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Casper vs. Puffy Mattress Comparison

The Casper and Puffy memory foam mattresses may look the same on paper, but peel back the covers and you’ll see how different they really are. That’s what we’re doing in this Casper vs. Puffy mattress comparison with the goal of helping you decide which one should be your new bed.

Comparing Casper and Puffy Mattresses

The original Casper and Puffy are both all-foam mattresses with simple three-layer constructions. The Casper has a plush, latex-like top layer, memory foam transition layer, and a supportive foam base layer. The Puffy features gel-infused memory foam above two high-density polyfoam layers.

Both of these foam beds are made with high-quality materials and have a lot to love, but we recommend them to different kinds of sleepers. You’ll like the Casper if you are looking for lower back support and pressure relief near your shoulders. It’s also a good choice for couples who need a mattress that reduces motion transfer. The Puffy is a better mattress for side sleepers and those who love the feeling of foam, but who don’t want to overheat at night.

Key Differences

  • The Casper is slightly more responsive than the Puffy, probably because AirScape foam is designed to mimic the buoyancy of latex foam. If you are looking for a responsive mattress, see our list of the best latex mattresses.
  • The Puffy provides better pressure relief around your shoulders and hips.
  • The Casper minimizes motion transfer better than the Puffy, though both performed well in this category.
  • The Puffy stays a little cooler because of the gel-infused foam at the top of the mattress.

Key Similarities

  • The pricing for the Casper and Puffy is similar, especially for Full size through California King size mattresses. A Queen size bed from either mattress brand costs around $1,100. If you’re on a tight budget, see the best affordable mattresses. 
  • Both beds keep your spine aligned, which can help reduce muscle soreness.
  • Both of these mattresses utilize memory foam, which gives the bed a supportive, contouring surface.

Casper Original

Who Should Buy this Mattress? 

  • Back sleepers
  • Couples
  • Those with back pain
Casper Original Mattress


Trial period

100 nights


10 year warranty



Who the Casper Mattress is Best For 

Best For…

  • Back sleepers get a balanced combination of cushioning and whole-body support on the Casper.
  • Couples are unlikely to experience disruptions related to motion transfer, thanks to absorbent foam layers.
  • Those with back pain will experience extra lumbar support from the zoned transition layer.

Not Best For…

  • Hot sleepers who like the contouring feel of foam will want to pick a mattress with cooling features like coils or gel memory foam.
  • Those who prefer the bouncy feel of a hybrid or innerspring mattress probably won’t like the slow sinking feel of Casper’s second layer of memory foam.

For those sleepers that find themselves frequently changing positions, see our list of the best mattresses for combination sleepers.

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Who Should Buy this Mattress? 

  • Side sleepers
  • Average-weight back sleepers
  • Those who sleep warm, but love memory foam
Puffy Mattresses


Trial period

101 days





Who the Puffy Mattress is Best For 

Best For…

  • Side sleepers are the ideal sleeping position for the Puffy, thanks to good spinal alignment and pressure relief.
  • Average-weight back sleepers will appreciate the balanced feel that the Puffy offers.
  • Those who sleep warm, but love memory foam, will stay relatively cool on the Puffy.

May Not be Best For…

  • Heavyweight sleepers are at risk of “bottoming out” by sinking too far into the first layers of foam.
  • This isn’t the best mattress for stomach sleepers, mainly because it’s not firm enough to keep the lower back from sinking into the foam.

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Deciding Between Puffy & Casper


Mattress firmness can tell you a lot about how it feels to sleep on a mattress. Beds with a firmness level closer to 1/10 are softer, while firmer beds are closer to 10/10. If you have a lightweight body type, you’ll probably experience beds as a little firmer than advertised, while heavyweight sleepers tend to perceive mattresses as softer.

We consider the Casper and Puffy mattresses both to be medium-firm, or about 6/10 on the firmness scale. They each have a soft top layer and firmer second layer, so the mattresses feel soft at first contact, but get firmer the further down you sink.

Motion Isolation

If you sleep alone, you probably don’t need to worry about motion isolation. This performance category is for those who are concerned that motion transfer from sleeping partners will disrupt their quality of sleep.

Fortunately, all-foam mattresses do a great job of isolating motion at its source. You’ll notice very little movement spreading from one end of the bed to the other, especially on the Casper.

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Edge Support

Edge support is an important factor if you plan to use your bed to get ready in the morning or if you sleep near the edge of the bed. Mattresses with reinforced edges provide the best edge support. Neither the Casper nor the Puffy have any special edge support features, but we think they both keep you fairly well supported. With that said, we noticed a little more sinkage along the edges of the Puffy.

Pressure Relief 

Pressure relief is an especially important consideration for side sleepers, who are at risk of putting excess weight on their shoulders and hips. Casper delivers pressure relief particularly well near the head and foot of the bed, thanks to Zoned Support in its memory foam transition layer. The Puffy may feel a little firmer at first, but it softens up quite a bit the longer you lie on the mattress surface.

Spine Alignment 

When we talk about spinal alignment, we’re referring to good sleeping posture, which can relieve or intensify neck and back pain. The Casper and Puffy mattresses both keep your spine in a healthy, neutral position, but the Zoned Support layer on the Casper gives your lower back a little extra support.


Typically, we see all-foam mattresses lasting anywhere from 7 to 10 years. That’s not to say that your Casper or Puffy mattress won’t last longer; just that the comfort level of the foam layers may begin to deteriorate after that time frame. Rest assured, the original Casper mattress comes with a 10-year warranty, and the Puffy has a Lifetime warranty for the original owner. 


Mattresses with layers of memory foam tend to trap body heat, so we can’t say that either of these mattresses sleep especially cool. Still, both mattresses feature elements that bring the foam to a more neutral temperature. Specifically, Puffy’s comfort layer is infused with gel, and the Casper top layer is perforated with tiny channels that improve airflow. If you’re a hot sleeper, see the best cooling mattresses. 

Casper Mattress Construction 

0218 CASPER 2020 MATTRESSES SideCompression R2 5 Original
Materials All-foam
Cover Recycled polyester
Comfort Layer  AirScape foam
Transitional Layer Zoned Support foam
Support Layer Base foam
Mattress Thickness  11”

The Casper is anchored by high-density polyfoam that supports the weight of the mattress, plus any sleepers. Above that, a memory foam layer contours around pressure points and provides extra support near your hips. The top layer is Casper’s proprietary AirScape foam, which is soft, buoyant, and perforated (hole punched) for added breathability. The whole mattress is wrapped in a soft, stretchy polyester cover.

Puffy Mattress Comparison

Materials All-foam
Cover Polyester cover
Comfort Layer  Cooling Gel Cloud foam
Transitional Layer Climate-Adaptive foam
Support Layer Firm Core Support foam
Mattress Thickness  10”

The Puffy mattress has a foundation of durable support foam that keeps the mattress structure from sagging. Next up, a layer of cooling polyfoam works to neutralize the temperature of the mattress and prevent too much sinkage. Up top, Puffy’s Cooling Cloud foam cradles your body, giving the mattress a cloud-like feel. It’s also cool-on-contact, even under the polyester mattress cover. Bonus: The mattress cover is stain resistant and machine washable.

Sizing & Price Comparisons 

Mattress Size  Puffy Price  Casper Price 
Twin $795 $595
Twin XL $825 $695
Full $995 $995
Queen $1,150 $1,095
King $1,350 $1,295
Cal King $1,350 $1,295

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Shipping and Returns for Puffy & Casper


Casper customers get free bed-in-a-box shipping for new mattress orders in the U.S. and Canada (there are additional shipping fees to Alaska and Hawaii). Mattresses leave the warehouse one to two days after you place your order, and you’ll get a tracking number via email.

The 100-night sleep trial starts when your mattress is delivered. If you decide to return your Casper, you’ll get a full refund once the original mattress is picked up and either donated, recycled, or discarded.

The Casper mattress warranty lasts for 10 years and protects against indentations over 1″ deep, cracks or splits in foam, and broken zippers. Defective mattresses are eligible for repair or replacement. 

Puffy Sleep: 

Puffy customers in the contiguous U.S. get free shipping and delivery within one to three business days. There’s an extra charge for deliveries in Alaska or Hawaii. After delivery, your 101-night trial period begins and includes free returns and a full refund (minus shipping). If you return your mattress, Puffy will arrange for it to be picked up and donated to charity.

The Puffy Lifetime warranty lasts for the entire period of ownership for the original buyer. It covers indentations over 1.5” deep, manufacturing flaws in the mattress cover’s zipper, and physical flaws in mattress cover (i.e. fabric tearing, unraveled stitching).

See our Casper Mattress Warranty & Puffy Mattress Warranty for details on what each warranty covers.

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More Casper Mattresses

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The Casper Nova Hybrid is the softest hybrid mattress by Casper. It pairs two layers of breathable AirScape 2 foam with a Zoned Support Pro transition layer that’s divided into seven discrete zones instead of three.

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Casper Hybrid

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Casper Wave Hybrid

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Casper Wave Hybrid Mattress

Our Final Take

Both the Casper and Puffy mattresses are all-foam, made to suit most sleep positions, and offer advanced cooling. If you’re a side, back, or combination sleeper looking for a more budget-friendly mattress, we think the Casper Original mattress might work for you. However, if you’re a stomach sleeper who wants extra support, we recommend the Puffy mattress instead.