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Layla Mattress Warranty Breakdown

Layla Sleep offers a Lifetime warranty for its flippable memory foam mattress, but what does it actually cover? Learn the details in this review.

By Natalie Yerger

Layla Sleep is a U.S.-based online bed-in-a-box company that was established in 2016. Layla offers just two mattresses, one hybrid and one memory foam. Both are unique because they’re flippable with different firmness levels on each side. They appeal to sleepers who love memory foam, and their dual-sided construction allows them to work for a wide variety of sleeping styles.

The original Layla is best for side sleepers, those who love deep contouring, and people who need relief for pressure points. The Layla Hybrid is ideal for memory foam lovers who sleep hot and prefer a light bounce to their bed. Both are among the best mattresses for value shoppers, as they’re made with quality materials and sold at a reasonable price point. For more information about the brand’s line of beds, read our full Layla Mattress Review and Layla Hybrid Mattress Review.

Layla Mattress Warranty Overview

Layla’s warranty coverage varies depending on which mattress you purchase. The original Layla, its flagship all-foam bed, is covered by a Lifetime warranty that is much longer than the industry standard of 10 years, whereas the Layla Hybrid is protected by an entirely non-prorated 10-year warranty. While Layla does not explain the reasoning for the difference in the length of coverages for its two mattresses, the brand describes what is protected in each policy on

How Long Does Layla Warranty Period Last?

If you purchase the Layla mattress, the brand’s flagship all-foam bed, it’s protected by a Lifetime warranty. If you purchase the Layla Hybrid mattress, it’s protected by a 10-year warranty. The warranties offer similar coverage but vary in length. Both warranties are non-prorated and begin on the date of original purpose, meaning that you will get full protection for the length of the warranty term (10 years or lifetime) and will not incur costs for repairs or replacements.

Layla Mattress Model  Warranty Period 
Layla Hybrid 10 years, non-prorated
Layla Mattress Lifetime, non-prorated


What is Covered by the Layla Warranty?

Sagging and Indentations More than 1” Deep

Layla will replace or repair your mattress if an impression is formed that measures more than 1” deep. 

Loss of Shape

Layla’s warranties state that the company will cover loss of shape, but the policies do not explicitly define what constitutes loss of shape in a mattress.

Splitting or Cracking of the Foam

Any physical flaw in the mattress that causes the memory foam, transitional foam or support foam to split or crack is protected under warranty.

Loss of Mattress Height

Similar to “loss of shape,” Layla Sleep does not define what constitutes loss of mattress height. We suspect that if your mattress is safely flipped on a regular basis and loses height over time, this is protected under warranty.

What the Layla Warranty Does Not Cover

Spills and Accidents

Layla doesn’t offer protection from food or beverage damage, urine accidents and other everyday moisture hazards. If you fail to keep your mattress free of moisture, it could void the warranty. Here at Mattress Nerd, we always recommend that sleepers use a mattress protector as a top layer of protection against spills. 

Mattresses Used on the Floor

Your Layla Sleep mattress must be used on a firm, rigid surface that allows air ventilation and supports the entire mattress, including the center, for the warranty coverage to remain valid. The warranty doesn’t cover damage if it has been caused by using the mattress on an improper foundation or on the floor.


If you find that the firm side or soft side of the mattress isn’t a good fit for your body type and sleeping position (for instance, if you’re a stomach sleeper, back sleeper or side sleeper), Layla does not cover repairs and replacements for personal comfort preferences. If you’re unhappy with the bed’s motion isolation capabilities, pressure relief, retention of body heat or more, Layla won’t provide coverage under the warranty. The purpose of the 120-night trial is to give you up to three months to decide whether the bed is right for you and, if not, return it for a full refund risk-free within the sleep trial period.

Discoloration and Lumpiness

If you machine wash or hand-wash the Layla cover and it still has stains, these stains aren’t covered by the Layla warranty. The warranty also doesn’t protect against lumpiness or uneven surfaces that may occur with long-term use. Layla Sleep considers this normal wear and tear.

Poor Edge Support

Do you notice sinking when you sit along the edge of the mattress? We call this an “edge support” issue, and Layla Sleep does not cover this sinking in the warranty. We’ve tested the CertiPUR-US memory foam bed and found it to have suboptimal support around the perimeter, but Layla does not consider this an “indentation” that warrants a return or replacement.


Most beds with thick foam layers have a slight odor upon arrival. This is normal––the smell should dissipate within a week––and it isn’t protected by the Layla warranty. To get rid of the smell a bit faster, it never hurts to leave a fan on and a window open in the room where the Layla mattress has been freshly opened. 

Improper Flipping

Both Layla beds are flippable mattresses, but Layla’s warranty does not cover tears in the foam or cover that result from pinching or gripping the bed when flipping from the soft side to the firmer side and vice versa.

How Does the Layla Warranty Measure Up?

Overall, the Layla Sleep mattress warranties are comparable to other high-quality bedding manufacturer’s warranties in the industry. Both are non-prorated, ensuring buyers incur no more than a small shipping fee (roughly $50, but more if you live in Alaska, Canada or Hawaii) if their mattress is defective according to the warranty policy. The coverage is standard and no less or more generous than other policies we’ve seen.

Our only issue with the Layla Sleep warranties are that they are vague with regard to what constitutes certain types of coverage, such as “changes in height” and “loss of shape.” This could leave Layla customers on the defending end of a claim if they have an issue that falls into these categories.s up against the rest of the industry. Is it good? Does it work for the product they are selling?

For the best price on a Layla mattress, look at our Layla Mattress Coupons.

Factors That Would Void the Layla Warranty

  • Leaving the Layla mattress in a box for more than two weeks after receiving it
  • Using a box spring, foundation or adjustable base without center support
  • Using a metal bed frame or platform bed without center support
  • Using the Layla mattress in a commercial property (i.e. a hotel, motel, rental property, Airbnb, etc.)
  • Improper protection from moisture
  • Sale or gifting to anyone other than the original owner

Filing A Warranty Claim with Layla

If you believe a warranty claim exists for your Layla Original or Layla Hybrid mattress, simply take a photo of the damaged part of the mattress. Then, email the photos and a description of the problem to You will likely need to include your purchase receipt, personal identification and a written explanation of the claim, in addition to the photographic evidence. 

You can contact Layla Sleep via phone or email with a claim:

Call Layla Sleep — Layla customer support can be reached at 855-385-1676 and is available Monday through Friday 9 a.m.–9 p.m.

Email — Email an explanation of your claim and any photographs of the damage to

Caring for Your Layla Mattress 

A little care and maintenance for your Layla mattress can go a long way in keeping it in good shape for years to come. Here’s what Layla Sleep recommends to help the Layla Original and the Layla Hybrid last as long as possible:

  • When unboxing, be careful not to tear the cover. In the FAQ section of Layla’s website, they also recommend giving the bed a few days to expand before sleeping on it.
  • Use a protective mattress cover made from cotton or bamboo, which will help prevent the cover from diminishing the cooling effects of the copper-infused memory foam layers and the thermoGEL cooling agent in the Layla cover.
  • Rotate the mattress from head to foot each time you change your bedding or at least once per month. If you have a Twin XL– or a Full-size bed, you can rotate it on your own. If you have a Queen-, King- or California King–size bed, enlist the help of your partner or a friend.
  • Wash bed linens regularly. When you sleep, sweat, oil, hair and skin cells are left behind in the bed and can get into the mattress layers.
  • When flipping the mattress, be careful not to pinch or grab the foam or use it as a handle. This can result in tears to the foam, damage which is not covered under warranty.
  • Dry clean the mattress cover.

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