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Layla Pillow Review

Mattress Nerd Score: 4.6/5

Materials: Kapok fibers, shredded memory foam

Firmness: Adjustable

Sleep Trial: 120 nights

Warranty: 5 years

The Mattress Nerd’s Take: The Layla Pillow marries all-natural, silky Kapok fibers with shredded memory foam for a feel that’s plush yet supportive. With an adjustable fill level and cooling copper fibers, the Layla Pillow sleeps cool and suits all sleeping positions. The one downside is that this pillow is on the pricier side. 

Who It’s Good For

  • All sleep positions
  • People who sleep hot and sweaty
  • Indecisive shoppers

Who It’s Not Good For

  • Shoppers on a tight budget
  • Stomach sleepers who prefer minimal support
  • People who want an all-natural pillow
layla pillow

What Makes Layla Pillows Stand Out


  • Kapok material is softer than cotton and not likely to clump together
  • Includes copper fibers in the cover construction for odor reduction and antimicrobial properties
  • A good pillow for side sleepers who need extra support to keep the head in proper alignment
  • Can be adjusted by removing pillow fill


  • Customer reviews say the Layla pillow comes too overstuffed, and lots of stuffing has to be removed for stomach sleepers to get comfortable
  • Decent cooling measures, but not top-of-the-line
  • Expensive compared to other pillows, starting at $99

A Look Aside

Kapok Fibers

Kapok yarns are one of the newer materials used in pillows. They’re all-natural fibers harvested from the seed pods of tropical Kapok trees. Kapok has a similar fluffy pillow feel as down and is a popular all-natural and vegan down pillow alternative. Kapok does an excellent job retaining its plush feel and loft throughout the night. 

Shredded Memory Foam 

In addition to Kapok fibers, the Layla Pillow contains shredded memory foam. The foam is open-cell, which brings a light and fluffy feel that contours around the head and neck. When you press your hand into the pillow, you will notice a slightly slow response memory foam feel that’s quickly balanced with airy expansion. It’s this memory foam that provides support within the Layla Pillow

Zippered Pillow Cover 

The Layla Pillow has a zippered pillow cover with an aesthetically pleasing hexagonal pattern. The zipper enclosure provides a fast way to adjust the loft by adding or removing the memory foam and Kapok fill. 

This pillowcase fabric has breathable polyester, viscose, and lycra fibers paired with CuTEC yarn. CuTEC yarn has copper woven into the fibers to create a cooler, cleaner pillow. Copper absorbs heat from your head and disperses it, helping minimize night sweats. And with copper’s antimicrobial benefits, these fibers combat microbes that can lead to bad odors and allergies.  

Mattress Nerd Pillow Scores

To help our readers find the right pillow, we score each pillow we review on six features that influence both the sleeping experience, customer experience, and ease of care. Take a look at how the Layla Pillow scored in each of our tests. 

Cooling 5/5

The Layla Pillow is one of the coolest memory foam pillows. Layla’s interior is fluffy and breathable, with open-cell foam and natural Kapok yarns which facilitate more airflow than your average foam pillow. 

Another unique cooling feature is the Layla Pillow’s cover. The pillow cover is a breathable fabric with temperature-regulating copper fibers woven in. The copper distributes heat away from your face, so you won’t need to flip your pillow during the night to find the cool side.  

Alignment 5/5

The primary reason most of us use a pillow is to support healthy alignment along our upper spine. A pillow should support your neck’s proper alignment by not allowing your head to dip too far or be kinked upwards. 

Because the Layla Pillow is adjustable, you can find the right loft for proper alignment. This is the case no matter your body size or sleeping position. Additionally, the memory foam and Kapok fibers do a good job maintaining loft and support all night long, so you don’t have to reposition yourself at night to keep a healthy neck position. 

Adjustability 5/5

The Layla Pillow has a zippered enclosure that allows you to change the fill level to suit your sleeping position and body size. The shredded foam and Kapok fill molds to the head and neck better than most foam or latex pillows that use a singular slab of foam, further supporting customizable comfort.  

Quality of Materials: 4.5/5

Layla utilizes eco-friendly and non-toxic materials with all-natural Kapok fibers and CertiPUR-US certified memory foams. However, neither the memory foam nor the cover is 100% natural. Another potential downside is that the pillow is made in China, where there are fewer safety regulations than in the United States or European Union. 

Care 3/5

The Layla Pillow cannot be washed easily. Layla representatives recommend not washing the interior fill, which means you can never clean the entire pillow. And while you can remove the cover and machine wash it on the gentle cycle, it’s hard to empty and refill the interior fill without making a mess. If you wash the cover, be sure to hang dry it rather than put it in the dryer.  

Customer Experience 5/5

The Layla Pillow has well over 2,000 reviews with a 4.5/5 star rating. Additionally, Layla provides full refunds during the 120-night trial period, so you only keep the pillow if it meets or exceeds your expectations. Finally, the pillow has a 5-year warranty that’s longer than most pillow warranties and more comprehensive.  

Total Score: 4.6/5

Side Sleepers

Side sleepers require a pillow that’s sufficiently lofty and supportive to keep their necks from slipping out of alignment with their spines. The Layla Pillow comes generously stuffed, with enough loft for most side sleepers—even tall folks with broad shoulders. And because you can unzip the cover and remove some of the fill, all side sleepers should be able to find a level of support that works for them.  

Back Sleepers

The Layla Pillow is also a good fit for back sleepers. The pillow’s adjustable height ensures that you can find the right fill level for you. Plus, the Layla Pillow marries a plush feel with memory foam’s support, so you’re likely to feel supported all night long. 

Stomach Sleepers

Most stomach sleepers should find what they need with the Layla Pillow. Typically, stomach sleepers need a thin pillow that adds comfort without too much loft. Because you can remove as much fill as you need, stomach sleepers can find the right height for cozy comfort without having their necks kinked upwards. Check out the best pillow for neck pain for options that support the body’s alignment.

However, some stomach sleepers prefer a light and fluffy pillow that compresses to almost nothing. With memory foam fill, the Layla Pillow may be a touch too supportive for some stomach sleepers

Score for Side Sleepers Score for Stomach Sleepers Score for Back Sleepers
5/5 4/5 5/5



  • Adjustable loft: With a convenient zipper enclosure, you may remove filling to find your preferred firmness and loft. 
  • Soft and supportive: Silky, fluffy Kapok fibers bring a soft and airy feel, while shredded memory foam provides contouring support. The combination creates comfort along with good neck support and spinal alignment. 
  • Sleeps cool: With open-cell foams, airy Kapok fiber, and a breathable pillowcase with cooling copper infusion, the Layla Pillow is one of the best memory foam pillows for hot sleepers. 
  • Eco-friendly Kapok fibers: While the Layla Pillow isn’t 100% natural, it does include eco-friendly Kapok fibers that come from seed pods harvested in Indonesia. 


  • Not for budget shoppers: Starting at $99, the Layla Pillow is not amongst the most affordable options available. 
  • Hard to clean: The filling is not washable, and to clean the cover, you must remove all of the filling. As the fill contains many tiny fibers, it can be a bit messy to unstuff and restuff the pillow cover.
  • Off-gassing odor: The Layla Pillow has memory foam and arrives compressed. When the foam expands, it releases tiny particles that emit a temporary odor.

Sizing, Pricing, and Policies

Size Dimensions Weight Price
Queen size 18” x 28” 4 lbs.  $99
King size  18” x 34” 5 lbs.  $119


Layla Sleep ships its pillows to customers in the 48 continental United States for free, with a fee for shipments to Alaska, Hawaii, and Canada. Most pillows arrive in four to nine business days. 

The pillow is shipped in a small box and takes around 24 hours to fully expand once you remove it from its packaging. During this time, you may notice an off-gassing odor. Simply allow the pillow to breathe in a well-ventilated room or outdoor area before you sleep on it. 

Trial Period

When you buy a new Layla Pillow, you have 120 nights to give it a try and see how you like it. Given that this is an adjustable pillow, the 120 nights provide sufficient time to try different fill levels to see if you can find a feel and height that works well for you. 

If you decide that the Layla Pillow isn’t what you want, contact Layla’s customer service during the sleep trial period, and they will help you with a hassle-free return. There are no return shipping fees, although initial shipping charges to Hawaii, Alaska, or Canada are non-refundable. 


The Layla Pillow comes backed by a 5-year warranty, which is longer and more generous than the average 1-year pillow warranty. The warranty covers defects, including permanent flattening, unraveled stitching, or a faded cover. 

Layla Pillow FAQs

Are Layla pillows worth it?

Layla’s pillows are more expensive than your average pillow, but they have high-quality materials, including CertiPUR-US certified memory foam and cooling copper-infused fibers. Given their quality construction, adjustable loft, and risk-free 120-night sleep trial period, we believe the Layla pillow is worth the investment. 

Where are Layla pillows made?

The Layla Pillow is made in China, although the materials come from elsewhere. The Kapok fibers are harvested from the seed pods of Kapok trees in Indonesia. The shredded memory foam fill and fabric for the pillowcase are made domestically in the United States.  

Can I wash my Layla pillow?

You can wash the pillow cover but not the shredded foam and Kapok fiber fill. To wash the cover, remove the fill and place it in a large bag or container. Then throw the cover in the washing machine on a gentle cycle in cold water and hang dry.  See for more FAQs.

Should You Buy It?

The Layla Pillow is one of few pillows that marries the airy plushness of Kapok fibers with the contouring support of shredded memory foam. The cloud-like feel and all-night support make this a high-quality pillow. Thanks to its adjustable fill, back, stomach, and side sleepers can all find a loft that works for them. With cooling fibers found in the cover and a breathable fill, this is an excellent cooling pillow for hot sleepers. 

While there’s lots of love about the Layla Pillow, it is more expensive than the average memory foam pillow. Additionally, even at a minimal loft, it’s still quite supportive. Some stomach sleepers may prefer a fiber fill, down, or down alternative pillow for less support. We like the Jollyvogue adjustable fiber fill pillow that made our list of the best pillows for stomach sleepers

If you decide to try the Layla Pillow, you have a risk-free 120-night sleep trial, so you won’t pay a dime unless you choose to keep it.

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