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Bear Pillow Review

Our review of the Bear Pillow, which features a single piece of aerated, ‘Loft-X’ polyfoam and is known for sleeping cool.

The Bear Pillow is a memory foam pillow made by Bear, a company known for its mattress collection. The Bear collection of mattresses includes the original Bear Mattress and two other mattresses: the Bear Hybrid Mattress and the Bear Pro Mattress.

Made with a single-piece foam core and a polyester-blend cover with mesh panels at each end, the Bear Pillow offers temperature neutrality, close conforming, and great shape retention.

While not what we’d call a ‘snuggly’ pillow, the Bear, which is available in Queen and King sizes, can alleviate neck pain and pressure for any sleep position, including side sleepers, back sleepers, stomach sleepers, and combination sleepers.

In this pillow review, we cover how the Bear Pillow is made, how much it costs, and how it performs in areas such as cooling, shape retention and more.

What Makes the Bear Pillow Stand Out

  • Loft-X Hybrid Foam: The pillow uses a high-quality hybrid foam called Loft-X Foam, which has the bounce of latex and the contouring capabilities of memory foam.
  • Hypoallergenic: The pillow was built to be hypoallergenic, so dust mites, allergens, and bacteria shouldn’t be an issue.
  • Breathable: The mesh panels on each end of the fabric cover increase breathability and airflow.
  • Sleeping Positions: With a Medium feel, the pillow offers support and relief for pressure points regardless of your sleeping position. Check out our other articles to read more about the best pillows for side sleepers and the best pillows for stomach sleepers
  • Policies: The Bear Pillow is backed by a 100-night sleep trial period and a 2-year warranty. It ships free via FedEx to most areas in four to seven business days. If you decide to return the pillow, you’ll be given a full refund minus shipping costs.
  • Price: The Bear Pillow costs less than $120 in either size. This seems to be a reasonable price point for a high-quality, cooling polyfoam pillow.

What is the Bear Pillow Made Of?

The Bear Pillow is made with a single panel of foam that’s similar to memory foam is technically a version of polyfoam. Bear manufactures this proprietary memory foam hybrid pillow in Queen and King sizes, and it’s exclusively available in a ‘Medium’ firmness setting.

The pillow features a washable cover with Double Ice Fabric, which helps dissipate body heat throughout the night. The Double Ice Fabric consists of 40% ‘cool yarn’ and 60% polyester blend, which means the pillow will wick moisture and feel cool to the touch.

Dual mesh side panels cap both ends of the pillow, which help it perform well as a cooling pillow to an even greater degree. The cover has a small zipper for easy removal and washing. 

Inside the Bear Pillow is a single piece of proprietary polyfoam called ‘Loft-X’. This foam was designed by Bear to feel comfortable in every sleeping position and provide support for all body types. It’s also resilient and bouncy, enhancing the pillow’s durability.

Bear advertises the product as one of the best pillows for any sleeping position and body type, but we think it may be a little too soft for some heavyweight sleepers.

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Bear Pillow Pricing and Specs

The Bear Pillow is sold in Queen and King sizes. It’s available for purchase on BearMattress.com. Bear does not currently sell its products through third-party retailers such as Amazon, Target, or Wayfair.

Size Pillow Price Dimensions
Queen Size $95 15.75” x 25” x 5.5”
King Size $115 15.75” x 35.4” x 5”

Bear Pillow Policies


The Bear Pillow ships to all 50 states, but international deliveries are not available at this time. Shipping to Alaska, Hawaii or Canada will incur an additional $25 shipping fee. 

Sleep Trial

The Bear Pillow comes with a 100-night sleep trial, which means you’ll have more than three months to sleep on the pillow from the date of delivery in order to determine whether it’s the right one for you.

There’s no mandatory break-in period, so if you don’t like the pillow you can return it for a full refund minus shipping charges to Hawaii and Alaska. Customers in all states will be responsible for shipping costs associated with returning the pillow.

Warranty Coverage

The Bear Pillow is backed by a 2-year, non-prorated warranty. The warranty protects customers against manufacturing defects, and Bear will replace the pillow at no cost to customers if a defect is found at any time during the first 24 months of ownership. The warranty is non-transferable and is only available to original owners who purchase the pillow directly through Bear.


What are the care instructions for the Bear Pillow?

The Double Ice cover is fully washable and has a zipper for easy removal. Machine wash in cold water and tumble dry on low heat. Spot-clean stains with soap and water. To learn more about how to wash pillows, check out our guide. 

Does the Bear Pillow use the same Celliant fabric technology as the Bear Mattress?

No, the Bear Pillow has a Double Ice fabric cover that is cooling but does not actively promote recovery. For more information about the Bear Mattress Celliant-blend cover, read our Bear Mattress review.

Does a generic pillowcase inhibit the benefits of the Bear Pillow cooling technology?

The Bear Pillow can be used with or without a pillowcase, and a pillow cover will not inhibit the benefits of the Double Ice Fabric technology or the Loft-X foam technology.

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See bearmattress.com for more FAQs.

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