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Purple vs. WinkBed Mattress Comparison

The WinkBed mattress has a traditional innerspring construction, while the Purple features the funky, futuristic Purple Grid. Which is the best mattress for you? Keep reading to find out!

Comparing WinkBeds Mattress & Purple Mattress

The Purple and WinkBed are both bed-in-a-box hybrid mattresses with distinctly different makeups. The WinkBed mattress is a luxury innerspring mattress that’s handmade in the U.S.A. The combination of a pillow top and coils in the WinkBed is ideal for back sleepers, hot sleepers, and those who like a little bounce from their bed. The Purple features the unique, gel-like Purple Grid. It’s the better mattress for couples who want less motion transfer and a little more pressure relief.


  • The WinkBed is made with buoyant spring coils that offer a lot of kick-back, while the foam layers in the Purple effectively absorb motion.
  • The Purple provides a bit more pressure relief, thanks to the easily compressible Purple Grid on the top of the mattress. The foam pillow top on the WinkBed is comfy, but not as pressure-relieving.
  • The comfort layers in these mattresses feel different to touch: the WinkBed’s pillow top is soft and dense. The Purple Grid feels … well, like a squishy gel grid.
  • The WinkBed is available in three different firmness options: “Softer,” “Luxury Firm,” and “Firmer.” The Purple is only available in a medium-firm option.


  • The Purple and WinkBed mattress both leave lots of space for airflow in their constructions. Both are great mattresses for hot sleepers who need warm air to move out of the mattress instead of pooling in one place.
  • Both of these beds have a universal medium-firm feel that balances support and comfort, making them good mattresses for back sleepers.


Who Should Buy this Mattress? 

  • Combination sleepers
  • Hot sleepers
  • Back sleepers


Trial period

120 nights


Limited lifetime warranty



Who the WinkBeds Mattress is Best For 

Best For…

  • Combination sleepers who don’t want to feel stuck in their mattress and want a responsive feel
  • Hot sleepers who need a mattress with lots of breathability
  • Back sleepers who will benefit from the comfort of a pillow top and the support of innerspring coils

May Not be Best For…

  • Side sleepers, since they usually need a less firm mattress, preferably an all-foam model
  • Couples who are concerned about motion transfer disrupting their sleep
  • Budget shoppers looking for a mattress under $1,000

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Purple Mattress

Who Should Buy this Mattress?

  • Back sleepers
  • Couples
  • Side sleepers


Trial period

100 nights


10 year limited warranty



Who the Purple Mattress is Best For 

Best For…

  • Back sleepers who want support without compromising on comfort
  • Couples who need a mattress that isolates motion across the surface of the bed
  • Side sleepers, particularly part-time side sleepers and those with average-weight body types

May Not be Best For…

  • Average-weight or heavyweight stomach sleepers, since these individuals likely won’t get enough support for their lower back
  • Strict traditionalists who don’t want to risk a unique sleeping surface

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Deciding Between WinkBeds & Purple

Firmness / Feel

Knowing the firmness level of a mattress tells you a lot about how it feels, even if you’ve never slept on it. Most of the bedding industry gauges mattress firmness on a scale that ranges from one to 10. The lower the number, the softer the mattress, and vice versa. If you have a heavyweight body type, you’ll probably experience mattresses as a little softer than advertised since you sink deeper into the top layers. The opposite is true for those with lightweight body types. See the best mattresses for heavy people for more options.

So how do the WinkBeds and Purple mattresses feel? We rate them both at about 6.5/10 on the firmness scale. Even though they share a firmness rating, the feel of each mattress is quite different. The WinkBeds is bouncy with a dense foam pillow top layer, while the Purple suspends your body weight without the springy bounce-back of coils. Check out the best innerspring mattresses for more beds made with bouncy coils.

WinkBeds Performance By Sleeping Position:
Lightweight (< 130 lbs):  4 4 3
Average weight (130 – 230 lbs): 5 4 4
Heavyweight (> 230 lbs):  4 3 3
Purple Performance By Sleeping Position:
Lightweight (< 130 lbs):  5 3 4
Average weight (130 – 230 lbs): 5 2 4
Heavyweight (> 230 lbs):  3 1 4

1 = Very poor, 2 = Not good, 3 = Fair, 4 = Good, 5 = Excellent

Motion Isolation

Motion isolation is a relevant performance category for anyone who shares their bed. If you sleep alone, it doesn’t really matter if motion transfers from one side to the other. Typically, mattresses with coils absorb motion really well, but also return it to the body (for all you nerds out there, just think of Newton’s Third Law of Motion). Foam, on the other hand, tends to effectively stop motion at the source.

With that in mind, you can probably guess that the Purple mattress has better motion isolation than the WinkBed. That’s not to say that you won’t notice any motion transfer on the Purple, but couples specifically will notice much less than they would on the WinkBeds.

Edge Support

Edge support is another important category for those who share their bed. If you want to maximize your available sleeping surface, you may eventually need to get cozy with the edges of the bed. Both the Purple and WinkBeds incorporate edge support features. Purple uses high-density foam to frame their mattress, while the WinkBed uses extra-strong coils. As a result, both provide good edge support, but the WinkBed mattress is more stable near the edges, in our opinion.

Pressure Relief 

Pressure relief is arguably the most important category for side sleepers. These folks need lots of space to sink down into the mattress, otherwise they risk jammed shoulders and achy hips. The Purple Grid is designed to collapse strategically under your pressure points, so we think it provides more pressure relief than the pillow top on the WinkBed can offer. For the best pressure relieving mattresses, check out our picks for the mattresses for side sleepers.

Spine Alignment 

Spinal alignment is important if you want to avoid back pain (don’t we all?). Having proper spinal alignment basically means that your spine stays in a neutral position while on your back or stomach and a straight line while on your side. Both of these mattresses perform this function, though we think the WinkBed is better suited to lightweight stomach sleepers and the Purple is better suited to the average side sleeper. Check out the best mattresses for back pain for more suggestions.


Hybrid mattresses like the WinkBed typically last between five to eight years. The WinkBeds brand protects the mattress with a Lifetime warranty and performs third-party durability testing that simulates 20 years of use. The bed is long-lasting and eligible for replacement as long as you’re the original owner. The Purple mattress should last for a long time, as well. The Purple Grid is made from a material that is slow to degrade, and Purple guarantees the mattress for a full decade.


Both of these mattresses are going to keep you temperature neutral, if not downright cool. The Purple has cooling features up top, while the WinkBed incorporates them throughout the mattress. The Purple has a breathable fabric cover, and the grid making up the top layer has hundreds of channels that enable airflow. The WinkBed’s pillow top is infused with cooling gel, and the base layer of coils is as breathable as mattress layers get. If you’re a hot sleeper, see the best cooling mattresses.

WinkBeds Mattress Construction

Cover TENCEL fabric
Comfort Layer  Euro pillow top
Support Layer Pocketed coils and extraEDGE support system
Mattress Thickness  13.5”

The WinkBed mattress features a eucalyptus-derived TENCEL fabric cover. For those who aren’t familiar, TENCEL is made with wood pulp, and is known for its cooling, moisture-wicking properties. The top layer is a 2” euro pillow top quilted with gel-infused Hypersoft foam (this layer is 3” tall in the “Softer” version).

Beneath the pillow top, in the center third of the mattress, WinkBed includes a thin piece of polyfoam. This is meant to add extra lumbar support, and it works in tandem with the extra firm steel coils that are also situated in the center third of the mattress. Finally, the bed has a coil base layer. This support system is divided into seven ergonomic zones, including extra edge support. It adds the stability and bounce you’d expect from an innerspring mattress.

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Purple Mattress Construction

Screen Shot 2020 08 27 at 10.04.45 AM
Cover SoftFlex fabric
Comfort Layer  Hyper-elastic polymer
Transitional Layer Polyfoam foam
Support Layer Polyfoam foam
Mattress Thickness  9.25”

The Purple mattress is wrapped in a soft, stretchy fabric that’s woven from polyester, viscose, and lycra. The cover allows you to sink all the way into the comfort layer. Underneath that, the 2” Purple Grid sits right on top of the mattress and resembles a giant purple waffle. It’s made with a gel-like material called hyper-elastic polymer. The Purple Grid feels squishy under pressure, but holds its shape when left alone. The bed should sleep temperature-neutral.

As your body sinks down into the grid, your weight is suspended by a cushioning layer of polyurethane foam (also called polyfoam). This layer is a bit firmer than the hyper-elastic polymer, so it adds more contouring support. It also improves edge support, since it frames the mattress. Finally, the base layer is made of a dense, durable support foam that stabilizes the mattress.

Sizing & Price Comparisons 

Mattress Size  WinkBeds Price  Purple Price 
Twin $1,049 $599
Twin XL $1,149 $799
Full $1,299 $999
Queen $1,599 $1,149
King $1,799 $1,449
Cal King $1,849 $1,449

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Shipping and Returns for WinkBeds & Purple

WinkBeds Mattress

WinkBeds customers receive free shipping, and can pay $149 for white glove delivery. They also receive a 120-night trial period. After 30 nights, you can request a free return and full refund or an exchange for $49. Exchanged mattresses receive a new 60-night sleep trial

The WinkBeds Lifetime warranty entitles the original owner to one replacement mattress if the original becomes defective. You can also utilize the “Any Reason” replacement guarantee, which allows you to buy a brand new mattress from WinkBeds for 50 percent off after the trial period.

Purple Mattress

Purple ships their mattresses for free. The brand also offers a 100-night trial period and free returns or exchanges. Once you’ve slept on the mattress for at least 21 nights, you can initiate a return and get a full refund. Exchanged mattresses continue with the original trial period.

After the sleep trial ends, customers still enjoy some protection with a 10-year warranty. As long as you’re the original owner of the mattress, you can receive a new mattress to replace your old one if it becomes defective within the first decade of ownership.

Note: For both companies, the trial period and return policy may differ if you purchase your mattress from another online mattress retailer like Amazon.

More WinkBeds Mattresses

WinkBeds Plus

The WinkBed PLUS is made specifically for plus-sized folks. It’s firmer and more durable than the original WinkBed, and it features anti-sag foam, an added latex comfort layer, and extra sturdy steel coils.

winkbed plus

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WinkBeds GravityLux

The GravityLux is a memory foam mattress made with the brand’s patented AirCell foam. It has the close, contouring feel of memory foam and stays cooler thanks to air bubbles in the comfort layer.

WinkBeds EcoCloud

The EcoCloud is a latex mattress with a medium firmness that’s designed with eco-friendly shoppers in mind. It pairs organic cotton and wool with Talalay latex and pocketed coils. 

More Purple Mattresses

Purple Hybrid

The Purple Hybrid mattress has the same 2” Purple Grid comfort layer as the original, but it features bouncy pocketed coils instead of high-density foam. It’s a tad firmer than the original, but even more responsive.

Purple Hybrid Mattress

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Purple Hybrid Premier

The Purple Hybrid Premier is available with either a 3” or 4” Purple Grid layer atop pocketed coils. The extra height of the comfort layer increases pressure relief, so these mattresses have a medium-firm and medium feel. 

Purple Hybrid Premier Mattress

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Our Final Take

We recommend both of these mattresses to hot sleepers and back sleepers, especially those with lightweight or average-weight body types. If you prefer the springy feel of traditional innerspring mattresses, go with the WinkBeds. It’s also the better choice for those who want multiple firmness options that work for different sleeping positions.

If you want a little more pressure relief and are game to try a unique-feeling mattress, pick the Purple. Couples will find a better balance of support and comfort on the Purple Grid; plus, it’s more motion isolating. Lastly, if pricing is a factor, the Purple is easier on your wallet.