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Puffy Mattress Coupons

Puffy’s line of all-foam and hybrid mattresses are made for a variety of sleepers. Get a good night’s sleep on a Puffy mattress without breaking the bank with these exclusive offers.

Puffy offers five mattress models that are each suited for different sleeping positions. Mattresses are an investment, and sometimes it’s worth it to spend a little more if it means you’ll be able to get a better night’s sleep. But why spend more for your Puffy bed when you can spend less with these exclusive discount codes? Get the comfortable mattress you need at a price you can afford with the right Puffy mattress coupon code.

Instead of scouring the internet looking for limited-time Puffy mattress deals or obscure Puffy mattress promo codes, check out the best coupons that we’ve collected for you, all in one place. With these Puffy mattress discounts, you can get whichever Puffy mattress you need, from the firm, original Puffy to the extra-luxurious Puffy Royal. No matter which Puffy mattress you prefer, you can get it an affordable price with our discounts.

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Coupon Code for the Puffy Mattress


The Puffy mattress is a firm memory foam mattress ideal for stomach sleepers, combination sleepers and couples looking for a mattress with some fun bounce.

Puffy Mattresses
  • ClimateControl cooling foam to help with temperature regulation and prevent overheating
  • Firm mattress feel, which is ideal for stomach sleepers
  • Excellent motion isolation prevents one restless sleeper from disturbing or waking their partner
  • High responsiveness gives the Puffy a good bounce, which allows for easier movement
  • Relatively inexpensive mattress

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More Puffy Promo Codes

Puffy Lux

The Puffy Lux is a memory foam mattresses with extra cooling technology to help keep sleepers from overheating throughout the night. It offers great pressure relief and medium firmness for side sleepers and anyone with chronic back pain.

puffy lux mattress
  • ClimateComfort foam and cooling cloud gel memory foam combine to make the Puffy Lux sleep exceptionally cool
  • The Puffy Lux offers excellent spinal alignment for back sleepers and side sleepers
  • Great pressure relief is ideal for waking up pain-free, even with chronic back pain
  • Medium mattress feel is best for side and back sleepers
  • Excellent responsiveness makes it easy for combination sleepers to toss and turn throughout the night without waking up

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Puffy Royal

If you want a soft mattress that also offers zoned support, excellent pressure relief and a fun bounce, then the Puffy Royal mattress is the best mattress for you.

Puffy Royal Mattress
  • Zoned support layer provides extra support at your pressure points like the hips and shoulders
  • Excellent responsiveness is ideal for combination sleepers who tend to toss and turn
  • Extra layers of memory foam make the Puffy Royal feel extra plush, which is ideal for those who want to feel “hugged” by their mattress
  • Sleeps cool thanks to the ClimateComfort and cloud foam layers
  • Made with quality mattress materials to ensure durability

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Why You’ll Love a Puffy Mattress 

The best part of any Puffy mattress is the responsiveness, so if you tend to toss and turn in your sleep, or if you prefer a bed that you sleep “on” instead of sinking “in,” then Puffy is definitely the right mattress brand for you. A Puffy mattress responds to your movement right away so that you can roll over and shift with ease. Plus, Puffy mattresses come in a wide variety of firmness levels. The Puffy Royal is the softest, offering a plush, cozy feel, while the Puffy Lux is more of a medium level firmness, and the original Puffy is nice and firm and perfect for stomach sleepers.

Plus, you can rest easy when you purchase a Puffy mattress. Each one comes with a 101-night sleep trial which allows you to return the mattress any time for free if you decide it just isn’t for you. And if you do decide to keep your mattress, Puffy offers a lifetime warranty. As long as you own the mattress, you can have it repaired or replaced if it has any kind of manufacturing malfunction or excessive sagging.

If you are heavyset, the Puffy mattress might not be the best fit.Heavy folks typically need more support from their mattress, and Puffy mattresses are not designed well to accommodate individuals over 300 lbs.

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