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Purple vs Lull Mattress Comparison

Purple and Lull are both foam beds that share several characteristics but are also distinctly unique. Both beds are made to work for all sleepers, but certainly appeal to distinct preferences. In this article, we’re breaking down who should buy the Purple and who should buy the Lull.

Comparing Purple & Lull Mattresses

The Lull Mattress is a simple design, the Purple is far from that. Purple will feel like nothing you have ever slept on, and the Lull will feel like a traditional memory foam that you may be used to. If you tend to sleep hot or sleep with a partner, you may like the feel of the Purple. If you don’t tend to overheat at night and are looking for a budget option with a neutral feeling, the Lull will be a great fit. 


  • Feel—The Lull mattress has a crowd-pleasing, soft, neutral foam feel. Most sleepers will find that it isn’t too soft or too firm for their preferences. The Purple’s feel is very unique thanks to the top layer of hyper-elastic polymer foam, which has a rubber- or silicone-like quality to it. The Purple feels soft and firm at the same time, and sleepers tend to either love or hate its feel.
  • Price—At first glance, pricing for the Purple and Lull may seem similar, but Lull often marks down its items significantly while Purple does not run promotions or sales. However, Purple will often throw in one of their accessories, like a set of pillows or a blanket, with the purchase of a mattress.
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  • Temperature Neutrality—As an all-foam bed, the Lull won’t necessarily trap heat, but it sleeps temperature neutral. The Purple, on the other hand, does not heat up at all and excels in breathability and airflow thanks to the grid design of the top layer. If you want to sleep extra cool, we recommend the Purple.
  • Conforming—Both of these mattresses offer conforming, but how they feel while doing so varies. The Lull mattress offers a close-conforming feel that will resemble other neutral memory foam mattresses on the market; it will hug the body without allowing you to sink deeply. The Purple conforms closely, but only in areas where pressure is directly applied. In other words, you’ll probably feel even less sinking on the Purple, even if your joints and pressure points are receiving nice cushioning from the mattress.
  • Responsiveness—The Purple Grid makes the mattress more responsive than the Lull, and it has a noticeable bounce that can work well for combination sleepers and couples who prioritize how suitable a mattress is for sex in their mattress purchase.
  • Off-Gassing—Some Purple mattress owners have made notes of off-gassing in reviews, but we haven’t seen this mentioned in any Lull mattress reviews.


  • Firmness—Both mattresses share a medium-firm firmness setting, but this similarity may be lost to shoppers due to how different the mattresses feel. On the Purple, most sleepers feel like they’re “floating.” On the Lull, sleepers feel like they’re somewhere between sleeping “in” the mattress and “on” it.
  • Policies—Both beds share a 10-year warranty, a 100-night sleep trial, and ship free in the contiguous U.S.
  • Motion Isolation and Noise Reduction—Both mattresses excel in these performance categories, making them some of the best mattresses for couples. The Lull’s two memory foam layers absorb and isolate motion very well, while the Purple’s grid absorbs movement from the surface of the mattress.
  • Availability—Both mattresses are available for purchase on the brand’s website and on Amazon.com but not at other third-party online retailers

Purple Mattress

The Purple mattress is perfect for value-seekers who prefer a temperature-neutral mattress with a floating feel, thanks to its special 2" Purple Grid and dual-layered comfort foam.
4.8 / 5.0


Reason to buy

Purple’s Smart Grid construction

Trial period

100 nights

Who is the Purple Mattress Best For?  

Best For…

  • Shoppers looking for a unique feel that’s unlike any mattress they’ve tried before
  • Lightweight and average weight sleepers
  • Those who sleep hot
  • Couples and co-sleepers

May Not be Best For…

  • Sleepers looking for a traditional foam feel
  • Heavyweight sleepers

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Lull offers a well-rounded mattress with a thoughtful design that addresses the typical issues with traditional mattresses. Expect temperature regulation, advanced support, good motion isolation and lasting durability.
4.6 / 5.0


Reason to buy

Well-rounded affordable mattress

Trial period

100 days

Who is the Lull Mattress Best For? 

Best For…

  • Sleepers looking for an accommodating neutral feel
  • Shoppers searching for an affordable foam bed
  • Lightweight and average weight sleepers
  • Shoppers on a budget
  • Couples and co-sleepers

May Not be Best For…

  • Those who sleep hot on foam beds
  • Shoppers who want a deep-sinking, memory foam feel
  • Heavyweight sleepers

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Deciding Between Purple & Lull

Firmness / Feel

A mattress’ firmness level refers to where it falls on the firmness scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being very soft and 10 being very firm. It’s important to understand the firmness level that you prefer and that works best for your body type and sleeping position, and having this in mind while mattress shopping can greatly narrow the overwhelming number of choices that many mattress shoppers face. It’s also important to consider a mattress’ feel, as two beds that share a similar firmness level, like the Purple and the Lull, can feel very different to the touch.

Both the Purple and the Lull are medium-firm mattresses, which means they can appeal to a wide variety of sleepers because they’re firm enough to offer support for all three sleeping positions yet soft enough to accommodate sleepers who like a plush feel. The Purple is slightly more firm than the Lull (their firmness levels are 7/10 and 6.5/10, respectively), and, as we’ve mentioned, they feel completely different.

Both beds support sleepers in the lightweight to average weight categories in all sleeping positions, so the firmness and feel that work best for you will ultimately come down to preference. If you like a unique sleeping surface that’s both responsive and conforming and the idea of “floating” on the mattress sounds intriguing to you, try the Purple. If you want to play it safe, we recommend the Lull for its accommodating, soft foam feel.

Motion Isolation

Motion isolation is an important consideration for couples and individuals who sleep with a pet or a child. Put simply, motion isolation refers to how little motion transfer is felt throughout the mattress when pressure is applied or removed. The less movement felt, the better the bed’s motion isolation.

Motion isolation varies from mattress to mattress, but some mattress styles tend to excel in this performance category more than others due to the characteristics of their materials. All-foam beds, for example, absorb motion better than hybrid mattresses, which feature coils and tend to naturally have more bounce. Both the Lull and the Purple Original isolate motion very well, making them appealing for those who are easily disturbed by the motions of a partner, pet, or child throughout the night.

Edge Support

Edge support is evaluated by how much a mattress sinks at its edges when pressure is applied. In general, all-foam beds tend to have poor edge support while innerspring and hybrid mattresses perform better in this category.

Edge support should be a priority in your mattress shopping journey if you tend to sleep on the edges of a mattress, like to sit on your bed for an extended period of time (tie your shoes, check emails, etc.), or have trouble getting in and out of the bed. Both the Lull and the Purple have poor edge support, but this doesn’t mean the companies ignored this quality; it’s somewhat par for the course with all-foam mattresses.

Pressure Relief

A bed’s pressure relief refers to how well it alleviates aches and pain that arise from pressure points or that already exist as a result of an individual’s lifestyle or health condition. All sleeping positions have pressure points, and a mattress’s ability to alleviate any pain that arises from these areas depends most on the comfort layers of the mattress.

The Lull does a nice job relieving pressure in all three sleeping positions thanks to the dual comfort layers that provide a nice hug. The Purple also provides pressure relief through the Purple grid in all three sleeping positions.

Spine Alignment

A spine that’s healthfully aligned throughout the night will be encouraged to maintain its natural ‘S’-shape. This is essential to all sleepers regardless of size, age, sleeping position, or weight. When sleepers don’t achieve spinal alignment on their mattress, the result is aches, pains, and, sometimes, long-term health issues. There’s practically no mattress that will align the spine of every sleeper in every sleep position perfectly, so it’s important to understand the firmness level and mattress characteristics that will best help you to achieve this.

On the Purple, lightweight, and average weight sleepers should find that they have adequate cushioning in the side sleeping position to keep the spine aligned, and back and stomach sleepers shouldn’t sink too much into the mattress. On the Lull, side sleepers will sink nicely into the dual-foam layers, allowing the spine to align.  Back and stomach sleepers’ ability to achieve proper spinal alignment will depend on how much they weigh.


The average mattress lifespan is seven years. Even though neither the Purple nor the Lull are outrageously expensive, it’s important to make sure your investment will last you for a period of time you’re satisfied with. Durability is correlated with edge support and sagging, and one thing can lead to another in a poorly constructed mattress. The Purple and the Lull both feature quality materials, and we haven’t seen any customer reviews about below-average longevity for either of these mattresses.


Those who tend to sleep hot can suffer from night sweats, discomfort, and poor sleep as a result. The Lull sleeps temperature neutral, which is on par with other well-made foam beds on the market. If you sleep hot and are looking for a cool night’s sleep, however, we can’t recommend the Purple enough. The top layer of hyper-elastic polymer has an open, grid-like structure that lets air flow beneath you as you sleep. This is great for warm climates, individuals who burn up on their own at night, or couples who tend to sleep hot.

Purple vs Lull Mattress Construction 

Purple Lull
Cover Polyester, viscose, and lycra spandex blend Polyester and rayon blend 
Comfort Layer  Hyper-elastic polymer and foam Gel memory foam
Transitional Layer High-density polyfoam Polyfoam-latex blend
Support Layer High-density polyfoam High-density polyfoam
Mattress Thickness  9.5” 10”

Purple Construction

The Purple has an innovative construction that gives the mattress its unique feel. It has a polyester, viscose, and spandex blend cover that’s stretchy and pairs nicely with the bed’s responsive design. The top layer of the mattress is where Purple stands out from the crowd.

It consists of 2” of Purple’s hyper-elastic polymer in a column grid pattern. This material is virtually silent, has soft bounce, and compresses only where pressure is applied, creating the floating feel that Purple’s mattresses are known for. This is followed by a 3.5” transitional layer of high-density polyfoam, which prevents sleepers from sinking into the Purple mattress’ firm base layer.

The support layer is 4” of high-density polyfoam and stabilizes the entire bed. Altogether, the Purple’s layers measure just 9.5” tall, making it shorter than the average foam mattress.

Lull Construction

The Lull is a medium-firm memory foam mattress (6.5/10) that’s 10” thick and consists of a cover and three foam layers. The cover is made from polyester and rayon, and the comfort layer features 1.5” of gel-infused memory foam that promotes cooling by absorbing and distributing body heat.

This comfort foam also relieves pressure points for sleepers in most positions. This is followed by a 1.5” transition layer that helps isolate motion, dull the traditional memory foam deep-sinking sensation, and offers full-body support. The bottom layer of the mattress is a 7” polyurethane foam foundation that provides durability and added support while preventing sagging.

Sizing & Price Comparisons 

Mattress Size  Purple Price Lull Price
Twin $649 $649
Twin XL $749 $699
Full $949 $849
Queen $1,099 $949
King $1,399 $1,149
California King $1,399 $1,149
Split King $1,498 N/A

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Shipping & Returns for Purple and Lull

The Lull mattress ships free in the contiguous U.S., and the Purple Original mattress ships free to all 50 states and anywhere in Canada. Both ship as a bed-in-a-box, which means they arrive at your doorstep compressed and rolled up in a box (or, in Purple’s case, a protective covering). You’ll have 100 nights to try out the Purple or the Lull, and if you decide you don’t like your mattress, you can return it for a refund or exchange.

More Purple Mattresses

Purple Hybrid

Purple paired its proprietary Purple Grid with individually-wrapped coils to create this even-more-breathable hybrid mattress. It’s also more supportive than the Original, making it a better pick for heavyweight or back and stomach sleepers.

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Purple Hybrid Premier

  • Purple’s luxury option, the Purple Hybrid Premier comes with 3” or 4” of the Purple Grid and a responsive pocketed coil layer.


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Our Purple vs. Lull Final Review

There’s no clear winner when the Lull and the Purple are put head to head, as each bed has unique things to write home about and areas where it may fall short for some folks. Both are quality mattresses for the price and share similar policies, firmness levels, and retail price points, so the right mattress for you will come down to feel.

We recommend the Purple mattress for shoppers who like the idea of floating on the mattress and who sleep hot. If you’re playing it safe and want a neutral foam bed that’s going to provide some contouring in any sleeping position, opt for the Lull. If you’ve been looking into the Purple and the Lull while considering a new mattress, we hope this mattress comparison was helpful as you make your decision.

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