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Layla Mattress Warranty Breakdown

Layla Sleep offers a Lifetime warranty for its flippable memory foam mattress, but what does it actually cover? Learn the details in this review.

By Natalie Yerger

Layla Sleep is an online bed-in-a-box company based in the USA. Layla offers just two mattresses: one hybrid and one memory foam. Both are unique because they’re flippable with different firmness levels on each side, making them some of the best mattresses for people who aren’t sure what firmness they prefer.

The Layla memory foam mattress is one of the best mattresses for side sleepers, couples who need motion isolation, and sleepers who love deep contouring. The Layla Hybrid is bouncier and cooler, great for hot sleepers and people who toss and turn. 

When it comes to warranty coverage, the original Layla mattress has a Lifetime warranty, and the Layla hybrid a 10-year warranty. In this review, we explore the details of the warranty coverage so you know what’s covered, what isn’t covered, and what can void the warranty.

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How Long Does Layla Warranty Period Last?

Layla sells two mattresses, and each one has its own warranty period. While each bed has a warranty that lasts a different length of time, the other warranty details are the same.  

The flagship Layla all-foam bed comes with a non-prorated Lifetime warranty. Prorated warranties have decreasing coverage over time and are typical for long warranties like Layla’s Lifetime warranty. But Layla’s warranty is more generous as it fully covers the cost to repair the bed or repair a covered defect for as long as you own the mattress. 

The Layla Hybrid has an industry-standard, non-prorated, 10-year warranty. The difference between these two speaks to Layla’s belief in the durability of its foams, while the innerspring coil support layer in the hybrid may have average durability.   

Layla Mattress Model  Warranty Period 
Layla Original Lifetime
Layla Hybrid 10 years

What is Covered by the Layla Warranty?

Sagging and Indentations More than 1” Deep

Layla considers a body impression or surface sinkage of more than 1” along the top layer a defect in the bed’s materials. Because Layla covers its all-foam bed for the life of the mattress, this 1” indentation depth is generous and reveals Layla’s confidence in the longevity of their foams. 

Splits or Cracks in the Foam

The warranty protects against any physical flaw in the mattress that causes the polyfoam or memory foam layers to split or crack.

Loss of Mattress Height or Shape

Layla’s warranty covers if your mattress compresses more than 1” or becomes deformed. The coverage applies whether the damage is to the comfort layer, innerspring coils, or base layer

Seams Coming Apart

The Layla’s viscose blend mattress cover is stretchy, breathable, and aesthetically pleasing. If something happens to it that’s not caused by the owner, such as seams coming apart, Layla will repair or replace the cover. 

What the Layla Warranty Does Not Cover

Spills and Accidents

Layla doesn’t offer protection from damage caused by accidents, floods, spills, or other moisture hazards. Not only does Layla not consider this a defect, but if you fail to keep your mattress free of moisture, it could void the warranty. Here at Mattress Nerd, we recommend that you use a waterproof mattress protector to safeguard your new mattress

Mattresses Used on the Floor or an Unsupportive Base

Layla’s warranty specifies that you must place your Layla bed on a rigid, firm, and smooth surface that facilitates airflow. Old box springs and bed frames without center support don’t adequately support the bed, while the floor stops airflow and can cause mold and mildew growth. 

When you don’t use a supportive and breathable platform bed frame, slatted frame, box spring, or adjustable base, the mattress may sag and become damaged. Layla considers this damage user error rather than a defect in materials or workmanship. 


New mattresses with foam layers typically have a temporary odor that lasts a few days after being unboxed. In rare cases, this odor could last longer. The Layla warranty doesn’t cover off-gassing smells. Fortunately, the scent is temporary, and because Layla uses high-quality CertiPUR-US certified foams, you don’t need to worry about this odor being harmful. 

Damage When Unboxing 

If you cut or tear your new bed when removing it from its box, you may void both the sleep trial and the warranty. Be careful when unboxing your new mattress to ensure that your knife doesn’t slip in too far and damage the foam. 

Change in Firmness Level

Most mattresses slowly soften, with a noticeable firmness change after five or 10 years. If you’re a stomach or back sleeper, you may eventually find even the firm side of the Layla a bit too plush

Changes in foam softness are expected with normal wear and tear. Because this change is not a material defect, Layla’s warranty does not provide any coverage. 

Improper Flipping

Both Layla beds are flippable mattresses, but Layla’s warranty does not cover tears in the foam or cover that result from pinching or gripping the bed when flipping from the soft side to the firmer side and vice versa. Be careful and take your time when flipping the Layla. And if you can, have someone help you to reduce the chance of damaging the foam. 

Poor Edge Support

Do you notice sinking when you sit along the edge of the mattress? We call this an edge support issue, and Layla Sleep does not cover this sinking in the warranty. Over time, foams along the surface soften, leading to less support around the mattress’s perimeter. This is expected with all beds and therefore is not a covered defect. 

Personal Comfort 

Layla’s warranty doesn’t protect against personal discomfort. If you find that your mattress traps too much body heat, doesn’t sufficiently cushion pressure points, causes back pain, or insufficiently limits motion transfer, the warranty does not cover you. 

Every Layla mattress comes with a 120-night trial period. During this time, you should thoroughly test your new bed to determine if there are any issues. If there are, simply contact Layla during the sleep trial, and they can help you donate the bed to a local charity. After donation, you’ll receive a full refund.  

It’s pretty common to notice a change in comfort over time, especially in five or 10 years. Not only can the comfort layer slowly soften, but your sleep habits and needs may change. If you start to sleep with a partner, change sleeping positions, or lose or gain weight, the best mattress for you can change. 

Because the Layla is a flippable mattress with a medium-firm and medium-soft side, it is one of the best mattresses for changing needs. However, you may eventually need something different. A mattress topper can bring greater pressure relief, but you may need a new mattress in most situations.

What Could Void My Warranty? 

  • Leaving your new mattress in its box for more than two weeks after receipt.
  • Using an old, unsupportive box spring or a bed frame or foundation without center support.
  • Commercial use of the Layla mattress, such as in an Airbnb rental.
  • Mattresses that have been damaged, including burns, stains, or tears.
  • Mattresses with mold, bed bugs, or other infestations.
  • Sale or gifting to anyone other than the original owner.

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How Does the Layla Warranty Measure Up? 

The Layla memory foam mattress warranty is one of the best warranties that we have seen. Not only does it protect the bed for as long as you own it, but it’s non-prorated. What this means is that Layla covers the entire cost to replace or repair the mattress. The only cost you may be responsible for is a shipping fee of up to $50, which is common in the mattress space. 

The Layla Hybrid’s mattress warranty lasts for 10 years, the industry-standard warranty period. The coverage is similar to most trusted brands.

Filing a Warranty Claim with Layla

If you believe a warranty claim exists for your Layla memory foam or Layla Hybrid mattress, simply take a photo of the damaged part of the mattress. Then, email the pictures and a description of the problem to You will likely need to include your purchase receipt, personal identification, and a written explanation of the claim, in addition to the photographic evidence. 

You can contact Layla Sleep via phone or email with a claim:

Call Layla Sleep: Layla customer support can be reached at 855-385-1676 and is available daily from 9 a.m.–5 p.m PST.

Email: Email an explanation of your claim and any photographs of the damage to

Caring for Your Layla Mattress 

A little care and maintenance for your Layla mattress can go a long way in keeping it in good shape for years to come. Here’s what Layla Sleep recommends to help your new Layla bed last as long as possible:

  • When unboxing, be careful not to tear the cover.
  • Use a waterproof mattress protector made from breathable materials like cotton or bamboo, which will help protect the bed without diminishing the cooling effects of the copper-infused memory foam layers and the ThermoGEL cooling agent in the Layla cover.
  • Rotate the mattress from head to foot each time you change your bedding or at least once per month. If you have a Twin-, Twin XL-, or a Full-size bed, you can probably rotate it on your own. If you have a Queen-, King- or California King-size bed, enlist the help of your partner or a friend.
  • Wash bed linens regularly. When you sleep, sweat, oil, hair, and skin cells are left behind in the bed and can get into the mattress layers.
  • When flipping the mattress, be careful not to pinch or grab the foam or use it as a handle. This can result in tears to the foam, damage which the warranty does not cover.   
  • Dry clean the mattress cover.

FAQs about the Layla Warranty 

How long does a Layla mattress last?

The Layla warranty period varies based on the mattress model you choose. The flagship Layla memory foam mattress has a Lifetime warranty, which means it lasts as long as you own the bed. The Layla Hybrid comes with a 10-year warranty. Both warranties are non-prorated.  

How do I return a Layla mattress?

Layla mattresses come with a 120-night trial period. To return your new bed, contact Layla’s customer service team during your sleep trial. After speaking with Layla about the return process, you must either donate or recycle your mattress. Then, provide Layla a receipt and you will receive a full refund.   

Is it normal for a new mattress to sag?

A new mattress should not sag, although a bed that’s too soft or has poor edge support can sag when you lie or sit on it. If you notice this shortly after buying a new bed, contact the company to see if you can return the mattress.