Big Fig Mattress Review

The Big Fig mattress is a luxury direct-to-consumer mattress that is built like a tank and comfortable.

Big Fig one of the newer mattresses on the market, and I usually don’t review new mattresses from young companies. There are over 100 such companies that have come out in the past couple of years, so I tend to focus on the more established names that are sure to be around in a few years. I’ve turned down dozens of free mattresses to review.

I made an exception for Big Fig, for two reasons:

  • The marketing and branding is different from the rest and is targeted towards an under-served market
  • More importantly, the construction of the mattress is rock-solid

Many other direct-to-consumer mattresses are quite similar in construction. They’re often decent mid-range foam mattresses, but they’re very similar to one another. The Big Fig mattress, as you’ll see in this review, is several steps above most other mattresses, especially the other direct-to-consumer ones.

The short version: If durability is your main concern and you like a medium-firm mattress, the Big Fig mattress might be the best one on the market. The downside is that the company is young and might experience some “growing pains,” especially in such a crowded field.

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Continue reading below for my full thoughts and what I mean by “growing pains” and why I think it’s one of the best.


The “Big Fig” mattress was designed for people with “Bigger Figures” in mind (hence the name). It appears they really took that design goal seriously when constructing the mattress, because it is built like a tank.


How it feels


The Big Fig mattress is a luxury mattress, and is a little more expensive than most direct-to-consumer mattresses. It retails for $1699 in a queen (but you can use coupon code NERD for $200 off). The following chart shows the pricing for the rest of the sizes:

SizeRetail PricePrice with coupon code NERD
Twin XL$1399$1199
Cal King$1999$1799


The Big Fig mattress has 3 delivery options, but all involve a professional delivery team coming to your house.

Delivery options

For free, they’ll drop the mattress off at your front door, and let you set it up from there. For an extra $99, you get “white glove” delivery, in which they’ll come in and set up the mattress. If you have an old mattress to remove, it’s an additional $60 on top of that for removal and proper disposal (for a total of $159 for delivery + removal).

I’d definitely recommend the “white glove” delivery for most people, because it is heavy. The queen sized mattress weighs 120 pounds, so if you don’t get the white glove delivery, definitely get a strong friend to help.

Delivery timing

The downside about this type of delivery is the amount of time it takes. It took me 4 weeks from the time it was ordered to the time it was delivered for me to get my mattress. Their FAQ says it should take 14-21 days to get to your local delivery area, and then a few extra days to actually schedule delivery.

I spoke to Big Fig about this, and they said it’s something they’re working on optimizing. But this is the kind of thing I was referring to as “growing pains” in my “short version” in the introduction.

This doesn’t detract from how strong the mattress is or how it feels, so it may be worth the wait. Just plan for the delay between ordering and receiving the mattress.



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