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Casper vs. Layla Mattress Comparison

The Casper and Layla are both mixed-foam mattresses, but you’ll need to consider your weight, sleep habits and budget to decide which is right for you. Our mattress comparison article will describe what makes each of these beds stand out. 

Comparing Layla & Casper Mattresses

The Casper and the Layla are both mixed-foam mattresses known for providing premium support and pressure relief. The Casper features innovative zoned support and close contouring, making it a universal choice for many different sleep positions. Because of its responsive zoned foam, the Casper maintains spinal alignment to and provides ease of movement as a mattress for combination sleepers. 

The Layla is instantly recognizable for its flippable design. That’s right: sleepers can flip the mattress over from its firmer side to its softer side, allowing more options for optimal comfort. The soft side’s sinking memory foam layers protect pressure points in side sleepers, while those who sleep on their back will find adequate spinal alignment on the firm side of the bed.

With copper-infused foam and a uniquely soft mattress cover, the Layla also helps reduce joint inflammation and ease stiffness, benefitting sleepers with arthritis.

In this review, we take a fine-toothed comb to these two popular mattresses to compare their construction, firmness levels, pricing and product policies. That way, you can determine the best new mattress for your home.

At first glance, these two staple mattresses seem to incorporate the same polyfoam and memory foam with similar firmness levels. However, the Zoned Support of the Casper’s comfort layers and copper-infused Layla layers create a unique feel, suited for different sleepers. Read out to find out what sets them apart. 


  • Feel—The Layla offers the traditional contouring feel found in the best memory foam mattresses, while the Casper has a more balanced and responsive feel. The Layla will cradle around pressure points and let sleepers sink further into the mattress than the Casper.
  • Firmness—The Casper is medium-firm bed, around a 6/10 on the firmness scale. The Layla mattress has two firmness levels within a single flippable mattress, which makes it perfect for those suffering with chronic conditions that could result in different sleep needs. 
  • Cooling Properties— While both are all-foam beds, each contains heat-mitigating materials: Layla is covered with a breathable thermo-gel cooling layer, while Casper’s foam is perforated for breathability.
  • Zoned Support—The Casper’s 2” memory foam layer is zoned to provide targeted support where the body needs it most.
  • Off-Gassing—Some reviewers note that the Casper has off-gassing issues, but this wasn’t mentioned in Layla mattress reviews we’ve read. Off-gassing is common in bed-in-a-box mattresses, but will not last too long. 
  • Sleeping Positions—Casper’s responsiveness and firmness make it a good mattress for back sleepers or a mattress for stomach sleepers, just like the Layla’s firm side. Lightweight sleepers and those who sleep on their side will probably enjoy the softer side of the Layla mattress.
  • Delivery Options—Casper offers White Glove Delivery for an additional fee, whereas Layla Sleep does not.


  • Pressure reliefDespite being made of varying foams, both of these mattresses use memory foam and polyfoam to provide pressure relief in the shoulders, hips and lower back for all sleeping positions. Check out our list on the best mattress for side sleepers, who often need the most pressure relief at their shoulder and hips.
  • Hybrid Models—Both Layla and Casper offer hybrid versions of their well-loved memory foam mattresses, with better cooling for hot sleepers and coils to support heavier sleepers


Who Should Buy this Mattress?

  • Side sleepers
  • Shoppers on a budget 
  • Average-weight and lightweight sleepers
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Trial period

120 days


Lifetime Limited Warranty



Who the Layla Mattress is Best For 

Best For…

  • Side sleepers are cradled by slow response foam that contours around the shoulders and hips 
  • Budget shoppers will find a quality “two-in-one” mattress, plus the Layla is well-known for its discounts and good prices
  • Average-weight and lightweight sleepers can choose the firmness level: soft or firm, depending on their sleeping position

May Not be Best For…

  • Heavyweight sleepers who need a firmer mattress, especially larger stomach sleepers. Even the firm side of the bed might cause the hips to sink too deeply and cause spinal misalignment.
  • Combination sleepers and shoppers who want a bouncy, responsive mattress may find what they’re looking for in a hybrid model instead of the Layla’s all-foam construction

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Casper Original

Who Should Buy this Mattress?

  • Back and stomach sleepers
  • Couples
  • Those who tend to sleep hot
Casper Original Mattress


Trial period

100 nights


10 year warranty



Who the Casper Mattress is Best For 

Best For…

  • Back and stomach sleepers will appreciate Casper’s Zoned Support layer to firmly keep hips on top of the mattress and spined aligned.
  • Couples who need motion isolation can rest undisturbed thanks to the foam layers that absorb motion. 
  • Those who prefer a balance of conforming and support
  • Hot sleepers who want a cooling mattress to keep them from sweating throughout the night

May Not be Best For…

  • Heavyweight stomach sleepers who need a firmer mattress to keep their spines aligned and hips on top of the mattress
  • Lightweight and heavy side sleepers may find that Casper’s Zoned Support doesn’t provide enough pressure relief to protect their shoulders and hips 

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Deciding Between Layla & Casper

Firmness / Feel

Here at Mattress Nerd, we rate how a mattress feels on a 1 to 10 scale, with 1 being very soft and 10 being very firm. Most mattresses fall somewhere between 4 and 8 on the scale, with a 6.5 being the norm for the industry. Firmness is important because sleepers tend to need  differing levels of firmness based on their body type and sleeping position.

The firmness of a mattress can also impact its ability to support your bodyweight and maintain healthy spinal alignment in your sleeping position. A bed’s “feel” refers to how it feels when you’re lying on it. This is subjective, but mattresses usually fall into categories that help convey to the general public what to expect from the bed.

The Layla, as a flippable mattress, has one softer side with a 4/10 firmness and another firmer side with a 7/10 firmness. The best soft mattress will cradle the body more closely, best for lightweight sleepers and side sleepers and found in the softer side of the Layla. Both sides of the mattress offer a nice hug, thanks to the memory foam, and you’ll feel like you’re sleeping “in” the mattress no matter which side you choose.

The Casper, it goes without saying, cannot be flipped. Its single sleeping surface is medium-firm, with a 6/10 rating on the firmness scale. This means that the bed will have a nice balance of support and softness for most body types. Casper’s top layers of foam contribute most to the bed’s overall feel. Responsive polyfoam is placed on top of the memory foam in the Casper’s construction, meaning you won’t get a deep contouring memory foam feel on this mattress. It’s more responsive, so you’ll probably experience a feeling that’s somewhere between sleeping “in” the mattress and sleeping “on” it. This is a great quality for back and stomach sleepers, and also makes the mattress versatile and conducive to different sleeping types: great for a guest room or for outfitting an AirBnb. 

Motion Isolation

A bed that isolates motion well should be a priority for couples that wake easily at one another’s movements throughout the night as well as co-sleepers who wake to their pet or child’s movements. Reviewers sometimes measure motion isolation through tests, like dropping an object on the mattress, to determine how much movement transfers across the mattress. 

We’ll come right out and say it: the Layla and the Casper are some of the best all-foam mattresses for motion isolation. The medium-firm construction and foam layers in both mattresses prevent motion transfer quite well, meaning you can have a great night of sleep even if your pet jumps up on the bed in the middle of the night or your partner gets up for a glass of water. 

Edge Support

Edge support is how well the perimeter of a mattress (meaning the edges and corners) is supported when weight is applied. This is important for people who prefer sleeping at the edge of a mattress, couples who like to spread out, those who sit on the edge of their bed (for instance, to read, tie their shoes or check emails in the morning), and people who have trouble getting in and out of bed. Edge support may also be closely correlated with a bed’s durability, which you should keep in mind in order to make the most of your mattress investment.

Foam mattresses typically do not have good edge support, but some firmer foam mattresses have better edge support than soft foam mattresses. The Layla and the Casper both have average edge support, as would be expected from all-foam mattresses. You won’t feel like you’re about to slide off when you lie alongside the edge of the bed, but sitting on the edges for long periods of time could become uncomfortable. 

Pressure Relief 

Mattresses that conform closely to the sleeper’s body will cradle pressure points and discourage pain. For instance, to prevent pain in the shoulders, back and hips, the mattress must contour around those parts of the body and provide cushion. Foam beds typically provide nice pressure relief, but the relief varies depending on the types and thicknesses of foams used. 

Both the Layla and the Casper offer exceptional pressure point relief. The Layla’s soft memory foam layers allow for a traditional memory foam feel –– think sinking and contouring––, and the Casper’s all-foam construction provides for a moderate cradle without too much sinking.

Spine Alignment 

It’s important to consider how well any mattress keeps the spine in its proper curving shape, dependent on the sleepers’ bodyweight and sleeping position. Lightweight to average-weight sleepers typically need softer surfaces that contour to their bodies and help align the spine. Heavyweight sleepers need medium-firm to firm mattresses that support their spine and prevent sinking into the mattress. After all, if your hips dip too far into a bed, the slight curve of a normal spine can become exaggerated and lead to pain. 

Both the Casper and the Layla probably won’t provide enough support to maintain healthy spinal alignment for heavyweight sleepers, but the Casper and the Layla’s firm side can support average-weight sleepers in any sleeping position. Lightweight sleepers will find adequate support and alignment in any position on the Layla mattress’ soft side.

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Both Layla and Casper mattresses feature strong base support layers that help maintain the durability of the mattress. All-foam beds do tend to deteriorate faster than other styles, and you may experience body impressions and sagging if the mattress isn’t rotated every six months or so. Still, each brand features robust warranty protection.


Most foam beds don’t provide the same breathability and temperature neutrality that hybrid and innerspring beds do. This is simply because of their construction: Foam conforms around the body and tends to collect heat, whereas open-air coils allow for more breathability. However, both the Layla and the Casper have construction details that help mitigate  heat entrapment caused by the foam layers.

The Layla mattress features copper-infused foams in the comfort layers of both the firm and soft sides, which draw heat away from the body and prevent it from building up throughout the night.The Casper sleeps cooler than competing models because of the open-cell foams in the comfort layer, which encourage airflow. We don’t expect either of these mattresses to actively cool the body, but they should sleep temperature-neutral.

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LAYLA VS. CASPER We compare the Layla construction (left) to the Casper (right).

Layla Mattress Construction 

Cover Polyester-blend
Comfort Layer  3” copper-infused memory foam (soft side)

1” copper-infused memory foam (firm side)

Transition Layer 2” convoluted polyfoam (soft side)

No transitional layer (firm side)

Support Layer 4.5” high-density polyfoam
Mattress Thickness  10”

The Layla is a flippable, mixed-foam mattress. It features a polyester-blend cover with a hexagonal design that’s zippable. The cover is not machine washable, and Layla recommends dry cleaning.

The comfort and transitional layers are different on each side of the mattress. Layla’s softer side features a 3” layer of copper-infused memory foam, and the firmer side of the bed has a 1” layer of copper-infused memory foam. Both sides provide the body with some hug, but the firmer side does not provide as much body-cradling. The copper infusion in these comfort layers help the mattress sleep cool by conducting heat away from the sleeper’s body.

The transitional layer of the softer side of the mattress also includes 2” of convoluted polyfoam, which acts as a buffer between the firm support core and the sleeper’s body. The firm side of the mattress does not have a transitional layer, meaning the sleeper feels the firm support core more directly. The result? Less sinking and a firmer overall feel.

The Layla has just one support core in the center of its flippable design. This layer is 4.5” of high-density polyfoam and makes up almost half of the mattress’s height. Overall, the Layla measures 10” tall, which is about average for a memory foam mattress.

Casper Mattress Construction

Cover Polyester-blend
Comfort Layer  1.5” polyfoam
Transition Layer 2’’ memory foam
Support Layer 7” high-density polyfoam
Mattress Thickness  11”

The Casper Original is a mixed-foam mattress that contains polyfoam, memory foam and a washable cover. The cover is removable and has 100% polyester on the top panel with a polyester-spandex blend on its bottom and side panels for a stretchy feel. Casper recommends that the cover be spot-cleaned if needed.

Casper’s comfort layers include 1.5” of open-cell polyfoam and a second  2” layer of zoned memory foam. The polyfoam on top gives the bed a more responsive feel than a true memory foam bed. The memory foam comfort layer is zoned to provide various areas of the body with the support they need throughout the night. Together, these layers give the Casper a balanced feel that is contouring yet supportive.

Casper’s core includes 7” of high-density polyfoam. This support foam is dense and helps prevent sagging, stabilizes the edges of the bed for enhanced edge support, and holds the layers above it in place. The support foam is thicker than average, giving the mattress strong support for almost all sleeper types and body weights. The Casper measures 11” tall, which is slightly taller than most mixed-foam mattresses.

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Sizing & Price Comparisons 

Mattress Size  Casper Price  Layla Price 
Twin $595 $649
Twin XL $645 $749
Full $895 $949
Queen $1,095 $1,049
King $1,195 $1,149
California King $1,195 $1,149

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Shipping and Returns for Layla & Casper


Layla ships free in the contiguous U.S. but shipping is available anywhere in the United States and Canada, and most orders ship within two to three business days after the order is placed.  White Glove Delivery is not an option at this time. 

Though Layla comes with a Lifetime warranty and a 120-night sleep trial, you’ll need to sleep on the Layla mattress for the required break-in period (2 full weeks) prior to deciding to return it. If you choose to return it, you’ll be eligible for a full product refund if you live in the lower 48 states. If you’re in Alaska, Hawaii, or Canada, you’ll receive a full refund for the bed, but extra shipping charges cannot be refunded.


Casper offers free shipping to the contiguous United States and Canada. Charges may apply to Hawaii and Alaska. White Glove Delivery is also available for an additional charge, and removal of an old mattress is included with this service.

Most Casper deliveries ship within 2 to 5 business days, and you can elect to return the mattress for a full refund at any point during the 100-night sleep trial. If you choose to do so, Casper will coordinate pickup and then donate the mattress to charity or recycle it. The Casper’s 10 year limited warranty covers deteriorations, defects in the foam materials or manufactured defects in the zipper and cover. 

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Our Final Take

Both the Casper and Layla flagship mattresses are high-quality models made by trustworthy mattress brands. They each share a similar price point and policies. Ultimately, the best mattress for you will come down to your personal sleep preferences.If you’re looking for a medium-firm mattress with a balanced feel, the Casper is probably your best bet. If you want to choose your firmness over time and enjoy the traditional feel of memory foam, we’d recommend the Layla. The Layla’s memory foam layers will easily cradle side sleepers and lightweight sleepers, and average-weight back and stomach sleepers can avoid back pain thanks to Casper’s Zoned Support.