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Puffy vs. Purple Mattress Comparison

Which mattress is best for you: Puffy or Purple? Read our mattress comparison to find out.

Comparing Puffy Mattress & Purple Mattress

The Puffy and the Purple are two primarily foam mattresses designed to cater to a wide variety of sleep personalities. The Puffy features excellent motion isolation and a super-soft, cloud-like feel, making it a great choice for couples and seniors. The Purple is geared towards active individuals, as well as back and side sleepers, with its superior spine alignment and pressure relief. 

The price difference between the two isn’t huge, but the Purple mattress does feature a breathable top layer, which accommodates hot sleepers nicely. Check out our mattress comparison to see if the Puffy or the Purple is the better option for you.

Key Differences

  • The Puffy Mattress has a medium feel to it, making it great for side sleepers who need cushioning comfort, while the Purple Mattress is much firmer, even allowing some stomach sleepers to get proper support.
  • The Puffy Mattress uses traditional memory foam in its construction, and the Purple Mattress utilizes a proprietary, high-density polyfoam blend.
  • The Purple mattress has a thinner profile, while the Puffy mattress is a bit thicker.

Key Similarities

  • Both mattresses have great motion isolation, making them ideal for couples.
  • Both mattresses will work for some side sleepers who seek cradling comfort.


Who Should Buy this Mattress? 

  • Couples
  • Side sleepers
  • Lightweight back sleepers
Puffy Mattresses


Trial period

101 days





Who the Puffy Mattress is Best For 

  • Couples who sleep together and need a mattress that cuts down on motion transfer
  • Side sleepers or people with joint pain seeking a soft, cradling mattress that provides adequate pressure relief on pressure points
  • Lightweight back sleepers looking for a soft mattress that still keeps their hips properly supported

Not Best For…

  • Stomach sleepers, who tend to need an ultra-firm mattress in order to keep their hips properly supported on the surface of their bed
  • Heavyweight sleepers with body types that respond better to the support of pocketed coils instead of an all-foam construction 
  • Combination sleepers who move around often in their sleep and hate feeling “bogged down” in their mattress

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Purple Mattress

Who Should Buy this Mattress?

  • Combination sleepers
  • Hot sleepers
  • Side and back sleepers


Trial period

100 nights


10 year limited warranty



Who the Purple Mattress is Best For 

  • Combination sleepers (those who change positions at night) who need a responsive mattress
  • Hot sleepers who want a breathable bed that promotes airflow
  • Side and back sleepers who prefer a unique, pressure-reliving feel

Not Best For…

  • Heavier-framed sleepers, as the Purple includes an all-foam support core that might not offer enough support for larger bodies
  • People who prefer “traditional” memory foam: the Purple offers a feel unlike any other mattress on the market

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Puffy vs. Purple Performance Differences

Firmness / Feel

Mattress firmness is rated on a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being the softest and 10 being the most firm. Firmer mattresses are some of the best mattresses for stomach sleepers and back sleepers because they keep the spine aligned, while softer mattresses are good for side sleepers because they contour around the hips and shoulders. 

The Puffy’s medium firmness (we estimate it around a 5 or 6 out of 10) allows it to accommodate side and back sleepers. On the other hand, the Purple’s higher level of firmness (a 6.5 out of 10) is ideal for stomach sleepers who require hip support.

Puffy Performance By Sleeping Position:
Lightweight (< 130 lbs):  4 3 5
Average weight (130 – 230 lbs): 3 3 4
Heavyweight (> 230 lbs):  2 2 3
Purple Performance By Sleeping Position:
Lightweight (< 130 lbs):  5 3 4
Average weight (130 – 230 lbs): 5 2 4
Heavyweight (> 230 lbs):  3 1 4

Motion Isolation1 = Very poor, 2 = Not good, 3 = Fair, 4 = Good, 5 = Excellent

Motion isolation is a key feature of the best mattresses for couples who share a bed. Why? A bed with good motion isolation reduces the chances of disturbing each other while tossing and turning or getting in and out of bed. Both mattresses have good motion isolation, but the Puffy mattress is the most “traditional” memory foam feel. The layers of memory foam in the Puffy mattress should keep couples content no matter how much their partner tosses and turns. 

The Purple Grid material in the top layer of the Puffy mattress is slightly more responsive than memory foam, meaning that couples might feel a bit more movement from their sleep partner on the Purple compared to the Puffy. But ultimately, we think both beds do a great job at motion isolation: and that extra responsiveness in the Purple means it’s a great mattress for sex.

Edge Support

Edge support, referring to the firmness and support around the borders of the mattress, is a necessity for sleepers who have trouble getting in and out of bed. It’s also important for those who may suffer from back pain. 

Unfortunately, both the Puffy and Purple mattresses receive less-than-stellar ratings on edge support. When we sat on the edge of each of these beds in our Mattress Nerd sleep lab, we noticed some definite sinking. Overall, the Purple offers slightly better edge support because of its firm construction. If you sleep on a smaller mattress like a Full or Queen size mattress, this is something worth considering. 

Pressure Relief 

Foam mattresses tend to contour around sensitive parts of your body, allowing for great pressure relief: That’s why people love memory foam so much! Depending on your sleeping position, you will find both mattresses offer a decent amount of pressure relief on your shoulders, hips, back, and legs. 

The Puffy offers better pressure relief for most side sleepers, as it’s the softer option of the two. The Purple offers great pressure relief for average-weight and heavyweight side sleepers. After all, those who weigh over 130 lbs. will sink better into the mattress and activate the Purple Grid technology.

Spine Alignment 

Spinal alignment is necessary if you want a good night’s sleep and a pleasant, pain-free morning. The wrong mattress can throw off your spinal alignment and cause you to wake up sore and achy. 

The Puffy Mattress helps keeps your spine adequately aligned if you are average-weight and sleep on your side. The Purple Mattress has a firmer surface, so it should encourage spinal alignment in side sleepers who are average-weight and heavyweight. Back sleepers will likely experience spinal alignment on both beds, but we’d encourage heavyweight back sleepers to choose the Purple for a bit more support and back pain relief.


Most people want a mattress that will last a long time, which is why durability is an important deciding factor when making a choice on a new bed. Both mattresses use thick foam layers that our team thinks will last for years to come. What’s more, both brands offer robust warranty policies. Still, most mattress nerds know that foam layers don’t tend to last quite as long as the steel coils used in hybrid mattresses. 


There are many people who tend to overheat throughout the night, which is why they need a mattress with cooling technology. The Puffy mattress uses cooling gel-infused memory foam designed to keep you refreshed while you sleep, and the Purple Grid promotes airflow and breathability for maximum cooling. While the Puffy makes an admirable attempt at promoting cooling, we think the Purple ultimately wins out in this area. 

Puffy Mattress Construction

Screen Shot 2020 07 29 at 10.28.21 AM
Cover Cooling Cloud foam
Comfort Layer  Climate-Adaptive Foam
Transitional Layer N/A
Support Layer Firm Core Support Layer
Mattress Thickness  9.25 inches

The Puffy Mattress consists of four patented layers designed to maximize your sleep experience. The top layer is a 1.5” Cooling Cloud layer that cradles your body in a soft embrace. Following that is a 1.5” layer called the Plush Dual Cloud layer. It perfectly contours to your body’s shape and reduces back pain and pressure, especially in sensitive sleepers. 

Next is the 2” ClimateComfort layer, which delivers a consistent level of temperature regulation. Finally, the 7” Firm Core support layer adds an extra measure of durability and support, even in this soft mattress.

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Purple Mattress Construction

Screen Shot 2020 08 27 at 10.04.45 AM
Cover Polyester, viscose, and lycra combination.
Comfort Layer  Hyper-elastic polymer
Transitional Layer N/A
Support Layer High-density polyfoam.
Mattress Thickness  9.5 inches

Protecting the entire surface of each model of the Purple mattress is a cover made of a blend of polyester, viscose, and lycra. This cover promotes airflow to help keep you cool, and it’s thin enough to allow the sleeper to feel the pressure-relieving effects of the Purple Grid underneath. The Purple Grid is Purple’s 2” layer of patented Hyper-Elastic Polymer material. It buckles strategically under pressure points to deliver spinal alignment. 

Underneath the grid, Purple includes two layers of foam: a 3.5” layer and then a higher-density 4” base layer. Both polyfoam layers afford extra firmness and durability to the mattress construction.

Sizing & Price Comparisons 

Mattress Size  Puffy Mattress Price  Purple Mattress Price 
Twin $795 $649
Twin XL $825 $749
Full $995 $949
Queen $1,150 $1,099
King $1,350 $1,399
Cal King $1,350 $1,498

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Shipping and Returns for Puffy & Purple

Puffy Mattress

The Puffy ships for free to all 48 continental states (and to Hawaii and Alaska for an added fee), and can take approximately two to five business days to arrive at your home. Customers have a 101-night sleep trial period that’s included with their Puffy Mattress purchase. If you find that the mattress is not to your liking, you can contact the customer support line to coordinate your return. You do not have to worry about paying return shipping or recycling fees. 

Prior to returning your mattress, it’s recommended that you give it at least several weeks to break it in. Your body needs to get used to a new sleep experience, so the bed-in-a-box Puffy mattress might not feel very comfortable at first. However, after some time, your body will become acclimated. In addition to the sleep trial, you get Puffy’s Lifetime warranty.

Purple Mattress

The Purple also ships to the 48 continental states for free and to Hawaii and Alaska for an additional cost. Your new mattress is shipped via FedEx and will be dropped off at your door: no sign-off needed. You have a 100-night sleep trial period to test out the new mattress and see if it’s to your liking, as part of Purple’s return policy. If you’re unhappy with it for any reason at all, you can return it after the 21-day break-in period. Please note that the mattress must also be clean and undamaged in order to be eligible for a return. 

Once the mattress is received by the company, you will be refunded your money minus the value of any potential discounts, interest accrued, and shipping fees. Like with many online mattress brands, you get Purple’s 10-year warranty with the purchase of every mattress.

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Our Final Take

The Puffy and the Purple are two highly rated mattresses that are durable, pressure-relieving, and cozy for different types of sleepers. If you’re a side or back sleeper, the Puffy should give you the pressure relief you need to stay comfortable. If you’re a naturally hot sleeper who wants to invest in revolutionary foam bedding technology, we recommend the Purple for you. Either way, both mattresses come with generous return policies and warranty periods.