattress for combination sleepers.

Note: The below chart is based on the medium firmness rating of the Brooklyn Signature mattress. 

NERD RATING: Will this bed work for you? 

Lightweight (< 130 lbs):  4 3 2
Average weight (130 – 230 lbs): 5 3 3
Heavyweight (> 230 lbs):  4 2 4

1 = Very poor, 2 = Not good, 3 = Fair, 4 = Good, 5 = Excellent

Does the Brooklyn Signature Fit Your Lifestyle? 

Heavyweight Sleepers

If you’re a heavyweight sleeper, you might know firsthand the struggle of finding a supportive, yet comfortable bed. People with larger bodies should look for mattresses with supportive innerspring coils rather than all-foam mattresses, as all-foam designs tend to develop body impressions over time. 

The Brooklyn Signature is good for heavyweight back and side sleepers. It’s made with supportive steel coils that are individually wrapped and ready to provide great support for heavier sleepers in either position. What’s more, the quilted foam layer atop the mattress is designed to resist body impressions. Our only caution would be to heavyweight people who spend a lot of time sleeping on their stomachs. Stomach sleepers need a supportive, firm mattress to keep them aligned, and the Brooklyn Signature has a 6/10 firmness level that’s simply not supportive enough to encourage proper spinal alignment. 

People with Back Pain

All too often, your mattress can cause or exacerbate back pain issues.To find a mattress that helps with pain in the lumbar area, you need a bed that aligns with your sleeping position. Back sleepers, for instance, need a balance of contouring and support. Stomach sleepers need a firm mattress that keeps their hips elevated. And side sleepers should look for a softer bed that cradles their sensitive joints. 

If you struggle with back pain and sleep on your back—as opposed to your side or stomach—the Brooklyn Signature Hybrid should help you remain in proper spinal alignment (and thus reduce pain). Stomach sleepers likely won’t find the support they need on the Signature, but average-weight and heavyweight side sleepers will likely enjoy the bed’s medium-firm feel. 

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brooklyn bedding signature construction

Construction: What’s Inside the Brooklyn Signature Mattress? 

Made with a combination of individually wrapped innerspring coils and foam layers, the Brooklyn Signature mattress is a great example of an affordable hybrid bed. The three foam layers used in the mattress—as well as a quilted foam top layer—help provide pressure relief for average-weight and heavyweight side sleepers. And the medium-firm firmness level offers a mixture of comfort and support for back sleepers.

Layer #1: Quilted Memory Foam top: The Brooklyn Signature’s quilted, memory foam top helps resist body sinkage, which is a major concern for many would-be mattress purchasers. When we put our hands on the cover of this mattress, we found it to be cool to the touch.

Layer #2: TitanFlex Comfort foam: The top foam layer of the mattress is a 2” layer of Brooklyn Bedding’s proprietary, hyper-elastic TitanFlex Comfort foam. This layer adapts to your body every time you shift in bed. This is the second layer that is treated with a cooling gel to control your body temperature. The gel also helps to repel bacteria.

Layer #3: TitanFlex Support foam: The third layer is another 2” layer of TitanFlex foam, a high-density transition layer that both supports your body and helps your body contour to the mattress while keeping the spine in proper alignment. We’d compare this layer of foam to a simple mattress topper.

Layer #4: Pocketed Coils: The fourth layer is made up of a 6” layer of Ascension pocketed coils that are individually wrapped. Those coils contour to your body quickly and effectively and decrease the chance you will disturb your partner when you have to shift position.

Layer #5: Support foam: At the bottom of the mattress, there is a 1-inch layer of support foam. This bit of foam is super durable and helps the coils and the rest of the bed do their work by supporting everything on top of it.

How Much Does the Brooklyn Bedding Signature Mattress Cost?

Mattress Size Price Dimensions Height Weight
Twin $599 38″ x 75″ 11.5” 55 lbs.
Twin XL $749 39” x 80” 11.5” 70 lbs.
Full $899 53” x 75” 11.5” 90 lbs.
Queen $1,124 60” x 80” 11.5” 105 lbs.
King $1,374 76” x 80” 11.5” 120 lbs.
California King $1,374 72” x 84” 11.5” 120 lbs.

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How Do the Policies Measure Up?

Shipping & Unboxing

The Brooklyn Signature is delivered compressed and rolled into a box. The mattress is delivered in four to eight business days. Shipping is free in the USA, except for Hawaii and Alaska. You may expedite your shipping on some orders for an additional fee.

Once it arrives, you take the mattress out of the box, unroll it on your foundation and wait for it to decompress and come to its full width. 


The Brooklyn Signature comes with a 10-year limited warranty. If a problem occurs during the warranty period, Brooklyn Bedding will repair or replace the defective product in a “reasonable” amount of time.

Some examples of defects include deterioration in the mattress foam, defects that result in splits or cracks in the material with normal usage, and body depressions of at least 1” deep.

As with other hybrid or memory foam mattresses, the company requires you to use a sturdy foundation—a solid base with little or no give—to maintain the terms of the warranty. 

Trial Period & Returns

The Brooklyn Signature has a trial period of 120 days, which is longer than most companies offer. If you decide to return the Brooklyn Signature within the 120-day trial period, you may call the company to schedule a return.

As long as you’ve also slept in the bed for at least 30 days to give it a proper chance, you will receive a full refund. You also have the option to choose a different firmness level of your Brooklyn Signature mattress: for instance, you could replace your firm model with the softer model. 

The Brooklyn Bedding Signature is one of our top picks for Best Mattresses Under $1,000!


Do I need to flip my Brooklyn Signature mattress?

Your Brooklyn Signature bed should ideally be rotated every six to eight months, but never flipped. Brooklyn Bedding uses a specific mattress construction that necessitates the coils on the bottom of the mattress with the foam comfort layers on top.

How much weight can the Brooklyn Signature hold?

This bed-in-a-box mattress can support up to 900 lbs. of bodyweight for the Queen, King, and Cal king sizes. A Full size Brooklyn Signature mattress can hold 700 lbs., and a Twin and Twin XL can support up to 600 lbs. of bodyweight.

How long can I keep my Brooklyn Signature in the box?

Brooklyn Bedding suggests you unbox your mattress no later than three weeks after the date of delivery. As a general rule, it’s best to unbox your new mattress quickly after it arrives at your doorstep, so as to minimize the risk of off-gassing smells and mattress impressions.

See More FAQs at

What’s the Bottom Line?

The Brooklyn Bedding Signature mattress is a hybrid mattress that works well for back sleepers and side sleepers, but not as well for stomach sleepers. Combination sleepers should appreciate the bouncy and responsive nature of the mattress, which allows for easy movement. Overall, it’s a great bed for an excellent value. 

Brooklyn Bedding Signature

The Signature Hybrid mattress comes in three firmness options and is made with a slew of proprietary materials. Brooklyn Bedding know their mattresses.
Brooklyn Bedding Signature

Brooklyn Bedding Signature Pros & Cons


  • Handles: The Brooklyn Signature has four handles sewn into the side of the mattress to help you move it into place. If you aren’t impressed by that, you haven’t had to haul a handle-less mattress through a cramped doorway.
  • Competitive pricing: Compared to other bed-in-a-box mattresses on the market, the Brooklyn Signature is much less expensive and still retains a high quality construction. That’s great for people on a budget. 
  • Customizability: Mattresses are often sold in a singular firmness level. But the Brooklyn Signature can be purchased in a soft, medium, or firm construction, so you can choose which one works best for your sleep needs.


  • Pressure buildup: Lightweight side sleepers might experience a bit of pressure buildup in their hips and shoulders, especially if they lie on the medium or firm version of the Signature. 
  • Lackluster edge support: People who like to sit or lie on the edge of their bed might not feel as supported as they’d like on the Brooklyn Signature.
  • Off-gassing smell: We noticed an off-gassing smell when we unboxed the Brooklyn Signature. Shoppers with sensitive noses might want to choose an odor-free mattress, or consider an environmentally friendly mattress like the Brooklyn Bloom.

The Nerd’s Scores for the Brooklyn Signature Mattress

Performance Factor Out of 5
Motion Isolation 4
Pressure Relief 4
Ease of Movement 5
Edge Support 2
Temperature Control  4
Durability 3.75


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Compare Mattresses

Compare Different Brooklyn Bedding  Mattresses

Brooklyn Signature vs. Brooklyn Aurora Hybrid

Just like the Brooklyn Signature mattress, the Brooklyn Aurora mattress is available in three firmness levels. It also uses a combination of individually wrapped coils and foam layers to keep sleepers comfortable. But while the Brooklyn Signature mattress tends to sleep temperature-neutral for hot sleepers,  the Aurora is exceptionally cool.

As far as pricing goes, the Brooklyn Bedding Aurora is definitely more expensive than the Signature. But if you hate waking up hot and you want an ultra-cooling bed with Phase Change material, the Aurora is your best choice.

Brooklyn Bedding Aurora

The Aurora hybrid is Brooklyn Bedding's most popular mattress. It comes in three firmness levels and features both innerspring coils and cooling copper-infused gel foam, meaning it suits those who sleep hot, as well as a wide range of sleep preferences.
Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Mattress

Read our Brooklyn Bedding Aurora mattress review to learn more.

Brooklyn Signature vs. Brooklyn Spartan Hybrid

If the Brooklyn Signature is made for people on a budget, the Brooklyn Bedding Spartan Hybrid is well-suited for athletes and anyone with an active lifestyle. The Spartan uses a Nanobionic material in its cover, which the brand says helps with muscle recovery after long workouts. 

The performance fabric cover of the Brooklyn Spartan also includes phase change material, making it ideal for people who sleep hot. It’s also available in three mattress firmness levels, like the Signature. And like all Brooklyn Bedding mattresses, the Spartan comes with a 10-year warranty and a 120-night return policy.

Spartan by Brooklyn Bedding

The most unique selling point of the Spartan mattress lies within its cover. Infused with FIR (Far Infrared Ray) technology, the Spartan converts body heat into energy aiding in cell regeneration. Not to mention, it is one of the comfiest bed on this list.
Brooklyn Spartan Hybrid Mattress

Read our full Brooklyn Spartan mattress review to learn more. 

Brooklyn Signature vs. Brooklyn Bowery Hybrid

If you’re a budget shopper rejoicing at the low price tag of the Brooklyn Signature, the Brooklyn Bowery Hybrid takes the savings to the next level. Both hybrid mattresses are a 6 out of 10 firmness level, but we rated the Brooklyn Signature higher for side sleepers based on spinal alignment.

Instead of feeling like you’re sleeping “in” either mattress, you’ll likely feel like you’re sleeping “on top” of the beds. That makes either mattress a great choice for combination sleepers who move around often in their sleep and want to avoid feeling stifled.

Brooklyn Bowery Hybrid

The more supportive version of the popular Bowery mattress, the Brooklyn Bowery Hybrid comes with a layer of support coils that keep your spine aligned all night long. This bed comes in a medium-firm setting, and is best for back and stomach sleepers.
bowery hybrid lifestyle image

Check out our Brooklyn Bowery Hybrid mattress review for more.

Compare the Brooklyn Bedding Signature to Other Brand Mattresses

Brooklyn Signature vs. Nectar

One of the most popular mattress brands on the market today, the original Nectar mattress uses layers of polyfoam to create a medium-firm feel. And while all-foam mattresses tend to trap heat, the Nectar does a great job of temperature regulation. 

The Nectar is certainly more expensive than the Brooklyn Signature mattress, but it’s a great choice for shoppers who are set on an all-foam feel instead of a mattress with a coil support layer. Brooklyn Bedding offers a 10-year warranty, but Nectar backs their foam beds with a Lifetime warranty.


The Nectar is an affordable quality mattress with an excellent trial period. It suits all types of sleepers, couples and people who love sleeping on memory foam.

Read our full Nectar mattress review to learn more.

Brooklyn Signature vs. Tuft & Needle

The Tuft & Needle Original mattress is a simple all-foam mattress with an unexpectedly advanced comfort layer: Tuft & Needle’s proprietary T&N Adaptive foam. While we wouldn’t say the Tuft & Needle is bouncier than the Signature, the Tuft & Needle’s layers of foam combine pressure relief and responsiveness.

The Tuft & Needle and the Brooklyn Signature are almost neck-in-neck when it comes to price. Be sure to check the prices on whichever mattress sizes you’re considering, and check the brand websites for up-to-date coupon information.

Tuft & Needle

The Tuft and Needle mattress is perfect if you want to avoid the hassle of mattress shopping and prefer the option to return the mattress if it doesn’t work. If you are on a budget but still want a good quality foam mattress, this is a great choice for you.
Tuft & Needle Mattress

See our Tuft & Needle mattress review for more information. 

Brooklyn Signature vs. GhostBed

While the Brooklyn Signature offers cooling for hot sleepers thanks to its breathable coils, the GhostBed takes a different approach: cooling gel foams and a cool-to-the-touch cover. 

The GhostBed has better edge support than the Signature, but both beds earned high marks in temperature control. The better choice for you will come down to your mattress construction loyalties: Are you set on a hybrid mattress, or are you willing to try an all-foam bed?


GhostBed is a medium-firm, affordable latex mattress that suits most sleepers. Featuring cooling gels and excellent responsiveness, this mattress is a great catch-all option.
ghostbed original mattress

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