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Big Fig Mattress Review

The Big Fig mattress is a luxury direct-to-consumer mattress that is built like a tank and comfortable. Big Fig uncovered the top sleeping problems for Big and Tall and Plus-Size sleepers and used high quality materials and technology to solve each one. When it comes to the needs of these sleepers, it is hard to beat the comfort and support that they brings.

Nerd Score: 4.8/5


Our Verdict: The Big Fig aims to close a large gap in the mattress space: beds specifically made for bigger sleepers. It provides ample support, cooling properties and is said to last upwards of 20 years. For the best mattress for heavy people, looking for a durable, customizable option, we recommend the Big Fig. 


Best For…

May Not be Best For…

✅Larger Sleepers 

✅Sleepers who want a custom made bed 


✅Hot Sleepers 

❌Lightweight Sleepers

❌Shoppers on a budget

❌Sleepers who want a soft mattress



Sometimes in life, we carry more weight and need more physical support. Mattress manufacturer Big Fig knows this. 

That is why, in 2016, Big Fig constructed a mattress meant specifically to give people with larger figures a quality mattress option.

It took a company that has roots in mattress manufacturing dating back nearly 100 years to spot the significant hole in the market. What was missing were sturdier mattresses to support bigger body types. It took a group with experience to act on it. 

Big Fig’s mission is to reach to plus-size shoppers in the market with a quality mattress that will help them sleep better and wake up feeling physically sound to face the day.

They offer a mattress with five layers of three different types of materials and innovations to also keep sleepers warm and supported throughout the night. They do all of that and are so confident they’ve done it the right away that they back it up with a 20-year warranty.

If you are a heavier person who can’t sleep or a person looking for a mattress that was built to last, you need to look at Big Fig.


The Big Fig mattress has many advantages:

  • Designed specifically for sleepers with bigger figures.
  • Supports up to 1000 pounds for couples or up to 500 pounds one person.
  • Extremely durable with a 20-year warranty.
  • Purchase comes with a durable custom-made foundation.
  • Every Big Fig mattress and foundation is made to order. 
  • ThermoGel in the top layer converts moisture from sweat into a refrigerant to cool the mattress surface.
  • Eco-friendly foams carry the CertiPUR-US tag.
  • Sizes queen and larger will ship with a two-piece, split foundation at no additional cost. No tearing up stairwells or walls trying to get it up the stairs!



Two years ago, Big Fig was determined to build a quality mattress for people who carry more weight on their bodies than others. This mattress is the result.

Big Fig is a hybrid built with latex, innerspring and foam layers. The diversity of materials used is meant to make sure the mattress holds up over a long period of time, like 20 years.


Big Fig has two different ways to keep you cool. The quilted top is infused with ThermoGel which converts moisture from your sweat into a refrigerant that immediately cools the mattress surface. The top-most latex foam layer is also perforated so that air flows through freely, again keeping you cool. The best mattresses for hot sleepers incorporate naturally cooling materials like latex or innersprings to improve airflow and wick away body heat.


Big Fig offers a medium-firm mattress designed specifically for plus-size bodies. It’s durable and designed to strong and supportive longer than other mattresses, 10 years more.

Big Fig layers were supportive enough to do a solid job of keeping the spine in alignment with a slight curve towards the base of a neck that kept it from being straight.

Edge support

When you’re sharing a bed, you have to consider how well the outside edges of any mattress will support you, both while you sleep and while you’re sitting on its edges doing whatever.

The Big Fig does sink some when someone sits on it. But when lying down, the edges hold up people with bigger figures with both comfort and support.

Motion transfer

What happens when your bed partner moves? Sometimes you wake up. How fair is that? Not very and that’s why we have to look at how much the mattress moves when your partner changes position. 

The dense foam inside the Big Fig, meant to capably support larger sized people, also does a great job keeping you stable and keeping a glass of red wine from spilling, even while your partner is doing dance routines on the other side of the bed. Like the best mattresses for couples, the Big Fig incorporates enough foam to absorb motion without making the sleeper feel trapped. 

The foam layers also provide a good response rate, or quickly re-adapt to your new sleep position anytime you shift.


The Big Fig mattress features a total of five layers (latex, foam, and coils) on top of a custom-built foundation. The foundation comes with all mattress purchases.

The first layer is a quilted top injected with ThermoGel. The gel actually turns moisture (sweat) into a refrigerant (stuff that cools the bed surface). The top is also quilted, a feature that will keep materials from shifting during the life of the mattress. That’ll keep the surface smooth and uniform longer than other mattresses without tufting.

The second layer is made of latex foam that is also infused with cooling gel. It’s also perforated to help the airflow through the mattress to keep you cool and comfortable.

The third layer is actually three slabs of high-density polyfoam that will prevent sagging over the long haul. Well, it is meant to prevent sagging over the long haul. The Big Fig mattress design is two years old.

There are 1,600 individually wrapped coils in the fourth layer. Big Fig claims to use 50 percent more coils than the average premium mattress on the market. The coils help cradle bodies without hard pressure points on the hips, thighs, back, and shoulders.

Layer No. 5 is the highest density foam in the mattress. It’s called 80 ILD Edge Foam and the ILD stands for Indentation Load Deflection. That’s a fancy way of saying it strengthens the whole mattress and helps supports the edges.

Finally, the foundation. The Big Fig foundation can support five times the weight of other foundations. It is made of 2.5-inch wood slats.

bigfig layers


Here is a breakdown of the Big Fig specifications: 


Twin 39” x 75”

Twin XL 39” x 80”

Full 54” x 75”

Queen 60” x 80”

King 76” x 80”

Cal King 72” x 84”


120 lbs. for queen


13 inches

Big Fig also sends a foundation with all of its beds. The foundations come in 5-inch and 9-inch heights depending on how high you want your mattress off the ground. 


Big Fig Mattress Trial

You have 101 days to decide if the Big Fig mattress fits your body and your lifestyle. If you decide within that window that you don’t want to keep the mattress, Big Fig will pick it up for free. 

They do insist you try to sleep on your mattress for at least two weeks, to get the feel of it, before you make that decision.

If you do return it before the 101 days are up, you won’t have to pay any shipping or restocking fees to do it.

Big Fig Mattress Warranty

Big Fig overachieves in a big way with a 20-year limited warranty, double what most mattress companies offer. Throughout that 20-year period, you can repair or replace the mattress for free. You will be responsible for transportation costs to and from the Big Fig factory.

The warranty covers these mattress issues when they happen under normal wear and tear and while using the proper foundation:

  • Loose, broken or protruding coils or wires
  • Sagging, only if you’ve used the mattress with a strong enough foundation
  • Body impressions of 1 inch or greater

The warranty covers these foundation issues, only when the bed absorbs normal wear and tear:

  • Splits in the wood frame
  • Bent, loose or defective wood beams and/or center support rail
  • Sagging, but only when continuously supported with an appropriate frame and center support, or a minimum of 5 hardwood cross-slats and center support 

Unboxing a Big Fig Mattress

Big Fig delivers both the mattress and the foundation in boxes the size of the actual equipment. Because both the mattress and foundation are made to order, the process of building them and hauling them to your home takes longer than other direct-to-consumer companies.

You’ll need to factor in roughly a week more. Big Fig will deliver within 14 to 21 business days after you order. You will receive a phone call from a company contractor to set up an appointment for delivery.

If you want help setting up your mattress, you can pay for one of two different levels of white-glove service, where someone comes and does the setup for you. 

Pay  $99 extra to have them set up the mattress in your home. For $159 extra, Big Fig will set it up and take away your old mattress.

Customer service

You can call or chat with the mattress specialists at Big Fig during regular east coast business hours. If you use the chat line outside of business hours, someone will get back to you within 24 hours. Of course, you also can email Big Fig with your questions or concerns.


$$$ (See scale below.)

$ $0-500

$$ $500-1000

$$$ $1000-2500

$$$$ $2500 – $5000

$$$$$ $5000+

Big Fig also sends a foundation with all of its beds. It’s folded into the cost of the mattress. You don’t have to use it. If you decide to turn down the Big Fig foundation, they will knock off $100 off your order. 

But the mattress needs a firm, even base to support weight over the long haul. Since Big Fig was inspired by the lack of options for plus-size sleepers, the likelihood of finding a foundation strong enough to support that weight is fairly slim.


Big Fig has experienced founders who come from a mattress-building family dating back generations and nearly 100 years. 

It’s no surprise then that it was those people who were able to attack what they saw as a problem in the mattress industry—too few, quality mattress options for larger people. 

Big Fig came forward in 2016 with a hybrid mattress built of latex, foam, and coils that they say will not only last for 20 years but will maintain support for plus-size sleepers for that length of time. Their beds are built to handle a weight of up to 1000 pounds for two sleepers and 500 for a single sleeper.

Believing the industry doesn’t serve plus-size customers very well, Big Fig committed to including a custom-made foundation in two different heights to properly accommodate the heavier mattress.

Big Fig put its back into figuring out how to build a strong mattress that they wanted to be twice as durable as other mattresses on the market. As a result, they can offer a quality mattress to people who haven’t regularly had that option.