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Puffy Mattress Warranty Breakdown

Puffy offers a lifetime warranty, but what exactly is covered, and what qualifies as a “lifetime”?

By Megan Griffith

Puffy is a bed-in-a-box mattress company that offers memory foam and hybrid beds in a variety of price ranges. Every mattress includes a ClimateComfort foam layer to increase breathability and temperature regulation. Additionally, the foam in every model meets the rigorous standards necessary to be considered CertiPUR-US certified, meaning they are environmentally friendly and safe for your family. 

The original Puffy mattress is the firmest, most affordable bed in the Puffy line, and it’s the best for reducing motion transfer. The Puffy Lux mattress is more plush, has better pressure relief at key pressure points like the hips and shoulders and has strong edge support. The Puffy Royal mattress is the most expensive model. It is also the softest on the firmness scale, but can still work for all sleeping positions, from side sleepers to stomach sleepers to back sleepers. Plus, the Puffy Lux and the Puffy Royal both come in a hybrid model which includes a base layer of steel coils similar to those found in innerspring mattresses for added bounce and breathability.

Overall, Puffy is a great mattress company that strives to do right by their customers. That’s why they offer a 101-night sleep trial where you can test out your mattress and if it’s not for you, Puffy will send a service for pick up, and they will bring it to a local charity in your area. Best of all, Puffy offers a lifetime mattress warranty. But what exactly does that mean? Let’s dig into it.

Puffy Mattress Warranty Overview

Here are the basics: the Puffy Lifetime warranty applies to all Puffy mattresses, regardless of size or model, one of the best mattress warranties you can find. All Puffy mattresses are covered by the same warranty. 

The Puffy lifetime warranty is a great warranty for protecting a new mattress investment. Like with all warranties, you have to be careful to read the fine print, which we’ll do our best to explain in plain language in this article.  In general, the Puffy lifetime warranty is a generous deal for the customer, and we’ll explain why in the next few sections.

How Long Does Puffy Warranty Period Last?

So the Puffy mattress warranty says it’s a “lifetime” warranty, but what constitutes a lifetime? As long as the original purchaser of the mattress still owns it, the warranty still applies in full. According to Puffy’s warranty page, “For the entire lifespan of your Puffy™ Mattress, we will replace your bed with a brand new Puffy™ Mattress free of charge.”

This means even if you’ve had the mattress 50 years, as long as you are the original owner and you haven’t voided the warranty, Puffy will provide you with a brand new mattress any time there is an issue that is covered.

What is covered by the Puffy Warranty?

Memory Foam Impressions

Over time, the memory foam layers in memory foam mattresses stop bouncing back quite as well as they did when the mattress was brand new, and very small, shallow body impressions may start to form. These indentations are considered normal, but it’s not normal if those impressions become progressively deeper. Specifically, Puffy covers all impressions deeper than 1.5 inches.

Mattress Cover Zipper Defects

Every Puffy mattress comes with a zipped mattress cover. If your mattress arrives and the zipper is already defective, it is 100% covered by this warranty. If the zipper breaks during normal usage, it may be covered, but there’s also a chance Puffy will claim this is the result of “improper or overuse of zipper,” which the warranty does not cover.

Mattress Cover Fabric Defects

If you receive your Puffy mattress and notice that the cover is damaged in some way, it may be covered by the warranty. The language specifically protects against tears and unraveling stitches, “that does not result from improper use.”


What the Puffy Does Not Cover

I Have More Back Pain Than Ever

If you buy a Puffy mattress and realize that you’re waking up with more aches and pains than you were with your old mattress, you cannot use your warranty to get a refund or a different Puffy mattress. The warranty does not cover comfort preferences, and back pain (and other types of pains) falls under that category.Use the general trial period to find out if your Puffy mattress fits your sleep needs! In those first 101 days after your purchase, pay close attention to whether this is a comfortable mattress for you, finding comfort in your primary sleeping position or relieving pressure where you find it builds up. Ask yourself these questions in those first few weeks:

  • If you sleep with a partner and they sleep in a different position than you, does it feel comfortable for both sleep positions? 
  • Is this the right mattress for both of your body types? 
  • Is the firmness level right for you? 
  • Do you like the contouring, “hugging” feeling of memory foam? 

If the answer to any of these questions is no, be sure to file a return request before the 101-night trial is over.

My Partner Accidentally Cut The Top Layer of Foam During Unboxing

Unfortunately, this scenario (and others like it) are not covered by your lifetime warranty. Even if it’s a total accident, any damage to the memory foam caused by you (or your pets) is explicitly not covered according to the Puffy warranty.

Terrible Off-Gassing Smell Will Not Go Away

Bed-in-box mattresses come with one major downside: off-gassing. This is the process where the mattress releases chemicals that are harmless, except for the smell. The smell may cause headaches or even dizziness, but off-gassing is considered a normal part of purchasing a bed-in-a-box model, and it is not covered by the warranty, even if it lingers longer than a couple of days. However, you could return it for a refund as long as it’s within the 101-night sleep trial period.

Our Mattress Isn’t The Right Color 

Did your mattress arrive, start expanding out of the box, only for you to realize it isn’t quite the right shade of gray and white? Is the quilted pattern a little lopsided? These are considered “minor imperfections” and “slight cosmetic flaws,” and they are not covered by the Puffy warranty. Don’t worry though, you can cover up those issues with the right sheet set.

Our Opinion on the Puffy Mattress

Overall, the Puffy warranty is one of the best in the industry right now. While some accidents may not be covered, the lifetime warranty and 101 night trial period give you time to adjust to your mattress and decide if it’s for you.  Many other “lifetime” warranties actually have a time limit where they stop applying, or they only cover very specific circumstances. Puffy will completely replace your mattress any time there is an issue covered by the warranty, whether it’s 1 year after purchase, or 50. But still, no mattress company is perfect. Read about complaints about the Puffy Lux mattress in our Puffy Lux Complaints article

Things that Would Void the Puffy Warranty?

  • Signs of abuse such as burns, stains, tears, or other damage caused by “improper use”
  • Transferring ownership away from the original owner via sale or donation
  • Improper bed frame or bed foundation (Puffy does not describe what a “proper” bed frame would be, except to say it should be the right size for the bed)

Filing A Warranty Claim with Puffy

Thankfully, submitting a warranty claim with Puffy is a relatively simple process through email. Be aware though: Puffy does not do warranty claims over the phone. You must follow the email protocol in order to successfully file a warranty claim.

What you’ll need: 

  1. The receipt from the original order
  2. The warranty document
  3. The order number
  4. The first and last name of the person who placed the order
  5. A photo or short video demonstrating the defect

Once you have collected this information, simply send an email to the address below and be sure to include items 3 through 5 from the list above. You should receive a response in the next 7 business days.

Warranty Claim Email:

Caring for your Puffy Mattress

In order to keep your warranty valid for as long as possible, there are a few things you can do to take extra care of your Puffy bed. Here are our top tips for keeping your mattress in excellent shape so that if there are any problems in the future, you can file a claim and get a brand new mattress.

  • Use a high quality waterproof mattress protector. This can help prevent stains which could void your warranty.
  • Make sure your bed frame or bed foundation is very supportive. A box spring is always a good way to provide your mattress with extra support. If you have a Queen size bed or larger, make sure the foundation has center support poles, and if you have a slatted foundation, make sure the slats are no more than 2 inches apart. Puffy mattresses are compatible with adjustable bases. Just make sure everything stays in place and you don’t accidentally damage the mattress through adjustments.
  • Keep all of your purchase information in a safe place you can find easily so that if there is a problem, you have access to all the paperwork.
  • If you are a combination sleeper (meaning that you tend to toss and turn) make sure you don’t leave any drinks or candles by the side of your bed when you sleep. You could shift in your sleep and accidentally spill something or cause a fire.

FAQs about the Puffy Warranty 

Does the Puffy warranty apply to Puffy adjustable bases?

Yes, for the entire lifespan of owning the Puffy™ Adjustable Base Puffy, should a defect in faulty workmanship or materials arise, Puffy will repair/replace your adjustable base free of charge. The owner shall be responsible to pay all service, transportation, labor, and shipping costs related to the repair or replacement of the adjustable base.

Do you need to flip a Puffy mattress?

Puffy’s mattresses are designed so that it would never need to be flipped over. You can, on occasion, rotate them 180 degrees, however it is not necessary.

How much weight can a Puffy mattress hold?

Puffy Mattress is designed to support up to 350 LBS per side of the mattress.