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Layla vs. Lull Mattress Comparison

Prepare for a battle between two bed-in-a-box memory foam mattresses! In this comparison, we’re taking a deep dive into the Layla and Lull mattresses to help you decide which is right for you.

Comparing Layla Mattress & Lull Mattress

The Layla is an all-foam mattress with a flippable construction that includes a firm side and a soft side. The Lull mattress has a simple, all foam construction that includes memory foam and support foams.

The Layla is our choice for side sleepers and lightweight stomach sleepers. The soft side provides lots of pressure relief for side sleeperspressure points, and the firm side supports the hips of stomach sleepers. It’s also a good choice for those with shoulder or hip pain. The Lull is ideal for back sleepers, as well as combination sleepers who are looking for a more responsive all-foam bed. For more responsive beds, see the best mattresses for combination sleepers.


  • The Layla has a classic memory foam feel, with a slow response time and close contouring around the curves of your body. The Lull has a more balanced feel that’s slightly firmer and more responsive.
  • The Layla has soft and firm firmness levels present in one mattress, while the Lull is one-sided with a medium-firm feel.
  • We noticed more pressure relief on the Layla, specifically the soft side of the Layla compared with the Lull.


  • As all-foam mattresses, both of these beds cushion your curves and conform to the shape of your body.
  • We noticed excellent motion isolation when testing each mattress, which makes them both good mattresses for couples.


Who Should Buy this Mattress? 

  • Side sleepers
  • Those with hip or shoulder pain
  • Couples
Layla Mattress Banner

Soft side and firm side

Trial period

120 days


Lifetime Limited Warranty



Who the Layla Mattress is Best For 

Best For…

  • Side sleepers get ample pressure relief for their sensitive pressure points on the soft side of the Layla.
  • Those with hip or shoulder pain are more likely to experience nighttime relief on a softer foam mattress like the Layla.
  • Couples are less likely to feel jostled when their partner changes possessions or gets up from the bed, thanks to the motion absorbing properties of memory foam.

May Not be Best For…

  • Memory foam has a slow response time, so combination sleepers may feel stuck “in” the mattress when they try to move from one sleeping position to another.
  • Hot sleepers will want to look for a mattress with better breathability, such as a hybrid or innerspring mattress.

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Who Should Buy this Mattress?

  • Combination sleepers
  • Back sleepers
  • Those with back pain
Lull Original Mattress


Trial period

365 days


Lifetime warranty



Who the Lull Mattress is Best For 

Best For…

  • Combination sleepers will experience easy mobility on the Lull’s responsive foam top layers.
  • Back sleepers enjoy a comfy blend of cushion and support on the Lull.
  • Those with back pain will benefit from the spinal support provided by the conforming foam layers. For similar options, see the best mattresses for back pain.

May Not be Best For…

  • Heavyweight side and stomach sleepers may sink too far into the comfort foam and not get the pressure relief or support that they need.
  • Those looking for a little extra bounce will want to look for a mattress with coils.

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Deciding Between Layla & Lull

Firmness / Feel

Mattress firmness is notoriously subjective, but mattress companies do their best to communicate how a mattress feels by assigning it a number on the firmness scale (ranging from one to 10). An extra firm mattress has a higher number, while an extra soft mattress has a lower number. If you have a lightweight or heavyweight body type, you may experience a mattress as slightly softer or firmer than advertised.

As a flippable mattress, the Layla has two different firmness levels. The soft side falls around 4/10 on the firmness scale, which we call medium-soft. The firm side is close to 6.5/10, which is on the higher end of the medium-firm range. The Lull mattress is also medium-firm, so we rate it at 6.5/10.

Layla Performance By Sleeping Position:
Lightweight (< 130 lbs):  5 4 5
Average weight (130 – 230 lbs): 4 3 4
Heavyweight (> 230 lbs):  2 2 3
Lull Performance By Sleeping Position:
Lightweight (< 130 lbs):  3 2 3
Average weight (130 – 230 lbs): 4 3 4
Heavyweight (> 230 lbs):  3 2 4

1 = Very poor, 2 = Not good, 3 = Fair, 4 = Good, 5 = Excellent

Motion Isolation

When motion transfers across your mattress, it can disrupt your sleep cycle. If you sleep alone, this shouldn’t be an issue for you, but if you share your bed, pay attention to how well your prospective mattress isolates motion.

We were able to test the motion isolation of both of these mattresses, and found that the support foam at the base of each does a great job of minimizing motion transfer. If we had to choose between the two, the Layla performed slightly better, though we don’t think you’ll be bothered by movement on either mattress.

Edge Support

Edge support is often overlooked by mattress shoppers, but it’s helpful if you plan to use the edges of your bed to sit or sleep. Plus, mattresses with good edge support have more sleeping surface available.

Unless a foam mattress has reinforced edges, it usually doesn’t provide the best edge support. That’s the case with the Layla, especially on the soft side. The Lull does a better job of keeping you supported, but if edge support is a top priority for you, we recommend shopping for a hybrid mattress or innerspring.

Pressure Relief 

Pressure relief equates to that cloud-like feeling that some people talk about when they lie down on a soft mattress. This is important for every sleeping position, but it’s especially relevant for side sleepers since they rest most of their weight on their shoulders and hips—both major pressure points

The Layla and Lull both provide enough pressure relief for back sleepers, but the soft side of the Layla is the best mattress for side sleepers. The foam easily compresses under the weight of your shoulders and hips and fills in the spaces beneath your inverted curves.

Spine Alignment 

Spinal alignment is another way of saying good sleeping posture. Your spine is naturally shaped into gentle curves, and when those curves are pulled out of alignment, you are prone to muscle soreness and other issues related to back pain. This is makes a good mattress for stomach sleepers, who need a firmer mattress in order to keep their hips elevated in line with their shoulders.

While both of these mattresses maintain excellent spinal alignment, we think the Lull does a near-perfect job in this category, particularly for side and back sleepers. Stomach sleepers with average-weight or heavyweight body types should look for a firm mattress that rates above 7/10 on the firmness scale.


Memory foam mattresses typically last around six or seven years before they begin to show signs of use. We think that’s the case with both the Lull and the Layla. Plus, both of these online mattress companies protect their customers with generous mattress warranties. 


Memory foam mattresses have a reputation for retaining body heat, and while that’s the case with both of the mattresses in this comparison, we think that the Layla sleeps a touch cooler than the Lull

Both mattresses use gel infusions in their memory foam, but Layla also infuses the mattress cover with gel. Layla also disperses tiny copper particles throughout the memory foam, which helps keep the mattress temperature-neutral. Additionally, the transition layer under the soft side of the Layla has a grooved surface that makes the mattress more breathable. If you’re a hot sleeper, see our list of the best cooling mattresses.

Layla Mattress Construction

layla memory foam mattress layers v1 e1600975105901
Cover Thermogel Cooling Cover
Comfort Layer  3” Copper Gel Memory Foam
Transition Layer Max Airflow Support Foam
Support Layer Support Core Foam
Comfort Layer 1” Copper Gel Memory Foam
Mattress Thickness  10”

The Layla mattress cover is woven with tiny gel particles that absorb excess body heat as soon as you lie down. The two copper-infused memory foam layers on either side of the mattress are also infused with cooling gel. Beneath the soft side of the mattress, a slightly firmer layer of polyfoam helps to support your body weight, so you don’t rest against the high density support foam at the core of the mattress.

Lull Mattress Construction

LullLayers e1616686467767
Cover Breathable Polyester
Comfort Layer  Gel Memory Foam
Transition Layer Transitional Foam Blend
Support Layer Support Foam
Mattress Thickness  10”

The Lull has a soft, breathable mattress cover that wraps around all three foam layers. The top layer of foam easily compresses under pressure, and quickly springs back to form when pressure is removed. It’s also infused with cooling gel, which keeps the foam more temperature-neutral. The second layer of foam is slightly firmer than the first and keeps your body suspended above the firm polyfoam base layer

Sizing & Price Comparisons 

Mattress Size  Layla Mattress Price  Lull Mattress Price 
Twin $699 $749
Twin XL $799 $799
Full $999 $949
Queen $1,099 $1,049
King $1,249 $1,349
California King $1,249 $1,349

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Shipping and Returns for Layla & Lull

Layla Mattress

Layla provides free shipping to all of their mattress customers in the contiguous U.S. (shipping costs extra to Alaska, Hawaii, and Canada), and delivery takes between five and 10 business days. You get a 120-night sleep trial to try out your new mattress, including free returns. Used mattresses are picked up and donated to local charities and non-profit organizations. 

The Layla Lifetime warranty covers sagging over 1”, cracks in the foam, and unraveled seams. As long as you are the original owner of the mattress, you can make a warranty claim for any of these covered defects at any point during your mattress ownership.

Lull Mattress

Lull mattresses ship for free in one to four business days and come with a tracking number that helps you pinpoint your date of delivery. There is an extra fee for shipments to Alaska and Hawaii. Once your mattress is delivered, you get a full year (365-night trial period) to get the feel of your new mattress. If it doesn’t work out, returns are free, and Lull will pick up the mattress from your home. 

Lull offers a Lifetime warranty to original mattress owners that covers sagging over 1.5”, broken zippers, and other cover defects. If your mattress develops any of these defects, you can claim free repairs or a replacement mattress, minus a $75 shipping and handling fee after year 10 of the warranty.

More Layla Mattresses

Layla Hybrid

The Layla Hybrid mattress has the same flippable construction and copper gel infused memory foam comfort layers as the all-foam version, but instead of a foam base layer, it has a coil support system. The coils make this hybrid version bouncer and cooler than the original, so it’s an excellent choice for hot sleepers and anyone who wants better mobility on their mattress.

Layla Hybrid Mattress

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Our Final Take

Both of these mattresses receive rave reviews from customers, but they each have strengths that make them more compatible with certain kinds of sleepers. The Layla mattress is a better choice for indecisive shoppers, since the bed is essentially two mattresses in one. We also favor it for side sleepers. The Lull is an excellent mattress for back sleepers and anyone who suffers from lower back pain

Both mattresses have competitive pricing that doesn’t differ by much more than $100. They also each have generous sleep trials and Lifetime warranties, so we suggest choosing the mattress that best aligns with your top comfort priority and giving it a try. It’s hard to go wrong with free returns and generous trial periods!