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GhostBed Mattress Review

Materials: Memory Foam & Latex

Firmness: 6/10

Warranty: 20 years

Trial Period: 101 nights

Price Range: $545-$1,490

The Mattress Nerd’s Take: The GhostBed is an affordable and versatile mattress. If you are looking for high-quality bed-in-a-box mattress that won’t break the bank, this could be the perfect bed for you. A medium-firm feel and cooling gels make this bed great for sleepers who tend to heat up at night and are looking for a balance of support and comfort.

GhostBed is yet another one of the latest direct-to-consumer, bed-in-a-box brands to hit the market. We’ve got to be honest: we were skeptical about this one at first until we realized that it is made by Nature’s Sleep, which is a respectable company that’s been around for 15 years. This is not just another marketing company trying to get in on the new mattress-in-a-box fad; it is an established mattress company taking advantage of the new distribution model.

Who is the GhostBed Mattress Best for?

Lightweight (< 130 lbs):  4 4 2
Average weight (130 – 230 lbs): 4 4 3
Heavyweight (> 230 lbs):  2 3 2

1 = Very poor, 2 = Not good, 3 = Fair, 4 = Good, 5 = Excellent

Not a good fit for the Ghostbed Mattress? Check out our best mattresses for side sleepers and best mattresses for plus-size sleepers. 

Back Sleepers

The best mattresses for back sleepers support their lower backs, necks, legs, and hips. The Ghostbed’s firmness and dense memory foam layers provide great support, helping to keep the spine straight throughout the night. The soft top layer also gives added contouring when lying on your back. Plus-size back sleepers won’t find the support they need in the Ghostbed flagship mattress, but lightweight and average-weight back sleepers should get ample support.

Stomach Sleepers

Similar to back sleepers, stomach sleepers need support in their hips, legs, back, and neck. The Ghostbed is firm enough to keep average-weight and lightweight stomach sleepers’ spines properly aligned while also preventing their hips from sinking into the mattress. Plus-size sleepers, on the other hand, might not find the support they need for their hips in the Ghostbed mattress. For supportive mattresses, see best mattresses for stomach sleepers.

Side Sleepers

When people sleep on their sides, they require a softer mattress that will cradle their hips and shoulders and relieve these pressure-heavy spots. Since the GhostBed is on the firmer side of medium-firm, lightweight, average-weight and plus-size side sleepers may want a more plush mattress that can conform to their body when lying on their side, but the mattress isn’t so firm that side sleepers can’t get a good night’s rest on it.

Combination Sleepers

Combination sleepers frequently change positions while sleeping, so their mattress needs to accommodate their various sleeping positions. The GhostBed uses a combination of latex and foam, making the bed responsive to your movements. However, combination sleepers also need motion isolation, which this online mattress doesn’t do as great of a job with as a traditional memory foam bed would. If you’re a lightweight, average-weight or plus-size combination sleeper who needs a responsive bed, we suggest looking for one with a little less of a cushioning factor, found in our list on the best mattress for combination sleepers.

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How Does the GhostBed Mattress Feel? 

Responsiveness, Bounce and Ease of Movement 

The responsiveness of this mattress comes mainly from the layer of latex on the top of the construction. Latex is well-known for adding bounce, meaning that you shouldn’t feel like you’re sinking too deeply into the GhostBed mattress. Instead, you should be able to move and change positions relatively easily, and you won’t feel “stuck” in the GhostBed when you’re trying to get up in the morning. For similar options, check out the best latex mattresses.

How Firm Is This Mattress?

The GhostBed is considered a medium firm mattress, around a 6 on a scale of 1-10. It’s a popular firmness level because it usually means the mattress will support your body without putting undue pressure on hips, thighs, back and shoulders.

If you’ve tried mattresses that were called “luxury firm” or something similar, you may like this one. Back sleepers may like the super soft top layer. It’s only 1.5 inches, but it’s enough to contour to your body if you’re lying on your back.

If you’re on the lighter side, up to a normal body weight, and sleep on your stomach, the GhostBed should feel comfortable. It may feel too soft to you if you have a bigger figure as a back sleeper.

Side sleepers may not get what they need from the GhostBed. It’s on the firmer side of medium firm. Side sleepers need mattresses that contour to body curves (for instance, the hips and shoulders) when lying on their sides. See the best soft mattresses for options that contour around the pressure points and protect the hips and shoulders.

Does It Sleep Hot? 

Standard memory foam mattresses had a bad reputation for grabbing body heat and letting it raise the mattress temperature throughout the night. The GhostBed has technology meant to keep the sleeping surface cool. Each cover is stitched with breathable moisture wicking micron fabric.

The aerated latex layer—small holes throughout—just beneath the cover will promote airflow, letting warmer air out and bringing cooler air in. If you find yourself to be a hot sleeper, check out the best cooling mattresses.

Is the GhostBed Mattress Good For Couples? 

If you sleep with a partner who tends to wake you up at night with constant tossing and turning, you know the importance of finding a mattress with adequate motion isolation. There is some motion transfer in the GhostBed, probably due to the latex layer at the top of the mattress.

Traditional memory foam mattresses have less motion transfer. Consider the cooling latex a tradeoff: you’re cooler, but you give up a little bit when your partner needs to shift position at night or gets out of bed earlier than you do in the morning. For other options, check out the best mattress for couples.

How’s the Edge Support? 

Typically all-foam beds are known for having less-than-stellar edge support, but the latex foam used in the GhostBed is strong enough to offer good support along the four edges of the mattress. You won’t go sliding off onto the floor if you sit on the edge, and you’ll be able to sleep right up along the edge of the bed without feeling unstable.

Construction: What’s Under the Surface?

The GhostBed is an 11-inch latex and foam mattress with three layers that work to give great support to the sleeper. Back sleepers and stomach sleepers are going to get the most pleasure out of this mattress, but some side sleepers might find the latex and foam layers too firm to provide ample cradling around their pressure points.

Layer #1: Plush Cover

The cover is soft, breathable viscose fabric that wicks away heat and moisture.

Layer #2: Top Comfort Layer

The 1 1/2-inch top layer is aerated synthetic rubber latex that absorbs pressure. You won’t sink or get loss in the mattress either, since the latex bounces back.

Layer #3: Middle Comfort Layer

The 2-inch middle comfort layer is memory foam (4-pound density) infused with a cooling gel memory foam that offers pressure relief for the hips, thighs, back and shoulders. If you’re struggling with back pain, this pressure relief could help.

Layer #4: Support Layer

The bottom layer of the GhostBed is a thick, 7 1/2-inch piece of high-density foam. This support foam layer is very resilient and supports the rest of the mattress, giving it a great chance to gracefully withstand years of use.

To compare the construction of all models offered by GhostBed, check out our GhostBed Mattress Comparison.

How Much Does the GhostBed Cost?

Mattress Size Price Dimensions Height Weight
Twin $545 39″ x 75″ 11” 58 lbs.
Twin XL $745 38” x 80” 11” 62 lbs. 
Full $995 54” x 75” 11” 78 lbs.
Queen $1,095 60” x 80” 11” 89 lbs. 
King $1,250 76” x 80” 11” 112 lbs.
California King $1,275 72” x 84” 11” 112 lbs. 
Split King $1,490 76” x 80” 11” 112 lbs.

See our GhostBed Mattress Coupons page for more great deals! If you are looking for budget-friendly options, check out the Best Affordable Mattresses.

How Do the Policies Measure Up? 

Shipping and Unboxing

The GhostBed is delivered to your door compressed and rolled into a shipping box. The company ships free to the 48 contiguous states, and you should expect to see the new bed at your door within 3-5 business days. That almost qualifies as lightning-quick in the mattress industry.

You only need to take the GhostBed out of the box, unroll it onto a box spring, foundation or adjustable base, and the mattress will spring to life.
It may take a few hours to a full day for the mattress to fully expand after its trip in a vacuum-sealed plastic covering and box. You can still sleep on it almost immediately.


The GhostBed comes with 20-year limited warranty that breaks down to two chunks of 10 years each. The first 10 years is a full warranty. The second decade is a prorated warranty.

During the first 10 years, if the mattress sags at least an inch from the surface or has any other structural problems, you get a new mattress for free. During years 11-20, you get the same protection except you’ll pay a prorated fee for the replacement.

The example GhostBed gave us: say the bed fails after the 10th anniversary of your purchase date, that’s roughly halfway through the warranty or 50 percent of the warranty. You’d pay 50 percent of the original mattress price to get the new replacement. If you paid $1000 for the new one, you’d pay $500 for the replacement. After year 15, you’d pay 75 percent for a replacement for any defects, so $750.

Keep in mind that stains could void the warranty, so it’s best to get a mattress protector.

Trial Period 

GhostBed’s return policy says that you will be able to try the GhostBed for 101 nights, around three months. You can return it for free during your trial period after sleeping in it for at least 30 nights, to get used to the mattress and allow the foam to break in. (The mattress tends to be firmer when it’s fresh out of the box). You will get a full refund of the purchase price if you return the bed during the sleep trial, but only if you placed the order directly through GhostBed.

The GhostBed folks will take care of repacking it. GhostBed also takes care to donate the mattress to local charities and shelters so they don’t go to waste. These policies are often found in many of the best online mattress brands.

Common GhostBed Mattress Complaints

Misleading Warranty Coverage

GhostBed does prominently advertise the length of its warranties on its website and social media channels, using 20- and 25-year warranties as a selling point for its products. Coverage is provided for years 11 and beyond, but the cost to the consumer is so high that the greatest value of the warranty is in the first 10 years. That being said, experts recommend replacing your mattress every 7 to 10 years, so GhostBed thoroughly protects your purchase for the time period during which it’s healthy to keep the mattress.

Untrue Claims About Motion Transfer

A high-quality, well-made bed should do something to isolate motion, especially if it’s all-foam. That being said, GhostBed doesn’t make any bold claim about how well the Original will distill motion on its website, so customers who are dissatisfied with how well the bed performs here may have a very sensitive partner or be overweight.

If your purchase the GhostBed and find it too responsive, consider a memory foam or pillow topper, which may help the bed absorb more motion than average

Sleeps Hot

Larger sleepers and couples most frequently cite issues with the GhostBed’s heat retention. The Original GhostBed technically isn’t supportive enough for heavyweight sleepers, but if reviewers are complaining about the GhostBed Luxe, GhostBed Flex, or GhostBed 3D Matrix, all of which have dedicated cooling features, GhostBed may have some work to do here with regard to the effectiveness of its cooling technology.

If you sleep hot, the best option of GhostBed’s inventory will be the GhostBed 3D Matrix. It has a hybrid design for better airflow, features cooling materials, and can be supportive enough for heavyweight sleepers. It is, however, the most expensive GhostBed mattress.

Strictly Enforced Return Policy

GhostBed is clear on its website about the return policies, stating multiple times that returns can be processed after a GhostBed has been in the home for 30 days. Break-in periods are designed to help customers’ bodies adjust to the mattress prior to making a decision, but it’s understandable that quick decision-makers are frustrated by this policy.

Before purchasing any mattress, thoroughly read the trial and return policy. For GhostBed in particular, don’t invest in one of their mattresses without ensuring you have a comfortable alternate sleeping surface to rest on if it doesn’t work out.


Check out our comparison tool to see how it stacks up.

Compare Mattresses

Comparing the GhostBed Mattress

GhostBed vs. GhostBed Flex

GhostBed Flex

Featuring seven layers of support and comfort, the GhostBed Flex mattress is a great hybrid option, with advanced motion isolation for couples. The responsive coils provide support and cooling, while the foam layers cradle and cushion your pressure points.

The GhostBed Flex adds individually-wrapped coils to the original GhostBed design. It’s just a bit softer than the original GhostBed mattress, and it comes with a “GhostBounce” layer of latex. Those looking for something a little softer and more plush should appreciate the GhostBed Flex, along with those who love the breathability and enhanced airflow of coils.

Read our full GhostBed Flex mattress review to learn more.

GhostBed vs. GhostBed Luxe

GhostBed Luxe

Considered one of the best cooling memory foam mattresses on the market, the GhostBed Luxe is a great option for sleepers who love the feel of memory foam but tend to sleep hot.

The GhostBed Luxe offers a more plush, soft feel than the original GhostBed mattress. It also includes advanced cooling materials like the Ghost Ice fabric and a heat-sensing Ghost Ice construction layer. It’s more expensive than the GhostBed, but might just be worth the splurge if you’re looking for something soft, yet cooling. 

Read our full GhostBed Luxe mattress review to learn more.

GhostBed vs. GhostBed 3D Matrix

GhostBed 3D Matrix

As GhostBed's most advanced mattress, the 3D Matrix provides proprietary cooling technology that absorbs heat and actively moves it away from the body. You get the support of a hybrid mattress and the cradling comfort of foam layers.

The GhostBed 3D Matrix is the most advanced mattress model of the GhostBed line. The 3D Matrix is a hybrid mattress with individually-pocketed coils and foam layers, including a heat-transfer gel layer that works to cool the body throughout the night. As with any GhostBed model, the 3D Matrix comes with a 101-night sleep trial.

Read our full GhostBed 3D Matrix mattress review to learn more.

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What’s the Bottom Line?

The GhostBed is a good choice for a direct-to-consumer mattress because of its affordability and how it seeks to appeal to a wide swath of sleepers with different needs. If you’re willing to spend hundreds more, there are plenty of mattresses that will perform better. But you will pay less and still get plenty of quality with the GhostBed.

As for sleeping positions, side sleepers and heavyweight sleepers should think twice about the GhostBed. It probably won’t offer enough plushness to truly cradle the sensitive joints of side sleepers, and heavyweight sleepers might need even more firmness and support. But back and stomach sleepers of average and lightweight sizes should feel confident ordering this bed.

The slightly firmer than medium-firm latex foam mattress quickly responds when you shift positions. It will keep you plenty cool because two layers are infused with cooling gels and the latex layer is perforated to allow air in and out. If you’re still a lover of foam mattresses, the original GhostBed has the price point and the goods to make you feel right at home.


Where is the Ghostbed made?

The Ghostbed is made right here in the USA by Nature’s Sleep.

Can the synthetic latex in the Ghostbed mattress cause allergies?

Luckily, latex foam mattresses do not cause allergies. The latex core of the bed is washed thoroughly and the mattress cover protects the skin against direct contact.

Does the Ghostbed mattress have a weight limit?

When used on a strong foundation, the Ghostbed can hold up to 750 lbs. This is on the higher end of weight limits among mattress companies.

Comments (20)

  1. Nowhere do you reveal to the consumers that if they use a groupon, that it voids the trial period & that the mattress cannot be returned. We were not made aware of this policy and now are stuck with a mattress that we don’t like .

    • Groupon? I don’t talk about Groupon at all. Certainly you don’t think I’m responsible for what third-party sites do.

  2. JD, I agree with you about side sleepers. I have never had hip pain while sleeping until I started using the Ghost. My wife and I have a king with 2 adjustable twin bases. We love the adjustable base and my wife is sleeping better, but I haven’t had a real good nights sleep since getting this – I have to rotate to often to alleviate my hip pain. I’m not a big man by any means (185 lbs), but I feel like I’m laying on the floor after a few minutes in bed. Adjusting the head up helps a little, but I don’t feel like I should have to do that after spending nearly $1000 on a bed! The bed should cuddle me and put me to sleep!
    I am seriously considering returning this mattress, I’m in the middle of the trial now and as of now I can’t see my mind changing

  3. Ghost trial…The ghost bed isn’t for side sleepers in my opinion. Way too firm. The topper they send to make it better is a smaller footprint and is made in China. The mattress case looks and feels low quality and is misshapen. (Not a big deal in itself) Be aware if you buy two twins to use as a split king the trial is worthless. They will site policy and only allow you to be refunded for one twin. A lot of good that does. Now we are stuck with half a bed that we didn’t like.
    Their customer service isn’t anything spectacular. They could have made it right but chose to just refer to their policy. Over all this has gone from an underwhelming experience to flat out frustration. We gave this bed and company every opportunity and I suggest you learn from my blunder. We did lots of research and read 100’s of reviews and this is the review I wish we would have read.

    • Thanks for posting, that’s good information. It does say that only one mattress is returnable per household, but it was buried so deep in the FAQ that I missed it.

  4. Please note, if you get one with a “promotional” offer such as the ghost pillows, and decide it is not right for you they will require you return the pillows at your own expense otherwise deduct $85 each from your refund. Promotional does not mean you have to give them back. Their business practices are shady. Order a purple or helix instead, they actually respect their customers.

    • That doesn’t sound shady to me. Those are not cheap pillows. I don’t see an easy way to do it other than have you return them. Maybe they could offer to pay the ~10 bucks it would take to send it back, but that seems like a very minor complaint.

  5. Does the company have Black Friday sales? My husband has been putting off buying himself a new mattress for his napping room/mancave, and I’d like to see him quit doing endless research and order a mattress. His daily nap is essential to preserving marital harmony; without his nap he’s quite grumpy.

    • The online companies generally don’t have big black friday sales. Some of them might offer an extra small gift card or something (don’t know about Ghost Bed in particular), but these mattresses are generally priced reasonably to begin with, rather than having inflated retail prices.

    • You need a rigid foundation. Most newer boxsprings are. Old boxsprings (say about 10 years old) had springs in it, which doesn’t work well with foam mattresses.

  6. I just bought a Ghost Bed and as a very heavy person who sleeps on their stomach, I actually find this bed to be too firm. I don’t know if this is just me, but the firmness actually seems to press into my stomach/chest and makes breathing a little difficult. I’m glad they have a 100 day trial, it looks like I’m going to have to return it.

    • It’s fine to rotate the mattress head-to-foot. In fact, it’s recommended to help even out the wear.

      However, flipping it over top-to-bottom isn’t possible. The Ghost Bed, like the vast majority of mattresses these days, are built from the bottom up, with a support layer on the bottom and comfort layer on the top.

  7. What I’d like to know is: This has an add-on box spring. Is it necessary? I have a platform bed. Adding a box and then 11 inch mattress I’d need a ladder to get in. Same question on your slight favorite the Leesa. Thanks.

    • If you have a platform bed with the slats close enough together (no further apart than 3 inches, 2 is preferable), then you do not need a boxspring.

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